Tried & Tested: The Best Mascara For Mono Lids

When I majored in politics at uni, I thought I’d one day write a think piece. Unfortunately, it never really made sense to me and I scored straight Cs through my three years. So, instead, let me present to you, my blink piece: A Search for my Dream Mascara.

A Little Bit Of Background:

From the first time I tried any form of makeup until (embarrassingly) not too long ago, I almost never left the house without at least four layers of mascara coated on my short, stick straight, uneven lashes.

I had yet to develop adult acne I wanted to cover up, yet to discover how much brows could shape my face to convey a little sass, and yet to figure out how to not turn myself into a panda with the never-ending pursuit of eyeliner perfection (though admittedly, I still can’t use eyeliner).

What Are We Working With?

I have almond eyes, droopy monolids, AND each of my eyes is a different size with differently lengthed lashes. My lashes are just as stubborn as the human they inhabit. As a result, this was my routine:

1. Curl the lashes three times at varying sections to create an actual curl and not accidentally squishing them into L shaped sticks extending from my eyes – I still stand by this method

2. The first layer would be a waterproof mascara promising staying power

3. Next, a layer of waterproof mascara promising volume

4. Next, a layer of waterproof mascara promising length

5. To top it off, the only non waterproof mascara promising all of the above

6. Finally, one extra coat on my smaller eye to make sure it somewhat matched my bigger eye

Sometimes, if it got too gluggy, I’d have force through a lash comb. Needless to say, while I had achieved my primary goal of having visible, eye-opening lashes, they were clumpy, spidery and an absolute pain to remove when I got home each evening.

So Beauty Editor Joanna and I sought to solve my mascara woes. I know what you’re thinking. How did I get so lucky?

What’s a good mascara in your eyes, Christine?

Glad you asked. And appreciate that lil touch of word play you added. I can see us being friends. To me, the perfect mascara offers:

– Actual maintenance of curl upon first application – nothing too weighty

– Definition, separation, length

– Nothing too cartoon-y (visible but not flashy)

– As little transfer to my oily eyelids and under eyes as possible

– As minimal lash slumping through the day as possible

We tried a few different options (about five to be exact) and one came out as the clear winner over the rest – Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof.

Give Us The Verdict:

It’s been a while since I’ve worn mascara every day, but man am I tempted to add this to my morning routine. I like to think it makes me look the way coffee makes me feel: 80% awake and 20% wild.

Here’s my expert analysis on how Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Waterproof mascara performed on my lashes:

Weight: 10/10

Definition: 10/10

Separation: 9/10

Length: 10/10

Natural: 8/10

Transfer: 6/10

Slump: 9/10


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