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asap super B complex 30ml 30ml

4.7 of 317 reviews

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4 instalments of $18.53


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The iconic asap super b complex is famous for its ability to boost skin radiance. Infused with high concentrations of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to help reduce and prevent dehydration while boosting collagen production and minimising redness and inflammation, combined with other powerful active ingredients that will leave your skin glowing.

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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asap super B complex 30ml

asap super B complex 30ml

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Customer Reviews

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4.7 of 317 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

New favourite product!


I have been using this product for about 3 months now and it has overhauled my skin! Nice, lightweight, non-sticky formula, I pop it on under my ASAP moisturiser each morning and evening. I've found that in conjunction with the moisturiser my skin has been SO much clearer, noticeably less congestion, and has helped my the little bit of acne scaring I have to wear I barely notice they're there anymore.
I would highly recommend this product, stick with it, and use in conjunction with a ASAP moisturiser that's right for your skin type.

Most Helpful Criticism

Wouldn't buy again


Can't really say I have seen any results - rather disappointing considering the price. I expected a smoother surface and smaller pores but no difference after over a month
  1. New favourite product!


    I have been using this product for about 3 months now and it has overhauled my skin! Nice, lightweight, non-sticky formula, I pop it on under my ASAP moisturiser each morning and evening. I've found that in conjunction with the moisturiser my skin has been SO much clearer, noticeably less congestion, and has helped my the little bit of acne scaring I have to wear I barely notice they're there anymore.
    I would highly recommend this product, stick with it, and use in conjunction with a ASAP moisturiser that's right for your skin type.
  2. It's a nice addition


    This serum is an easy addition to my skin care. Feels lovely and goes on smoothly. No huge difference noticed in my skin yet but I'm keen to keep going with it. So far, so good!
  3. A favourite serum


    I tried this product after hearing reviews about how great a serum it was and I totally agree. I use it every morning in my routine and love it. It’s so light and easy to apply with a pump function that gives a measured amount.
  4. Amazing addition to my routine.


    I have been using this for about a week now and I’m truly noticing the difference. My skin overall looks more healthy, glowing and the appearance is far more even. I am now going to look into adding the radiance serum into my routine now that I’ve tried this and loved it. The gel serum goes on easily, isn’t too thick, greasy or tacky- it’s just a nice consistency that’s perfect for layering other products.
  5. A staple in my routine


    Definitely a super product. AM & PM this little b-eauty, helps keep my skin look amazing and hopefully helps with my endeavour to look like I am 30 when I am 40. My inflammation has reduced since using this in my routine and I am now on to my second bottle. I would definitely recommend!
  6. Can't live without it


    I have dry, sensitive skin and this serum makes such a difference.
  7. The god of daily serums


    I’ve been using this product for about 3 years, my skin loves this as a regular day and night serum, I use this as my first serum before applying either my makeup or additional night serum. It glides I’m easily, soaks up and provides a good base layer and feel it provides me with enough moisture so I don’t need moisturiser. My skin is acne prone and doesn’t flare it up.
  8. Love it!


    I love this serum. I have oily & acne-prone skin and this doesn't irritate it at all. My skin is so glowy and I actually think my acne scars are fading just from using this product! I 100% recommend.
  9. Best Vit B


    I have never used a vitamin B but I spoke to a friend and she recommended to add vit b into my daily routine. I can’t believe I’ve gone all these years without one!! She recommended this asap one to me and I haven’t looked back! It feels amazing on my skin and love how once it’s applied my skin feels tight and looks refreshed! I think it’s a great price for the results and brand
  10. Game changer


    This has cleared up my acne! I get hormonal acne on my chin twice a month, and I used to find that I'd only just get it under control before it would flare up again, but this seriously keeps it at bay! I'm not breaking out as badly and when I do get a few white heads they seem to heal after a few days. I also use an Alpha H spot pimple gel.
  11. Beautiful hydrating serum


    Love this serum - works beautifully morning or night in conjunction with my Vitamin C and Niacinamide serums - no irritation and no stickiness. Would highly recommend!
  12. Just switched


