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Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm 85g

4.5 of 113 reviews

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4 instalments of $15.18

Or 4 instalments of $15.18 with LEARN MORE

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The perfect first step to your double cleanse routine is the new PreCleanse Balm by Dermalogica. This water-activated balm-to-oil cleanser breaks down excess oil, makeup (even waterproof), environmental pollutants and residual product buildup.  .

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

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GREAT - 84% recommend

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Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm

Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm

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Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm Reviews

4.5 of 113 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Excellent make up remover - especially for eye make up


I just received a sample of this. It is really easy to apply and you only need a little bit of product. It takes off eye make up with ease (I just used my fingers - no need for additional cotton pads or cloths). I didn't need to rub or pull hard which is great to protect the skin as we age! I recommend this.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not my fave


Received this as a sample. Found it odd using on dry skin, and didn't find it took off makeup effectively.
  1. Stings my eyes

    Susan Davis

    Easy to use and emulsified well on dry skin. However, left my eyes stinging for quite some time afterward. Would use again, just not on eye area.
  2. Better than Clinique


    I got this as a sample and found it was better than the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm, it’s far less drying to my skin or irritating. Would definitively recommend giving it a go!
  3. Not my fave


    Received this as a sample. Found it odd using on dry skin, and didn't find it took off makeup effectively.
  4. Excellent make up remover - especially for eye make up


    I just received a sample of this. It is really easy to apply and you only need a little bit of product. It takes off eye make up with ease (I just used my fingers - no need for additional cotton pads or cloths). I didn't need to rub or pull hard which is great to protect the skin as we age! I recommend this.
  5. excellent balm


    Received as a sample. I was very very surprised how much I liked this product. It emulsifies amazingly well with only rubbing it on your face with your hands and rinses clean without leaving your skin dry. It feels like you might have to do a double cleanse but when I took some makeup remover on a cotton pad to see if there was any excess makeup or dirt left, there wasn't. I would defiantly order ...
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  6. Cleansing Balm For A Cleansing Oil Lover


    First time I tried this balm, I noticed how dense and thick it feel on my hand, but after mixing it into my fingertips and then on the skin, it was like a dream. It had a cleansing oil type feel, and didn't feel heavy or too balmy on the skin. It emulsifies really well, and takes makeup and SPF off really well. A nice high end cleansing balm that just feels really comfortable on the skin!
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  7. Didn’t love it


    Received a sample of this, but didn’t love it. It didn’t remove my makeup as well as other cleansing balls/oils do.
  8. Calming, gentle and a very effective precleanse


    I am a fan of the existing PreCleanse oil but in winter in Victoria my skin is drier than normal due to low humidity and indoor heating, I found the the PreCleanse balm provides extra moisture protection when I feel my skin is dehydrated. The balm doesn't feel too heavy, washes off easily and leaves my skin feeling calm and more balanced. I usually have normal to combination skin that c...
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  9. Awesome

    Elle H

    I am a super fan on the Pre Cleanse oil and was super excited to receive a deluxe sample of this to try. It’s wonderful! Cleans skin beautifully as a first cleanse and gets rid of SPF and makeup. Love the balm texture too!
  10. Bravo !


    It’s really very effective as a cleaner. it’s true, you only need a small amount. It’s very pleasant to apply and it leaves the soft skin. Even by rinsing with water, it leaves a greasy film. So, you have to go to another step of cleaning as mentioned in using advice.
    I tested it with a sample that I could use 6 nights in a row. I really liked it and I think it’s even better with the cleansi...
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  11. Good product


    I got this as a sample in my goodie bag and I used it to double cleanse my skin. Never done this before. Applied it on the dry skin and was surprised how quickly it ''melted away'' the makeup on my skin. A very effective product!
  12. Lovely


    Feels great, no mess, easy to apply, and does a great job!
  13. Great Makeup Remover!


    The balm is alot better than the serum, its alot less messy and its worth the extra money to have the balm and the face mit. It removes all different kinds of makeup so easily and no mess. It also lasts at least once a month being used twice a day.
  14. Wanted to love it


    I love so many of dermalogica’s products and was excited to introduced a pre cleanse to my routine. Whilst it does do a great job of removing make up and generally works well for my skin, my god does it burn my eyes! As something that is advertised as safe to use around the eye area, I was very disappointed.
  15. Holy grail!


