What’s The Difference Between GHD & Cloud Nine?

If you’re looking to purchase a new styling tool, it’s highly likely you’ll be asking yourself “what’s the difference between Cloud Nine and ghd?”

We’d love to make things easier for you, by pointing out a few key differences between the two brands.

Both Cloud Nine and ghd stylers are salon quality, and each have their own benefits worth noting before you make your decision.

Heat Settings

Cloud Nine stylers have adjustable heat settings, allowing you to vary the temperature of your styler between 100-200 degrees. ghd stylers are heat controlled to 185 degrees, which has been proven to be the optimal temperature setting for ghd’s advanced ceramic heater technology to operate effectively.


If you purchase a ghd styler, you’ll be given a 2 year warranty on your purchase, while Cloud Nine stylers come with a 1 year warranty.

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Heat Distribution

While very similar, the two brands both use two different heat distribution technologies, which are designed to evenly distribute heat over the hair shaft for effortless, controlled styling.

The Range

ghd do have a larger range of stylers available, from the ghd platinum collection, to ghd curve to ghd gold V, while Cloud Nine have a core range of six individual stylers, including Curling Wands and Straighteners.

How Do I Choose?

Choosing between the two will come down to your hair type, your hair needs and concerns, and your hair style. If you prefer to style your hair on a lower or higher temperature, you may want the option to vary your heat settings with a Cloud Nine, or if you’re looking for consistent temperature control, a ghd might be a good option for you.

Both brands carry flat irons, waving wands, curling wands, hairdryers and micro irons for shorter hair and fringes.

Left to right: ghd platinum professional hair styler – black, ghd gold V professional mini straightenerghd curve classic wave wandghd curve tongs soft curl tong 32mm, Cloud Nine C9 Waving Wand, Cloud Nine C9 WandCloud Nine Original Iron & Cloud Nine C9 Wide Iron.

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