    I have just switched to this since becoming pregnant but I already can see the changes in my skin. My acne has cleared up, my skin is glowy and hydrated and my fine line are disappearing. Highly recommend
  13. Brightening and moisturising


    A really nice serum for your morning routine, saw a big change in the brightness of my skin and how much fresher it looked after a few days of using it. I also find it quite moisturising and don't get dry spots on my nose like I used to. Also sinks into the skin and doesn't leave a film, going nicely under makeup.
  14. Good but not great


    Good moisturiser, nourished my skin and i have oily skin. Cheaper one's also have the same results
  15. Forgot how much I love this serum!


    I used this serum years ago with great results, somehow when it ran out I didn't replace it and promptly forgot about it until I heard Jo rave about it on the podcast and decided to give it another go. Kicking myself I stopped using it, this in combo with the ASAP Radiance Serum is working wonders!
  16. A bit sticky for me


    I have to asmit I didn’t give this serum a fair chance. Im all about textures and as it was too sticky for me I gave it away.
  17. Plumping


    This serum is a life saver! Since using this serum I have noticed my skin become more plump and hydrated.
  18. Wouldn't buy again


    Can't really say I have seen any results - rather disappointing considering the price. I expected a smoother surface and smaller pores but no difference after over a month
  19. Beautiful skin


    Since falling pregnant I have switched out all my Reginald and replaced it with this. It’s such a beautiful serum even my hubbys uses it now! It’s helped keep my skin looking beautiful and glowy and keep my acne under control
  20. Great all round serum


    A fabulous serum for all ages and all skin types. It really is a great hydrator and also good for lines, wrinkles, scars and acne.
  21. Soothing and hydating


    I have been using the Aspect B serum for roughly two years & it is my go to serum and the beginning of my skincare routine each morning (post cleansing).
    It is so hydrating, sometimes I don't even realise I haven't put my moisturiser on yet.
    I have sensitive skin, and I I have tried the Dr Aspect B serum which can sometimes be too strong and makes my eyes puffy.
    My skin therapist also looked at all the ingredients and gave it the tick of approval - it also has a nicer price tag than some of the other serums.
    Hydrating, aids in the fading of pigmentation left my blemishes, and calms redness.
    I generally stock up with at least two bottles every time I place an order on Adorebeauty!

  22. Amazing


    Love this product, I use it under my moisturizer. It’s a staple for me
  23. Don't know


    Not sure exactly what this has done. Have used it over the last few months. It doesn't soak in straight away like others I have tried.
  24. amazing


    great for acne skin, i found that this was just a more intense version of the ordinary and that is what helped clear my skin, great to reduce oiliness too
  25. A must have


    I recently started using this serum as part of my nighttime routine. I absolutely love how light it is and the changes it’s made to my skin. It feels more hydrated and clear than ever before. I’ve had 5 friends buy this product since I’ve told them how much I love it and all of them have found the same!
  26. Feels amazing


    I’ve been using this product for a week now. I love how it’s quick absorbing which means I can use my vitamin c straight after. Really happy with this product so far! Looking forward to seeing results after more uses.
  27. Great all round serum


    My beautician who waxes my eyebrows recommended this to me, and since then I haven't turned back. I own a lot of skin care products, but this one seems to be up in the top 10. I find it does what it claims, and although it is quite expensive if it works for you, you will fall inlove!
  28. Pretty good


    After hearing Sarah's Day rave about this product I thought I would give it a go. I've been using it for about a month and so far it's pretty good. I do think my skin looks brighter, and even when I have make-up on, I'm noticing I have a more natural dewy look.
  29. amazing to clear skin


    I love this product. Bought after heard amazing reviews about it, and lives up to expectations. I have oily, congested skin and cleared it after consistent use
  30. Game changer


    I use this day and night and is a staple. It has made such a difference to my 37 year old combination skin. It definitely makes it brighter and smoother.
  31. Sticky


    I really wanted to love this after Sarah day raved about it. Unfortunately I didn’t like it as much. It didn’t really clear up my acne and it never really settled, always felt tacky and sticky.
  32. My FAVOURITE serum ever!

