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evo bradford pin/bristle dressing brush

4.8 of 43 reviews


4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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evo bradford natural boar bristle pin brush stimulates the scalp, reduces frizz and adds shine. this soft cusion pad is ideal for gentle daily styling to maintain the hair's condition, and to smooth the hair when creating updos. suitable for all hair types.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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evo bradford pin/bristle dressing brush

evo bradford pin/bristle dressing brush

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evo bradford pin/bristle dressing brush Reviews

4.8 of 43 reviews

98% recommend this product

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This comb is very comfortable to massage the scalp and makes my hair smooth.
  1. nice brush


    this is a really nice brush, super good quality and not too harsh on my head
  2. Amazing


    This comb is very comfortable to massage the scalp and makes my hair smooth.
  3. My hair is so shiny


    After searching for ages I've finally found a good priced boar bristle brush, I feel so happy that I am looking after my hair after so much damage to it, I can see the results, its a lot shinier and smoother, It's not too hard on the scalp either. Just make sure to clean it regularly
  4. recommend


    This brush is comfortable to massage the head, so I really recommend to purchase it.
  5. Beautiful brush


    It feels very hard when I received it, but after gently brushing my daughters hair, it became shining and smooth.
  6. Nice hair brush but needs regular cleaning


    As I've been concerned about hair breakage recently, I decided to invest in a good quality hair brush. This brush is great for distributing the natural oils in my hair however I feel that the oils accumulate on the brush and then collects a lot of dust. I'm finding that I have to clean it quite regularly (2 times a week). Not too bothered by this especially after reading that we should be cleaning...
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  7. Love this brush


    I’ve wanted a boar bristle brush for ages but was put off by the price and concerns as to whether it was cruelty free.
    When I saw this brush for $50 and definitely cruelty free, I decided to buY it.
    I’m so glad I did. It amazing and felt really good on my scalp. I’m quite sensitive but it didn’t hurt, it just felt divine. Two hours later and my scalp is still tingling in a good way.
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  8. Better than Mason Pearson!


    I have been using the Mason Pearson brand of hair brushes since I was a teen. My last Mason Pearson, which I bought in 1999, was starting to look like it was time to be laid to rest. So before buying another, I thought I would give this brush a try.. AND I am so glad I did!! This brush is AMAZING! This brush is so smoothing, so easy to detangle knots and doesn't create any static on my fine hair. ...
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  9. Hair game changer


    This is truly my best Adore purchase, I've been trying to combat dry/bleach damaged hair living with soo many unruly fly aways- this brush is a life saver!!! It completely changed the look of my hair, makes it so smooth and shiny, and feels so so soft its crazy. It also lets me wash my hair once a week while still looking clean and amazing because it distributes the oils through the entirety of th...
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  10. Smooth and shiny!


    I had no idea that a brush could actually change the look and feel of your hair! I thought only products could do that.
    But every time I brush my hair with this... it is super soft and shiny.
    And I generally like it wear a tight pony tail.
    It helps it get nice and sleek.
    But if you had super thick hair, I think it would be best to make sure your hair isn’t too tangled as...
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  11. The best thing you could buy for hair


    This is hands down the best things I have ever bought for my hair. I was considering a mason Pearson brush but I had never used the nylon/boar bristle combination so decided to try this more cost effective version first and oh...my...god!!! I don’t want to be dramatic but it’s honestly changed my hair life. I have thick wavy bleached blonde hair that can be a bit frizzy and this brush has tamed al...
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  12. If you could buy one thing for your hair buy this


    I purchased this because my scalp has been itchy as of late (this is due to WFH).

    Ive used the brush for just over a week and I love it, i believe my scalp is less oily and the brush seems to sooth my scalp and make it less itchy.

