What Causes Pimples?


Pimples are caused by different reasons for everyone and that’s why the problem of the ol€™ pimple can be so frustrating to solve! Pimples are usually caused by fluctuations in the body. Hormonal fluctuations can be a common culprit for breakouts and acne; therefore, it’s important to remember that hormonal changes are linked to stress.

Stress is generally a powerful trigger for body responses and with this in mind, we may have heightened emotional periods where the body is very responsive to how we feel, causing the skin to play up.

Pimples are often the skin’s way of eliminating what our body doesn’t need. Often the skin is trying to get rid of toxins or a reaction to a food or medication, and sometimes skincare ingredients. Being that the skin is our largest organ, it is the most effective way for us to reject and expel the things that our body doesn’t like. The body will be keen to expel the effects of stress, unbalanced hormones and an excess of toxins or substances that the body isn’t able to process easily. So as much as we groan about pimples, the body is really doing us a favour by getting rid of the ‘bad stuff’ in a fast way, via the skin. The more we are able to expel quickly, the less our other organs need to work to process what the body doesn’t like.