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Healthy body, healthy mind, is the saying, but if you ask us, it applies to hair too. It makes sense - gorgeous, lush hair is hardly your body’s top priority (it’s more focused on your vital organs) so a bit of extra nutritional support in this area can make all the difference. Beauty starts on the inside, you know, so you’re in the right place.

What supplements help hair growth?


Great, great question. Biotin is one of the big names when it comes to promoting hair growth, as it helps the body manufacture amino acids to convert into keratin. That’s a must for lush hair (and skin and nails, in fact) so you’ll see a lot of biotin in here.


Zinc, selenium, iodine and silica also pop up a lot in hair vitamins, chosen for their hair-supporting properties. B vitamins also have an important part to play - they help the hair bulb to work as it should and produce strong, healthy hair. That’s what it’s all about.


How long does it take hair vitamins to work?


You will have to be a little patient on this one. Hair vitamins don’t work overnight - you’re not going to check the mirror in three days and see a completely different person. However, over time, the right hair supplement can really make your hair grow thicker and fuller. If you colour your hair, you’ll notice your roots growing out quicker, which is kind of a pain but does mean your hair is getting longer. In general, you’re looking at months to notice a difference, not weeks.


What are the best hair supplements?


Another great question. We’ve got a lot of time for JSHealth Hair + Energy, which you can find over here in a three-month supply. Apotecari Mane Event is another winner, as is Hair Food from the same brand. That latter one is a supplement powder designed to be mixed into your morning smoothie. Delicious.


Read more about the best hair growth supplements for you over at BeautyIQ. 

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Apotecari Mane Event 3 Month Supply
Apotecari Mane Event 3 Month Supply

Holy grail hair multivitamin

I've been using mane event for about 12 months now, and my hair has never looked this healthy. It is long and strong and shiny
JSHealth 2 Month Hair + Energy
JSHealth 2 Month Hair + Energy

Baby Hairs

At first, I was sceptical about purchasing these vitamins, but now, I am about to purchase my third bottle. I did notice my hair growing faster, however the most noticeable changes were the amount of new baby hairs I grew around my hair line. I did not notice any benefit from the energy supplement though.
JSHealth 3 Month Hair + Energy
JSHealth 3 Month Hair + Energy

Great supplement

I have fine and heat damaged hair. After about 2 weeks using this product I noticed that my hair felt a lot thicker and stronger. would recommend this product to anyone with similar hair concerns!

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