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Biologi Bf Restore Face & Body Serum 50ml 50ml

4.6 of 122 reviews


4 instalments of $18.00

Or 4 instalments of $18.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $18.00

Or 4 instalments of $18.00 with LEARN MORE

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A transformative serum that is completely natural. Featuring an incredibly high concentration of Finger Lime, is a natural source of skin-loving antioxidants, your skin is rejuvenated and left looking healthier than ever.

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Paraben Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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  • Baby
  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+
  • Children

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Biologi Bf Restore Face & Body Serum 50ml

Biologi Bf Restore Face & Body Serum 50ml

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Biologi Bf Restore Face & Body Serum 50ml Reviews

4.6 of 122 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Friend to dry and sensitive skin f


Really great product. It's light and non-greasy and helps to keep my skin moisturised in the cold, dry area I live in. I have also used it on scars with success.

Most Helpful Criticism

Like it but don’t love it


I have had this bottle for a week, and it’s already half gone, for the price of it. It’s not worth it, like I do feel my skin is a little more hydrated but i don’t like the smell and it feels a bit sticky after.
Nice to try but I’ll stick to a nice moisturiser that’s a bit better value
  1. Friend to dry and sensitive skin f


    Really great product. It's light and non-greasy and helps to keep my skin moisturised in the cold, dry area I live in. I have also used it on scars with success.
  2. Hyrdration without feeling greasy

    Cherise Colecchia

    I always tend to steer away from serums and oils as I find that they make my oily skin either more oily or I break out like crazy But this oil doesnt do that I have used this for 2 weeks now and I can honestly say that this is one of the best serums I have ever tried If youre on the fence about it take the plunge and get it You wont be disappointed
  3. Good but not ground breaking


    Really like the texture of this and feels nice as part of my routine. I don' think it's worth the hype but is a nice product for dry and sensitive skin. Just don't think the before and after pics are that dramatic.
  4. Super versatile and nourishing!


    This is my second bottle of Bf and I love it! If you're new to Biologi, you may find the serums slightly sticky but stick with it - your skin will soon adjust, or you may find it better to start using this at night first. I've been using this as an eye serum and I've definitely noticed a reduction in the dry and darker areas. It's also helped heal a random patch of irritation on my knuckles from n...
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  5. Lovely light moisturiser


    This was recommended to me by a skin care consultant and it works for my skin.Easy to apply and works well under foundation. My skin feels more apple and hydrated
  6. Not bad


    The result is not bad, it is very moisturising and gentle on my sensitive skin.
  7. I cannot say enough good things about this


    I used it on my eczema and it was sooo good it has now been months since my last outbreak of eczema.. I use it on my face.
  8. Basic - but does the job


    I wasn't sure about this when I bought it, but it had great reviews. For the first few weeks of using it, my skin reacted so well and it was the clearest and smoothest its ever been. But then I think my skin got used to it, and I didn't notice a difference at all, and this coupled with the Biologi Rosehip oil actually caused me several breakouts.
  9. Great lightweight serum


    I bought this serum as I was really interested in the fact that it only had natural ingredients, and one main active ingredient. I'm really happy with the product. It is not oily, as it's water-based, but smooths on like an oil-based serum. I have been using this on my legs and arms for 2 months, and they are so much softer and smoother than before. I feel I am now to the point where I can skip a ...
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  10. Love it!

    Sensitive Sally

    I love this serum because it’s very gentle but full of vitamin C and it definitely improves the overall look of my skin. It’s not as hydrating as it claims but I still wouldn’t be without it!
  11. Amazing


    Love it. Have made the switch to all natural products and this is my favourite so far. I have sensitive, acne prone oily skin and this has greatly improved my skin texture, look and feel
  12. Wanted to love this but not for me


    I had seen many rave reviews for this product from trusted sources so decided to bite the bullet and give it a try! Unfortunately I'm really really disappointed and wish I hadn't purchased. It smells nice, has a very watery texture, and leaves the skin very sticky after use (I have tried using less, using more etc and still getting the same result). I haven't found it to be very hydrating and the ...
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  13. Gentle on skin


    This body oil is very moisturising and gentle on my sensitive skin.
  14. Just buy it


    Where should I start. I think this serum is an all rounder and it has solved all my skin problems I feel when I am using this serum I don’t get allergies or breakouts and it helps keep my skin glowing . For me I am sold. Just buy it if u have dermatitis (any kind of) and u will thank me later
  15. Great


    I love this serum for my face, It’s hydrating on the skin and feels nice. The texture is more of a liquid, feel smooth and fresh!
  16. Love it!!