    I always thought double cleansing was a waste of time.. A silly fad. OH HOW WRONG WAS I?! This stuff is the bees knees honestly! It has seriously eliminated all those little black dots on my nose (sebaceous filaments?!) I follow up with using one of my many other cleansers and I will honestly never be without this! Love!
  16. Nice!


    This was my first non foaming cleanser I have bought, to pair with liquid gold. It feels fancy, only a slight smell (which is lovely). The mit is awesome! I will continue to use this even if I didn't have the product. My face looks soo much clearer after using this product but I did find the first couple of times that my eyes would sting after. Now I wash it off thoroughly before opening my eyes a...
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  17. Lovely first step


    I use this when I double cleanse. It's so handy how you. apply it to dry skin. I find it removes all traces of my make up well.
  18. Good for makeup removal


    This can clog the drains if you’re not careful. Only really used it for cleaning off my makeup. The mitt is good, but be careful not to scrub too hard. I didn’t notice a difference in my skin as such, but in general it’s good for cleaning makeup off.

    I have dry skin, this didn’t break me out or anything, but not sure I’d repurchase just for a Makeup remover.
  19. The only make up remover for me


    With having sensitive skin I often find it hard to find make up remover which doesn’t over sensitise my skin. This product is the only make up remover for me. It’s an balm that’s once rubbed between your hands becomes an oily pre cleanser. Once rubbed over each area you can remove it with a warm damp washer or you can get a deeper pre cleanse with the mitt which is included. I love the fact that i...
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  20. Not good


    This is too oily and doesn;t emulsify well as oil/balm cleansers should. It kinda just stays mostly oily and hard to rinse, leaves an oily residue on my skin.
  21. Feels incredible


    I use the balm product before cleansing and it feels amazing on my skin. I get absolutely no irritation with my skin sensitivity and the mit makes me feel like I am giving my face a deep clean. I have only been using the balm for a few weeks but I already notice a reduction in blemishes and an overall improvement in the appearance in my skin.
  22. Love the mit!


    The product itself is okay, best part is the mit, I love it! It helps exfoliate my face and my makeup applies much better afterward.
  23. Obsessed!!


    Absolutely obsessed with this!! I love the way it feels and the cleanser mit just makes it 1000 times better. Highly recommend!
  24. Not sure...


    This product is definitely just 'okay' for me. Nothing to write home about. I didn't really see a dramatic change in my skin, and it goes very quickly!
  25. Gentle cleanse


    I love this product.
    Another great dermalogica product.
    Beautiful and gentle cleanser.
    Leaves skin cleansed but not stripped.
    Awesome stuff.
  26. Removes makeup


    Love this balm -- it also removes most of my makeup with cleansing.
  27. Great


    This melts my makeup off easily and works well for my oily skin
  28. Still unsure...


    Whilst I love the balm, it gets liquid-y on hot days and seeps through the lid. In saying that, it does feel nice against the skin and I love the mitt it comes with. I'm a few weeks in and still unsure of the product, I might revert back to Dermalogica's pre-cleanse oil which was my fail-safe I got the balm..
  29. Good but not great


    I prefer a normal oil cleanser to this balm. For me it felt like the balm stuck to my skin a little and was harder to get off. I expected more for the price tag. I use a much cheaper oil cleanser now as my pre-cleanse and have been happier with the results. I do like the silicone mitt that it comes with though.
  30. Seriously pro cleanser


    I bought the travel size to take with me while I was travelling and I loved it! It’s so gentle but it still removed all my sunscreen and left my skin so clean and soft! When I run out I will be repurchasing in the full size as I actually prefer it to my usual cleanser!
  31. Great product, packaging needs improvement


    I use the precleanse oil but got this when it first came out. The balm is amazing and does the job but during warmer weather it leaks, can get quite messy. Sticking with the precleanse oil for now
  32. Lovely and creamy


    A lovely cleanser to use in the evening. Use it an massage it over your skin, and i will loosen makeup and cleanse your skin. Follow with a regular cleanser and you will have thoroughly cleansed and makeup free skin
  33. Favourite precleanse


    This balm is so nice and soothing and removes makeup well, especially when you use the mitt with it. It washes off well and doesn't feel as if it leaves any residue behind like other precleanses do sometimes. It does its job well.
    I like to use this with the special cleansing gel and daily microfoliant, such a great combination of products and always leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft.
  34. Pre cleanse


    This Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm is a rich, nourishing balm that removes dirt and excess oil!

