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Hair Supplements

Luxe Hair Supplements
Since time immemorial, hair devotees have tried every variety of potion, product, and miracle cure on their hair. From sealing split ends with mayonnaise to sacrificing animals to increase beauty, humans have tried it all. Most of it hasn't worked. The science of haircare is evolving at an inspiring clip. We no longer have to rely on old wives' tales, mythology, and the inflated claims of travelling salespeople to achieve gorgeous tresses. If you've ever wondered why celebrities have such perfect hair, it's time to let you in on the secret: they didn't pray their hair into perfection or make a pact with the devil. They simply know something you don't. Hair supplements draw upon research from the world's best research labs to provide you with stunning hair. And now you can harness the power of science to get the hair you deserve. Our luxe line of supplements offers premium ingredients, purified to optimise their effectiveness. From promoting hair growth to minimising breakage, luxe hair supplements can help you turn the hair you have into the hair you've always wanted. And because a life spent enjoying pursuits other than constantly managing your hair is the ultimate luxury, our luxe line may actually help you reduce the time you spend in the mirror by improving hair health and texture so you need fewer products.
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Professional Hair Supplements
When you need reliable haircare advice, you probably turn to your favourite stylist. Our pro line offers premium, stylist-approved ingredients without the trip to the salon. With ingredients like zinc and biotin to support hair growth and health, professional-grade hair supplements capitalise on scientific research to enhance your hair's natural beauty. The only living portion of your hair is the hair follicle. The hair itself is composed of proteins such as keratin. This means that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, and a healthy scalp demands a healthy body. B-complex vitamins such as biotin can improve the health of your hair follicles, encouraging healthy growth, decreasing the rate of breakage, and preventing excessive dryness and damage. The health of your hair can even affect hair texture. Dry, damaged hair tends to be frizzier and coarser, while well-nourished and healthy hair boasts a silkier, smoother texture. It's also decidedly more cooperative, whether you're curling, straightening, or alternating between the two. The right supplement can steadily improve hair health, reducing the amount of time you spend fighting your hair's texture and increasing the natural beauty of your tresses.
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Essentials Hair Supplements
Gorgeous hair means getting back to basics. Our line of Essentials offers hair-friendly ingredients, tried-and-true products, and a fair price. If you're not sure where to begin your healthy hair journey, our Essentials should form the foundation of your hair-health toolkit. Let these brands introduce you to the wonderful world of healthy hair supplementation. Our Essentials don't waste time or money on fancy marketing or needlessly glittery packaging. Instead, these products focus on what works, offering you value while steadily beautifying your hair. Research demonstrates that hair health is inextricably linked to overall health. Although hair itself is only 'alive' at the follicular level, the health of your hair follicles affects how quickly your hair grows, how rapidly it breaks, and how healthy it looks and feels. The Essentials line of hair supplement products zeroes in on key components of hair health, offering you a clear and affordable path to the mane you've always deserved.
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