    Super hydrating, wake up in the morning still feeling hydrated.
    Yet to use it on the body only used on my face so far and it I look like I’m glowing.
    My skin is super dry and I feel like this is enough on its own to hydrate my skin
  17. hydrating


    I received a sample size of this so I haven't tried it on my body as it wouldn't go very far. I have been using it on my face though and it does leave my face feeling soft and hydrated. Don't think I would bother to repurchase though, many other cheaper facial oils out there!
  18. Amazing!


    Honestly the best serum I’ve ever used! At first I didn’t know if I could justify the price for it, and actually tried more “budget friendly” products instead. But eventually was spending the same amount on products as this serum, that weren’t even doing me justice. So decided to stick to my Biologi serum
    It’s 100% worth the money and has significantly reduced my acne scars and cleared out m...
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  19. Can’t live without BF


    Received the Bf as a sample from adore. Started using it and began seeing results straight away. I got so many comments on my glowing complexion. It’s so beautiful and I brought the full size as soon as I ran out of the sample. I now cannot live without this product it’s a game changer.
  20. These products work


    I am a new user to biologi and just got the small sample size bottle of this serum and thought I might give it a go after nothing worked for my over exfoliated skin. And it worked.. my skin is less red now and it is more plump. I would suggest this for anyone who has over exfoliated their skin or has used too many actives and damaged their skin. Use this for a few weeks and ur skin will be good as...
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  21. Beautiful product but not in my budget


    This was a beautiful product and I loved it, but found it too expensive for what it is.
  22. Really nice hydration


    I've bought this product a few times now, I do recommend it cause I like the simplicity of it and its ability to absorb quickly into the skin. I feel like I need quite a bit to cover my body so I do go through it quicker than I would like, but it is still a nice product.
  23. Best body product I’ve ever used!


    Seriously this serum is amazing! It leaves your legs so hydrated and silky soft!
  24. Nice oil


    This is a nice body/face oil. I found it wasn’t too heavy for use on my face. It isn’t as good as the amazing Biologi eye serum, but it’s a whole lot cheaper! I love that it isn’t an eye dropper dispenser because I am constantly knocking those over and wasting $$ down the drain!
  25. Ok i am convinced of its results


    I got this as a sample with my purchase and tried it for two days. I had a new breakout and just applying it twice (morning) i found that it reduced the size of that breakout. I dont know how it did it but i am convinced that this product works. As i didnt use any product with it.
  26. Soft and Gentle Skin


    Wow, I got this in a free haul late last year. I've heard of great things and being a more natural product, I really wanted to try it.

    The bottle has a pump but I must warn you that this serum is not thick at all and probably more on the side of watery based than being too oily. But don't let this turn you off. A little really goes a long way.

    I've used it on my face and ...
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  27. Obsessed!


    Got this as a sample and decided to try it on the back of my hands as they had been looking a bit shriveled. Popped it on before going to bed one night and the next morning my hands looked 10 years younger! No longer shriveled, just smooth and beautiful. I immediately bought the full size and am obsessed with it. It is a little expensive for me to use all over the body, so i just use it on my face...
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  28. So hydrating!


    I bought this after reading the great reviews and it does not disappoint! I put this on before bed and my skin looks plump and glowing in the morning.
  29. Use for your face too!


    I love this for my face, it’s a bit pricey for the body but you do you! It’s hydrating and feels nice on the skin. You don’t need much. The texture is more of a liquid but it’s not sticky. I finish this off with their rose hip oil!
  30. AMAZING! Saved my post pill skin !!!