  35. Gets rid of all traces of make-up


    I received a sample of this with a recent order and used it at the end of the day after wearing a full face of make-up. It managed to melt away all the foundation I had on, without leaving my skin dry or irritated. It was effective yet very gentle, so all up a very good product.
  36. Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm


    I bought the travel size to take with me while I was travelling and I loved it! It’s so gentle but it still removed all my sunscreen and left my skin so clean and soft! When I run out I will be repurchasing in the full size as I actually prefer it to my usual cleanser!
  37. Remove the day away


    I have been using the dermalogica pre cleanse oil for years and then they brought out the balm which I prefer as it is easier to apply and doesnt cause wastage.
    I love the smell of the plant based oils and the balm takes off my make up easily without much work.
  38. Love it


    This makes my skin feel amazing and I know when I have used this product in my skin routine. Absolute must have!
  39. Great for heavier makeup


    I enjoy using this when I have heavier makeup on or have particularly dry skin, more so than the pre cleanse oil. It just breaks down thicker foundation, dark eye makeup, and waterproof eyeliner/mascara really wonderfully, and it’s hydrating as well.
  40. Love this


    I have acne prone, dry and sensitive skin and this cleanser didn’t irritate my skin. I use it in the morning before applying makeup and in the evening. So far so good. Definitely recommend for sensitive skin.
  41. Great for removing makeup!


    I love this for taking my makeup off! Can't say I love the price though. It is thick and oily so no good for eyelash extensions. It definitely gives your face a good clean but isnt for anyone who hates the feeling of thick products on their skin.
  42. Prefer the precleanse oil


    As much as both products do really well in taking stubborn makeup off, the oil is much lighter and easier to work with.
    The balm is so thick and because stubborn make up is usually eye makeup, it gets hard to run off completely and feels like it gets into my eyes because it definitely stings a lot when I try to sleep.
    Because of the nature of the thick texture, you’d have to use a go...
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  43. Great additional cleansing step


    I tried this as I received a sample, and I really like it. I already have a 3 step cleansing program as I wear a lot of make up and have oily skin. While I don't use this everyday, it is a good additional step on those days I wear heavier make up. I use it between my usual make up remover and cleanser. I love the fresh feeling it gives and it doesn't dry out my skin. Would like to purchase a small...
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  44. Better than the original


    I much prefer this over the original precleanse oil as it’s much more hydrating
  45. great as makeup removal


    I bought this product recently and it came with a cleanse mit which I loved as much as the product itself.

    I use this in the shower before I cleanse and it works flawlessly, It takes off all of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean.

    When I cleanse I know it's actually working after everything is taken off thanks to this balm. Its really easy to use and sprea...
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  46. Feels amazing!


    Love this to remove and really dislodge heavy makeup, especially around the eyes (I don’t have time to always use eye makeup remover) I’m an oily/normal skin type and don’t feel it leaves me too oily! A little seriously goes along way! And the mitt it comes with is great! Love using it with foaming cleansers aswell. One star off only because I do find you have to really work it to get abit of an e...
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  47. I LOVE IT


    It's like having a mini facial at home. I absolutely love using this before I hop in the shower at the end of the day, before using cleanser. It works really well on my acne and oil prone skin, I even love it that it feels like some of the balm is left on my skin as it feels amazing and absorbs well. Smells like I'm in the salon :)
  48. So effective


    The Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm is the perfect step in my cleansing routine. It removes all traces of the day's makeup gently and leaves my face ready for a good clean to get into the pores! Definitely would recommend.

    I have oily, sensitive skin.
  49. Less Waste and More Effective Than the Oil!


    I really, REALLY like this product and will most likely purchase more in the foreseeable future.

    You only need a very small amount to get full face and neck coverage plus the exfoliating mitt is such a handy tool included in the mix.

    Great for sensitive skin and noses. Even though threes a mild scent it's not overpowering or irritating. It does a great job of removing m...
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  50. Good but not great


    I personally prefer the precleanse oil. I feel like the balm doesnt work quite as good and leaves more of an oily residue when wiping it off than the oil does. Does the job and removes makeup etc but wouldnt buy this one again
  51. absolutely love love love this


    I will never, ever use any other pre-cleanser - I've lost count of how many times I've repurchased this.

