My Signature Sleek Bun Is Actually a Secret Disguise for Gross, Greasy Hair

Amelia Singson Sleek BunAmelia Singson Sleek Bun

Scroll through my Instagram feed and you'll see I'm rarely not wearing my hair up.

But not in just any old up do - it's a very specific, very sleek low bun that's kind of become my signature hairstyle.

A super sleek bun is one of my favourite hairstyles to do because it helps to show off your beautiful skin and makeup, and even delivers a mini face lift, sans needles.

But the main reason I really, really love it? A sleek low bun is sooooo good at disguising dirty hair. I'm talking filthy. Greasy roots. Way too much dry shampoo. The dirtier, the better.

In fact, clean hair can actually make this style trickier to nail because it's just too silky and slippery. Grease = good.

So, if you're keen on trying my secret disguise for disgusting hair that could do with a wash, keep scrolling for my five-step low sleek bun tutorial.

How to Do A Sleek Bun.

This sleek bun tutorial only involves a few steps, and literally takes minutes to achieve. No Kardashian glam squad required.

You can watch my full video tutorial in my Adore Beauty IGTV below, or read on for the play-by-play.

Step 1: The first step in taming messy, gross hair with a sleek bun is spritzing it with water.

I keep some water in a little spray bottle. Spritz it through so the hair is damp (but not sopping wet) - this will give you a bit of grit to work with.

Step 2: Next, you'll need a styling hair comb with teeth that are fairly close together, and some silk or spiral hair ties. evo Truman Tail Comb and Silke London Hair Ties - Coco are both great options.

Use the comb to scrape back the hair to get it nice and neat before securing it into a low ponytail.

If you're like me and will wear this hairstyle fairly often, silk hair ties are the better option because they're a lot more gentle than your regular elastic bands or hair bands, and won't tug and pull on your hair.

Step 3: Considering your hair is already dirty anyway, it'd be rude not to take the opportunity to chuck in a hair mask to make your sleek bun work even harder.

Spritz your ponytail with water and work a big scoop of a leave-in hair mask through the hair. Choose one that's going to best suit your hair needs - my hair is damaged and broken, so the Kérastase Chronologiste Masque Intense Régénérant 200ml helps to repair that.

Once the mask is evenly distributed through the hair, you can start twisting your ponytail into a bun and secure with another silk hair tie or some bobby pins.

amelia singson sleek low bunamelia singson sleek low bun

Step 4: Now, to start adding the slick to this slicked back low bun.

I use the ELEVEN Slick Hold Styling Pomade to achieve the full sleek look - this one has hydrating ingredients like lanolin and glycerin to further nourish the hair, and is completely clear for a lovely, shiny finish to the hair.

Take about a 10-cent piece, work it between your palms to coat both hands before using your hands to push the hair down and back, slicking down any flyaways. I call the specific motion the Danny Zuko from Grease.

You can also use a bit more pomade to smooth the edges of your bun.

Step 5: This step is optional, but if you really, really want to keep every little hair secured in place, an unused toothbrush is your best friend.

Because you already have the hair product in, you won't need any more pomade. I take the toothbrush and comb over the hair again from the hairline back to the base of the bun (paying special attention to the sideburns around the ears) for that last little bit of perfection.

Amelia Singson sleek bun tutorialAmelia Singson sleek bun tutorial

Voila! A perfect sleek bun and not a hair out of place.

Add a pair of gold earrings and everyone will think you put in a lot more effort than you actually did.

And the best bit? No one would ever suspect your hair is seriously manky.

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