    After coming off the pill, I developed terrible hormonal acne, to the point where it was too painful to touch. Before using any harsh treatments, I wanted to try and calm my skin down... this absolutely did wonders!! After 1-2 weeks my skin had calmed down to the point where I felt comfortable to use other products! Also great for your body and hair, couldn't recommend more!
  31. Still can’t believe it’s one ingredient


    I bought this never with the intention to use it on my body and to use it on my face only. However it does say you can use it everywhere, don’t be put off by the fact that it says Body. It’s a lovely hydration product, pair it with their Rose Hip. And that’s all you need for the night. Really great to support a Australian natural skincare company too
  32. So hydrated


    I absolutely love this! Amazing, my skin looks so healthy and dewy when I use it. It’s definitely pricey but worth it!
  33. Really hydrating


    This is a great natural product and is really hydrating after application. I do not need moisturiser to keep my face away from dryness. It tastes fruity when I licked my lip after applying. It is a great choice for winter seasons and a bottle can go a long way. Personally not noticing a difference in improving pigmentation or evening skin tone, but I would recommend this one more than Bd because i...
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  34. Nice but not amazing


    I have eczema and dermatitis prone skin, so bought this to use on my body parts that suffer - mostly around my neck and elbow. Has a really nice consistency - more watery than expected, sinks in well feels nice and I love the fact that its simple and natural. It feels super nourishing and seems to have kept the dryness at bay, but I can't say it is doing anything amazing that a cheaper dermatitis ...
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  35. WOW


    THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING! It is so hydrating, do not underestimate this product because it looks watery/like a serum. I use this on my face when my skin feels dry and also after treatments (Microdermabrasion, skin needling, clay masks). Will repurchase.
  36. Not for me but will probably work for drier skin


    I got this in the Adore mystery box and was looking forward to trying a body serum. Unfortunately, I don't think it's for me. It felt quite oily on my legs and didn't absorb very well but my skin isn't dry at all so I think it would work great on dry skin types.
  37. Smells like a dream


    I received a deluxe sample of this and it is become a new favourite. Smells delicious, great airless pump packaging and sinks into the skin without an oily or sticky finish. Will repurchase a full size.
  38. Fantastic product!


    My skin has gone through some of the worst breakouts of my life in the past few months (I'm in my late 30's). I switched over to Biologi (using this and the BD) and my skin is so much clearer and happier. I was worried about it purging, but it's continued to only improve thank goodness! Going to try the luminousity duo next to hopefully fade these acne scars.
  39. Wow! Wow! Wow!


    My 6 year old daughter has been suffering awful dermatitis on her hands thanks to the increase in hand washing, use of harsh soaps and sanitizers at school. Her hands were so red and raw and painful, and I had been using cortisone cream to try and heal them. It would work to a certain point, but never clear it up, and if I stopped using it, they would flare back up again. I read the reviews on thi...
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  40. Perfection


    The price is very steep but it's worth every penny. Never have I witnessed results as fast as this, my dry skin literally drinks this up and I swear this has lessened my fine lines like no other. My skin is no longer dry and flaky, and this doesn't make your skin sticky like other serums.
  41. Definitely recommend for sensitive skin


    I have really sensitive skin that reacts when I’m tired / sick/ or just because. I usually get really dry eczema like skin aroubd my eyes / eyelids, and react really badly to most brands.
    I had been using the DMK seba E oil with mostly good results but recently found this. I use it on my face and wherever else I want and so far my skin has been amazing. And it’s a big bottle!!
    I love ...
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  42. Fab Fab Fab


    The body serum is a good price point or entry product to try this brand. You won’t be disappointed. Stick through the “sticky” phase...it doesn’t last and if you have normal to dry skin, you’ll find it hard to stop touching your face as it was become sooooo hydrated like never before. Dry patches be gone! Even in winter!
  43. saved me


    I've been using biologi for made like two years and this is the product I first brought and it hanged the quality of my life, I had really really problematic skin and I noticed a difference after the first week or so and I've stuck with it ever since
  44. Clearly this is some kind of magic


    I received this in a recent order as a sample, and this is the first time that a sample has made me IMMEDIATELY start making another order because after a few days using this hydration serum I am sold. It's pricey but short of marinating myself in almond oil I'm not sure how else my skin could feel this silky in winter.

