How Do I Use a Sea Salt Spray to Style My Hair?

Sea salt spray is a quick and easy way to create enviable beach waves and a must if you want textured, messy hair. Salt sprays can add volume, enhance waves and curls, and give you that surfer look all year round. To enjoy the full benefits of a sea salt spray, it's important to use such a product correctly.

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What does a sea salt spray do?

A sea salt spray adds body and texture to all hair types, enhancing the natural wave. If you have thick, curly hair, this type of product can help define curls and reduce frizz. If you have straight or limp hair, a salt spray can add volume and texture. Of course, sea salt sprays work beautifully on wavy hair.

When should I apply sea salt spray?

Sea salt spray can be applied to damp or dry hair. The product actually works better on unwashed hair, as it can grip onto the hair cuticles more easily. Plus hair has more texture when it hasn't been washed.

If you're applying the spray to damp hair, your hair should be lightly towel-dried and then spritzed before blow-drying or air-drying for a super-beachy look. If you're applying the spray to dry hair, do so as the last step of your haircare routine, after any serums and heat protectants.

How much should I use on my hair, and where should I be applying it?

How much sea salt spray you use depends on the length and texture of your hair. Sea salt can be quite heavy, so if you have fine hair, only use a small amount.

Apply sea salt spray to the lengths of your hair only if you've already dried your hair. You can be more generous and spritz the product all over if you're applying it to damp hair.

If you have wavy hair or natural curls, you can use more product and use it all over. However, sea salt generally works best on the lengths of your hair, where you'll see more natural texture.

Other ways to use sea salt spray

Sea salt spray breathes life back into unwashed hair and can give you one last day of good style between washes.

You can also use sea salt spray to give braids and updos more texture. Lightly spritz over the braids and massage into the hair for an 'undone' look.

Using salt spray on hair that's been curled with a hot tool will make the look messier, breaking down the curls into more natural waves.

We recommend:

A sea salt spray is essential if you want to increase the texture of your natural hair and make the most of the days between shampoos. So if you want to be a beach goddess, don't forget the sea salt!

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