The Secret To Cutting Your Mani Time In Half

It’s no secret I’m a MANIac. Cutting, filing, buffing, base coat, two coats of polish for the opacity, and a glossy top coat to seal it all in. A weekly ritual of mine, accompanied by Netflix’s latest and investing upwards of two hours each time.

As it turns out, I’VE BEEN OVER-INVESTING MY TIME. Thanks to Smith & Cult, I’ve managed to cut down my mani time to *drum roll please* THIRTY MINUTES – and that’s without compromising on quality.

In my opinion, it’s not just about how long it lasts, but how you feel at the end, AND OH BOY, did I have a glow about me. The glow of glitters and metallics, that is. There’s just something about a good mani that makes you feel a bit more “put together”.

I’m usually one for solid colours, but I’ve converted, and learned that I like a bit of variety. In Smith & Cult’s own words, “[their] beauty community thrives in a little chaos & spontaneity & sparkle & [they’re] so good with that.”

What’s To Love?

I’ve been talking people’s ears off about these polishes all week. Probably need to work on not being too vocal, but they’ve got the whole package.

Smith & Cult polishes are incredibly quick drying & very highly pigmented

– The simple brush gives you a satisfyingly streak free application

– The base and top coats kept my claws looking top notch for over a week

– You can create effortless nail art with a wide variety of colour selections

Smith & Cult use an 8-Free Formula — bye, bye, baddies 👋

– These polishes are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free & gluten-free

– Easy to fix mistakes & hassle-free when it comes to removal

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How Does It Compare?

I must now quietly betray a brand (thus forth referred to as She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) that I’ve used and loved for at least three years because frankly, these toes ain’t loyal.

She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named retails their colour polishes for about a third of the cost of Smith & Cult, and let me tell you, you truly get what you give. It’s been over a week and I still cannot get over the absolute star power of this half-hour manicure. You’d have to be real close to notice any receding AND the colours are as vibrant as ever.

I’ve inspired every friend I’ve seen in the past week, and we’ve all picked out the colours we want to buy. Even my mum has hopped on the bandwagon.

Just An Expert Tip:

This is boring, but practice. No one masters the perfect stroke their first time around – it’s like expecting to do a perfect winged liner the first time you try.

Everything from how much product you remove on the side of the bottle, the variation of how much product you need per nail depending on the size of your nail. All too many things you’ll learn as you go, but oh so worth it. Every upside of these polishes makes all of these things infinitely easier.

★★★★★ I love love love this nail polish – Kristi

“First, the packaging. It’s so pretty and the reason I bought it really. It looks so nice on my vanity. The nail polish comes in a variety of beautiful colours. I find it easy to apply evenly and smoothly. It also lasts several days without chipping.”

★★★★★ This is one of my favorite nail polishes! – Alyssa

“The price can be a little intimidating for some but you absolutely pay for what you get. This stuff works wonders and lasts a long time before it starts to chip. The packaging is perfect and so chic. I have several colours and the top and base coats and I love them.”

★★★★★ I love this nail polish – Nina

“It’s long lasting, comes in a range of beautiful colours, looks wonderful on the nails, and the packaging is absolutely lovely! So classy and looks like a little ornament wherever you put it. This is one of my favourite nail polishes. Shade Psycho Candy is bomb.”

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