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Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque 75ml

4.4 of 92 reviews

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4 instalments of $16.28

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Great for all skin types, Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque is an all in one solution to detoxify, brighten and invigorate the skin. Formulated with ingredients to soothe inflammation and nourish the skin, Activated Binchotan White Charcoal purifies the skin, effectively absorbing oil and impurities, while Niacinamide calms and hydrates the skin.
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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque

Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque

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Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque Reviews

4.4 of 92 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

End of week treat


Perfect mask for a self care Sunday to make to feel bright and fresh for the week ahead

Most Helpful Criticism

Bit Dry..


I received a sample of this mask from Adore Beauty and have only used once, so I guess my review may be a little bias. But, I found this mask to be a to dry. When I applied the mask it dried straight away. I use the Cosmedix Charcoal Mask and I find it be a lot more nourishing. It does dry after a couple of minutes, but not nearly as quickly as this one,
  1. End of week treat


    Perfect mask for a self care Sunday to make to feel bright and fresh for the week ahead
  2. Feels like its working..


    verified purchaser
    I like that the development time is pretty quick, so I pop it on while I'm watching my daughter having her bath on the weekend. She finds it funny and I feel like I'm achieving something. I love how it dries on so I feel that's the time to wash it off. On the negative side it smells a little funky and It stings a bit when you first put on
  3. Pamper product


    Perfect sunday treat mask to make you feel fresh and ready to take on the week to come
  4. Pamper product


    Perfect sunday treat mask to make you feel fresh and ready to take on the week to come
  5. Exfoliating and purifying


    verified purchaser
    I purchased this masque by mistake but decided to keep it and I'm glad I did. After use I notice my skin is tighter, brighter and enlarged pores are less noticeable and clearer. After it has dried, gently cleaning it off with water provides extra exfoliation. My skin is quite pink after use, I use it before bed and apply a night cream after the masque.
  6. not for me


    I don't think masks are really for me but I gave this one a go from a sample- I like how my skin felt after but hated the smell. just a personal preference
  7. Draws out all impurities


    verified purchaser
    Amazing job at drawing out impurities. My blackheads, area around my nose has never seemed clearer. However will cause a few breakouts as toxins are drawn from the skin. Make sure you supplement with a highly nourishing mask after.
  8. Glowing skin


    The best!! Definitely recommend applies well and leaves skin feeling amazing!
  9. Highly recommend


    I highly recommend this if you are after a mask to lift impurities. It is quite drying so I would make sure you have some very moisturising products for afterwards.
  10. Feels like a spa mask


    Love this for when I haven't had time to go to the beautician for a facial or when my skin is congested and I need a quick fix. Love the tightening and warming feel as the mask works. To remove it from your face I suggest using a flannel soaked in hot water and it can be a bit messy. It does remove my blackheads and make skin feels less congested and fresh after using
  11. Makes your skin so soft and clean!


    I use this product weekly and really appreciate how it makes my skin smooth, minimises my pores, brightens my face and cleans up any lingering blackheads.
    I have sensitive skin and sometimes the tingly feeling can be uncomfortable and it leaves my face very pink for a few hours afterwards, so I only use it at night.
  12. Good clay mask


    This is a good clay mask, but I find it leaves my skin very red after using it so I would recommend using it at night.
  13. not bad


    definitely not my favourite Dermalogica mask, but a good simple addition to a skincare routine.
  14. Pores have significantly reduced in size!


    My pores have significantly reduced in size and my face feels generally cleaner and softer after using this.
  15. Not for all skin types


    Unfortunately this product is not for sensitive skin, after about 2 mins I had a tingling sensation which abated but once removed after 5 mins, skin was red and very sensitive. I have tried to use it again when my skin has felt it needed a good detox but experienced the same reaction. It also contains granules which are very abrasive on the skin.
  16. Not for sensitive skin!


