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asap super b complex  by asap


Fight the signs of aging whilst flooding skin with hydration with Asap Super B Complex. An anti-inflammatory formula boosted with potent antioxidants, Super B Complex infuses skin with moisture to quench your thirsty skin and prevent dehydration. Created to deliver radiant results, Super B Complex is the key to unlocking a glowing complexion.


Key benefits


  • Hydrates skin from within, deeply penetrating to lock in moisture beneath the skin’s surface
  • Fights the signs of aging gently, minimising the likelihood of reactions or inflammation
  • Potent antioxidants boost skin’s natural protection against environmental damage whilst repairing past damage
  • Calms inflammation, evens out the skin tone, and minimises redness or irritation
  • Lightweight hydration won’t clog pores


Key ingredients

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) reduces and prevents dehydration whilst boosting collagen production and minimising redness and inflammation.
Hyaluronic Acid molecules are able to hold up to 1,000 times their own weight in water and lock moisture into the skin whilst plumping and visibly reducing dehydration and fine lines.
Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid gently exfoliate dead skin cells to minimise pores, uneven texture/tone, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines whilst stimulating collagen production.


How to use


  • Cleanse skin and pat dry.
  • Apply any lightweight toners or essences to maximise absorption.
  • Apply a thin layer of Super B Complex all over the face and neck.
  • Finish with moisturiser.


Who is Asap Super B Complex for?

This product is suitable for all ages, genders, and skin types. Those with dull or dehydrated skin will benefit most from the use of this product.


Is this product best used day or night?

Asap Super B Complex can be used in both morning and evening routines. If using during the day, ensure you protect your skin with an SPF of at least 30. Glycolic and Lactic Acids, both Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, can cause sensitivity to the sun.


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Buy it now, you won't regret it - 21-06-2018 by

I use this product daily in conjunction with the vitamin c and a. My skin therapist thought I was using a high end product! Seriously impressed with this range. A perfect starting point for those wanting to commence active skincare. Works wonders. I am a repeat customer for this brand!

Must have product - 20-06-2018 by

I mix one pump of b and one pump of the vitamin c and my skin loves it! Definitely a product I cannot live without

doesn't replace anything I already use - 19-06-2018 by

while I enjoy this and it works, it's not enough to make me stop purchasing the products I already use with the same ingredients from the ordinary. if you want something that's an all in one for a little extra hydration plus brightening and smoothing, then you'll love this. the price tag just deters me a little. I just reach for my products from the ordinary more because I can target what my skin is doing at the time - more smoothing, more hydration etc. it does work, I just don't prefer it to my other products

Skin feels amazing - 16-06-2018 by

I got this as I wanted to try the ordinary's version but doubt I'll be able to switch to that after trying this one! It is so nice and one pump goes a long way. My skin feels really good after using it and it absorbs quickly! I didn't get a lot of intense break outs but I've always had little dots on forehead, black heads on my nose and occasional hormonal little pimples on cheeks. My combination skin has improved a lot, the texture is much better and my pores are smaller. I use this with the asap anti ageing night cream and a chemical exfoliant!

Skin brightening savour - 15-06-2018 by

I love this product so much. I have dry and sensitive skin and was needing something that hydrates my skin and brightens it. My friend recommended this product and i will never go back.

So great - 14-06-2018 by

This serum saved my skin. I use it everyday, and it has never looked better. I have even brought one for my mum!

Not sure - 13-06-2018 by

Not sure if this product is worth the price, have been using it for a while now and haven’t seen any changes yet

Glowing and Hydrating - 12-06-2018 by

This whole serum business was all very new to me. With so many different types out there it can be quite daunting to decide on which is the best one for you. I have quite normal skin which develops a shine around 3pm each day.
This came recommended to me as a good place to start for hydration purposes.
I was worried at first that this would make my skin oily, but it definitely has not. My skin feels plump, dewy and actually has a glow!

Perfect! - 07-06-2018 by

After doing A LOT of research on the internet about important vitamins for the skin, it was apparent that the 3 most important vitamins for your skin is Vit A, B & C. I was then in search for a good brand to use because there’s so many rip off out there. Then I cane across ASAP. It is AMAZING! I love ALL of their products!

