Our Top Supplements For Growing Your Hair, Revealed

As we discussed in a recent podcast episode with trichologist Kay Fitzgerald, experiencing any kind of hair loss can be really damaging to your confidence. Our customer service team get a lot of questions about hair loss, particularly postpartum hair loss.

Listen to our interview with trichologist, Kay Fitzgerald below:

What Is Postpartum Hair Loss & Why Does It Happen?

It doesn't happen to everyone, but some women may experience hair loss after pregnancy thanks to a change in hormones. While pregnant, heightened estrogen levels reduce your 'normal' amount of hair fall, resulting in thicker, more luscious hair.

Post-pregnancy, these hormone levels come back down, which is when some women notice at around the 3-month postpartum mark that their hair is thinning, or they're experiencing significant hair fall. While in most cases, the hair will return to its pre-pregnancy state, some women may experience temporary thinning in areas like the hairline, or localised spots.

Kay Fitzgerald, trichologist at Sinclair Dermatology suggests your hair should return to its pre-pregnancy thickness by your child's 1st birthday - and if it hasn't, you may want to seek further advice from a dermatologist or trichologist.

What Can You Do To Support Hair Growth?

As mentioned, hormonal hair thinning should correct itself in time, however, whether your hair loss concerns are hormone-related or not, you may be looking for a way to support your hair's growth.

Keeping the scalp in a healthy state can help to encourage healthy hair growth and reduce breakage. Check out some of our top supplements for supporting hair growth and health.

Containing both Iodine and Zinc, these supplements are designed to maintain healthy, strong and voluminous hair, as well as supporting energy levels throughout the day. Zinc provides support for connective tissue formation, resulting in healthier hair, skin and nails. Iodine-rich Sea Kelp works to restore hair strength and volume, supports the thyroid, promotes wellbeing, and helps regulate metabolism and energy levels.

This vegan supplement has been formulated by naturopaths, nutritionists and trichologists to optimise hair growth, length and condition. Containing amino acids, B vitamins and silica, taking these tablets daily can help to encourage hair growth and enhanced shine, while protecting and repairing the hair with antioxidants.

WelleCo Super Booster Aquatic Collagen Skin Hair Nails

More of an overall beauty supplement, this powder contains antioxidant acerola cherry and goji berries to reduce free radical damage, while marine collagen helps to smooth, firm and hydrate hair, skin and nails. Silica supports collagen production, and helps with hair and nail strength. It has a delicious fruity taste and can be added to water, juice or smoothies.

WelleCo Super Booster Aquatic Collagen Skin Hair Nails