    I so wanted to love this product but it didnt work for me. I left it on for not more than 10 mins( sample packet said 7-10 mins) and washed it off as soon as it dried, and my face turned red!! They were clearly chemical burns and i had to ice it multiple times during that day. I applied ice even the next day. There were no instructions on the sachet to patch test this mask. It clearly has chemical...
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  17. cleans pores


    this mask is very beneficial it clears my skin so much and i can feel a difference in my skin and my pores seem very clean. Definitely recommend!
  18. A bit drying


    thought I would try this as it. has good reviews. It was okay, nothing special and was a bit drying
  19. Rescue


    I love how this mask deep cleans my skin. I use it once a week to keep blemishes at bay.
  20. super cleansing


    I feel like this is a great mask to use after wearing lots of makeup to really decongest the skin and clear out your pores :)
  21. The hangover cure


    After a big weekend I like to use this mask to calm my skin down! It does a great job of bringing all the toxins out and refreshening my skin! Use once a week and my skin stay fine!
  22. gret detox mask


    perfect for when you feel like your skin just needs a clean out
  23. Hight recommend


    It is an exfoliator and micro treatment in one. The smell of it is clinical but the result is worth it. If you have sensitive/reactive skin like mine and struggling to find a product that works, I highly recommend the Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque
  24. Excellent detox


    This is my favourite mask, it is charcoal so looks cool on the face. It purifies and refreshes, helps with pores, oiliness and pimples, leaving the skin nice and smooth
  25. stunning


    this mask makes my skin feel amazing. use it once a week and has really helped my skin.
  26. Once a week is enough.


    I use this mask once a week and I love how it makes my skin feel afterwards. It gives such a deep clean. I would recommend doing this at night and only leaving on for max 5 minutes though as it can leave your skin looking super red and 'burned.' No problem if you're off to bed because it clears by the morning, but not ideal to do just before you leave the house.
  27. Bit Dry..


    I received a sample of this mask from Adore Beauty and have only used once, so I guess my review may be a little bias. But, I found this mask to be a to dry. When I applied the mask it dried straight away. I use the Cosmedix Charcoal Mask and I find it be a lot more nourishing. It does dry after a couple of minutes, but not nearly as quickly as this one,
  28. Charcoal rescue


    this charcoal mask is ok! it deeply cleanses the skin and suppose to stimulate cell turnover! whilst gently exfoliates! i dont believe it minimizes pores though!
  29. Rescue me!


    After a big weekend I like to use this mask to calm my skin down! It does a great job of bringing all the toxins out and refreshening my skin! Use once a week and my skin stay fine!
  30. Great masque but do need to be careful with it.


    I use this whenever my skin needs a detox, though i only leave on for just under 10 mins as any longer and i find it too drying. When removing and massaging in the product i only focus on my nose and chin, if i do it everywhere i find it can make my skin a little irritated. I use it once a week to once a fortnight and that works well.
  31. Great for oily skin


    I loved this when my skin was oilier, I feel a slightly though it made my pores smaller, and made my skin more glowy. I did experience a slight purging, but I’m used to it and kind of expect it with clay and/or charcoal masks. I don’t use it as much anymore because my skin is more dry these days as I’ve started using retinol.
  32. Mask me!


    i love a good charcoal mask! this one is really good! you only need a small amount to spread out on your face!
  33. Love it


    I use this masque once a week and it really helps to control my blemishes!
  34. Very brightening


    I love using this mask when I’m breaking out as it absorbs all the excess oil in my skin and helps to dry the pimples out. It also leaves my skin looking very smooth and bright. It’s great to use once a week for maintenance or as needed.
  35. It really gets out the gunk


    It is a very strong and intense masque, but I tell you what it's worth it to use every now and then. While it can dry my skin out a bit, I do love that it helps break up all the oil and congestion. It does feel great and clean.
  36. Incredible mask!


    I absolutely love this mask, it is nice and thick and gently exfoliates the skin. I use it when my skin is breaking out and it helps to clear my skin. Love love love!
  37. Best face mask!


    Love this! Most face masks dry my face out too much but this one doesn’t and still feels like it’s clearing my face up!
  38. good mask


    This mask is great to really purify and clean your skin and pores without stripping it of the natural oils. I love how it acts as a scrub as well, exfoliating all the dirt away and it is gentle enough to use 3-5 times a week if you find your skin often keeping a lot of dirt.
  39. Great for clearing pores


    I love this product! It gives the skin a deep clean and an exfoliation. I find it increases the blood flow to the face. Just don’t use it before going out as it can leave the skin a bit red
  40. Too dry in winter


    just tried it however, i felt very dry after it. i didnt apply to all face. might be too dry for winter, will try it later and see how it goes.
  41. Clean, healthy skin


    Makes your skin feel tight and renewed after application. Really cleans your pores. Adore this!
  42. Great mask!


