The Exfoliating Product That Transformed My Skin Texture in Less Than a Month

Laetitia PelchLaetitia Pelch

When it comes to building a good skincare routine, there are three main steps: cleansing your skin correctly, applying moisturiser and wearing sunscreen every day.

But once you've got those down pat, you can move onto more exciting things. Things like exfoliation. If this step isn't already in your routine, you're missing out on the key to a glowing complexion.

I would know, because up until recently, I never really committed to regular exfoliation. I have 'normal' skin and my main skin concern has always been hyperpigmentation, so I dabbled with exfoliating here and there.

But back when wearing masks became an everyday thing, my skin began breaking out severely. Managing my mask-ne was one thing, but I knew I had to find a solution to treat the unwanted dark spots left behind long after the pimples were gone.

(Fun fact: darker skin tones generally have more melanin or pigment, which means the skin is prone to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation dark spots after skin inflammation like acne or blemishes.)

The answer? A new(ish) exfoliating product that, no joke, helped to transform my skin texture in less than a month. Keep scrolling for my Maaemo Fruit Enzyme Refiner review, and before and after photos.

Why Should You Exfoliate, What Are the Benefits?

Every 30 days or so, your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells. But sometimes, this natural process isn't quite enough, especially if you're looking to target skin concerns like congestion, uneven texture or hyperpigmentation. Using an exfoliating product will help to speed up this process.

Generally speaking, there are two main types of exfoliation: physical exfoliation using a scrub product containing small particles, and chemical exfoliation through alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) to dislodge and remove dead skin build up.

You can learn way more about the different types of exfoliation for glowy skin in our guide to exfoliation YouTube video below!

What Is the Maaemo Fruit Enzyme Refiner?

This brings me to the Maaemo Fruit Enzyme Refiner 60ml - a product that's both a chemical and physical exfoliator.

The brand is also Australian-made, organically certified, and vegan and cruelty-free.

Utilising fruit-based enzymes from pineapple and papaya, and diatomaceous earth grains for a gentle scrub, Maaemo Fruit Enzyme Refiner combines the best of both types of exfoliation and is suitable for all skin types. If you find scrubs or AHA/BHA exfoliants too harsh, enzyme exfoliation is a great alternative.

maaemo fruit enzyme refiner reviewmaaemo fruit enzyme refiner review

You can use this exfoliant in a few different ways - for an ultra gentle treatment, apply a 10 cent-piece amount of product to the face and gently massage before rinsing off.

If you're used to chemical exfoliation, you can also leave this mask on for a minute to allow the acids and enzymes to work their magic, before massaging into the skin and rinsing.

My Maaemo Fruit Enzyme Refiner Review.

Full transparency, I'm not a big fan of physical exfoliators (too easy to go overboard), but this one is literally magic in a bottle. I was honestly surprised by just how well it worked for my skin.

The texture of the Maaemo Fruit Enzyme Refiner 60ml is a creamy oat-coloured lotion with bright red speckles from the diatomaceous earth grains. Applying the product felt like a luxurious moment in a spa, minus the price tag. Even the smell alone was incredible.

maaemo fruit enzyme refiner reviewmaaemo fruit enzyme refiner review

I know how frustrating it is to start using a product and not see results straight away (good things do take time), but the good news is, you'll feel a difference with this exfoliant after the first use.

Once I rinsed it off, this gentle but effective exfoliant left my skin silky smooth and super hydrated. I didn't experience any tightness or irritation, which can occur after exfoliation. I couldn’t stop touching my skin and was so excited for my next exfoliating session.

I've been using this exfoliant every two to three days as recommended, and I started seeing some major changes within a month. My skin was definitely brighter and my dark spots slowly began fading.

Here are my one month before and after results.

maaemo fruit enzyme refiner before and aftermaaemo fruit enzyme refiner before and after

Please note, it's really important to wear sunscreen every day when using a product like this one, even when you're at home, because sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation to return.

Honestly, I don't have enough words to explain just how much of a game-changer this exfoliant has been for me. With consistent use, it's made such a huge difference to my skin texture and tone.

Basically, I now get why this product is one of the brand's best-sellers. And it's probably my favourite skincare product of this year.

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