4 At-Home Overnight Skincare Treatments That Are (Almost) as Good as a Facial

overnight skin treatmentsovernight skin treatments

OK, so we all know skin care is a long, consistent game and there are no shortcuts to a youthful finish line.

However, every now and then, when our skin looks and feels like David Hasselhoff on a bender and we need it to act more like Gwyneth Paltrow mid-juice cleanse, there are things you can do.

To be clear - skin texture, pores, dullness and breakouts are all normal. But we all have times when we really just want to wake up to a good skin day. And a good hair day, if it's not too much trouble.

Short of going to a professional for a tailored in-clinic facial, there are a handful of at-home products that work to speed up cellular turnover to achieve the radiance of someone who eats enough vegetables, drinks plenty of water and gets enough sleep.

In other words, you can use them overnight when you'd like to wake up with a new face in the morning. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

From peels to serums, here are some of my favourite at-home skincare products to use tonight that deliver next-day results.

How to Get Glowing Skin Overnight at Home.

The answer? Cellular turnover.

Cellular turnover is an important process for the health of our skin. It's how our skin produces new, younger skin cells while shedding the dead ones. The result? Skin that looks happy, bright and healthy. 

Our skin cells turn over naturally every 28 days, but sometimes, an extra push from skin care can prevent a dead skin cell traffic jam on your face. Unless you overdo it with the exfoliation, but that’s a story for another day.

(You can learn more about cell turnover in our YouTube tutorial below!)

As our skin gets older, sadly, our cellular turnover process slows down.

But incorporating chemical exfoliant skincare ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy Acids (glycolic, lactic or mandelic acids) or retinols (the gold standard for everything our skin needs) can help.

How? They speed up the skin cell turnover process for glowier results, faster.

Best At-Home Skin Treatments.

1. Cosmedix Defy Exfoliating Treatment.

Cosmedix Defy Exfoliating TreatmentCosmedix Defy Exfoliating Treatment

What: Cosmedix Defy Age-Defying Treatment

Why it's so good:

This treatment is a gentle exfoliant I use as a serum when I want to wake up with a glow, minus the whole ‘burning your face off’ bit.

It’s a blend of L-Lactic Acid (gentle, yet hydrating), L-Malic Acid (brightening and smoothing) and L-Tartaric (has antioxidant/healing properties).

I use it when I need my makeup to sit well the next morning as these ingredients gently keep oiliness and pore size at bay.

2. PCA Skin Intensive Age Refining Serum.

PCA Skin Intensive Age Refining SerumPCA Skin Intensive Age Refining Serum

What: PCA Skin Intensive Age Refining Treatment: 0.5% Pure Retinol

Why it's so good:

I honestly think PCA Skin make some of my favourite retinol-based products. Their tubes are tiny but mighty, and you only need to use a pea-sized amount a few times a week.

This product fights fine lines, brightens the skin and helps with breakouts. The retinol percentage of 0.5% is also a strength most of us can tolerate well.

In fact, when I’m having a crappy skin week, applying a little bit of this magic serum the night before always helps to ensure I wake up with clear skin in the morning. 

3. Mesoestetic Brightening Peel Booster.

Mesoestetic Brightening Peel BoosterMesoestetic Brightening Peel Booster

What: mesoestetic brightening peel booster

Why it's so good:

I love this product for maintaining a glow between in-clinic peel appointments. It’s also one to try if pigmentation or acne are a concern.

This treatment is predominantly glycolic acid, so if your skin likes other glycolic acid products, it'll enjoy this one. Just don’t go overboard as it can be quite spicy.

Use it after cleansing and before serums and moisturisers at night for instantly brighter skin. 

4. Alpha-H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum.

alpha-H liquid gold midnight reboot serumalpha-H liquid gold midnight reboot serum

What: Alpha-H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum 50ml

Why it's so good:

If you have sensitive skin and struggle to find a retinol that works for you, then Alpha-H has created a product that can deliver the glowy vibes you’re after – sans the irritation.

You can check out an in-depth Midnight Reboot review by our Senior Editor Amy Clark here.

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