    It's that silky softness that's getting me - my skin drinks this ...
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  45. Organic serum


    Only a small amount needed even for dry skin. Can be used on face and body and the skin feels silky afterwards.
  46. Gorgeous serum


    Received as sample and am blown away by this.
    Absolutely gorgeous silky serum .
    Skin feels like silk.
    The only down side the price.
  47. Don't Give Up!


    The first 2-3 weeks of using this, my skin was so tacky and sticky after using this. I did a little research and found this was normal. I am now applying straight after a shower in the morning and it is working really well. My skin has a nice glow and is SO soft. Also popped a little on my legs (once a week) and it has really helped my dry skin. A little goes a long way
  48. Amazing for winter eczema


    I have tried many products over the years on my eczema and always find they sting and sit on top of the skin. The Bf serum is the first product I have found sinks in and doesn't sting! Amazing and a little bit goes a long way.
  49. Like it but don’t love it


    I have had this bottle for a week, and it’s already half gone, for the price of it. It’s not worth it, like I do feel my skin is a little more hydrated but i don’t like the smell and it feels a bit sticky after.
    Nice to try but I’ll stick to a nice moisturiser that’s a bit better value
  50. Love this product


    It takes some time getting used to only applying such a small amount - but it does the job it says it will do. I specifically like this when my skin needs extra TLC (from overusing acids). It is great at restoring hydration. Love that it is made from 1 ingredient and in Australia. I prefer it for my face - tried it on my whole body a couple times and didn't notice a huge difference. I think my bod...
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  51. very moisturizing


    This is great serum, i use it on my arms and it helped make them look super glowy, however it is very expensive for only 50ml.
  52. Not for me...


    I was excited to try this product, but sadly, I didn't see any real improvements in my skin. It's sort of hydrating, but I've found far cheaper products to do the trick.
  53. Love it! Saved my skin!


    After getting a microdermbrasion, then getting sun burnt and developing a heat/sweat rash my skin went into disrepair. I broke out in a muzzle rash (eczema/pimples around nose and mouth) and tiny bumps all over face and chest. It was horrible! Everything made my skin burn and I was adamant not to go on antibiotics.

    I used this and saw GREAT results straight away in terms of hydration...
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  54. Witchcraft


    I was first given this serum by my mum to try on my 12 month old son who suffers from eczema and it is witchcraft! It cleared his skin up entirely within a week. I noticed an improvement after the first day. I have since purchased the serum twice and use it on his entire body and face every night after the bath and lather it on problem areas at any sign of a flare up.
  55. Didn’t last long, but rebuying


    Didn’t last long - a few weeks (3) tops. I only used a few pumps each time.... it was super full and suddenly.... it’s great, a little overpriced, but until I find something better for the price.
  56. Best products/life changing


    Biologi has changed my life. I have suffered years of skin irritations and problems and biologi has changed the game for me. I now no longer have irritated and itchy skin but now has soft and hydrated skin.
    I can’t live without my biologi products
    Thank you so much ❤️
  57. Yay!


    Was sceptical to spend so much on a such a simple one ingredient product. It arrived a few days ago and I am hooked. This has left my skin looking so calm and beautiful (using it on my face). Has dramatically calmed redness and I have experienced no breakouts of stickiness so far. An absolute winner!
  58. Not that impressed


    I wanted to love this body oil but it just fell short. For the price I just expected more. I guess it does hydrate but it leaves a salty like residue on my skin, to the point where if I put it on after an evening shower I'll need to shower before bed to get it off. During the day it's tolerated but only if I'm wearing shorts. Keep in mind this is just my opinion however to hydrate my skin I u...
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  59. Hydration Station


    This little hero has saved my dry spots on my face and neck, healed my scars and helped to reduce the little red spots and bumps I get on my arms from time to time. Has lasted me so well, definitely a great price for what you get. I only use 1 pump per area as it is super hydrating and lasts well, I never feel the need for moisturiser throughout the day.
  60. Super smooth


    As someone with dry skin who usually slathers myself with moisturiser every night this serum is very different for me but I was keen to try it. It smells beautiful and my skin definitely feels smoother and more hydrated, even for days after. Only concern is the price given the alarming rate I am going through this even though I only use it every third night.
  61. Holy Grail!