    Sarah Q

    I have really dry skin that gets dull when I don’t care for it properly... this serum is gold! I love how hydrated, fresh and smooth it makes my skin look and feel
  33. Nice product


    I am obsessed with serum and have been trying quite a lot of brands, from commercial products to the doctor specialised products. This serum has lovely smell and is quite nice to the skin. Not the best but good product
  34. Super hydrating, nice and light


    I'm a self confessed serum addict. I think I've tried every brand possible... but keep coming back to ASAP. About 75% of all my skincare products are from this brand because they really are that good. This super B complex will leave your skin feeling baby smooth, particularly after a good exfoliation session. It's not tacky or sticky like some B serums can be, I find it's actually really light and hydrating from the second it's on your skin. In love!
  35. LOVE IT!


    This is my fave B serum! I can see a decrease in my redness and my skin feels overall more hydrated and plump. Love!
  36. Fav serum of all time!


    This is one of the fav skincare products of all time! I instantly see a difference in my skin the very next day, and this so rarely happens with skincare! The lovely gel texture is so nice to apply, sinks straight in, and it makes my skin glows! I recommend to all my friends, and always am on the hunt for a b serum And nothing loves up to this one in my books!
  37. Amazing!!!

    Kelly M

    Love love LOVE this serum! Received a sample initially then bought the bottle, best serum I’ve tried in ages!
  38. Love this product


    After reading the reviews on this I decided to give it a go. I use the super B in combination with the ASAP super C serum and LOVING it! After 1 week my skin is noticeably softer... it kind of glows now.
  39. Great product but not my favourite


    This serum did make my skin look nice, however I have purchased other serums at more affordable price points that made my skin much nicer. I find it did not hydrate to the level that I had hoped.
    The consistency is a nice gel, however I found it quite difficult to spread without using and excessive amount as it dries quite fast.
  40. Looooove!!!


    I love this product! Feels really nice on my skin and I believe it has improved the texture of my skin and decreased redness. I use it morning and night and a little goes a long way. It's a bit pricey but worth it.
  41. Amaze


    This serum is so beautiful to use. Super hydrating and since using it my skin definitely looks more radiant. Perfect for day and night because it’s not too heavy. Big yes from me
  42. Reduce the appearance of redness!


    I have suffered from redness on my face for quite a while now and have struggled o find a product that will help minimise the appearance. I have finally found a product that works!! This serum is a great all-rounder as it has reduced redness, boosted my skins radiance and helped to hydrate!
  43. Calming, cooling and hydrating! My fav B serum


    I have been using this for 2 years now. I regularly recommend this product to friends. Has a very nice calming, cooling effect while hydrating my skin. Can notice the texture of my skin improving when i use this. Worth every penny! I do wish I could see when the bottle is getting close to empty though. Apart from that, this is a stable in my skin care routine.
  44. Amazing


    After seeing Sarah's Day saying how much this product worked for her i decided to give it a try, at first i was worried it wouldn't work with my oily hormonal skin but i absolutely love it!!
  45. Nice hydrating serum


    This was the first B complex serum I have tried. The serum itself is lovely, not too runny and has a nice consistency. I did found that it helped my skin with dryness and didn't cause any irritation.
  46. Great Product!


    I don't usually write reviews but I needed to for this serum! Joanna recommended this and the customer care rep on AB. I only received this product Friday and It has been 2 days and I have already seen instant results.
    I am 24 with rosacea and my skin was so dry due to the seasonal change. After 2 days of using the serum my skin is clearer, less irritated and dydrated and glowing :)
    Looking forward to trying more of this line.
  47. Worth it!


