The At-Home Non-Surgical Face Lift

Unfortunately as we get older, our skin not only ages at surface level, but the structures that support our skin to keep it looking youthful deplete as we age, which is why we lose elasticity and volume.

As a Beauty Editor, I’m often on the look out for products advancing the rest in anti-ageing technology, which is how I came across Clarisonic’s new Smart Profile Uplift, and I’m going to tell you how this device can solve your sagging.


What Are The Benefits?

You’re not going to invest hundreds in a skincare product if you aren’t going to see results, are you? You need to know the benefits, so I made sure this product could deliver them first.

– Visibly improves the appearance of fine lines & firmness

– The cleansing brush & massage attachment increase radiance & smoothness

– Improves the absorption of topical skincare so it can be more effective

– The massage head glides effortlessly over facial contours

– Ongoing use leaves the face and neck feeling firmer and lifted



How Does It Work?

Clarisonic (creators of the cleansing devices we all know and love) have just created the ultimate 2-in-1 device that combines effective cleansing with a firming massage function. Yes, that’s right – you massage your face. How simple is that?

The silicone Firming Massage Head produces 27,000 micro-firming massaging movements over an automatic three minute cycle. The Smart Profile Uplift works by activating cells via mechanical stimulation which has a firming/lifting effect on the skin, especially on the lower face and neck.

Don’t let the price scare you off – having come from a plastic surgery background, I can assure you this device is your cheaper option!

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How To Use:

Step One:

Using the cleansing brush attachment first will gently but effectively cleanse away makeup, oil and dirt for a smooth and clean canvas.

Regularly cleansing with this brush head prior to massaging can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines and signs of dehydration.

Step Two: 

Apply your favourite moisturiser, hydrating serum or facial oil to your face and neck, followed by using the massage function to help products better penetrate the skin and improve blood circulation.

Use the massaging attachment in upwards movements, starting from the base of the neck, to the jawline, still sweeping in an upwards motion as you also treat the mid face and upper face.

★★★★★ Amazing – JayJay

“Ok, I was very sceptical about this, but I am a believer now. I 100% recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their skin. The brush is so gentle, I’ve always been so scared of using Clarisonic thinking it was going to hurt my so dry skin but it has actually helped a lot, my face feels so clean, hydrated and soft, it’s helping a lot with clogged pores as well.

Now, the firming massage head does what it says, seriously, don’t doubt this magic tool, if you were considering Botox, try this first, I promise you won’t regret it. My forehead looks so smooth, I used to frown so much and this massager has done its magic and kinda froze that area. I really wish I could have taken before pictures, it truly works!”

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