    Holy grail for my sensitive, dry and eczema-prone skin. I use this twice daily on my face and on any areas on my body with eczema/dermatitis. So glad I found this! It has replaced all other products. The best!
  62. Perfect for sensitive skin conditions


    I have quite congested but sensitive skin prone to dermatitis, so thought I would give this and the Bd serum a go. I prefer this one over the Bd serum, as it soothed my dermatitis within a couple of days (more than what my steroid ointment could do in a week). I use this along with the Br rose hip oil, and while my skin isn't completely clear and flawless, it's one of the few products that has hel...
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  63. Love!


    This makes my skin feel so hydrated! Easy to use and makes my makeup look amazing!
  64. Love this


    Love this!! I ummmd and ahhhd at the price but it lasts soooo long. I love all biologi products consistency.It has really made a difference with my keratosis Polaris on back of arms too. I’ll definitely keep stocking up on it!
  65. Really amazing product


    I've been using this for just over a month now and my skin is amazing! I use it on my face as well as body, I have sensitive skin and my eczema has cleared up since using it. It feels great, and bonus is cruelty free!
  66. Sucker for nice packaging


    I started using this product maybe 7 months ago and i still have about half left. I thought at first it was a little exy but considering how long it’s last I’m pretty happy. I was unsure at first what I thought of this product as it felt a little odd on my face but I kept using it and I started to like it a lot better. I started using it only at night and it really did hydrate my skin and left it ...
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  67. Amazing skincare


    I heard about this product through the podcast and it sounded like it was just the thing I was after. It totally was! I had eczema on my cheeks and forehead. After using this every night for one and a half weeks it was gone! I use it about every third night just to keep on top of it so it doesn't return. So far so good. I also use it on the rest of my body when my skin flares up to calm it down.
  68. Heaven on earth


    This product does everything! I suffer from eczema and my face hasn't flared up once since using this. Absolutely love!
  69. Cannot recommend this enough!


    I have never used a product that has not only cleared my skin almost instatntly, but has continued to keep my skin clear. I have been recommending this to everyone. Do yourself a favour and give it a go!
  70. So nourishing


    this product is honestly amazing! It nurishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definetly recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  71. Converted


    I've been using this for just over a month now and my skin is amazing! I use it on my face as well as body, I have sensitive skin and my eczema has cleared up since using it. It feels great, and bonus is cruelty free!
  72. post workout serum


    I LOVE to use this post workout to keep my skin super firm and hydrated! So far, Im loving it!
  73. YES YES YES!


    I was given this as a gift for Christmas and I love it!! I've seen such a difference in my skin. My makeup sits better, my skin glows, it's SUPER hydrated. I love this so much! A little goes a long way.
  74. Biologi Bf Hydration Body Serum


    I’ve recently added this to my nighttime regime and saw and instant improvement the next morning. It’s too early to tell if their is any long term benefit but my skin tone looks a lot more even.
  75. Super hydrating serum


    My first Biologi serum and I am hooked! It is a new concept for me because you only need this after cleansing - not even a moisturiser! It is 100% single, active ingredient! It does feel tacky on the skin depending on your skin type I think. I have combo-oily and I use 2 pumps and it does feel a little sticky. Makeup goes without an issues and I always wear a sunscreen over it during the day. My s...
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  76. Super hydrating!


    I must admit, I wasn't immediately impressed with this product on first application. I thought it was sticky and had a weird smell, but I was so very wrong. I had the serum on overnight and my skin was so smooth, glowy and hydrated in the morning!! Because of the consistency of the product, I recommended applying it at night rather than in the morning.
  77. So GOOOOOD I cried!!