    Breakage is also very minimal when using this brush. I never though I would spend $50.00 on a brush but id do it again in a heart beat for thi...
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  13. Evo bradford


    The evo bradford brush is great for smoothing hair. Very well made brush.
  14. Smooths hair


    This is the first nice brush I’ve bought.
    Soothes my scalp and smooths my hair, I love to use it.
  15. Daily Head Massage Deliverer


    I received this brush as a Christmas gift from my sister. It feels like a mini head massage when I use it - it's that nice. I have quite dry, frizzy hair and notice that my hair feels noticeably smoother after brushing with this. For those considering purchasing, it is a little pricy but I think it will help your hair become more healthy. I let my sister try it and she immediately bought one for...
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  16. Limp but frizz free hair


    I have naturally oily hair and am slowly training my hair so I can wash it less. With that process though my hair gets quite oily, dry and frizzy so I had read that this hair brush would work miracles, and that it does - kinda. My oils do get disturbed from root to end and it leaves a fantastic shine however my hair on my scalp goes extremely limp and loses all volume after brushing. Other than th...
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  17. Best brush for both fine and thick hair


    I have fine hair and this brush work so well at smoothing down frizz and distributing product, this brush is also perfect when brushing my extensions as the longer pins are able to detangle the hairs. I clean this brush by running a comb over it to remove hairs
  18. amazing


    Love this brush! Worth it to spend money on a good quality brush, as you brush your hair everyday. I have short hair and the bristles were soft and felt lovely on my scalp.
  19. Great brush but expensive


    This is the most expensive brush I've ever bought but it does do an amazing job on my hair and feels lovely on the scalp. I showed it to my Mum who had recently bought a cheaper, well known brand brush from the chemist which she wasn't happy with. After trying it she immediately ordered one for herself so that it two happy customers.
  20. Another Evo Winner


    I own a lot of the Evo range. I have fine, thin hair and usually the Evo Conrad, which is a smaller pure boar bristle brush, is enough but I use this one when I need to brush out dry shampoo - the nylon bristles get to the scalp and the boar bristle brushes out any product. Love it. A great brush. Would make a great daily brush for people with medium - thick hair.
  21. Best brush!


    So I previously had a mason person brush I received as a gift but lost it whilst traveling. I’ve been using a cheap brush since then but decided to get a boar bristle brush as my hair is looking so damaged and frizzy.
    I can tell you that this brush seriously has made my hair look and feel so much better in just 24 hours! Less frizz, shinier, ends are much more tamed. I will be recommending ...
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  22. Pricey but works


    For me the price point is too high for a hairbrush, however after tying it out I was impressed. My hair was less frizzy and very soft.
  23. The brush I was looking for


    I have fine, thinning hair and this brush is perfect for it. It doesn’t tug my hair and helps detangle easily. Helps keep the frizz down too which is a plus.
  24. exactly as expected


    This is definitely the most i have ever spent on a brush but it does exactly as described.
    Pulls hair oils further down your hair. not entirely to the end but as much as can be expected.
    I have thin oily hair and sometimes it can pull the oil down making it look oilier but helps keep your hair conditioned.
    It also brushes all the product away from your previous hair do. i brus...
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  25. Wow


    I spent quite a while shopping around for a nice hairbrush as it has been ages since I've had something decent...and whilst I was overwhelmed with all the options, I'm so glad I chose this brush.

    I have medium to long, fine hair and chose this brush because of it having the dual bristles. I was worried this brush would be a bit rough and scratchy, but surprisingly it is really soft an...
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  26. Lux brushing!


    I normally wouldn't spend this much money on a hair brush, but it has absolutely surprised me. I read the reviews about distributing the natural oils, but I didn't expect to be able to get another day (or two!) out of a wash. Smooths the hair without frizz, great before bed and in the morning to get rid of the kinks. Love it.
  27. Great brush


    I own a lot of the Evo range. I have fine, thin hair and usually the Evo Conrad, which is a smaller pure boar bristle brush, is enough but I use this one when I need to brush out dry shampoo - the nylon bristles get to the scalp and the boar bristle brushes out any product. Love it. A great brush. Would make a great daily brush for people with medium - thick hair.
  28. Good quality brush


    This brush is high quality and feels great on the scalp, but it does not brush as well as I hoped, there is little hair fall out. I have semi thick hair at medium length. It is difficult to grab onto your hairs especially on the scalp (maybe because of the shape of the brush) however brushing the lower part of your hair is fine as you are able to actually grab all hairs. The brush is good for crea...
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  29. Excuse me, where has this brush been all my life


