The Dermalogica products you need right now

Dermalogica is not only one of our most popular brands here at Adore Beauty, but around the world! Men and women of all ages and skin types have fallen in love with the company’s iconic products and with good reason – their renowned health approach to skin really does work!

If you’re new to Dermalogica, or are a die-hard fan, here are the products we can’t get enough of!

Daily Microfoliant

If you’re tired of the average exfoliator, you will LOVE this water-activated powder. Loaded with skin-loving ingredients like salicylic acid and rice actives, you’ll be stimulating cell renewal for a smoother, brighter face! Best of all, it’s so gentle that you can use it everyday without the risk of over-exfoliation.

How to use

1. Perform the Dermalogica Double Cleanse with PreCleanse, followed by recommended Dermalogica Cleanser.
2. Dispense about a half-teaspoon of Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant into very wet hands and create a creamy paste by rubbing hands together.
3. Apply Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant to face in circular motions, avoiding the eye area.
4. Massage gently for one minute, then rinse thoroughly.
5. Follow with Multi-Active Toner or Soothing Protection Spray and recommended Dermalogica Moisturiser.

What customers are saying

“I have been using Dermalogica products for nearly 20 years and I cannot recommend this product enough. I have tried other exfoliants and scrubs, but always come back to Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.” – Danni

“I love Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant as it is gentle enough to use everyday, but keeps my skin super soft and smooth. Great for oily skin. And Dermologica always knock it out of the park with their packaging!” – Hannah

“Been using this for several years. Slowly reduces look of fatique, with regular use I have a more even tone without harsh exfoliation. Love that it is not damaging and can use every day.There is no lingering smell or perfume which is good. Love this as can use with my other brand skincare too.” – Roxybella

Melissa’s verdict

I love a product with something fun and different about it and Daily Microfoliant is exactly that. The water activation is unique and great to control how thick or thin a paste you need, depending on the condition of your skin at that moment. Effective deep cleaning without too much abrasion.

Active Moist

Effective hydration, improved texture and smoother skin – this oil-free lotion is loaded with lemon, cucumber and watercress for the most lightweight moisturisation, ideal for normal to oily skins.

How to use

Use Dermalogica Active Moist morning and night after cleansing and applying serums

What customers are saying

“Face feels so smooth and luxurious without being oily.. Skin feels smooth as a babies bottom. Compliments my cleanser perfectly ” – Anonymous

“Great moisturiser for those with combo/oily skin types because it’s quite light but it stills gives just the right amount of moisture to the skin.” – Anonymous

“For dehydrated skin this was a fab find. I used to be faithful to the Olay 7 Signs of Aging Day Cream. Then I tried the Aesop Mandarin Hydrating Cream. Each of which were great, but didn’t get rid of the tightness of my skin (Yes I should also drink more water!). This one is the perfect fit for me.” – Anonymous

Melissa’s verdict

This moisturiser has a lovely cooling feeling, with a cream-gel texture. Once applied, it’s very refreshing and absorbs super easily. The formulation is hydrating but not too rich/thick and is ideal as an everyday moisturiser, particularly for men.

Special Cleansing Gel

Combination skin types, this is the cleanser you have been looking for! The soap-free foaming gel formulation soothes, calms and purifies with balm mint and lavender, to deep clean while keeping skin’s natural moisture levels balanced.

How to use

Use Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel morning and night to clean skin and remove any make-up. Follow up with serums and moisturisers.

What customers are saying

“Special Cleansing Gel is beautiful. It really helped to give my skin a clean finish every time and it even assisted me in removing my makeup! It does not leave the skin feeling tight or stripped of moisture.” – Anonymous

“Great value for money! An amazing product which kept my skin soft, supple and hydrated. It even removed my makeup! A+” – Anonymous

“This cleanser has done more for my skin than any I have ever used. It leaves my face feeling fresh and clean, without any feeling of tightness or redness (like most other cleansers seem to do). I would definately purchase this product again, it’s my HG of cleansers” – Anonymous

Melissa’s verdict

A beautician t first prescribed me Special Cleansing Gel when I was about 15, so the fact that I’m still talking about it 13 years (ahem) later says something. When a therapist recommends a product, it’s because it WORKS. Oily, congested skin is instantly calmed, while any dry spots are kept hydrated. A winner!

Skin Smoothing Cream

One for those with particularly dry skins. The botanicals and antioxidants will soothe, restore suppleness and improve tone, while vitamins A, C and E combat any free radicals.

How to use

Use Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream morning and night after cleansing and applying serums

What customers are saying

“This cream is just lovely! My skin is normal with a tendency to get a bit oily in the t zone by afternoon, but lately has been a bit dehydrated. This cream does what it promises, it smooths out the tone of my skin, and sinks in beautifully. There is no residue afterwards and my sunscreen and make-up went on really well.” – Anonymous

“This moisturiser is the best thing that’s happened to my skin! I have always struggled to find good moisturisers that don’t make me too greasy, or break out. This has a high water content, not oil, and also has hyaluronic acid in it, which is perfect for my dehydrated combination skin. I started using this moisturiser about a year ago, and I just haven’t turned back since! I continue to buy this one, again and again.” – Anonymous

Melissa’s verdict

This is a great product for those suffering dryness, as the formulation is super hydrating. I found it absorbed well, leaving a bit of shine for a dewy, plump-looking complexion. Also ideal for those with signs of ageing, as a day-to-day moisturiser.

Age Smart Skinperfect Primer

A primer with health properties? Yes please! Fill in fine lines, absorb excess oil and get your make-up to last longer with this cutting-edge prepper, enriched with SPF 30 for added anti-ageing benefits. A skin treatment and primer in one!

How to use

Apply Age Smart Skinperfect Primer on top of your favourite Dermalogica Moisturiser. Wear alone or under make-up for a smooth, radiant complexion.

What customers are saying

“This is a fantastic primer. It smoothes & brightens the complexion. I use it under my tinted moisturiser & get great, natural looking coverage all day long.” – Gloria

“I was fairly sceptical of primers before being recommended this beauty, my beautician gave me a sample and I have been hooked ever since. This primer smooths out imperfections and pores. It is a wonderful base for foundation – in fact I only use this primer and a BB cream it is that good. Have ditched the foundation altogether! Non oily. Pleasant smell. No break outs. Long lasting. Amazing product worth trying.” – Amy

“This primer ticks all the right boxes! Smooths on like velvet, great quality, beautiful finish, helps makeup look airbrushed and spf 30 to boot! Highly recommend” – Shortspice

Melissa’s verdict

Age Smart Skin Perfecting Primer is so baby soft, it literally glides on. There is a slight tint, so definitely ideal for those with olive undertones. My skin instantly feels powdery and hydrated, plus I like that it has in-built sunscreen (remember, this is our number one anti-ager, ladies!). A pinch of pearliness adds radiance – and fun.

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