    Skin type: Oily
    Main skin concerns: blackheads/shiny T-zone

    This mask is great if you really want to purify your skin without stripping it of the essential oils on your face. With oily skin, i am constantly on the hunt for products that reduce the amount of oil and impurities that build up in my skin. This mask does exactly that! I love how it acts as a scrub as well, exfoliatin...
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  43. Clearing face mask


    My face always feels clean and refreshed as well as looking brighter.
  44. Skin feels so smooth (not for the faint hearted)


    Skin type: combination
    Skin concern: Dry skin, blemishes on jaw line
    Very strong mask but leaves skin feeling baby smooth!
    I use it once a week all over my face & neck, let it dry & then scrub off with wet hands- I love the exfoliating effect you get when taking it off. I purchased it to help with blackheads & large pores next to my nose & after using it weekly for the last mon...
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  45. Strong but Effective


    A great heavy duty mask for blocked pores and acne. It is a strong 'treatment' and you will see the effects of the mask if you use it regularly. Definitely only use it before bed as your skin can look a bit red afterwards and tight/dry (and hydrate your skin afterwards with a nourishing cream!).
  46. great deep cleansing mask


    I've repurchased this mask about 6 times since it became available in Australia in 2016. I have combination, acne prone skin that is easily congested. This really helps keep my break outs under control! It is also great for reducing blackheads on my nose which I find almost impossible to get rid of! I generally use this once a week ( a bit less frequently when my skin is drier in winter), or if m...
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  47. okay


    good but not amazing, it felt a little too drying on my skin,
  48. Tight! But in a good way


    I have acne prone so it's a good thing this is tight for me as suggested by the other reviewers. It really absorbs the oil and cleans the skin feeling soft and supple. Not exactly pleasant smelly but it's not a total put off. It's also a bit pricey but you only need a little for it to work unlike other masks where I have to really cake it on.
  49. Perfect as an exfoliant!


    I think I use this mask more as my weekly exfoliant rather than an actual mask as I am so time poor! Works wonders on your skin! Be careful if you’re more sensitive as your skin can go quite red from this mask! Be gentle taking it off as I find that’s when I go most red. You wake up feeling so clean and tight the next morning though! Normal/oily skin type
  50. Great Mask


    This is a pretty good mask. My face feels really soft after I use it. I love using it on Friday after I finished work for the week.
  51. Good product


    I use this every few days and ive seen a big change in my closed comedones, theyre clearing up nicely. i always have a red face after i use this, but it fades overnight and seems to be doing alot of good. Not a gentle mask, this one will actually do something. thank goodness!
  52. Great for spots and blackheads


    I use this as an intensive acne/blackhead treatment. It draws out all the gunk without damaging the skin and reduces redness inflammation.

    It does make my skin tingle quite a bit while on and does leave my skin a bit red where it was applied once I have washed it off, however once that redness fades (it doesn't take long but this is definitely a before-bed treatment, not before an ev...
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  53. Great


    I brought this to help with my big pores and black heads, yes it makes my face red and it tingles a little BUT the results after two uses is all I needed to see! My pores are smaller and blackheads are minimal. Would totally recommend this product. Only put 4 stars as I have only used it twice and I know it takes a bit for it to truly do the job
  54. Great product


    This is a great mask if you suffer from acne, I use it once a week, it works as an exfoliation treatment to. I do find this leaves my skin quite red afterwards but is great even as a spot treatment before bed, helps clear them up faster.. cant say I notice the small that much.. def recommend!
  55. Good oil control


    This product leaves your skin feeling clean and oil free, it reduces blackheads and dries out blemishes and reduced inflamed acne, I would recommend this product.
  56. Great


    I brought this to help with my big pores and black heads, yes it makes my face red and it tingles a little BUT the results after two uses is all I needed to see! My pores are smaller and blackheads are minimal. Would totally recommend this product. Only put 4 stars as I have only used it twice and I know it takes a bit for it to truly do the job
  57. Great masque!


