Why Is Everyone At Adore HQ Loving This Vitamin C Serum?

Out of all the various serums on the market, I’d say Vitamin C serums involve the most trial and error for the user.

Given the instability of this ingredient, the sometimes strong smell and often associated tingling sensation, discovering the right formula for your skin can be a minefield.

But boy, when you find the right one, Vitamin C really pays off.


Which Product Are We Loving?

This newbie caught me by surprise. I’d heard whispers about it around the office, so I took the plunge and tried it myself. Dermalogica’s Age Smart Biolumin-C Serum only launched recently and it’s already racking up some seriously good reviews.

– It helps to brighten, firm and protect the skin from damage

– Works with the skin’s own defences to prevent premature ageing

– Helps to reduce visible signs of ageing including fine lines & wrinkles

– The formula gently exfoliates & evens out the skin tone

– It has a refreshing (yet not overpowering) citrus scent

– Works well as an anti-ageing addition to your skincare routine

– Has a lightweight, easily absorbed texture that glides onto the skin

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What’s In It?

Dermalogica’s Age Smart Biolumin-C Serum isn’t just a Vitamin C serum, it actually contains some other really important ingredients that make this product a stand-out for me.

The unique formula firstly features an ultra-stable Vitamin C and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 complex, using advanced technology to deliver more Vitamin C into skin, without irritation. This promotes brighter, firmer, more radiant skin.

Lactic Acid accelerates cell turnover for a smoother and more even complexion, while Sophora Japonica Flower Extract helps to a calm the skin with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Chia Seed Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate combine to hydrate the skin at the same time.


What’s Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ So glad I bought this! Jac

“I was first given a sample size of this product after a facial, and the therapist couldn’t stop talking about it. I just thought it was the usual sales pitch until I started using it. My skin has never felt so smooth and hydrated; and I have noticed a visible reduction in pigmentation. So glad that I bought it!”

★★★★★ Very good serum to use with my overall skin program Violetta

“I received this serum as a sample, generous enough to help me make up my mind. I like the smell, the texture and how it is absorbed into my skin. It also blends well with other serums I use. It is mild enough not to upset my rosacea. This is one of the other good products for sensitive skin by Dermalogica.”

★★★★★ Glowing, hydrated skin  Lauren

“I was advised to try out Dermalogica by my local beauty salon, especially this Vitamin C serum which would not only assist with the dullness but also slight pigmentation. The serum smells fresh and glides onto my skin perfectly, with no sticky feeling. After applying it to my face my skin straight away looks hydrated and plump! My skin tone seems to be more even also.”

★★★★★ Worth the price – Bella

“I have combination skin that can get dull and tired easily. Not only does using this serum feel luxurious, but it makes me look glowing and as if I’ve had so much sleep even when I haven’t! The only way to describe the results of this is as if you have drunk a lot of water and as a result, your skin is glowing. I absolutely love this and cannot recommend it enough.”

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