This Is How I’ll Be Clearing My Blocked Nose This Winter

You know when you catch a nasty head cold and you’re tossing and turning all night, and you can’t help but think you took your unblocked nose for granted? Well, maybe you should add this contraption to your arsenal of cold and flu remedies…

All The Details:

Black Chicken Remedies Skypipe Essential Oil Diffuser is going to be a staple in my bedroom this winter – along with the Respire Essential Oil Blend to rid nasal congestion that often robs me of my precious beauty sleep. And on the plus side, it’s a natural alternative to the nasal spray I usually rely on.

– The ultrasonic diffuser creates a cool mist that doesn’t heat or break down oils

– Skypipe delivers 3-7 hours of fragrance & has a built-in nightlight

– It can be used with a variety of essential oil blends (including Respire)

– It has a sleek matte black design with a textured porcelain body

– Skypipe is super quiet so it won’t disturb you at night

★★★★★ Functions flawlessly, looks AMAZING! – Rebekah

“I did a lot of research before splurging on this diffuser. There is a huge variety currently on the market, but nothing that compares to the Skypipe. Not only is it the nicest looking, but it’s also the best diffuser I’ve ever used! It’s smaller than most, but the elegant and classic design of the ceramic stone makes it unobtrusive amongst my home.”

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Which Oil Blend Is Best?

Black Chicken’s Respire contains a combination of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial essential oils including menthol, oregano, lemongrass, ginger and rosemary, creating a soothing and healing blend.

Not only does this formula help to clear the airways, but it can also help to strengthen the immune system, so it’s great to use in your Skypipe when you’re suffering from cold or flu symptoms.

Respire has a pleasant fresh and minty fragrance, which you can swap out for any of Black Chicken’s other essential oil blends like De-Stress and Slumber.

★★★★★ Perfectly solved respiratory problem! – Marianna

“I have really bad hay fever and I have noticed such a difference in the sleep patterns since I started using this fragrance. It is pleasant, refreshing and really does clear the sinuses.”

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How To Use Your Diffuser:

Place your Skypipe diffuser on an even surface and remove the porcelain cover and water tank lid (hold the base and gently lift the textured body of the diffuser).

Pour 120ml of room temperature water into the water tank, followed by 3-5 drops of your favourite Black Chicken Remedies Essential Oil Blend, and secure the body back onto the base. Then you can turn it on and enjoy!


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