I'm Calling It, This $70 Product Is the Best Brightening Peel I've Ever Tried

Medik8 Sleep Glycolic reviewMedik8 Sleep Glycolic review

When my boss - you might know her as Hannah Furst - reckoned she'd found the best serum of 2021... in February... I was skeptical.

Yeah righto, I thought. Skin Virtue Line Filler is an excellent serum, but to say something's 'the best'? Big call.

Now, I'm eating my words because as the headline of this article clearly states, I've been trialling a brand new skincare product and I'll go on record saying it's the best at-home peel I've ever used. And I've used a fair few.

But First, What Is A Peel?

Excellent question! Peels are a type of exfoliating treatment performed in-clinic by a qualified dermal clinician or dermatologist.

They contain high concentrations of active ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), vitamin A and/or exfoliating enzymes to resurface the skin. If you've ever had a professional peel, you'll know they can sting. A lot.

Because they're so powerful, they are best left to professionals. This is where at-home peels come in, as sadly, most of us don't have the time or cash to spend on regular skin treatments.

At-home peels are the next step up from chemical exfoliant liquids or toners. They still contain a high concentration of active ingredients, but are safe to use at home if you follow the instructions.

You can learn more about at-home exfoliation in our YouTube video below.

At-home peels are a great option to maintain in-clinic results between appointments. With consistent use, you can expect a reduction in the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and a brighter, more even textured complexion.

But the thing that gets people hooked on at-home peels is how they can make you feel like you've woken up with a new face. Short of professional treatments, nothing compares to a post-peel glow.

This brings me to the Medik8 Sleep Glycolic 30ml - I'm calling it the Goldilocks of at-home peels because it's not too irritating, but not too mild. It's just the right amount of tingle, and at the right price point.

Introducing, Medik8 Sleep Glycolic.

Medik8 Sleep GlycolicMedik8 Sleep Glycolic

OK, so what's so epic about this particular at-home peel? Does it make you a coffee one-handed while tap dancing? Nah, but it does something even better.

Medik8 Sleep Glycolic 30ml is a time-release AHA overnight at-home peel, which means you can chuck 'no pain, no gain' in the bin. The 'time-release' formula delivers the benefits of a strong 10 per cent glycolic peel, but without any downtime or irritation.

What’s in it that makes it so damn good?

  • 10% Glycolic Acid with Crystal Encapsulation - This spicy, high concentration of AHA is wrapped up in a cyclodextrin-based shell that slowly breaks down over time once it hits the skin. This allows the glycolic acid to work on the surface layers of the skin overnight to minimise irritation. For context, the super popular Alpha-H Liquid Gold contains 5 per cent glycolic acid.

  • Korean Clover Extract - Supports the skin's natural repair and hydration process, helping to maintain the skin barrier for optimal skin health.

  • Glycerin - A humectant that draws moisture to the skin, then locks it in place for a supple, plump and hydrated look and feel to the skin.

My Medik8 Sleep Glycolic Review.

I'd liken using active skincare ingredients to baking. If you don't follow the instructions, you won't get the result on the front of the packet. And you might also just burn your face off.

Following the instructions, I applied a pea-sized amount to face, neck and decolletage after cleansing in the evening. Even though the 30ml tube seems pretty small, it's probably for the best because a little of this thin gel-like peel is plenty.

Because my baby face gets cranky if I go too hard with strong products, I applied my usual night moisturiser over the top (this is called 'buffering' as it takes the edge off the acid ingredient), but experienced acid skincare users might prefer to go to bed as is.

The rest of my night was pretty standard. I gave some attention to each of my six streaming services. Got into bed and looked at my phone for another hour. Slept.

I woke up so excited to see if this product had done anything, and ran to the bathroom like it was Christmas morning. What I saw in the mirror was visibly brighter, glowier skin that appeared smoother and more even textured.

So pleased was I with the overnight result, I shot some content for work without any foundation on. (See pic at the top of this article!) Here's a side-by-side that shows my morning after glow in natural light.

Medik8 Sleep Glycolic before and afterMedik8 Sleep Glycolic before and after

These kinds of results can be hard to show in an article because it's not as if an at-home skincare product can actually give you a dramatically different-looking face after one use... unless you've gone HAM and have given yourself a chemical burn. I find the short-term effects of at-home peels like this one to be more of a subtle overall 'I had the best sleep of my life last night' radiance.

It's important to note, this is not a hardcore chemical exfoliant. If you've built up your tolerance to resurfacing products containing high percentages of exfoliating acids and/or vitamin A, Medik8 Sleep Glycolic probably won't do it for you. Same goes if you have sensitised skin better suited to gentle exfoliation.

But never tried a peel before? After something effective with no downtime? Want to maintain professional results between treatment appointments? Or look glowy AF before an event? This. Is. For. You.

Just don't be fooled by how gentle yet effective this peel is and smother it on every night like I did, OK? Exhibit A.

amy sadamy sad

I ended up damaging my skin barrier around the sides of my nose. It stung like a mother effer, to the point of being hard to doze off. Not cute.

Slow and steady wins the skincare race... but gee, it's nice when a product legitimately works while you snooze.

You can learn more about how exfoliating peels work by listening to the Skincare School podcast with Lab Muffin Beauty Science below.

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