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Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara

4.3 of 53 reviews


4 instalments of $3.75

Or 4 instalments of $3.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.75

Or 4 instalments of $3.75 with LEARN MORE

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Finally, an affordable tubing mascara that works! Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara instantly coats each mascara lash, setting it in a water-resistant tube for a natural, defined look.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made

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GREAT - 88% recommend

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Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara Reviews

4.3 of 53 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Affordable tubing mascara


I have oily eyes, so tubing mascaras are a necessity. Tubing mascara's are the only ones that do not end up beneath my eyes. This mascara is no exception to that. It does not clump, and I like the thin brush. I have been using tubing mascara's for over 20 years, and it's nice to have an affordable option that is still a good mascara.
My eyelashes are naturally long and curl upwards, but they are very fair. so I mostly want a mascara to make them visible. I like them to look natural but noticeable for everyday wear, and this does that. I also like to add on an extra coat for a bit more impact if I'm going out, and I can do that with this product. It is easy to apply and it is easy to remove with water - no panda eyes the next morning.

Most Helpful Criticism

Don’t know


Nice...but dries out quickly and gets lumpy.......not liking that
  1. Affordable tubing mascara


    I have oily eyes, so tubing mascaras are a necessity. Tubing mascara's are the only ones that do not end up beneath my eyes. This mascara is no exception to that. It does not clump, and I like the thin brush. I have been using tubing mascara's for over 20 years, and it's nice to have an affordable option that is still a good mascara.
    My eyelashes are naturally long and curl upwards, but ...
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  2. No damage, no flakes, no mess to remove

    The best mascara EVER

    This is my holy grail of mascaras. The formula thickens and lengthens my lashes. It’s so easy to take off, just wet it and slide the gel like substance off. (Tears don’t take it off unless you wipe it) I don’t need to rub or pull my lashes so it minimises damage during removal. The one thing to note is that you can’t do a second coat once it dries or it will go a bit clumpy. But. I have nev...
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  3. Favourite mascara ever


    I use this every day without fail! It makes my goals look so much longer yet still natural and I love that it’s a tubing mascara so it only comes off when lightly pulled under hot water. It feels so much better for my lashes and lasts better than waterproof mascara.
  4. Most favourite mascara!


    verified purchaser
    I have tried a million and one mascaras, from high end to drug store and this is my holy grail. It's super affordable for one, but the tubing aspect means it does not budge all day and is so easy to remove at night without a panda eye in sight! 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a great lengthening mascara.
  5. Fantastic mascara


    verified purchaser
    This mascara is fantastic, very naturally extends and thickens lashes without clumping, and it's really easy to get off with warm water. My new go to.
  6. Fantastic for the price


    verified purchaser
    I love this mascara and it's so cheap. It doesn't run during the day and comes off easily in the shower at night.
  7. Great for watery eyes


    I've been using this for about a month and am very pleased. It coats my lashes into natural-looking, long separate lashes. It doesn't smudge at all during the day, despite my watery eyes, and washes off clean at night with little effort. No more scrubbing my lashes off!
  8. Love!


    First time trying tubing mascara and I am so glad I went with this one! It lengthens and separates your lashes and I’m a huge fan of this look! It’s a great everyday mascara, I wear it to work and it does not smudge. Great quality for the low price. Highly recommend.
  9. Love it


    Good value for money, lasts ages without drying out and never clumps!
  10. Amazing value for money


    verified purchaser
    What a great product for such a bargain price compared to big brand names! After a night out and the unthinkable happens - you go to sleep with your makeup on... this mascara doesn't leave black on the pillow overnight nor does it smudge under the eyes.

    My lashes have never looked so good!
  11. Don’t know


    Nice...but dries out quickly and gets lumpy.......not liking that
  12. Too thin for me


    I have such little eye lashes and this was probably too thin (the formula) to help me out much. If you already have good lashes I think this would work well it’s easy to apply and stays out but I just need something way thicker.
  13. Fab tubing mascara


    I've just discovered the wonderful benefits of tubing mascara and for the price point of this one - you need to purchase it and give it a go! I probably won't buy any other brand now to be honest. This stays on ALL day, doesn't smudge and gives you gorgeous lashes. It's honestly perfect for every day use or for impact making lashes for a night out. Give it a go, you won't regret it!
  14. Great mascara


    I love this mascara- works well to separate the lashes and doesn't clump. Price is great as well. Don't think it helps the lashes grow however like it says
  15. Perfect for everyday


    This mascara is fantastic for everyday wear. Never smears, never smudges and water resistant until gently massaged with warm water. My lashes always look great!
  16. Slick, easy, unbudgable


    I love this tubing mascara - precise wand for neat application and it just won’t move til gently massaged under warm water. Ideal for every day wear.
  17. Excellent value


    Definitely one of the best low-priced mascaras I've used, and I've tried A LOT. Nice hard-bristled combing wand separates lashes, and it looks good with one coat or pretty fabulous with three.