    I love how thick the balm is, it smells a little lavender-y but definitely not overwhelming, and my sensitive skin is a very, very happy camper. Dissolves all my makeup and sunscreen ready for the next cleanse. I don't use the silicone mitt that comes with it with the balm though ...
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  52. Prefer original


    I definitely prefer the original Dermalogica PreClense rather than this balm. I don't feel like it removes quite all of my makeup like the other one does. I do prefer the balm for travelling though, because the oil is too messy to pack.
  53. Love!


    I received a sample of this and have since bought 3 tubes. Is so good at emulsifying and removing all my makeup and leaving my skin soft and dewy. I have sensitive skin and I have never had a break out with this product. Its not oily and it lasts for ages as you dont need much. Great addition a must buy.
  54. This stuff is awesome


    Love it. Great to get makeup off before cleansing to actually get a deeper cleanse. Removes makeup so well!
  55. YES! this stuff is great


    I received a sample of the original PreCleanse and quite liked it but given I've got dryer skin I decided to purchase the full size Balm instead. I notice that the balm is in the top 10 Dermalogica products so I guess that people quite like it! My skin feels sooo clean and plump after using this, I can really tell the difference between just using a cleanser on its own.

    I always wond...
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  56. Great for travel


    I like to keep the oil for regular use and the balm for travel. The balm is fantastic but you tend to use a bit more of it so would be better to keep for travel as no risk of leaking etc.
    I use everyday to help take off my makeup. My skin is ALWAYS feeling better after I use this balm.
    I have normal skin type
  57. Leaves a film on the skin


    I ordered this nearly 12 months ago and still have half a tube as I find that unless I use a cloth with it there is a film left on the skin.
  58. Better than the precleanse oil!


    I much prefer the balm over the pre cleanse oil! I found this one much more hydrating and I love that it comes with the little cleansing mitt as it leaves your skin feeling so super soft and clean afterwards! I have a normal/oily skin type and it has never caused congestion or breakouts. Perfect makeup remover!!!
  59. Feels great


    My review is going to compare the precleanse Oil by Dermalogica, with this product.

    The balm feels much nicer on the skin - the mitt is a great addition too. It's not a messy product, and doesn't leak.

    I personally will always go back to the oil though. It doesn't feel as nice on the skin but the balm doesn't get as much off as the oil.
  60. Good


    I bought this small tube just try it, and I love it. It came with a small buffing type bit, and it works great. I'll definitely buy a large one next
  61. Prefer this over the oil


    I have used the precleanse oil for many years and didn’t know how a balm would compare.
    I much prefer the balm and find although they’re both effective that the balm seems to be more hydrating on the skin and I find I waste less product.
    I apply it onto my face and use the brush which is provided and I find it’s super effective at removing all the makeup including waterproof mascara.
  62. A must have for makeup removal


    This is my new favourite product. I had been using the precleanse but found it to be very messy when travelling. The balm is firmer than a cream when you dispense it but emulsifies into an oil and then into a milk when you add water. I did find it tough to get out of the tube on a cold day but prefer the balm over the oil hands down. I like wearing foundation but never felt I was removing it all a...
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  63. Good


    If you're a sucker for oil cleansers than this is perfect. Smells so goood.
  64. Not great


    I definitely recommend Dermalogicas Precleanse in the oil form, it’s much more effective and doesn’t feel overly thick like this one. If you have super dry skin it’s probably worth buying but it’s too rich and leaves a greasy film on your skin.
  65. Worth it!


    I tried this after receiving a sample and immediately went and bought the full size. It is great for a pre cleanse, removes any excess makeup and makes my skin feel super clean! I also love that you receive a new cleansing mitt with each bottle!
  66. great product!


