Everything You Need To Know About asap's Newest Product

Here's a glimpse into my life story. When I was 18, I started an admin job at a cosmetic skin clinic. I had just started my journalism degree, and assumed this would be a good "uni job". Little did I know, I'd never escape the industry once I was lured in.

The shelves of this clinic were lined with asap skin products - the first skincare brand I ever trained with. And a brand I still use and rave about to this day, about nine years later.

I finished that degree, and rotated through a number of clinics and surgical practices, before landing here at Adore Beauty over four years ago. Since that day, I think I've convinced every person I know/have ever spoken to, to buy the super b complex.

But there's a new product on the must-try list: asap's new Liquid Platinum.


What Is Liquid Platinum?

This lightweight product (which reminds me of an essence/toner) is an overnight treatment specifically designed to support the skin's natural regenerative process that happens while we sleep.

Particularly effective in improving uneven skin tone, textural irregularities, pigmentation and other signs of ageing, this treatment will give your skin a serious boost as you snooze, leaving you with brighter and more refined skin the following day.

Liquid Platinum the perfect product for pre-event prep, as it helps to create a smooth canvas for makeup to glide onto, and helps to resolve textural issues.

You can expect this product to:

  • Leave your skin looking brighter and more even, improving concerns like pigmentation

  • Improve the skin's barrier function and moisture levels, preventing dehydration

  • Improve the appearance of signs of ageing like fine lines

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What's In It?

The key ingredient in this product that you'll be familiar with is Glycolic Acid. The team at asap have developed an AHA complex featuring Glycolic, which gently and effectively sloughs away the build-up of dead skin cells without causing irritation. It can also improve elasticity and skin firmness by promoting collagen production.

Another notable ingredient in this formula is Arginine - an essential amino acid and antioxidant. This ingredient not only helps to boost our skin's own Natural Moisturising Factors, but it also protects against free radical damage, increases hydration, and boosts collagen production.

I'm not done yet. Saccharide Isometrate is a plant-derived complex that locks in moisture to prevent dehydration, while potent antioxidant Larch Wood Extract decreases melanin synthesis, and protects against oxidative stress, resulting in an improvement in uneven skin tone.


How Do I Use Liquid Platinum In My Routine?

So, the beauty of this product is that thanks to a low pH delivery system, the products applied after this treatment can actually penetrate the skin better for more enhanced results. So, how do you incorporate this into your routine?

  • Press a cotton pad over the pump to drench with the solution, and swipe over a clean, dry face after cleansing

  • Allow a moment for it to absorb into the skin before applying your serums over the top

  • Finish with a moisturiser or night cream to lock everything in (or you can use the product alone as an intensive treatment)

As asap Liquid Platinum features an AHA complex, I recommend alternating this with your radiance serum and a+ serum if you use them in your routine, as using these ingredients on the same evening may cause irritation. Liquid Platinum pairs well with the super b complex and DNA renewal treatment.