    If you are prone to break-outs, have oily skin and blackheads then this is the masque for you. I use this once a week and it leaves my skin looking so radiant, fresh and clean!
  58. Does its job well but smells strong


    I have used this product for the past year for oily, blemish prone skin. It definitely clears my skin up overnight if I use it before bed and doubles as an exfoliant, The only downside is it leaves a strong sulphur-like smell on towels and pillow cases. Note it's not the one that peels off.
  59. Refreshing


    This is a pretty good mask. My face feels really soft after I use it. I love using it on Friday arvo after I finished work for the week.
  60. Best dermalogica masque


    I’ve tried a lot of the dermalogica masques and this one is the best! The best day my skin is polished and less oily. I do get some redness after using but it fades quickly. I also use it as a spot treatment around my jaw when I have hormonal acne and it really helps.
  61. Good product


    Skin type: Dry/combination

    This is a nice mask but I found it a little harsh for my skin, it left me really tight and dry.
  62. Great product

    lar lar

    works great just like a slightly cheaper version of the glam glow mask great for oily skin and large pores
  63. Not good for sensitive skin


    If you have sensitive skin steer clear of this product it made my skin very red for a long time after applying. I did get a sample before I committed to buying and Im glad I didn't purchase the full size straight away
  64. Smooth as a baby’s bottom!


    If baby skin is what you are after, then you definitely need to try this mask. I was gob smacked at how awesome this made my skin feel and looked. It sucked out all the impurities and made my face squeaky clean without feeling tight. It also temporarily made my forehead lines a lot less visible. It clearly felt like I just had a Botox treatment.
  65. Tried as a sample and love it!


    I was given a sample of this product and loved it!
    I thought charcoal masks didnt really do much until i tried this one.
    The mask goes on wet and as it dried you can see it beinf all impurities to the surface, even where you didnt think there would be anything.
    Have already reccomended to heaps of friends as its perfect for the deep clean
  66. Best charcoal mask!!


    I have extremely sensitive skin that has reacted badly to every charcoal product I tried prior to this. Not only did my very dry patches that moisturiser wouldn't fix just disappear but my skin has no reaction (besides redness from using warm water). Highly recommended as a spot treatment for dry/oily patches but a full mask does wonders!
  67. Works well but has a strong smell


    I use this mask on my noise which is oily and prone to blocked pores. It works well to draw the impurities from my skin however the smell is very strong and not pleasant. I’ve used it in the morning before and could smell the product on my skin all day.
  68. Tried to love it


    I love my dermalogica products but this charcoal mask I just couldn't get around. The texture and the smell have kept me from finishing my bottle I bought mooonths ago, and there's so many other charcoal masks on the market that I would prefer to use over this one.
  69. Like it but don’t love it


    I love all of dermalogjca products and thought this would be amazing....it was good but not amazing. It did look liked it cleaned out my pores in the tzone slightly but not as much as I would of liked. Left around my nose and chin a bit dry too and I have oily skin.
  70. Expected more


    I expected more from this as it isn't cheap. Didn't deliver wonderful effects such as reduced redness, exfoliation, or less hyperpigmentation, I try now to stay away from masques that dry hard as I feel they are too drying and harsh when trying to remove them. This may work better on oiler skin types but not mine.
  71. Good


    This masque is very thick and has a kind of menthol-y feel when you put it on. It definitely draws out impurities and oil from your skin. I feel like I need a heavy moisturiser after I do it. Won't repurchase but will definitely finish the bottle. I think it's a bit too drying for me even though I have combination skin (more on the dry side tho).
  72. Great product


    I really love this mask! It feels great on the skin and really draws out the impurities in my skin. I try and use it once a week only otherwise my skin get's quite dry.
  73. My skin feels great!


    I use it at twice a week after my shower when my skin is warm and my pores are open. It truly is an all in-one masque. It has accelerated the results of the other anti-aging products I use. It even exfoliates as you rinse/massage it off.
  74. Great masque and exfoliant


    This is a really great masque for leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. I use it once a week, I have combination skin, my chin often needs a bit more exfoliation than the rest of my face.
    This masque always leaves my skin feeling smooth.
  75. Calms blemishes


    I like to use this product when I am having a breakout, it removes the redness and calms the skin.
  76. Really effective mask


    This mask worked really well at clearing out blackheads on my nose and chin. Afterwards my skin felt super clean, but also a bit tight.
    I have an oily t zone and I felt it worked well on that, but maybe too much for my cheek area which is a bit dry.
    In future I will just use on specific areas of my face which need that deeper level of clean. It might be a bit too strong for people wi...
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  77. great for blackheads!


