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M.A.C COSMETICS In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Mascara 13ml

4.2 of 75 reviews


4 instalments of $9.75

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4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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Take lashes to a whole new level with M.A.C Cosmetics In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Mascara. This all-in-one mascara adds dense volume, increases length and adds curl, with a lightweight whipped formula that keeps lashes soft and flexible.

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GREAT - 83% recommend

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M.A.C COSMETICS In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Mascara Reviews

4.2 of 75 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My number 1 mascara


An amazing mascara I don't know how I didn't discover it before??? makes your lashes super black without being clumpy I will definitely keep purchasing it

Most Helpful Criticism



Loved this at first, fine brush made application easy, formula is lengthening and separating and my lashes looked fantastic, but it smudged under my eyes throughout the day and left me looking like I had sad black bags under there
  1. My number 1 mascara


    An amazing mascara I don't know how I didn't discover it before??? makes your lashes super black without being clumpy I will definitely keep purchasing it
  2. Maybe I got a bad batch


    Normally I love MAC products - I have never been disappointed until now. This Mascara is thick and sticky, too much comes out on the brush, it clumps on the brush and then is impossible to get an even coat on the lashes. It also stings my eyes. And heaven help me if I sneeze just after I've done my lashes! Mess, mess, mess. Maybe if you could be bothered using a clean spoolie, not the brush it co...
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  3. Big lashes with definition


    The brush on this mascara really helps to deliver big, bold, black lashes that a defined and separated. I little go’s a long way to coat each individual lash. I love it and I can re apply throughout the day and it doesn’t clump
  4. Changed my mind about mascara!


    I have quite long, black eyelashes naturally and so I generally opt not to wear mascara unless I have a major event once in a blue moon, as they can look too heavy, clump a lot or just not deliver the look I want.

    This mascara literally changed my mind about mascaras!! Subtle but buildable with an extra coat if you want, keeps lashes separated, with great lift and definition that has...
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  5. Goodness


    Love the brush on this one, applies well and has great volume to it
  6. New Fave


    I love this mascara. Lengthening, no clumps, and the tips of my lashes don’t go blunt and “spider leg-like” as many others do.
  7. Natural Length


    I received this as a sample and was really impressed with this mascara. It lengthens and thickens but it's not clumpy and still looks relatively natural. Not too much smudging either which is always a plus. Would buy!
  8. My go to!


    Have been using this for years! Tried other mascaras but I keep coming back to this one. Doesn't clump and it gives you the longest lashes!
  9. Love it


    Super happy with this! I think it looks awesome and doesn’t smudge at all. I’m glad I have it!
  10. Butterfly lashes


    Love the wand on this mascara, separates my lashes without clumping and gives me great volume after 2-3 strokes.
  11. Excellent mascara - natural looking fuller lashes


    Received this as a sample. I LOVE this mascara. It is easy to apply, dries quickly, separates and lengthens lashes leaving no clumps. It is one of the best mascaras I have ever come across.
  12. Nice, but not for crying eyes!


    A nice mascara that gives length and dimension but beware: this bad boy does not like tears or moisture. If you are prone to allergies steer clear unless you don’t get watery, itchy eyes!
  13. Long and dark lashes


    If you are looking for a mascara that makes your lashes long, dark and thick then this is the best I’ve found. I love the brush and I love that I don’t get any eye irritation from this mascara. This is my go to for going out.
  14. Fluttery lashes


    doesn't transfer, fluttery and seperates the lashes really well. It's not heavy so I does not weigh down your lashes when you curl them (very similar to Nars climax)
  15. Nice and natural

    Maria G

    This mascara is actually very natural looking
    It is buildable also which is great for when you need more lash but for everyday use it looks really natural. I don't get any chunky clogs because the brush is precise and well thought out & slips the lashes properly.
  16. Favourite mascara


    Best mascara I’ve ever used. Make lashes super long and full without looking like clumpy spiders
  17. Great for daytime


    I received a sample of this mascara. I like that it very lightweight so great for daytime work make up but didn't think it gives enough WOW factor for party make up!
  18. Length and volume


    Makes my lashes look super long without being clumpy!
  19. Love this


    Volumising but not clumpy. Lasts all day and makes my lashes look beautiful.
  20. No clumps!