    This is great for removing any remaining makeup for glowing clear skin
  67. Scrub mit to hard


    This product is ok, smells alright.. the mit though they give you was too hard for my skin. I have brought this product before and I don’t remember it being that hard.. won’t be buying again
  68. Amazing


    I think it is absolutely essential to pre-cleanse and properly remove makeup. I did not realise how much makeup could be left on the skin after cleansing, but with this pre-cleanse there is no makeup left and my skin is looking much clearer.
  69. Excellent first cleanse


    This product is fantastic. The squeeze like tube packaging is very sleek and travel friendly, and the product comes out easily. The balm itself is quite thick and you actually need very little to cleanse your whole face. I use it as a first cleanse to remove any makeup or sunscreen I have had on, and for the majority of uses it takes of every single bit, sometimes I don't even need to second clea...
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  70. amazing difference


    tried this and was surprised to see what a huge difference it made to my skin, double cleansing made more effective
  71. Silky smooth


    I bought this after I got a free sample sachet from my previous order and I loved it straight away. I had no idea pre cleansing was a thing but this balm makes my skin feel noticeably nicer when I include this in my routine. I use it every couple of days in the morning. It does sting my eyes if I'm not careful when I wash it off but otherwise I love it and will defiantly be purchasing again!
  72. Squeaky clean feel


    I have oily combination skin and this product simply melts my make up away. Great as your first cleanse and followed with a foaming cleanser. It’s very gentle but effective. Easy to use and does not feel tacky or leave a residue. Definitely recommend this product.
  73. A new must have


    I decided to try the pre cleanse balm after a friend recommended it to me. My skin is so normal it’s almost boring! I struggled to ever feel like it was totally clean even though I never suffered breakouts.
    My first night using this I was in love, the texture is amazing and it massages into my face beautifully. I followed with the daily microfoliant, toner, serum and night cream. My skin wa...
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  74. Good make up remover


    I tried the Dermalogica PreCleanse after receiving a sample from Adore Beauty. I found that it left my sensitive skin a little dry after a double cleanse, so gave this PreCleanse balm a go. I found it didn't dry my skin out at all, and wasn't as messy to use as the PreCleanse oil. However, it didn't remove quiet as much make up as the oil formulation. Even so, after the double cleanse my skin was ...
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  75. Prefer the oil

    Kylie Q

    I have tried both the balm and the oil. The oil is hands down my favourite product but I think the balm is better to travel with
  76. Such a nice Product


    This is so beautiful to use, smells and feels great. Leaves the skin super clean but the packaging needs to be changed so it's easier to distribute and get all of the product out. Not a fan of the mit it comes with.
  77. Perfect for heavy makeup


    This thick paste took everything off! Stuck on eyelashes, copious coats of mascara, everything! I recommend squeezing out a little, spreading over your face to melt it a little before using the pad for additional cleaning. Great product, but if too pasty for your liking, check out the pre-cleanse oil version. It works just as well!
  78. good 1st cleanse


    i decided to give this a try because i love the pre-cleanse oil and i fell inlove with it, it removes all my makeup, and dirt and oil leaving my face ready for the actual cleanse, it smell amazing and feels amazing, and ive never felt so clean
  79. Its amazing!


    I pair the precleanse balm with my special cleansing gel. The two together are absolutely amazing! Its great for sensitive skin! Its easy to use and it leaves your skin feeling clean and hydrated. Its amazing!
  80. Great combo!


    I use this at night, whether I wear makeup or not. It completely dissolves all traces of any stay-put foundation AND provides extra moisture to my skin, which is super-dry AND sensitive due to medical conditions. If I wore makeup, I follow with the special cleansing gel. The cleansing mitt is an added bonus, and I use it with both the balm and the cleansing gel. I hope they never stop making eithe...
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  81. Not my favourite product


    The product was nice and creamy but a little too oily for my skin.
  82. Great for skincare routine


    If you ever feel like your cleanser isn't getting everything.. you are probably right. This is the best product ever as it preps your skin for your cleanser. It works wonders. Best part is you can use on your eyes too!
  83. Great product


    I can't imagine ever going to back to cleansing my face without this product. I wear heavy foundation every day (Napoleon - Stroke of Genius: Liquid Cashmere) and water-proof mascara. This product removes it all and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. I do find that it can sting the eyes a bit, so be careful around the eye area. Also, use the mitt gently as you will still get your desired effect...
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  84. love it


    Love this. Used a whole bottle and when I ran out decided to try the normal precleanse (the oil) instead. I honestly like both. The balm is a little thicker, a bit more nourishing and more travel friendly but I feel like I'm using more product with the balm. I love that with both of these products I'm not wasting heaps of cotton rounds or make up wipes. I honestly love them both and I don't know w...
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  85. Love this product!


    I love this product, it takes all of my makeup off with a little bit of balm and I have noticed a difference in my skin. The free glove is amazing as well!
  86. 5 star!


