The best Dermalogica skincare in your 30s

Current skincare regime not giving you the results you’re after? Chances are, you’re not using the right products suited to your age group. Follow therapist Kristina’s advice for the best Dermalogica routine for thirty-somethings…

As our skin starts to mature, the first sign we see is a loss of water. Our skin becomes more dehydrated as our skin is finding it hard to hold on to its water content. This is also shown to us as those little fine, feathery lines on the forehead and cheeks. You may still be experiencing the odd breakout so we’ll take that into consideration too!

Essential Cleansing Solution: This is a lovely, creamy cleanser that doesn’€™t foam up. This is a perfect cleanser to start using when you’re noticing those first signs that your skin needs some a little something extra. This cleanser uses vitamins C and E to help replenish dry skin and maintain a healthy moisture level without making you feel more oily. The other great thing is it’s completely water-soluble, so very easy to wash off gently. This cleanser can be used morning and nightly.

Gentle Cream Exfoliant: This is a step up in exfoliation and should be applied in a thin layer over the face, avoiding lip and nostril area (more sensitive), and left on for 10 minutes, once a week. This has a lovely mix of actives such as your lactic and salicylic to get right into those pores and de-clog. It also has pineapple extract that works like a Pac man to eat away dead skin. I love this because it’s like a mini-peel, it gives your skin that refreshing glow! Also a great pick-me-up for pigmented skins.

Intensive Moisture Balance: Again, it is dependant on your skin type, but I find that at this stage, skin becomes slowly matured. My sun bunny clients in particular are starting to notice some premature ageing at this time! This moisturiser is designed to reduce those signs of aging, containing vitamin A, which increases skin’s elasticity (love it) and vitamins C and E to help fight off free radicals! This can be used nightly and daily, if needed, under an SPF.

Important note: Everybody’€™s skin is different and each person will prioritiae their concerns differently. This is just a guide and in many cases, clients will be using products from different age brackets, considering their skin’s strength and key problems. If you have any particular questions on these routines or if what you’re currently using is not helping you get the results you’re after, do not hesitate to ask one of our friendly staff via or (03) 9380-8521.

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