    Love ASAP - beautiful products and great prices. Have tried many vitamin b serums but this one is my all time fave. Leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and glowy.
  48. Fave


    This is actually my favourite vitamin B serum. I didn't realise until recently that this contains AHA's. Great product
  49. Love this product


    I Love this product, it makes my skin feel hydrated and it makes my skin glow.. I work in the desert, so hydration is important to me due to the harsh conditions. I use morning and night. asap also has the bonus of being a vegan product.
  50. Worth the price!


    I use this every night after cleansing and before my night time mosituriser. It has lasted me so long with just a pea sized amount, I feel it makes my skin more glowy.
  51. perfect day serum


    I was pretty worried about trying this out initially as I've heard so many people break out from niacinamide, can't believe I waited so long to try this! My skin looks so smooth and radiant, I am so happy with this product. It works really well under makeup but make sure you use SPF after!
  52. Everyday moisture boost


    This product is my go to everyday product to boost my skins moisture. I use it at least once a day, but I often use more because my skin just loves it. It is like a drink for the skin. Super hydrating. I don’t know what I would do without it.
  53. Its ok, better products that are a bit cheaper out there.


    Product went on nice and it was easy to absorb, but hasn't really made a difference my overall skin complexion.
  54. My favourite vitamin B serum


    I use this each night under my moisturiser and it absorbs beautifully into my acne and oil prone skin. I hate running out! It's definitely my number 1 vitamin B serum.
  55. Beautiful


    Feels amazing to wear and although pricey does last even with daily use
  56. Love vitamin b


    Everyone should include vitamin b in their skincare routine
  57. Great


    love love love this serum. Helped improve my skin tone. Only reason for 4 stars is the price.
  58. great serum


    Quite expensive but worth the price. Suits my combination skin. Helps control hormonal acne and really gives a glow on the skin.
  59. Obsessed


    I love asap but this is by far my all time fav from them it go’s on so beautifully and sinks in like food for the skin I use it with every serum -day and night and go through it like there’s no tomorrow souly because it’s amazing definitely a holy grail product makes my skin hydrated and plump and ready for everything else I throw at it ;)
  60. Really happy


    I love ASAP products they are all beautiful. This serum keeps me hydrated and glows. I have been using on the back of my dry hands and it is plumping my dry hands up.
  61. Amazing for oily, acne prone skin


    Super hydrating, amazing for my oily and acne prone skin! I noticed a significant difference within a week and haven’t had a significant breakout since using it :)
  62. Keep coming back to this!


    Love this product, I like trying new products but keep coming back to this! Always makes me glowy and my skin has been pretty clear. It is quite expensive but it's lasted me ages as you don't need to use a lot, and there's usually a discount on asap products !! I like mixing it with the asap C serum
  63. Glowing skin


    I love the asap product and have gone back to buy this products for the fourth time. It has my skin glowing after a good morning cleanse and has really helped with scaring from my teen years.
  64. Skin feeling more hydrated


    I recently purchased a full size of asap super b complex after I went in for a facial at my local clinic and the lady recommended that i start using a b serum. I have used this for the past 3 weeks or so and have noticed my skin is more hydrated but unsure if i have noticed anything else. I will use this until the bottle runs out and see if there are other noticeable improvements to my skin.
  65. WOW!


    Omg so glad I finally took the plunge and bought this product! Can honestly say it is the only skincare product I own that has actually made a significant difference to the overall look of my skin. Will definitely be repurchasing!
  66. Great all rounder serum


    I use this in both am and pm. The texture is very light gel formula and easy to apply. It is great to make a layer before thick application. My lower cheeks are prone to some breakouts but no breakouts so far.
  67. I’m a fan!


    I recently came across ASAP by purchasing one of their sample packs - this was one of my favourite products. I noticed an immediate improvement in my skin. Was great for my dry skin.
  68. Can't live without it


    I ran out of this and thought I should save some $$ and go with a cheaper serum. Within a week my skin was dull and so dry it was painful and tight. I quickly reordered super B complex and have now learned my lesson! This is the only thing that keeps my skin beautifully hydrated.
  69. Lovely feeling, but not seeing results yet


    It feels great on my skin, but after using the sample I was given, I'm yet to see any results. I may need to use it for longer than 2 weeks , but unsure if it is worth investing in a full size
  70. Worth the money!


