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philosophy amazing grace body firming emulsion
philosophy amazing grace body firming emulsion

Smells great but haven't seen any firming

This lotion is a bit expensive especially if you're using it all over your body and I'm not sure if it's helped firm my body at all, but it smells divine and goes onto the skin super lightly not greasy
Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil
Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil

I love this oil

This oil smells divine! I have definitely seen a huge improvement with smoother skin and a more even appearance - hoping continued use will keep working on the cellulite. It's pretty thick so use a decent amount and apply on semi-wet skin out of the shower.
Pixi Glycolic Body Peel
Pixi Glycolic Body Peel

Surprisingly Awesome!

I ordered this body wash after reading the description as I suffer from blocked pores and red spots on my legs. I found myself exfoliating often - using either exfoliating gloves, scrubs and brushes to try and achieve clear skin.
This has been the most surprising product!
It is a clear, very runny gel that has a subtle but nice scent - hard to believe it will exfoliate, but it does! <...