The Most Satisfying Face Mask We’ve Ever Tried

If Jim Carrey has taught me anything it’s that:

1. A mask can truly transform you, and

2. An unruly grey beard can age you 20 years without you even realising.

Fortunately, despite my desire to appear wiser and make more informed decisions by stroking a beard, I just can’t seem to grow one.

What I can make wise and informed commentary on is a mask that has truly transformed me. Meet the Cremorlab Black Mud Peel Off Mask.

Peel Off?!

You read that right. No muslin cloth, no excess rubbing with your hands, no eye holes or nose flaps don’t quite fit your face quite right. This mask is perfectly customisable and all too easy to tear straight off and proceed with the remainder of your skincare routine.

– It’s a deep cleansing, black mud pore mask that easily peels off

– Contains Korean charcoal powder which helps to draw out impurities

– Natural Brazilian black mud helps balance sebum production

– Cremorlab’s signature T.E.N. Water conditions & nourishes the skin

– Acai Berry banishes dullness while Camelia extracts offer protection

– This mask instantly smooths the skin & improves its texture

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How Do I Get The Perfect Satisfying Peel?

Great question! Much the same way I would never let anyone make me toast because the even spread of melted butter and Vegemite is vital for a successful breakfast, the even spread of this mask is vital for that ultra satisfying successful one-shot peel.

I’d recommend just a tiny bit thicker application than recommended by Cremorlab just to make it totally foolproof.

It does take a little bit of practice to know how thick to lay it on for the perfect peel, but once you get it, there’s no turning back. I can almost guarantee satisfaction.

Who Is This Mask Good For?

I have an inkling that anyone who watches pimple popping videos will have a stronger affinity for this kind of mask, but that’s definitely not a prerequisite. Although you were probably referring to skin type and skin concern…

My oily/combination acne-prone skin with some scarring makes me, by all accounts, the perfect candidate for this mask. From the first use, my skin felt tighter (in a good way), smoother and just a little glowy. *Additional glow from being able to demonstrate my flair for mask application to the office.

★★★★★ Great results – Grant

“I find that using this once a week is sufficient. It goes on thick but dries readily into an almost rubbery-like coating that is easy to peel by hand. My skin feels noticeably firmer and looks noticeably freer of discolouration and blemishes. I’ve also noticed a slight reduction in the size of the pores on my nose as it seems to draw the impurities from my pores better than any cleanser.”


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