    I started using asap products including this serum about 12 months ago, and wow have they made a big difference to my skin!
    I use this serum in the mornings before moisturiser/sunscreen and my skin has cleared up significantly. I have much less breakouts and the blackheads which I constantly battled on my nose are significantly reduced. My pores appear less visible and it seems to help reduce the amount of oiliness
  71. Elegant formula and effective hydration


    Lovely to use, doesn’t feel heavy and penetrates the skin really well
    Layers great with other products. Would be great to use by itself during the hot humid queensland summer
    My skin was plumped and brightened
  72. Disappointed - just not for me!


    After reading SO many amazing reviews on this product as well as having one of my favourite health and fitness bloggers recommend it, I decided to give this serum a try!

    When I first started using it I was also using a new face wash and I broke out in so many small whiteheads. Confused, I took everything out of my skin care routine and started from the basics (just face wash and moisturiser) and slowly added things back to find out where the problem came from. After having clear skin for a couple of weeks I added the Super B Complex back into my routine and immediately the white heads came back. I gave it a week but couldn't handle the breakouts. Since first trying it in May (it's August now) I've given it 3 goes thinking "it has to work everyone has such good things to say about it" - but every time I break out seriously. Longest I've lasted is 2 weeks before stopping use.

    After a bit of research I've realised it's probably the mass amount of citrus oil in the product that my skin reacts poorly too. So, do NOT use if you've had bad experiences with citrus in the past!

    Giving 2 stars because I like all of the other ingredients in the product and I gave to my flatmate who uses it and her skin looks fab :) Just no luck for me unfortunately!
  73. Very moisturising


    This serum has really helped clear my skin up and given it a beautiful glow from with in. My skin looks fresh and radiant, i use most nights before bed. No irritation and I have acne prone skin
  74. Great for breakouts!


    I have found this helps to reduce inflammation from break outs and helps my skin recover a little faster than it usually would. I like to use this everyday as part of my morning routine.
  75. Effective


    I’ve been using this quite a lot lately and I really am enjoying it. My skin overal looks better, glowy and clear. It’s very moisturising love it!
  76. Amazing


    Loved the results of this serum. I use it daily and definatley feel like my skin is more radiant and youthful. It's now part of my usual routine and I'm trying some other Asap products as well! Converted!
  77. Def recommend


    I love this brand. Great quality products at great prices. Have tried many vitamin b serum but this one is my all time fave. Love the formula
  78. My favourite!


    Definitely a favourite of mine! I have repurchased this serum twice now - one bottle lasts me approximately 6 months with everyday use. Not only does it make my skin feel incredible but look incredible too - I've even had people comment on how glowing my skin is! If you have oily/acne prone skin and are looking for a serum, this is your go to!
  79. Very moisturising


    When I use this my skin instantly feels better, like I’m giving What it needs. It hasn’t irritated me and my skin always looks glowy the next morning
  80. Disappointed


    What works for one may not work for another.
    I read great reviews on this serum however I tried it and hadn't had similar results. My skin type is dull combination. I felt this serum a bit heavy and tacky, didn't feel hydrated either more like added to my dull complexion and looked oily.
  81. Not worth it


    This product is overpriced for what little it does. I haven't noticed any improvement in my skin since using this for 6 weeks. There are cheaper more effective products out there.
  82. One of my top favourites


    This is a huge part of my skin routine. I use it every night and I think my skin definitely looks a lot more plump and youthful. I think it’s really wonderful and I’m seeing great results. I think this will always be in my skin routine!
  83. Great!