This Vit B serum is an amazing texture and is absorbed into the skin so well. I apply it to my skin after using the radiance serum, and I mix it with the Vit A or Vit C serums before they’re applied to my skin. I honestly think this serum is essential to every skin care routine.

MUST HAVE - 31-05-2018 by

The ASAP Super B Complex claims skin will be radiant and clear after use and that is not a false claim one bit. Suffering from acne most of my adult life, my skin has never been clearer or plumper and radiant and it is all thanks to this product. My overall texture has improved, hyper pigmentation diminished, skin is hydrated, acne breakouts are no longer. I use it together with the Gentle Cleansing Gel and in combination with one another, they work wonders. I would definitely recommend!!

Definitely a staple product - 25-05-2018 by

My skin is generally quite dry / congested and has the odd break out, however when I use this product I feel it really helps the hydration levels, and really does even out the skin tone.

Glad to go back after testing others - 24-05-2018 by

I’m relieved to be going back to this after trying the ordinary and skinstitut. Though skinstitut was great, asap seem to be a bit stronger and more effective. The ordinary has been very ordinary!

Amazing light weight serum - 23-05-2018 by

I can not get enough of this product! It acts as a light weight hydrating eye & face serum. I saw a great improvement in my skin appearance after a short time in using the B serum.

This product is a must-have - 22-05-2018 by

I have been using this product for a while know and it occurred to me the other day that I love it so much that I get nervous when I know it is about to run out - I can't live without it. My skin texture is so much better when I use it, with less redness and it does not feel dry or patchy any more - which I just thought was normal for me. Not any more.

Love asap products - 18-05-2018 by

This serum is great. Really light & makes your skin feel great after

Can't live without it - 17-05-2018 by

This serum saved my skin. I use it everyday, and it has never looked better. I love love love this!
(great for pigmentation and scarring).

Very Hydratting - 17-05-2018 by

This is a great hydrating serum. Little goes the long way, it makes my sking feels refreshed and hydrated after using it, not to mention absorbs quickly giving you smooth feeling.

Favourite product! - 12-05-2018 by

My absolute favourite product. So light and can feel it sinking into my skin. I cannot leave the house without this product on and since using this, along with other asap products, have reduced the need or want to wear makeup.

Don't leave the house without it on - 11-05-2018 by

Was hooked on asap super b complex as soon as I got it. Skin appears so much more hydrated when I'm wearing it and noticeably duller when I'm not. Absorbs straight in. It's now part of my daily routine, whether I'm wearing make up or not.

Amazing! - 09-05-2018 by

I have been having trouble keeping my makeup to stay on my nose as it tends to get oily during the day, then my make up disappears. This worked straight away to stop my nose and t zone getting oily and keeping my make up on! As with all ASAP products - great quality, well priced, and actually works ! makes your skin amazing !

Perfect for oily T zone - 07-05-2018 by

When I apply this to my T zone, particularly my nose, my makeup wears better. All Asap products are amazing and so is this one.

My favourite serum - 03-04-2018 by

I was recommended this product to help with acne scarring and pigmentation issues after my pregnancy. This product did not disappoint!! My scarring on my chin has pretty much completely disappeared and my skin glows! This is a serum I will repurchase over and over again.

Transformed my skin - 27-03-2018 by

After trying hundreds of skin care products, this serum literally saved my skin. I had pretty bad cystic acne and after 4 weeks I literally have 0 breakouts, and my scars have nearly disappeared. Using 1 pump day and night with a light moisturiser on top is the perfect combo. i would be lost without this serum.

The only serum you'll need - 27-03-2018 by

I was a little hesitant on purchasing this product because of the price when a beautician recommended it to me. I decided to give it a go and I don't regret it at all. I suffer from hormonal acne and skin sensitivity and this serum is the only product (out of 10 that I've tried) that doesn't itch or irritate. My skin hasn't looked or felt this good in years.

Absolutely love it - 19-02-2018 by

You only need one pump to feel super hydrated. It really is a beautiful serum, cannot live without it

Instant results! - 19-02-2018 by

I wanted something that would hydrate and repair my skin, and to be lightweight at the same time. This does all of the above and more! Honestly notice the difference in my skin tone and fading of a minor scar of my face after just 1 week of use. I use this with the gentlr cleanser (green bottle). Most amazing combo!