    I'm not a huge mascara girl unless I'm going out, and sometimes I just feel like they make my lashes look clumpy and stuck together and gross. This one did not do that! Went on so smoothly and my lashes looked sooo long after two coats. I didn't find any transfer underneath my eyes, but I do wish there was a brown shade as I'm quite pale and find super black mascaras a little shocking sometimes.
  21. Rewarding sample


    I received a sample of this with a purchase recently and have been using it every day, it's a great size for travelling but I've been really impressed with the formula. It doesn't smudge under my eyes like some do, and I've loved the length and shade! I can also add layers for a more dramatic look which is great. Will definitely be purchasing a full size.
  22. Great shade


    This mascara is super black and intense, however I found that after using it for a while it began to dry and get clumpy, so be careful.
  23. gives length but not my favourite


    I do like the brush on this mascara and find it gives length initially but my lashes are quite long and find it smudges quite a bit on my upper and lower lids throughout the day. I prefer a tubular mascara for this reason but I do rate it as a regular mascara!
  24. Mmmm not my favourite


    This isn't my favourite mascara. I don't love the wand shape too make. It is a bit clumpy and flakey.
  25. Great for an everyday mascara


    Easy application with no clumping. Gives the lashes a naturally fuller look
  26. Okay


    I received a sample of this and it is nothing impressive. It doesn't clump but it doesn't provide insane volume or length either. There are better mascaras out there for the price.
  27. Wow


    Creates a full, dramatic lash look without clumping up my lashes or drying them out. Stays on all day long but is also very easy to remove!
  28. Disappointed


    Loved this at first, fine brush made application easy, formula is lengthening and separating and my lashes looked fantastic, but it smudged under my eyes throughout the day and left me looking like I had sad black bags under there
  29. Great for everyday


    I revived a sample of this with an order and have been using it for the past week. I find it to be a great everyday mascara. It adds a bit of volume and length for everyday but nothing too dramatic


    Honestly this is the best mascara in the industry. The brush is perfect and it has no clumps. It makes my lashes look so long <3
  31. great mascara


    love the mac mascara, gives this wonderful look to the lashes and eyes
  32. Okay


    I received a sample size of this as a free gift with an order. While it provides good volume, it doesn't separate the lashes. I have tried this a couple times and I have had the same issue both times.
  33. Clumpy


    I thought the product would be Great as I tested the sample one & loved it . It is clumpy & doesn’t seperate your lashes . I Got a cheaper one elsewhere that has been amazing .
  34. decent


    I received a sample of this mascara and absolutely loved it - but oddly I have found the full size one is as good its just not hitting the mark...
  35. Love love love


    If you have oily eye lid, must try this mascara, it doesn’t smudge, I had tried so many drug stores to high end mascara, this is one that you don’t want to miss!
  36. Okay


    It gives volume but doesn't separate the lashes. It definitely goes clumpy on my lashes. For the price, I won't recommend.
  37. doesnt comb lashes


    This mascara wand doesnt comb through eyelashes at all. its thick and goopy and product just sits on top of lashes
  38. Sample brush is better!


    I tried a sample of this mascara and loved it so much I purchased the full size almost immediately. But the brush on the full size is so hard to work with, and makes it clumpy and difficult. Very frustrating. I mean, I can make it work but it takes longer than I care to admit. If I could use the brush from the sample it would legit be perfect. Fix the brush!
  39. thick and clumpy


    This mascara is so thick and clumpy, it makes my lashes feel so heavy and goopy
  40. Surprisingly good!

    Laura O

    I've been using Tarte mascara for at least four years now so it's hard to get me to convert to another brand / another mascara. I received a sample of this and I'm be pleasantly surprised - it really plumps lashes without making them clumpy.
  41. Amazing


    Best result, lashes looked long and beautiful. Isn't thick and has an amazing application.
  42. amazing


    This mascara is very volumising, curling and lengthening with no clumping, smudging or flaking
    Lashes feel soft and flexible

  43. makes lashes look great


    this mascara makes my lashes look stunning! it makes them look very black and long. definitely recommend !
  44. Total fan


    i really liked this mascara because it gave so much volume to my think eye lashes and make them look so long and dense. it is worth trying. it is intense black colour too.
  45. Makes my lashes look amazing


    Makes my lashes look super long! I'm a huge fan of this one. I like the handle as well it's easy to use.
  46. makes lashes look so long


    this mascara lengthens the lashes so much! it makes them look so long and natural but beautiful! Definitely recommend!
  47. Stunning natural lashes


    Great mascara that's super long-lasting and always clump free! Easy to apply and looks amazing
  48. Full lashes


    maksa my lashes look longer, fuller and adds volume! It’s just like wearing fake lashes! I highly recommend!
  49. Will not purchase the full size


    Got sample from free gift, I kinda like the brush cuz it won't clump, but overall this mascara is just average for me, I don't have long lash
  50. Not going to repurchase


    I bought this mascara as I was buying other items from Adore Beauty and unfortunately the MAC mascara I use isn't stocked at AB. I had used a sample of this in the past and liked it so decided that this would be easier to get as I was purchasing the other items.
    It did absolutely nothing for my lashes, no lengthening, no volume and no excitement whatsoever. Every time I went to apply the mas...
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  51. extends my lashes


    I find this works as well as other brands that are way more expensive. I'm pretty sold on this one now.
  52. This mascara is a weapon


    I’ve used a lot of other MAC mascaras and I prefer this one, it’s very black and the flexible spiny brush is great at separating lashes for a subtle look. Two coats and it still won’t clump but adds great length and fans my lashes out. It lasts well and it’s very black as promised. Having said all of that - the rubber “bristles” are EXTREMELY POINTY and if you even accidentally touch your water li...
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  53. so nice!