    A few people have commented on how this 'tubes'; I'm personally not a fan of tubing mascara but this comes off nicely with coconut oil just like a non-tubing mascara would. The only negative t...
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  18. Great daytime mascara


    Adds length, stays all day and doesn’t smudge but the only down side is that it does clump up a bit. More for a casual look as it just adds length rather than volume as well
  19. A classic


    A good go to mascara, not cakey, smooth, nice brush.
  20. My go-to tubing mascara


    I only wear tubing mascaras, and this is my favourite tubing mascara for every day wear. It doesn't flake or smudge, and holds a curl really well. It's super easy and clean to remove with warm water, cleansing oil and a gentle touch with a face cloth.

    For me it's comparable in wear/look to Kevyn Aucoin's The Volume mascara but a third of the price. I've also tried DB's other tubing...
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  21. Excellent value!


    This is a great day mascara. Lashes look done and defined with out being too heavy so it’s great for work. You need to work quickly with this one because as soon as it’s dry you can’t add anymore as it just clumps and your wand gets stuck. The curling formula is great and works well and the tube mascara means no smudges which I get with every other mascara. Overall a great performer for the price....
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  22. good value


    Good value for money
    Good every day mascara
    No clumping
    makes my lashes look long
    lasts all day
    Designer brands is a good value brand for cheaper than usual price !! so good!
  23. No panda eyes!


    I’m a newbie to tubing mascara and I won’t be going back. Would get ready for work and once I got there would already have mascara on my upper eyelid! Not with tubing mascara, it stays put. Am happy with this one and will continue using but it does clump a little, so will possibly try the other DB tubing one
  24. Didn't deliver the volume


    I bought this mascara because I wanted a cruelty free one and it is cheap and I am using a Designer Brands foundation which I like very much. However this mascara doesn't give my lashes very much volume at all. Even with several coats it didn't thicken my lashes nearly as much as 2-3 coats of other ones do. I hope it is not the cruelty free factor which makes it ineffective. I will try another...
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  25. Great for every day


    Adds length, stays all day and doesn’t smudge but the only down side is that it does clump up a bit. More for a casual look as it just adds length rather than volume as well
  26. Great staying power but clumps and doesn’t add volume / length


    I bought this mascara to try out tubing formulas for the first time and have mixed feelings. On the one hand, the tubing formula has amazing staying power and doesn’t smudge during the day. On the other, this mascara doesn’t look great on my lashes: it clumps and doesn’t lengthen or add volume anywhere near as well as other mascaras I’ve used.
  27. Pretty for everyday lashes


    This is a good everyday mascara as it lasts all day with no smudging or flaking. I love the tubular formula because normal mascaras usually smudge everywhere for me. Unfortunately, it's not that lengthening and volumising so it's natural looking. The brush itself is also quite prickly and hard.
  28. Great for everyday wear - NO smudging


    Suffer from drooping eyelids, sick of ending up with a eyelash imprints on your lids? I have tried numerous brands and formulations but they all smudged - except this one!!! Great for everyday wear, just not so good in a heated pool as it comes off with warm water hahaha, found that out the hard way and not quite enough oomph for a night out
  29. Great value


    This mascara is great value, long wearing and easy to remove with water. Looks thicker and longer with a lash primer.
  30. Pretty


    This product looks lovely on my lashes but it's a bit hard to remove easily. Otherwise I'm happy with how it makes my lashes look.
  31. Long lasting, but lacks body


    I found this mascara lasted well, no flaking or smudging at all but removes easily with warm water. However it fell short in the curling department. I do like quite a bold last, this mascara didn't add length at all. While it does add volume, I always curl with a lash curler first and this mascara fails to hold the curl, in fact is seems to drop the curl instantly, almost like its too heavy to bui...
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  32. Ouch!


    I have mixed feeling about this. Namely, when I accidentally poke my eye with the wand it's a bit prickly. It takes some getting used to as I've never experience anything like it.

    On the good side, it does curl my lashes really well and it does not clump. It perfectly coats each individual lash for a natural look. If you're looking for dramatic, this isn't it but if you want everyday ...
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  33. Buy it!


    Best mascara I've ever used. Usually even water proof mascara will smudge on me half way through the day, but not this one. Love, love, love it!
  34. Doesn’t budge! Gives length and volume. Easy to remove.