    I started to use this product when as an adult who had never experienced eczema, had a flare up. After a couple months back and forth with steroid creams and doctors appts I saw the functional nurse recommend this on instagram. Within 3 days my eczema was completely gone. Yes i didnt have a huge area of it but it was actually close to my eye/ brows and because of the redness was very noticeable an...
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  78. great pre fake tan


    I love this to put on dry places before I put fake tan on. It helps to make my body look more hydrated and smoother rather than rough looking
  79. great pre fake tan


    I love this to put on dry places before I put fake tan on. It helps to make my body look more hydrated and smoother rather than rough looking
  80. It works!


    I use this every morning on my face and my skin feels and looks better than ever.
  81. Hello Biologi ILY


    This may be the true love of my life. It's one of those things that you should always have on you. This has brought my severely-compromised skin barrier back from the brink, cured the contact dermatitis that I get from being too ambitious with eye creams, banished all traces of eczema, you can go on holiday literally with only this, a cleanser and SPF and you'll be right as rain, and if you put it...
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  82. Dry patches be gone


    I get dry patches here and there and nothing worked except this!! Worth every penny
  83. Feels amazing


    I've been using this for just over a month now and my skin is amazing! I use it on my face as well as body, I have sensitive skin and my eczema has cleared up since using it. It feels great, and bonus is cruelty free!
  84. All over body


    It’s nice to have a luxe product for the body and not just the face. This makes my skin feel soft and silky.
  85. Summer serum


    Mildly citrus scented, this body serum did nourish my dry skin although not elbows! Economical as only a bit is needed. Perhaps workable in warmer months, definitely not emollient enough for winter!
  86. Amazing for eczema


    This serum is incredible. My eczema flares up in winter and this was an absolute life saver. I had relief the next day after the first use. I have also been using it on my face sometimes to give my skin a break from my other products - my skin is so much more hydrated now. It also really sped up my routine! I have loved that so much I have recently purchased their luminosity serum.

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  87. Great hydration through winter


    My skin gets extremely dehydrated in winter and this is a lifesaver. Love to use this on my elbows, knees and feet.
  88. Favourite


    Works really well on dry skin on legs in winter time! Well worth the money as it doesn't feel thick or heavy like some creams might
  89. Adds intense hydration


    Added intense hydration to my skin and softens my skin like crazy
  90. Great for dry skin


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my body very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone with dry skin, especially in winter
  91. Great Product!


    I recently bought this product as I was having trouble finding a good facial oil as my skin reacts to many moisturisers. This serum hydrated my skin and left it feeling soft and un-irratated.
  92. Plump skin but sticky


    I have purchased the smaller trave size of this product twice now, using it consistently for 3 months on adult acne skin. I definitely broke out and 'purged' for the first few weeks of using this product, usually tiny white heads would appear over night all over my face. But after those few weeks I noticed my skin became less red and would appear less inflamed in the morning. I use this in conjunc...
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  93. Excellent multi-purpose serum


    I suffer from very dry, pigmented skin and this is a god-send. It can be used anywhere on the body and is even perfect to use one my toddlers when they experience nappy rash, cuts, scrapes, etc. I will continue to buy this.
  94. Hydration ❤️


    I suffer from really dry skin and also had eczema since I was very young. My hands flare up over everything I touch. I had read that the Biologi Hydration Body Serum can be good for eczema prone skin so decided to try it. I have been really impressed my hands feel softer and I have noticed that they stay hydrated for longer. I have used on other dry patches on my skin and have noticed a great impr...
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  95. Thank you.


    Every winter for the last three years, I’ve had a rash that suddenly appears when winter starts and disappears when summer comes around. Last year I was prescribed three different steroid creams to deal with the rash, each time of which I’ve had to be given a stronger one. It was a complete confidence killer because I couldn’t wear t-shirts without being self conscious of all the scars I had all o...
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  96. excellent


    this product is honestly amazing! It nurishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definetly recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  97. good for dry skin


    I liked this, it works great for my dry skin but I do find that it goes quickly. Also, always patch test, I found it doesn't agree with some more sensitive areas of skin
  98. hydrating


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my body very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone with dry skin, especially in winter
  99. very hyrdating!


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards! It is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! I love to use this serum before bed, especially during winter,
  100. excellent


    makes my skin feel amazing, so soft and hydrating! it smells amazing and lasts for hours
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