I Tried the New $42 K-Beauty Cream That's a Godsend for Impaired Barriers

innisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics Creaminnisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics Cream

We need to have a talk about your skin barrier. Specifically, impairing your skin barrier.

Why? Because - and I don’t want to get too over excited here - I think I've found the K-beauty cream all impaired skin barriers are crying out for.

But before we get into this very exciting (*spoiler*) innisfree moisturiser review, it's time for that skin barrier chat so you can figure out whether yours is suffering.

What Is a Skin Barrier?

Put simply, your skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin.

As skincare expert Caroline Hirons describes in her book, Skincare: The Ultimate No-Nonsense Guide, it’s your first line of defence.

Oh, and “a waterproof shield so that vital nutrients don’t leak out of your body.” Delightful!

FYI Jo and Hannah interviewed the queen herself, Caroline Hirons, on the Beauty IQ Uncensored podcast, get it in your ears below!

Ultimately, your skin barrier is what determines whether your skin looks smooth and plump, or dull, rough and dry, based on its state and how it’s behaving.

Factors like unprotected sun exposure, using super hot water to wash your face, overly abrasive products, or ingredients that cause irritation or inflammation all reduce the skin’s ability to heal itself. Thus, your protective layer can't do its job properly.

What Happens If Your Skin Barrier Is Impaired?

“Without an intact protective barrier, skin suffers from a myriad problems, including increased sun damage, inflammation, redness, increased breakouts, collagen breakdown, and dryness,” says beauty brand founder Paula Begouin in her beauty bible Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me.

(Is she talking directly to me?)

You see, thanks to the onset of a Victorian winter and the more frequent but very necessary wearing of face masks, my skin is playing up.

My barrier? She's being tested. And through no fault of her own, she's not coming home with an A+ on her report card.

Enter this K-beauty skin saviour: theinnisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics Cream - 50ml

innisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics Creaminnisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics Cream

Hold Up... What Is K-Beauty Again?

Since 2015, the western beauty world has seen the growing influence of Korean beauty trends and brands.

In fact, the K-beauty market is set to surge to a value of $21.8 billion by 2026, according to a report by Allied Market Research.

Korean beauty focuses on skincare rather than makeup (you can thank K-beauty for your sheet mask obsession). So much so, you might have even heard about K-beauty routines including 10-18 products. DAILY.

Thankfully, the latest K-beauty trend is a move towards minimalism - dubbed ‘skip care’ - and an increasing push for clean beauty and innovative ingredients.

Want to find out how to get hydrated AF skin? Joanna breaks down why you need hyaluronic acid in your life in our YouTube video below!

About Innisfree's Derma Green Tea Probiotics Cream.

Suitable for all skin types, the innisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics Cream - 50ml is all about protecting, moisturising and repairing the skin barrier from all those external factors we mentioned earlier.

The gentle, artificial fragrance-free formula contains a bunch of great ingredients for repairing your skin barrier, including:

  • Ceramides

  • Glycerin

  • Cholesterol

  • Aqualane for hydration

  • And, of course, the namesake green tea probiotics.

This green tea isn’t the same one you sip in your mug, though.

Grown on innisfree’s organic farm on South Korea’s Jeju island, their speciality green tea contains 16 amino acids that help with hydration and moisture. The green tea fermented probiotics are also proven to help protect skin from bad bacteria.

Combined, these help reinforce your skin’s natural ability to function and behave normally, meaning improved skin texture, less dry skin and even increased collagen building.

If your skin responds well to the product, even better news - innisfree have a whole green tea range. My eyes are on the innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and the innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Mask.

(Psst, this moisturiser is also exclusively available at Adore Beauty.)

My Innisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics Cream review.

Innisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics CreamInnisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics Cream

Innisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics CreamInnisfree Derma Green Tea Probiotics Cream

My honest innisfree review? I’m into it. My skin, too. I mean, would you look at that texture?!

I’d heard good things about the brand (shoutout to the innisfree face masks, innisfree orchid toner, innisfree cream cleanser… basically all of the skincare innisfree offers) so I was excited to finally get this K-beauty favourite on my own face.

Applied after cleansing morning and night, or as the last step of your routine if you’re using other serums or oils, it has an almost satin-like texture and feel on the skin.

The moisturiser is substantial enough to feel like it’s providing proper hydration, without having to worry about it clogging your pores. It absorbs quickly so you’re not left feeling sticky or too tacky, which is ideal if you’re applying makeup on top.

There’s no strong scent, which I personally prefer for my moisturisers, and it left my skin looking a little more nourished and plump. The moisturised feeling lasted until it was time for the evening application, too.

While previously I’d been reaching for much thicker creams to deal with dry or irritated skin, I'm pleased to report this one delivers all the same benefits, just in a lighter formula.

Goodbye flaky forehead! 

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