    This is my staple mascara now as I was previously using Kevyn Aucoin tubing curling mascara as it was the only truly cruelty free mascara that didn’t smudge under my eyes.
    I’m so glad I gave Designer Brands a go as it meets all of my criteria plus is very affordable, a third of the cost of the Kevyn Aucoin brand.
    - Cruelty FREE
    - doesn’t smudge (for some strange reason, most smu...
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  35. Great product for a great Price


    Great quality and results for a great price. Separates and elongates lashes nicely, doesn't smudge and easy to remove. Cute metallic pink tube is an added bonus when you are looking for this mascara in a hurry.
  36. Great!!


    Very good mascara for the price! Makes lashes long and thick and easy to remove at the end of the day aswell
  37. Great mascara


    Love this mascara. Really surprised me. Separates lashes nicely and easy to remove. Would definitely buy again.
  38. Great


    This mascara is awesome. No smudging or panda eyes. Stays on all day. I wore everyday on a holiday in thailand and even with the extreme heat and humidity it stayed perfect all day. Have re-purchased.
  39. Great


    Fairly natural lengthening effect, this is a pretty good mascara.
  40. Favourite mascara


    I bought this macascara after using only traditional waterproof mascaras in order to hold a curl in my straight Asian lashes. My lashes were getting pretty damaged after removing and applying waterproof mascara daily so I decided to try a tubing mascara and I found this one. I love this mascara, it holds a curl relatively well and never smudges. I love how easy it is to remove with warm water. It’...
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  41. amazing


    I just received my order and i love it! this is one of the best that I have tried, I rely on the team at adore beauty to point me in the direction of what I am looking for and have not been disappointed yet! This mascara gave me length and thickness without any clumping.

    will repurchase!
  42. Fantastic tubing mascara


    If you haven't tried tubing mascara yet then try this! It will never smudge or flake, but comes off easily with just water.
    I find that the first few applications of this it is very wet and takes a long time to dry, making if prone to transferring. A few uses in and the formula dries out a bit making it go on better.
    The mascara lengthens and curls well without clumping. Love it!
  43. So so


    Not the best mascara I've tried - if you want a volumising mascara this is not for you. I like mine to lengthen as well but the formula was too wet, transferred to my skin and the wand hurt my eyes to apply.

    This tube was my first dive into tubing mascaras and I would probably recommend it to people who prefer length over volume but the novelty of the mascara wasn't enough to keep me ...
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  44. Best tubing mascara


    This mascara is totally underrated and you can't beat the price point. I love tubing mascaras as they don't smudge like usual, it stays put until I wash it off. I've been camping wearing this and woke up with no panda eyes! This is one mascara I just keep coming back to.
  45. Love it


    Bought this on recommendation. I have long lashes naturally but this really separates them nicely, I get loads of compliments. I'm not keen on the smell (a bit like glue?) but like that it just requires water to remove. I tell everyone to buy this mascara - high end product with a drugstore price tag.
  46. super lengthening


    this makes my lashes look so long and curled and they feel so conditioned and not brittle after usage. it makes my lashes look like i have falsies on and they are so beautiful and i have really short straight lashes that are stubborn to curl so this is great for the price
  47. Long, separated lashes


    This mascara makes my eyelashes look super long and separates them nicely so they don't look clumpy. My eyelashes are average length/thickness but I have a lot of them, so mascara generally clumps them together very easily - but not this one. It also never transfers or flakes, and comes off super easily at night.

    The only reason I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because it's not the ...
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  48. Great mascara!


    This is my go to everyday mascara. I love that it doesn't cake or smudge, even with rain and tears, but yet is so easy to remove it doesn't damage your lashes. I usually need two coats, and it stays perfect all day. Great mascara for a fantastic price!
  49. Love the mascara, not the wand


    I switched from The Volume by Kevin Aucoin due to price and wanting another tubing mascara. Great formula. No flakes and comes off with water and soap better than micellar water. The wand is a letdown so I have been swiping this on and using another wand to reduce the amount of mascara and curl it. With this method it is definitely longer and curled more than other tubing mascaras. Wish I didn't h...
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  50. Undesided


    Still haven't made up my mind with this mascara. Not sure if its just me but I find it very "stabby". I find that the bristles are really firm and if you accidently hit your eye lid it actually hurts. besides that its ok, I didn't really notice too much volume or length, but it did separate the lashes nicely. My tube was Pink and looks different to the one in the picture but packaging is super pre...
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  51. My HG rn


    I am loving this it makes my lashes so thick and long! Just what I love.
  52. Thick and luscious


    I really like this mascara. It coats lashes making them look thick and luscious. Very easy to remove with Micellar Water. Very gentle on sensitive eyes.
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