    I have always really wanted a Mason Pearson brush but can't afford it, and this brush is the perfect alternative. It's so good that when I opened the package in front of my mum and used it with one effortless stroke through my unbrushed and knotty hair, my mum said "order me one".
    The pins in it help to detangle hair while the boar bristles distribute my hair's natural oils as I am prone to ...
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  30. Perfect for dressing out my hair


    Great quality brush. It works perfectly for dressing out curls (without ruining them) and for keeping my hair smooth and tame!
  31. Good value for price


    I have very thick hair, so it tangles quite easy. A friend recommended this brush, and it has changed my life! My hair stays cleaner for longer and don’t have as much frizz as I used to.
  32. Works well


    Thought I was crazy when I considered spending $50 on a brush but I'm actually glad I did. I have long, thick hair so it gets tangled in what feels like 2 seconds, this brush seems to be more gentle than my old one at untangling and the bristles feel really nice on the scalp. It's good quality which helps justify the price point and comes in really sturdy, nice packaging for a hair brush.
  33. great hair brush


    i have fine hair, of late its been getting very thin and breaking easily. my old brush, I'd literally have a a handful of hair that came out per time i used it.. it was time to take action here, i need my hair. i ordered Kevin Murphy products for the treatment of my hair and this brush. i got a hair cut as well, a good 3 inches off which is different for me as i have always had very long hair. thi...
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  34. Indulge with this one


    This brush makes me feel very indulgent. $50 is a bit more than I would normally spend on something like this, but I do feel like it was worth it. My hair is thick, wavy, and has a lot of volume. Brushing it takes away from my waves and usually doesn't improve the way my hair looks. However, I tend to stick to using this brush in the evenings before bed so my hair has time to calm down.

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  35. Worth the money


    I have always been sceptical to spend more than $10 on a hairbrush as I didn't believe a boar bristle brush could make that much difference, I was very wrong. My hair is thin and oily and this brush spreads the oil so well through my hair that it looks thicker and it has much more shine. I have found I need to wash the brush every few days but it's worth it for the results. Happy I made the invest...
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  36. Amazing


    I have very thin blonde hair and find this brush works beatifully. Easily untangles knots with out any pain and leaves hair looking silky and smooth. The paddle is also a decent size. The handle is also super strong and won’t break (unlike my last one!).
  37. No breakage


    I don't know how I went for so many years without a boar bristle brush. I basically have no breakage compared to my tangle teaser which used to cover my basin with broken hair.
    This brush feels good on my scalp, I won't be without it ever again.
  38. So soothing!


    You can instantly see the body and shine this brush gives, it's just a really great quality product. The boar bristles are prickly to touch, but feel great on your scalp - and that's what they're there for. My hair is frizzless, smooth, shiny, and has some volume which is a fun discovery for me (I have very fine, flat, medium-length brown hair). Love the packaging, and love Evo's ethics.
  39. Does what it says


    I have never used a brush like this before until my hairdresser recommended it for my hair extensions. It feels very nice when brushing, very gentle and does not pull. My hair does not go frizzy after I use this. Its very lightweight and comes in a cute box. You will love it.
  40. good


    I used to just use a wide tooth comb to brush my hair before and after shower but now with this brush it makes a world of a difference, my hair oil gets distributed from scalp to the ends and my hair looks more amazing then ever. Only down side is you have to clean often because it gets dirty and oily fast!
  41. Perfect brush


    I wasn't sure what brush to get as I have long blonde hair so went with a combination of boar bristle and pin. Boy am I glad I got this brush! The packaging is stunning, the brush feels super luxe, and the actual brush itself is beautiful on my hair and makes me feel like I'm getting a scalp massage! It does what it says, spreads the oils naturally through the hair and leaves it feeling silky smoo...
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  42. Great Brush for Damaged Hair!


    I have been using this brush now for over 3 weeks and it has been doing wonders for my hair. It really adds shine and is great for taming those flyaways. I am definitely happy with my purchase and would recommend this brush. :)
  43. 100 brushes a day


    I went for the Bradford brush as i haven't had a natural bristle brush for ages. this brush reminds me what I have been missing - lovely to hold with the wooden handle and bristles that really get in and care for my scalp and thick hair. Makes me want to brush '100 times before bedtime'!
  44. Love


    I recieved this brush for christmas and its amazing. There's no static and my hair actually has volume after i brush it. Just needs to be washed once a week to make sure it works properly
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