    I have horrible blackheads and I find this mask is really helping. I use it once a week when I remember, because It can be quite harsh on the skin. It goes onto clean skin, then with wet fingers you rub it into your face - its as if you can feel the dead layers coming off!
    I have noticed a visible difference in the size on my blackheads. I am almost out and will repurchase!
  78. Great


    I love, love, love this mask! not only does it make your skin feel soft and smooth, it doesn't seem to irritate my skin like most masks do!
  79. Smooth skin


    This Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue mask is not only lovely and relaxing to use but also improves the condition of your skin. I use this mask at night and in the morning my skin feels incredibly smooth and looks much better. This is a nice mask to treat yourself to.
  80. Great at unclogging pores


    I only use this in my t-zone as I am dry everywhere else. I only leave it on for 4-5 minutes timed otherwise I get red.

    I think this is really active and really effective at cleaning out pores. Just time it. I wouldn't use it if you have sensitive skin though.
  81. Great but not for me


    This is a great masque as I can feel it tingling and really drawing out the toxins from my skin, however I think it’s not hydrating enough, so it suits younger, oilier skin. I’m 41 with normal skin.
  82. Favourite mask for congestion


    This had a slight tingle for me but loved how much it helped detoxify and smooth my skin. Especially around the nose area where I get blackheads and a bit bumpy.
  83. Good mask for Oily Skin


    26YO, combination w very oily t-zone, cystic acne prone
    Very nice mask to use, nice texture. I put it on just my oily areas, mostly my T-zone. Face feels so fresh and clean afterwards!
    3 stars as it's not anything to rave about, but it is an above average charcoal mask.
  84. Makes you feel like you're at a spa


    I bought this when charcoal masks first started trending, and am still using it. The mask when applied is wet, and dries, with a tightening effect. There is a slight tingling and after 7-10 mins, you wash it off. My face looks great afterwards, and is very soft. However, I do not recommend using the mask too often as afterwards I do have a bit of redness that eventually fades. It is obvious the p...
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  85. My New Favourite Mask!

    Ash (Adore Beauty Staff)

    It instantly removed hidden debris that I did'nt even realise I had. Such a beautiful exfoliate that actually works & the best part is, it's not abrasive or rough at all and will leave your skin feeling like a baby's bum!
  86. Love it for oily skin


    I’m on my second tube of this product. My oily skin loves it. Skin soft and plump after, especially if followed by some sort of hydrating or glow mask. Be careful not to be heavy handed in the rinsing off part, it can leave my skin a bit red if I’ve scrubbed too hard.
  87. Exfoliating mask - highly reccomend!


    I have combination skin which is often congested/oily on my cheeks & nose, and can also appear dull. While I have a fairly strict skincare routine, I often neglect to exfoliate but this mask takes care of that. Yes, it can leave your skin feeling a little pink afterwards (make sure your hands are very wet when you scrub) but this fades quickly and my skin felt so soft and clear afterwards. If I ha...
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  88. Love this for congested sensitive skin


    I have alot of congestion around my T zone but also really sensitive skin which reacts to alot of masks. I tried a sample of this and loved how clean my skin felt without being dried out. Have just bought the full size!
  89. First ever review. Worth the buy!!!


    So I know this sounds cliche' but I have never made a review on a product before, it's usually a lot of effort going into the site and trying to locate the product or its either not that great. I absolutely recommend giving this a go! I have tried countless products a nothing has compared to this mask! Can honestly say my pores have gotten smaller after using this product and I know this for a fac...
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  90. Excellent


    Tried this masque for the first time yesterday and left it on for about 10 or so minutes. It didn't dry my skin out and my blackheads were noticeably clearer and smaller. I would highly recommend this masque!
  91. Amazing


    Seriously the best masque I've ever used (and I've tried almost everything on the market). I just purchased my second tube. The first one lasted 4 months, and I use this 1-2 times a week. I have combination acne-prone skin, which is extremely sensitive and becomes easily congested. This clears up my congestion like nothing else. It's also the only product I've ever found to actually clear blackhea...
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  92. Love this


    This a great detox for the skin. If I feel like I'm getting a pimple or feeling blah I just pop this on for ten minutes and pimples seem to start to disappear and my skin is exfoliated, glowing and smooth! Best of all it doesn't seem to dehydrate my skin and it does the opposite to breaking me out! It really is a great mask!
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