The Repair Serum Our Editor Swears By For Rosacea

When I say I've tried everything for managing rosacea, I really mean it. I've used cosmeceutical skincare for nearly a decade, stayed out of the sun (one of my known triggers) and I'm also having a round of Laser Genesis at Me Skin & Body (which I absolutely recommend).

The reality is, rosacea is not some you cure, it's something you manage on an ongoing basis. Proper diagnosis with a dermatologist or dermal clinician is key to understanding this condition.

What Are The Treatment Options?

Ok, so you've had your skin assessed, and turns out you've got rosacea. Welcome to the club. Now what do you do?

"The treatment options for rosacea largely depend on subtype, however, for all subtypes, sun protection, reducing skin irritability, and avoiding triggers for flushing (e.g. hot temperatures, spicy foods, etc.) are recommended," says Laura from Science Becomes Her.

"There are also various topical treatments aimed at improving the stratum corneum barrier function that have demonstrated effectiveness at reducing erythema and inflammatory lesion count in patients with rosacea".

That brings me to a new product that I've just discovered: Osmosis Skincare Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum. Now, I must stress - this serum will not solve rosacea. What it can do, is improve it.

What You Need To Know About This Serum:

For starters, it's not cheap. At $224, you'd wanna be sure it's going to do something. I don't beat around the bush with my recommendations, and never personally suggest unless I truly believe in its efficacy.

I started using this serum about 6 weeks ago and have become obsessed with it. When I first studied the ingredients list, I was initially underwhelmed. Why was it so short? Is there some kind of miracle complex in this that I'm unaware of? Turns out there is.

The hero ingredient in this serum is Trioxolane (ozonized ethyl oleate).

It's a stable oxygen molecule (a specialised extract of sweetworm wood), which works to neutralise toxins, calm inflammation, activate epidermal wound repair, minimise the appearance of pores and age spots, and improve skin texture.

  • This ingredient helps to slow the ageing process of the skin by repairing oxidative damage

  • The appearance of pigmentation and uneven skin tone is improved

  • Inflammatory conditions like acne, rosacea, perioral dermatitis and melasma are calmed

Who's This Serum Most Suited To?

Created to be used on any area experiencing inflammation, including on rosacea or dermatitis-prone skin, this serum can also be used to resolve temporary inflammation from shaving or post-treatment.

This ultra lightweight serum acts as a humectant to preserve moisture in the skin and support the delicate barrier, with antimicrobial functions that also fight against fungal and bacterial infections related to inflammatory skin conditions like acne.


What's The Verdict?

While I'm hesitant to tell everyone to go out and buy this product due to the price point, I understand the struggles that come with finding suitable skincare for inflammatory conditions, and that sometimes it's worth the splurge.

I've seen much faster healing time since using this product, and despite having some weird iso-skin issues in the last few weeks, my skin has bounced back fast from irritation and sensitivity. Inflammation around a random breakout eased within a day or so, and my skin looks healthy and vibrant. Plus, this serum layers very well with other skincare products.

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