    This is the best Mascara I've ever tried and it beats some of the drug Store Mascara's I've tried . It doesn't transfer or flake onto my eyes .
  54. Pleaser


    A favourite that lasts a long time and doesn’t smudge throughout the day or evening.
  55. My favourite mascara!


    I have been through many a mascara, across varied price points - and this one is the best! I have fine eyelashes and they're a light brown, so I find this one lengthens them whilst also giving them loads of volume! I love that it isn't gluggy, and comes off easily with make-up wipes (hate having to scrub...).
    Give this one a whirl!
  56. Great for volume


    This is a thick mascara that leave lashes with a lot of volume and length. Quite dramatic so good if you are after that high impact result
  57. Does what it says!


    Beautiful volumizing mascara! Makes my lashes look extra black.
  58. Best mascara!


    I love this product and will definitely be repurchasing it again. It makes my eyelashes look long black and real not clumpy and thick like a lot of other mascaras do.
  59. Eyes best fiend


    I got this as a small tester and almost run out of it so I will be buying the bigger one when I’m done with it. I actually love using it, it made my eyelashes super long and thick without building up too much actual product. The black doesn’t smudge back under the eyes either which is great for me be as I wear it all day long. Super impressed and glad I got to try it otherwise I wouldn’t of known ...
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  60. Loved sample


    I received a sample of this mascara in a recent purchase and LOVE it, doesn't clump lashes and spreads evenly so I plan to purchase the full one
  61. Extreme Black lengthening


    I bought the full size version after getting the mini sample in one of the great Adore Beauty gifts with another purchase. I was obsessed with the sample size and scraped every last bit of it out before finally accepting that I liked it and buying the full product. To be fair the full size is a bit different to the sample and I think it's the brush when it comes down to it so I've kept the sample ...
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  62. Love it


    Great mascara makes the lashes look much Fuller and longer!
  63. Not the best mascara


    I gave this a try and to be honest it didn't really impress me too much. It dried fairly quickly which is a plus, however, I think I will go back to my fave Benefit They're Real because I feel like I didn't get the same kind of results with this product.
  64. Nice


    A great mascara, works well for lash definition and separation. I have others that I love more, but this is still a great mascara and doesn't smudge for me
  65. One of the best mascaras I have used.


    Recurved this mascara in sample form and omg!!! Does it deliver, my lashes appeared super long and defined. This is my first time ever trying a Mac mascara, I will be purchasing this mascara when the sample runs out. It defines every single lash individually, no clumps or mess. In love!!
  66. Great to add the volume


    I received this mini size to try. It adds the volume and drama to lashes but not too much length. You need the primer before applying.
  67. Great mascara


    I really like this mascara. It doesn’t clump. I have to say that I prefer the wand on the sample of this mascara, than the one on the full sized version.
  68. Thick


    This mascara is a great tool for thick looking lashes. Doesn't add much length but great volume.
  69. Good every day


    This mascara is light weight not clumpy great for every day but not dramatic enough
  70. I really like the wand on this mascara - lashes don't clump together


    I really like this mascara. I received a sample and now will purchase. I really like the wand on this mascara, it coats every lash without making them all clump together. It gives you length (not much volume though).
  71. great for volume


    Great volume but doesn't really give much length. The brush is very easy to use and it is good for getting into the corners of my eyes without it smudging everywhere
  72. Favourite mascara!


    I've been using this mascara for years. Have tried other mascaras but I always come back to this one. I have quite short lashes but this mascara makes them look much longer than what they actually are. It stays on all day without touching up. The brush is very nice and the mascara doesn't clump when applying it.
  73. Love the product and the head on this mascara


    I received this is a sample during a promotion and I have really enjoyed using it. It does give your lashes a lot more volume and length and it also does not flake like other mascaras I have had do overtime. I also think the head on this mascara brush is really great and gets to the base and ends of your lashes Really well
  74. Nice mascara


    This is a good mascara. Nothing to go crazy about, but it's still a nice buy. You won't go wrong but I think there are better options than this in particular
  75. Subtle Lashes


    I got this as a sample. I find it's great just for every day wear to work but feel it isn't dramatic enough for evening time or going etc. Won't be purchasing, i'll stick to Lancome.
  76. Ok but very damp


    Takes a while to dry. It works well with a bit of effort but I find the tube too big and the brush has good bristles but is too big and tends to hit my eyelid too much.
  77. So many compliments with this mascara


    I get so many compliments every time I wear this mascara. The application brush is perfect and really gives my lashes that little bit of extra length and volume. Absolutely love this mascara.
  78. Wow!


    This mascara is AMAZING!! Wow it’s all I can say! Hello big bold fluffy lashes!!! Love this mascara
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