What The F*** Is A Gua Sha?

We’ve seen jade rollers, we’ve seen dermal rollers and we’ve seen the weird and wonderful world of K-beauty, but there’s another facial tool/treatment you might not have heard of yet. It’s called gua sha.

Tell Me More:

The gua sha I’m talking about differs from the traditional Chinese medicine practice which involves a using a “scraping” technique on the body to release toxins and relieve sore or injured muscles.

The concept is similar, in that this technique is designed to reduce tension, stimulate blood flow and promote healing. But I can assure you, the facial version of gua sha doesn’t give you the weird bruising that the traditional technique does (see Google if you’re curious).

How Do I Choose A Tool?

I’ve really gotten in touch with my spirituality this year (call it a quarter-life crisis if you will). I’ve got positive affirmation cards on my desk, and I can be found doing chakra readings on my colleagues from time to time.

Why am I telling you this? Because Salt By Hendrix’s Gua Sha is made from rose quartz crystal. Yep, the crystal that represents love, or self-love in this case. Am I going too hard on the spirituality thing…?




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– Can help improve firmness, elasticity, tone and overall skin health 

– Encourages skincare ingredients to penetrate further into the skin 

– This gua sha is made from natural Rose Quartz stone from Brazil

– Each gua sha varies slightly due to the uniqueness of the stone

– Your at-home gua sha treatment takes between 3-5 minutes

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How To Use Your Gua Sha:

The contours of your gua sha tool are designed to fit the natural contours of the face. Using an “up and out” motion, start with your neck, jawline and chin. You’ll do about 5 ‘passes’ of each area before moving on to the cheeks, under the eyes and to the forehead. If this doesn’t make any sense, watch the video below.

When do you apply your skincare? I recommend using your gua sha after cleansing and applying a moisturiser, serum and/or facial oil. Not only will this help your gua sha glide easily over the skin, but it can also help the ingredients in these products absorb a little better.


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