6 of the Best Split End Treatments

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Are you after a long, luscious mane that’s totally #HairGoals?

In your quest for lush locks, nothing is more important than addressing breakage and split ends.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to prevent split ends and a few of our best split end treatments.

First Things First: What Causes Split Ends?

A split end is a break that occurs when the protective layer—your hair's cuticle—becomes worn down.

This happens when your hair is exposed to repeated or intense stress. Yeah, I’m looking at you, hair straightener and bleach!

So, How Do You Fix Split Ends?

We hate to say it, there’s only one way to get rid of split ends completely, and that’s to cut them off.

Unfortunately, no hair potion can completely repair split ends.

However, there are some good products for split ends that either smooth broken strands or help prevent them in the first place.

Although they aren’t a long-term fix, our hair care tips for split ends will make your hair feel healthy again.

You can watch Millie from our Customer Experience team chat about a few of her favourite split end serums and how they work in the YouTube video below...

Ok, now let's get into the products that will help treat split ends...

How To Repair Broken Damaged Hair

A hair mask for split ends and dry hair is a great way to deeply repair your hair. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratin Intensive Treatment is a Keratin-rich hair mask that hydrates, adds shine, and helps strengthen hair that needs it. The best product for split ends and breakage, this treatment should be used weekly after washing your hair. Work it through your strands and wait 3 to 5 minutes. If your hair needs a really deep treatment, wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave the mask in for longer.

A shout-out to all the girls with thick hair and split ends: Aveda botanical repair intensive strengthening masque - rich is for you. This intensive mask for split hair targets damage from heat-styling, brushing, colouring, sun, and chlorine. Is the bottom layer of your hair damaged? If so, incredibly nourishing ingredients like Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, and Shea Butter can help repair damage to all layers of the hair fibre to restore split ends. Plus, Aveda products are vegan, cruelty-free, and packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.


How To Improve Split Ends

Like we mentioned above, the only sure-fire way to completely get rid of split ends is to chop ‘em off.

If you’re not ready for that (we totally get it; a haircut takes some emotional prep), you'll want to try a good product for split ends.

One of the best hair care products for split ends is Pureology Strength Cure Split End Salve. This thick ointment has a high concentration of Coconut Oil, which helps lock in moisture, smooth down frizz, and mend split ends. Split End Salve also contains Cationic Silicones, which temporarily bond broken ends to prevent them from splitting further while protecting healthy strands from splitting.

Perfect for hair that has regularly had heat styling or chemical treatments, Virtue Split End Serum is packed with Virtue’s exclusive Alpha Keratin 60ku protein. This unique formula works to repair and restore damaged hair and seal frayed and brittle ends. This lightweight creme-serum texture glides through hair leaving no residue or coating. It's also 100% cruelty-free and vegan - gotta love that!


How To Make the Ends of Your Hair Healthy

If your ends are in major need of some TLC, ghd Advanced Split End Therapy offers it in spades. This wonder product improves the appearance of split ends by helping to strengthen your hair. Ghd’s split end repair treatment incorporates a Thermo-Marine Bonding System, which is a unique complex that helps bond the cortex and cuticle of the hair. Too sciencey? Basically, it creates a protective coating over your dry ends to reduce frizz and help strands resist damage from things like hot styling tools. Wondering how to repair dry hair ends? Pop on some serum after you’ve towel-dried your hair. Then blow-dry or air-dry to finish. Simple!

Formulated with hydrating Avocado Oil and Vitamin E to smooth rough cuticles and create radiance. Wella SP Perfect Hair is designed to repair the hair while also protecting from heat damage. If you’re wondering how to repair dry hair ends, work this leave-in conditioner into dry or damp hair, focusing on those split ends. No need to rinse out; just style as usual or leave to air dry.


How To Prevent Split Ends

Prevention is always best when it comes to split ends. But a combo of easy lifestyle tweaks and hair repair products for split ends can help you fix split ends naturally.

One of the best ways to prevent split ends is to keep your hair from tangling. To kick off split-end defence, use only warm water when washing your hair.

A combination of harsh shampoos and extremely hot water can mean split-end city for your hair. Then, right after you apply your conditioner, it’s time to bring in your comb.

Combing your hair wet is gentler on your ends. Plus, conditioner detangles even better when it’s still in your hair!

We all know that heat-styling is incredibly hard on our hair… but we still do it.

Although that bubblegum-pink discount hair dryer might seem like a super-cute bargain buy, one of the best ways to dry your hair to invest in quality appliances and tools.

We love the Parlux Supercompact Ionic & Ceramic 3500 Hairdryer for safe styling. This top-quality hairdryer dries your locks evenly and quickly, which goes a long way in preventing split ends.

Before you use any kind of heat-styling appliance, try a protective hair oil like Moroccanoil Perfect Defense. Not only does this dry aerosol spray protects your hair from split ends and damage. It also has UV filters that minimise colour fading and protects your locks from sun damage.

split end treatment_ woman with dark curly hair 1080x900split end treatment_ woman with dark curly hair 1080x900

The best thing you can do for your hair’s health and beauty is to keep your routine simple. The less you do to your hair, the better it’ll look and feel.

Throwing your mane up into a bun or ponytail often seems to be the best way to get your hair out of your face and keep strands safe.

However, consistent use of elastics causes major breakage in the hair and can definitely contribute to split ends. Try some easy braids or beach waves to give your hair a break. If you have a lifestyle or job that requires pulled-back hair, a snag-free hair tie is one of the best ways to prevent hair breakage.

Alternatively, try to rely on pins and clips to minimise damage. 

You can’t magically fix split ends overnight. However, by consistently supporting your hair with these tips and nourishing products, split ends should quickly become a thing of the past.

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