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Jane Iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara

4.3 of 75 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.33

Or 4 instalments of $8.33 with LEARN MORE

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Contains triple-length cellulose fibers (no synthetics) to give you the lashes you've dreamed of.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 78% recommend

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Jane Iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara Reviews

4.3 of 75 reviews

78% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Worth the hype


Heard so much about this mascara from friends and definitely wasn't disappointed! From the first application I could tell it was worth the hype by the instant volume and length it added. Clump-free, smudge-free perfection!

Most Helpful Criticism

It's ok...


I don't mind this product but it went a bit thick only after a few uses which meant it began to clump and then was a bit tricky to take off. I don't like a really thin mascara but I also don't love one that's so thick it pulls on your lashes to apple and remove. It's OK.
  1. Worth the hype


    Heard so much about this mascara from friends and definitely wasn't disappointed! From the first application I could tell it was worth the hype by the instant volume and length it added. Clump-free, smudge-free perfection!
  2. It's ok...


    I don't mind this product but it went a bit thick only after a few uses which meant it began to clump and then was a bit tricky to take off. I don't like a really thin mascara but I also don't love one that's so thick it pulls on your lashes to apple and remove. It's OK.
  3. Dry mascara


    l found this mascara very dry and you need at least 3 coats to even see the mascara on your eyes. l was really hoping that paying a little more on mascara as now not being able to get our lashes done that this would be a great mascara but no l would not repurchase or recommend the mascara a big disappointment.
  4. Unbelievable


    I bought this for my 15yr old daughter who has naturally long, thick eyelashes but loves to overdo mascara. She can't stop raving about how good this is. No clumping or lashes looking like hairy tarantula legs. I'm also impressed because this mascara looks natural by enhancing her beautiful eyelashes rather than overdoing them. No lashes stuck together and it gives the lashes a nice sheen.
  5. Lovely and light


    A nice mascara that leaves lashes feeling and looking healthy. It is not drying and is easy to remove. Not irritating at all.
  6. Disappointing


    Doesn’t last all day and leaves big black, dirty bags under my eyes.
  7. All time fav mascara


    verified purchaser
    I’ve tried so many mascaras in brown shade and I keep coming back to this one. It’s SO NATURAL looking and makes my lashes look whispy. Love love love it.
  8. Disappointed


    verified purchaser
    I was after a natural looking mascara for everyday use - it does give the no-makeup look which I liked. My first issue was with the colour, I got black-brown, and it was a very light brown, much lighter than my natural lashes. My second issues was it flaking into my eyes towards the end of the day. I have sensitive eyes which is why I went for a tubular mascara but this one partially comes off in...
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  9. hmm


    can't really decide if i like it or not. it does do its job ok but there really is no volume or an extension in the length of the eyelash not my favourite
  10. would re purchase


    verified purchaser
    I was relieved to find a mascara that won't damage my lashes and won't transfer to my eyelids, however I do find I need to use a lash curler before applying
  11. Lovely


    Goes on well, easy to take off, lasts all day, doesn't smudge. The only thing I can fault it on is it doesn't give much volume, but it does add length.
  12. brush isnt good


    The brush doesnt comb through my lashes at all. Makes my lashes look goopy and clumpy
  13. Not for me


    I like the applicator and that's about it. It doesn't add any length and feels a bit clumpy. Stays on all day though.
  14. Lasts a long time


    This mascara has lasted me a long time. Looks so natural on. Love it!
  15. WOW


    I love how this mascara targets all of my lashes, especially the corners and adds great length and volume to them!
  16. PureLash


    I do like this mascara however i dont feel like it lengthens your eyelashes as such! but it does give off the illusion of added volume!
  17. Everday fave


    Love this mascara. The formula is lovely, easy to remove, the wand itself is fantastic, coating every lash and love that you can get a brown/black shade. I wear this every day!
  18. Meh


    This mascara doesn't do much for me. I don't have great lashes to begin with, so I really need my mascara to work for me. It's not very wet and when I apply it, my lashes look a bit spider-leggy as opposed to nice and smooth.
  19. Natural and Effective


    This mascara is very natural-looking and I can safely say it does the job well.

