The OPI NYC Fashion Week nail trends to follow

Melissa Abalo

If you think staying fashion-forward means updating your wardrobe, you’re doing it all wrong. As New York City Fashion Week proved, for Spring 2015, it’s all about hot OPI nails – and best of all, this trend couldn’t be funner, quicker or thriftier!

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The nail look: 
Nails featured metallic accents, softened by a peachy sheer top coat. This technique mimicked the designers’ approach to layering sheer fabric in their clothes. OPI DS Radiance french tip and Glizterland reverse french were “antiqued” by a layer of custom blended Top Coat (a few drops of A Great Opera-tunity mixed with OPI Top Coat).

Products used: 
– OPI DS radiance
OPI Glitzerland
– A Great Opera-tunity
OPI Top Coat

Rodarte 1

Rodarte 2

Rodarte 3


Rag and Bone

The nail look: 
Nails were made to look like beach glass. Two coats of Indigo Motif (for a glassy look), layered with a coat of Top Coat and then “frosted” with a coat of Matte Top Coat.

Products used: 
– Indigo Motif (ColorPaints)
RapiDry Top Coat
Matte Top Coat

Rag and Bone 1

Rag and Bone 2

Rag and Bone 3


Jeremy Scott

The nail look: 
Nails were made to look like brightly coloured super shiny plastic. Nails were in a range of 5 shades (listed below), accented with a pop art “cartoon flare” on the pinkies in Alpine Snow.

Products used: 
– No Room for the Blues
That’s Hot! Pink
– Kiss Me I’m Brazilian
– I Just Can’t Cope-acabana
– In My Back Pocket
Alpine Snow
OPI Top Coat

Jeremy Scott 1

Jeremy Scott 2

Jeremy Scott 3

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