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Nothing is more beautiful than healthy, shiny, well-groomed hair. Help give your hair a sleek finish with quality evo hairbrushes.

For regular grooming of long or coarse hair, the bradford pin bristle brush is the perfect choice. This brush has a soft rubber pad, boar bristles, and ionic pins to help distribute natural oils throughout the hair and reduce frizz. Polish thick, wavy, or curly hair with the bruce bristle radial brush. This natural-bristle full round brush is the perfect smoothing and volumising tool for blow-drying. If you're looking to dry and style hair fast, the hank ceramic radial brush will have you ready to go in a snap. Its ceramic-coated metal barrel is vented to allow heat and air to circulate.

Each sturdy evo hairbrush has a smooth wood handle with an easy-grip finish. The brand's brushes are available in paddle, radial, pin, and teasing models to suit any hair type or style.

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evo fabuloso detangling combevo fabuloso detangling comb
evo fabuloso detangling comb

Great comb!

Such a great comb! This is perfect for loosely brushing your hair when you've got curls or waves in as it doesn't ruin the style. I also love it because it's flat so it fits easily into my bag. Great price too!
evo tyler boar bristle teasing brushevo tyler boar bristle teasing brush
evo tyler boar bristle teasing brush

Amazing brush!!

It actually works!! You might not think that you need a special brush for teasing but trust me this is worth it. Allows me to have extra volume at my roots and is so easy to use. I love that the end is pointy so you can use it to part your hair without having to change brushes. The wood feels like such good quality and is really comfortable to hold. The brush also comes in quite a fancy box so this would be nice as a gift. Definitely recommend!
evo pete ionic paddle brushevo pete ionic paddle brush
evo pete ionic paddle brush

Not for fine, frizzy hair

I have fine, frizzy hair that needs a good detangling after each wash. I purchased this brush as part of the evo pack and found it to be quite ineffective in detangling my hair. The bristles were quite harsh on my scalp, and detangling knotted sections was a painful and lengthy exercise. I think this might be better suited for thicker hair types, but for fine hair, I would not recommend purchasing this product.
evo Conrad Boar Bristle Paddle Brushevo Conrad Boar Bristle Paddle Brush
evo Conrad Boar Bristle Paddle Brush

Not a fan

Im not a fan of this brush at all. Ive got quite thick hair and this doesnt for some reason do the job for me. Reading the other reviews i am starting to wonder if i am not using this brush correctly which is causing me dislike this brush. In saying that ive tried it a few times and i dont know why - it just doesnt seem the right brush for me

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