    Having recently switched to non-toxic make-up and skincare, I’m really happy to have found this mascara doesn’t irritate the eyes.

    It’s not the strongest mascara I’ve ever used in terms of lengthening and thickening appearance of lashes, however it is buildable and the trade-off of it being a ...
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  20. Long and natural lashes


    Absolutely love everything about this mascara. It’s so natural looking but also gives a bit of length to lashes. Doesn’t clump. I’ve had this for 6 months using it almost daily and it’s still going and never once dried or went clumpy.
  21. Nice product


    This isn't an amazing mascara, but it does a good job. Super natural looking lashes if that's your thing. It doesn't clump, but it also doesn't make the lashes look thicker. They do look longer though.
  22. Pretty good


    This mascara isn't bad and I like it for the more natural ingredients. The brush is okay but it bends easily if you aren't careful when putting it back into the bottle. I have quite sensitive eyes and need to be careful to use it up within 3-4 months, otherwise it starts to get irritating on my eyelids. It gives lashes a good pigment and length though.
  23. Makes lashes look long


    Makes lashes look long without feeling too heavy like a lot of other mascaras.
  24. Nice mascara


    Doesn't go on super thick, but it's buildable and looks super natural
  25. Amazing


    Love it makes my lashes look great and easy to take off
  26. Natural mascara


    I like Jane Iredale products as they use natural ingredients. Mascara is nice without looking fake. My bottom eyelashes as quite long so sometimes I get mascara on my skin. Good purchase for a natural look and for those wanting to use cleaner ingredients in their skin care.
  27. Natural looking mascara


    One of the most natural looking mascara's I have used! It evenly coats each lash and never looks dry or clumpy!
  28. Good


    This is great mascara. Doesn’t smudge and stays on almost all day. My lids don’t swell nor itch using this mascara.
  29. Cant fault


    Super natural looking and this mascara never dries or clumps ever!
  30. Nothing impressive


    I didn’t find this mascara to do much lengthening in the looks of my lashes once applied, even after a few coats. Have tried cheaper alternatives that have done a better job


    The most natural looking mascara but also build able for more volume. Has never clumped or dried out. Amazing.
  32. flakes off


    I'm really disappointed in this mascara! I bought the navy color recently for a change from always wearing Longest Lash in Black Ice. By the end of the day, it's completely worn off - as in no mascara left on my eyes at all! I have been using this mascara in conjunction with the primer and conditioner, so I would expect it to stay put and last all day until I remove my makeup at night.

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  33. Love this mascara


    Perfect for a nice natural look. Seems to coat every lash individually and doesnt ever clump or dry out.
  34. Very light mascara


    Very natural mascara. I’ve never used one this light before I got the brown/black and it goes in beautifully with no clumps. Perfect if you want that natural look but I think I prefer more coverage
  35. Natural mascara


    if your looking for thick party lashes this isn't the mascara for you, its a natural looking mascara that doesn't clump or fall out on foundation!
  36. Cant fault (Black brown shade)


    Cant fault. Really smooth and natural looking. Coats each lash perfectly. I have had this for months now and it hasn't once got dry or clumpy.
  37. Love this mascara


    Looks natural and coats each individual lash perfectly. I've had this for 4 months now and its never clumped for dried out.
  38. Best mascara


    Love this mascara, not clumpy and doesn't transfer or run
  39. Doesn't clump


    Natural looking and doesn't ever clump. Been using for months now and absolutely love it.
  40. Go to mascara


    This is my go to mascara for everything. On days where I dont want to wear much makeup I can apply a thin coat and it looks really natural and just coats the lashes evenly (doesn't ever clump). On days where I want to curl my lashes or more volume I can easily just do a second layer. Either way its really natural looking. I use this daily and its lasted me about 4 months already and ill need anoth...
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  41. Smooth


    I purchased this in shade Brown Black. Its smooth, applies easily and has lasted me months of daily use without drying or clumping. Very happy.
  42. Never Clumps!