    Amazing product! Effectively cleanses away make up and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clear.
  87. Love this Product


    I have been using this product for a week and what a difference. Finally a product that really cleanses my skin. So easy to use and I love the glove that comes with it. Highly recommended
  88. Love this stuff


    I received a sample of the pre cleanse balm with other purchases, after using the sample I was hooked on it and had to buy it. It leaves your skin feeling to soft and clean. It smells lovely and really hydrates my skin. Love it
  89. Liked it but love the original PreCleanse more


    I have been using PreCleanse (the original) for around 4 years and was quite excited when this balm was released as i thought it would travel better (the other one tends to leak a little) however I just didnt like it as much as the original. Its good, and feels nice but its just a little thick for my liking and I didnt like the scent as much as the original PreCleanse.
  90. Completely melts makeup off


    I first purchased the pre-cleanse oil and although I loved how it worked, I found I wasted a lot of product as it would seep out of the pump. When the balm was released I knew I would love it, and I was right. No cleanser removes my make up like pre cleanse. I will purchase this product again and again. Love it!
  91. Fulfills all its promises


    I’m 52 and am very aware that clean skin is sooo important. I have found this product perfect for precleansing because it nourishes the skin rather than depleting it of oils. I love using the applicator, so much better than micro beads for a gentle exfoliation. I’m on my third tube an will continue using this as part of my daily cleansing routine.
  92. Amazing for dry sensitive skin


    I have dry sensitive skin and did not like the oil version of this. The balm is easy to use and I love the cleansing mitt! I use my hands to rub it into my face first then I apply a little bit of water and go over my face with the mitt then rinse and use my usual cleanser.
  93. Not in love with it.


    I think my expectations were high with this product and I was really excited to try it. I already double cleanse because I wear a lot of makeup and didn't find this any better than cleaners I have used in the past. I had to use a large amount to get off my makeup and this seemed to leave an oily residue on my skin so I always have to use a significant amount of my second cleanser. It does a fine ...
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  94. Everyone needs to use Precleanse!


    Have you ever washed your face thinking all the make up was gone, only to dry your face and see your towel still has make up on?
    Precleanse stops this from happening!

    Use it before you wash your face and all of your make up will actually be removed. I use a very heavy coverage foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear) and sometimes I would have to wash my face with a cleanser 3 tim...
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  95. Game Changer


    You can't go wrong with this Dermalogica Pre Cleanse Balm. This is the first pre cleanse balm I have ever used and the formulation is gorgeous. It feels super soft and glides on to the skin nicely. It pairs perfectly with their gel cleanser. This product is a game changer and would definitely recommend giving it a go.
  96. Best makeup remover, particularly for drier skins


    I am 61 years old and wear sunscreen and makeup each day. My skin also tends to be on the drier side and this calm is absolutely wonderful at removing the day completely. I love using the mitt which comes with the product as it gives a really good cleanse without drying my skin. This is the 3rd tube I am ordering..it lasts and comes in a travel friendly tube as well. I even use it to removed eye m...
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  97. Amazing makeup remover!


    I have been using preclense for so long now. It’s amazing. It removes makeup and any dirt from the day so quickly and leaves my skin so soft and clean. I prefer the balm over the oil, I feel that it removes more and is much easier to use, the mit is so good. It really exfoliates your skin. Great price and it lasts about 2 months for me and I wear makeup everyday.
  98. Good product, but not essential!


    I received a sample of the PreCleanse Balm with an adorebeauty order and was very excited to try it. I got about 10 uses out of the small sample bottle so was able to give it a good go to see if it was a product I would use! I wouldn't recommend it based on the following reasons. Using this product added an extra step to my nightly routine which I don't really have time for. I also found I had...
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  99. not my favourite


    I was in love the dermalogica precleanse oil and tried to give this balm a try. I have tried other balms like the clinque take the day off. Double cleansing is a must for me as I wear quite heavy makeup. I found the instructions on the box quite fustrating. It directs you to put the balm straaight on the mitt provided and massage onto dry skin.The balm ended up getting stuck in the bristle crevice...
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  100. Great product


    This product does exactly what it says it will, it is something I will always use in my skincare routine at the end of the day. I have used the pre cleanse oil from Dermalogica before, I honestly love both products equally and would recommend both, they work towards the same desired outcome. If I was to choose one it would be this one as I like that it comes with the silicone cleansing mitt, at th...
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