What Happened When I Took This Buzzy 'Anti-Fatigue' Supplement Every Day for a Month

the beauty chef adaptogenthe beauty chef adaptogen

Aside from medications I need a script for (heyyy, contraceptive pill), I've never really been able to stick to taking supplements.

Between eating a nutritious breakfast (toast), brushing my teeth and remembering to drink my coffee before brushing my teeth, I... forget. Every single morning.

So, when the inner health experts at Aussie female-founded company The Beauty Chef launched their new Adaptogen supplement, I set myself a challenge:

To take the The Beauty Chef ADAPTOGEN Inner Beauty Boost 500ml every day for a month to see what happens.

But what is an adaptogen and why should you put them in your mouth?

Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about adaptogen supplements, plus my Beauty Chef Adaptogen Inner Beauty Boost review.

What Are Adaptogens?

Great question. I didn't know either.

Adaptogens are a series of herbs, berries and mushrooms used in Ayurvedic and Chinese healing traditions. Taking adaptogen supplements is thought to restore balance to the body by supporting your endocrine system (hypothalamus, and pituitary and adrenal glands) to treat 'adrenal failure'.

What's adrenal failure? It's a term used to describe when your system is overwhelmed managing your body’s hormonal response to stress, anxiety and fatigue. Three things we've all got in spades in 2020.

Are Adaptogens Safe ?

Adaptogens taken as instructed are safe, however, always check with your health professional before starting a new supplement. Especially if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.

How To Take Adaptogens.

The easiest way to take adaptogens is by consuming an adaptogen supplement. Like The Beauty Chef's adaptogen supplement. What a coincidence!

*This is not at all a coincidence.

What Is The Beauty Chef Adaptogen Inner Beauty Boost?

the beauty chef adaptogenthe beauty chef adaptogen

The Beauty Chef ADAPTOGEN Inner Beauty Boost 500ml is the newest supplement in the brand's range of bio-fermented elixirs.

Its aim? To make exhausted, fatigued skin look like its human gets at least eight hours of quality sleep every single night.

FYI the original formulas have been reformulated with even more potency and probiotics, and new skin and gut-loving ingredients to keep up with The Beauty Chef's innovative research.

The Inner Beauty Boost range now consists of:

Each flavour also comes in a 200ml version if you're keen to try before investing in the full 500ml bottle that'll last you one month, or 33 serves.

The Beauty Chef Adaptogen Benefits and Ingredients.

Back to what's in this adaptogen supplement and how it works.

The Beauty Chef ADAPTOGEN Inner Beauty Boost 500ml is all about reviving stressed skin.

Think: refreshing tired-looking skin, reducing general fatigue and calming the appearance of redness, while supporting your energy metabolism and nourishing your gut for overall skin health and wellness.

Ooft, anyone else exhausted thinking about how hard this golden anti-fatigue supplement works?

the beauty chef adaptogenthe beauty chef adaptogen

OK cool, but how does Adaptogen Inner Beauty Boost do this? With a thoughtful concoction of the following ingredients:

1. Adaptogenic Herbs:

These 'superherbs' have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese healing traditions - you'll find adaptogens ashwagandha, holy basil and licorice in this bottle.

2. Vitamin B3:

Vitamin B3 or niacinamide can also be found in this beauty supplement, it's necessary for skin integrity and reducing fatigue.

3. Activated Vitamins B6 and B12:

Containing 100 per cent of the Australian RDI (recommended dietary intake), these activated vitamins contribute to energy metabolism.

4. Probiotics:

These are good for your gut health. Adaptogen contains The Beauty Chef's exclusive probiotic strain GUT5Y™ and bio-fermented papaya.

My Beauty Chef Adaptogen Review.

As instructed, I've been taking one tablespoon (15mL) of The Beauty Chef ADAPTOGEN Inner Beauty Boost 500ml in 150mL of water every day for one month and I have thoughts.

First, let's talk about the taste. The brand says it tastes like 'koala nut'. Maybe I'm the only one who's never had koala nut before (???), but to me, this adaptogen supplement tastes like a nutty citrus cordial.

Would I drink gallons of the stuff all day long? No. That'd be a waste, anyway. But I was genuinely surprised by how good it tastes.

Adaptogen Inner Beauty Boost is delicious enough sipped in the morning mixed in with ice cold water - that detail is important if you struggle to get supplements down.

Here's a Reels of me taking The Beauty Chef Adaptogen. (Only three serves were harmed in the making of this video.)

As you can see, it comes out of the bottle as a thick, golden orange liquid. It also has a citrusy, nutty, slightly eucalyptus scent that matches the flavour. It stirs easily into water, but you can also add it to a smoothie if you prefer.

Now for the info you came here for: does The Beauty Chef ADAPTOGEN Inner Beauty Boost 500ml actually work?

I think so. No, I'm not waking up with a new face untouched by life's daily stresses, but I have noticed my skin luminosity and texture has improved slightly. More glow, less haggard.

Natural light helps, too.

Beauty Chef Adaptogen before and afterBeauty Chef Adaptogen before and after

Is this solely the work of this yummy supplement? I'd put it down to a combination of things, including the flow on effect taking a supplement and being mindful about your wellbeing has - I'm eating well (mostly), moving my body (when I feel like it) and (trying) to get to bed earlier, too.

The thing to know about supplements is, they only really work if you're already deficient in something. For example, if you're feeling run down and like your skin is copping the brunt of it, you'll likely see results from consistently taking Adaptogen. If you're not, you likely won't.

Honestly, I think taking a supplement like this one is just as much about forming the habit of taking five minutes in the morning to be mindful about your health, mental health and wellbeing. Now, more than ever before.

But people have been telling me my skin is looking great lately. I'll take it, and continue taking Adaptogen. Just in case.

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