    I got a sample of this one and wasnt expecting much but hey why not try it. And to my surprise its great!
    I have found my skin tone to be more even and not so blotchy with pigment. I have dehydrated skin and have been getting used to the idea that i have to start using a serum. My skin specialist told me i should be using a vitamin c serum for fine lines and sagging skin around my eyes. I would recommend this one if youre looking for a B Serum.
    Ultimately i want one for the eye area and the product info on Asap B & C serum is confusing. In one sentence it says keep them away from the eye area and in another it says suitable for eye area. This is something i need more clarity on.
  84. Love this


    Love it. Reduces redness and feels great. A staple in my routine
  85. Smoother, reduced redness and overall even skin tone


    I have been using this product for almost 2 years now, and while it took a week or so for my skin to adjust to the serum - it makes a HUGE difference. I have freckles, mild rosacea and tend to have pimple prone oily patches. Since using this day and night under my regular moisteriser, my skin is not only smoother and more evenly toned but pimples GONE. Rosacea redness and bumps significantly reduced and it has boosted my confidence.
  86. Unsure it does anything


    I’ve been using this for about 6 weeks, it feels nice and soaks In but I haven’t noticed any difference in my skin or it’s hydration levels or skin texture. There are other products similar and cheaper. Unfort will not repurchase but will use up for sure!
  87. Redness decreased!


    My skin has always been red and this product was recommended and I can see a difference after only using for a few weeks. This one will become a regular in the routine.
  88. Transformed my skin


    This product completely changed the look and feel of my skin. My skin has never been so supple and hydrated. I would definitely recommend
  89. Miracle Worker


    I wanted new skin care products and was recommended this Product and so far I use this every morning and in love with this product as it makes your skin feel healthy worth the price too. It's great for dealing with acne scarring.
  90. Positive


    I have acne proned skin and I’m always hesitant using serums. This serum is super hydrating and my skin has responded so well without any breakouts. I love it!
  91. Night time regime on steroids!


    As suggested by one of the AB staffers, I started using this under Alpha H Liquid Gold after I received it as a sample and went on to buy the full size. It has definitely amped up the effects of Liquid Gold and leaves my skin absolutely glowing and more even toned the next morning. Cumulative results of combining the two have really made great progress on lightening my pigmentation. I really love this serum!
  92. The fixer of everything!


    I have suffered from acne from my pre teens right through to now (32) and I wish I had found this serum years ago! My skin was very congested but also super dehydrated, sensitive and itchy (so itchy!). I use this morning and night under my moisturiser and my breakouts have reduced dramatically, my skin is no longer dry and irritated. Super B has also calmed the redness of my skin. I would highly recommend this to anyone with acne/congestion and dehydrated skin, I also use the asap aha daily cleanser and scrub.
  93. Hydration bliss!


    I suffer from hormonal breakouts and I also have dehydrated skin. This serum gives me the hydration boost and fresh, dewy glow I need each morning- without my skin breaking out! It’s a great base underneath moisturiser and makeup. Although, I’m yet to see results in regards to reduction of acne scaring.
  94. Not sure yet


    I bought this based on all the great reviews however I am still undecided on how I feel. I haven’t noticed any improvements in my skin as of yet. I also don’t like the tacky sticky feeling it leaves after I apply it for this reason I only use at night time. I also started to break out around the same time I started using this
  95. asap super B complex 30ml


    I wanted new skin care products and was recommended this Product and so far I use this every morning and in love with this product as it makes your skin feel healthy worth the price too
  96. asap super B complex 30ml


    I wanted new skin care products and was recommended this Product and so far I use this every morning and in love with this product as it makes your skin feel healthy worth the price too
  97. Better skin


    This product has really helped me with my acne and acne scarring. Really recommend it for acne prone skin
  98. Not Sure yet


    I’ve been using for a week now. My acne is still popping up so not sure if it’s helping that. I will keep at it because it has so many positive reviews. I will say it feels nice rubbing into my skin, however I’m not fond of the stickiness it leaves after so I only use at night time.
  99. 2 perfect actives


    I was looking for a Vit B serum with a moisturising aspect and this is it. This really really helped to clear up my constant breakouts. I used this product, with the cleanser and did 5 treatments of LED facials over around 8 months and I am so happy. My skin is plump, and clear.
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