    Ive been using this mascara for a few months now and its really smooth and doesn't get clumpy or thick! I have light brown hair and the BROWN BLACK shade is really nice!
  43. Best Mascara Ever!


    This mascara is by far the best thing I’ve ever had on my eyelashes. It dramatically lengthens and thickens your eyelashes but does not feel heavy or clumpy. It also removes easily at the end of the day. I would 100% recommend! Game changing mascara right here!
  44. Expensive, not worth it.


    This mascara does nothing special for me. I've spent loads on new and improved mascaras over the years hoping for 'the one' and this is not it. You can buy the same quality in any low end makeup brand which will do the same thing. The wand is annoying too. Shame. Wanted to love it so much. The formula is ok just no wow factor.
  45. Love it!


    This mascara does not clump and leaves my non existent eyelashes looking amazing and long!
  46. Nice formula but....


    It ran a little and I found the brush too large and clumsy. I wouldn’t purchase.
  47. Smooth application


    This mascara is really smooth and doesnt clump on the lashes. I found it just coated each individual lash. It wasnt a thick mascara so left a really natural feel.
  48. Not the best


    I received samples of this product and it went on nicely and looks good for maybe a few hours but I end up with black eyes by the end of the day and I have an office job and don't rub my eyes. I'm really struggling to find mascara that doesn't do this these days.
  49. Natural looks


    I wouldn't say this is an extremely lengthening mascara. Not ideal for anyone wanting volume. But it applies really nicely and looks natural. Doesn't look clumpy at all. It does give the lashes a nice natural lengthening.
  50. Okay


    Not wowed by this mascara. It’s okayv
  51. Natural (Brown/black shade)


    I've never tried the Jane Iredale products until this one and i'm very impressed! Such a beautiful mascara - really natural coverage (Doesn't clump) and covers all lashes. I have light lashes and this one looks really great.
  52. Great


    This is such a great mascara. I purchased in the shade brown black and it applies really well. Gives a little bit of length while still looking natural.
  53. Light Mascara


    Really light natural looking mascara. Glides on effortlessly.
  54. Lovely subtle mascara


    I bought this mascara in the black and enjoy it very much. It is not too heavy which I like. easy to put on and doesn't smudge.


    I have fair skin and light brown hair so I love this mascara in the BROWN BLACK shade because it suits my features so much more and it looks really natural. The wand really applies the mascara well and it hasnt once clumped at all. Really separates the lashes individually and makes it look so natural. Ill be re purchasing!
  56. Natural


    If you like a more subtle look mascara this one would be perfect. I have it in the BROWN BLACK shade and it goes on so easily and covers every lash without clumping. Really smooth formula. Its not a full volume mascara but still build-able and looks really nice and natural.


    Highly recommend this to anyone who wants a really smooth clump free mascara. It gives a little subtle length and covers the lashes without looking like you're caked in mascara. Very natural looking.
  58. best natural mascara


    This is the best mascara if you want to define your own natural lashes without looking over done.
  59. Will purchase again


    I've never tried the Jane Iredale products until I purchased this a couple months ago and ive now purchased this again in the BLACK BROWN shade. Really great mascara! If you're looking for something a little more natural than traditional mascaras this one is perfect its SUPER light weight and natural. Still gives a little bit of length but isn't too dramatic. I have dark blonde hair and the Brown ...
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  60. Smooth natural mascara


    I like the idea of natural chemical-free mascara that doesn't look gunky. I use this with the Jane Iredale Lash Conditioner and it goes on smoothly -- no clumping. It looks really natural and doesn't flake too much during the day. Comes off easily with Micellar Water.
  61. Light natural looking lashes


    I purchased this a month ago in the BLACK/BROWN shade and its a really nice light natural mascara. Not sure I would call it lengthening but it goes on really smoothly and onto each lash (doesn't clump). I usually dont like a heavy mascara so this one is absolutely perfect. Brown/black shade is a nice dark brown colour (I have dark blonde hair so its perfect for me) Will 100% be re-purchasing.
  62. Love this!


