Ten Tips to Smart Skin Health

1. Sunscreen is your best friend!

Protect your skin in the sun with sunscreen. A pair of quality sunglasses and a hat is also smart when you are outdoors. It might be overcast or even a wintery day, but we still get hit by UV rays that cause damage to our skin. There are all kinds of sunscreens to suit different skin types so the perfect texture for your skin is out there!

2. Drink plenty of water
Staying hydrated will help keep your skin healthy and plump and will allow your body to function as best it can. Healthy insides mean healthy skin.

3.Keep up a great diet
A balanced, unprocessed diet filled with vegetables and natural oils will keep your skin supple and vibrant.

4. Know your sensitivities
Often our skin plays up and we take no notice as to what might be upsetting it. Track what’€™s been happening when your skin is out of sorts. Often stress can be a big factor in skin unbalance and so can dietary sensitivities like gluten and dairy.

5. Exfoliate for vibrancy!
Keeping your skin exfoliated with a quality exfoliant means you rid your skin of built up dead skin cells. This also allows your skin serum and moisturiser to penetrate deeper and work harder for you.

6. Seek advice when you need it
If your skin or body isn’€™t happy it’s usually trying to tell you something might be out of balance. It’s smart to seek advice. There are some wonderful skin and natural health professionals around who are trained to look at what might be out of balance and why.

7. Understand the power of a good serum
Serums can be potent things that really get in there and create change in the skin. An AHA and Vitamin C serum will benefit most skin types. A vitamin A serum is also a great way to go to improve skin tone and as an age preventative measure.

8. Be kind to your eyes
Using a good eye cream means this fine area of your skin is well taken care of. The skin is thinner in the eye area with less oil glands, so it does need some special attention.

9. Go smoke free
Smoking contributes to wrinkles. It narrows the small blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin and this decreases blood flow. The skin is depleted of oxygen and nutrients that are important to skin health. Smoking also damages collagen and elastin, reducing the skin’€™s strength and elasticity.

10. Moisturise for your type
You may be oily and scared of a moisturiser or you may be really quite dry. Moisturising with a moisturiser for your skin type will help the skin to retain moisture and feel supple and balanced. If you’€™re oily you’ll be looking for something that’s light with a high water concentration, maybe oil-free. If you’€™re dry, you’€™ll be after a moisturiser rich in water and a good dose of natural oils and ceramides.