    I started using this a couple months ago and its a really natural looking mascara (I use the brown shade). Goes on really easily and doesn't clump lashes together. Its not a high volume mascara - its very natural looking.
  63. Natural looking


    I started using this a few weeks ago and its my new favorite. Its not very lengthening or voluminous so if that is what you're looking for I wouldn't recommend. Its very natural looking (in the brown shade) and subtle. Great for day to day makeup.
  64. Light and natural


    I have really light brown lashes and find black sometimes can be too much, this was perfect its really natural looking and light. Will definitely buy again.
  65. Natural


    Very natural dark brown - love it! Goes on smoothly and doesn't leave clumps.
  66. Brilliant for a natural look!


    As someone who has light brows and lashes, it's so hard to find a really good mascara that provides more of a natural look. I've been using this mascara in brown for work for the last two weeks and am yet to find a single thing wrong with it. I love how there's two different sized bristles, it helps me get all those hard to reach lashes in the corner of my eye without smudging mascara all over my ...
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  67. Best Mascara


    I personally love this mascara. It's definatley my go to now when it comes to mascara. I have tried mary kay, clinque, revlon and many more. I love the wand as it really separates my lashes and lengthens them. It doesn't add too much product on them which means it doesn't clump and gives a really natural look which I love and naturally enhances my eyelashes. Add another coat and they are fuller an...
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  68. Favourite mascara for everyday/natural makeup looks


    I've been through a lot of mascaras and always wanted one that enhances my lashes while still looking really natural but I could never find a great one. I got this in brown/black and it's just perfect for me. It isn't super volumising as the formula is quite thin but it really enhances my lashes without clumping. The wand is composed of soft, fine rubber or silicone bristles that aid in separation...
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  69. Nice and light


    Lovely mascara though the blue was a bit darker than I'd hoped.
  70. Love!


    I received this mascara as a free sample and I just love it! I'm not a huge makeup wearer but this mascara is lovely and natural looking, while adding a lot of length and volume. I like that the formula isn't super wet like some mascaras seem to be...I haven't had any issues with it smudging onto my lower lash line or surrounds after applying.
  71. Great formula!


    I find the formula of this mascara to be very gentle - it doesn't contain alcohol! It works well on my lashes. I would definitely buy again.
  72. Didn't stand out


    The packaging is very similar to Better Than Sex mascara, which I was attracted to, but it was a very watery, and light formula. It didn't do much for my lashes without using the lash conditioner which was really annoying :( not very lengthening as hoped.

    It gave a subtle amount of colour, just a regular mascara. Not worth the price unless you want that subtle look and pretty packagin...
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  73. Not as good as I hoped


    Black-brown is not the colour you expect. It is not as dark (far from it) as the picture on the site conveys and on application I wondered if the colour element was more of an illusion (i.e. went on clear - not as brown or brown/black) and therefore I didn't feel that the product added any definition to the lash at all - it certainly did not add length.
  74. Lovely product!


    This is a lovely mascara. It definitely works to lengthen and define my lashes for a natural makeup look. It doesn't clump, but glides on smoothly and evenly. The applicator is taking a bit to get used to as it has a short and long side. I think I will still keep looking to find my perfect mascara though (probably due to the brush)!
  75. Great product


    I've just purchased this product and I'm quite liking it so far. It gives a nice, light and natuaral looking coating and does not feel clumpy and heavy on the lashes. Great for every day wear.
  76. Love it


    Amazing brush, easy to apply, doesn't make you look like a panda bear half way through the day, is waterproof but easily comes off with Jane Iredale mit. I will never use a different mascara
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