The one true essential - 14-02-2018 by

If you use nothing else - it has to be this. Truely my skin was dehydrated and red and prone to breakouts. This wonder serum balances your skin perfectly. I have been using for years and boy does my skin let me know if I ever run out.
Use twice a day for balanced, hydrated and clear skin

AMAZING - 06-02-2018 by

This is my one and only serum that I love. I have been using this for a few months and absolutely love how it makes my skin feel. I notice my hormonal breakouts have calmed down, my skin looks more glowy and hydrated even though I have combination skin this is not to heavy! I would suggest everyone using this as a apart of their current routine. I know it is small but I use one pump morning and night and I still have it!

Nice serum - 06-02-2018 by

It is a light serum that absorbs well and leaves your skin with a nice feeling.
It is hard to say if there's a difference, but what would you expect if you are 50.
I have been using it around 3 months in the morning.
I definitely like the the product and most likely I will buy it again.

Comfortable serum - 31-01-2018 by

This is a really light serum that absorbs in perfectly. I use it at night under the Advanced Radiance Hydrating Moisturizer around 3 times a week. I find that is enough to keep my skin feeling really comfortable and not over moisturized/heavy.

I had some pigmented patches on my face after my two pregnancies and since I have started using this serum those patches have faded significantly, and are almost completely gone.

Early days - 17-01-2018 by

Hard to say if there’s been a difference. It can leave skin a bit tacky, I prefer to use it at night. It’s easy to spread and absorbs fairly quickly. Will be interested to see how my oily skin is in a months time, as apparently vit b serums are good for oil control.

Great addition to routine - 08-01-2018 by

I have never used Vitamin B serum before and don't know what to expect. I read online about all sort of claims about it so really want to test it out. Have to say it does an amazing job. It's soothes skin sensitivity and redness and really helps with pore sizes.I can't say that it helps with anti aging. But if you used retinol products that make your skin sensitive, this really helps.

Daily product - 04-12-2017 by

I am in LOVE with this serum!
I use this daily and have noticed a huge difference in the tone and hydration levels of my skin
I also feel like my pores appear smaller

Love it! - 13-11-2017 by

I've got oily skin with open pores and this has helped so much!! Noticeable difference in overall hydration and skin tone. Very very happy!!!!

LOVE this! - 24-10-2017 by

After using this product over the last few weeks I have noticed a difference in the tone and hydration of my skin! I also feel like my pores are visibly smaller! Will definitely be repurchasing in the future when I run out!

This stuff is amazing - 10-10-2017 by

This stuff is seriously amazing. I've never left a review for any product ever, and believe me I've tried a lot of products... But this blew me away. My skin has NEVER looked or felt this good. Clear, smooth, it has cleared up my redness and faded my pigmentation and my skin looks so much more even and radiant. I am in love. I use this along with the ASAP aha cleanser.

Wake up with bright skin! - 28-09-2017 by

This serum has become a staple in my skincare routine! I love how it applies, it really sinks into the skin and leaves it feeling so soft and smooth. I use it every morning and night and in just a couple of weeks it has helped diminish redness and old acne scarring, and keeps current breakout from looking dry and flaky. I'm really looking forward to the long term results!

Wake up with bright skin! - 28-09-2017 by

I've been using Super B with the Radiance Serum for the last couple of weeks and I'm hooked! I love how this completely soaks into the skin and when I wake up in the morning my skin looks so smooth and bright. Both products have helped diminish acne scarring and redness that I've had for years, and keep any current breakouts from looking dry and flaky. I think I'm seeing gradual improvement to fine facial lines, so I'm very excited to see my progress with continued use!

Felt the difference straight away - 23-08-2017 by

As a 50+ year old man, I was a little sceptical about 'anti-aging products'. I have relatively dry skin, but felt the difference straight away after using this product. My skin is softer and smooth, and I don't look as 'haggard' after traveling (in aeroplanes). I have even seen improvements in the dark circles and bags under my eyes.

Beyond amazing product. - 23-08-2017 by

It has a smooth finish, does not leave my skin sticky or oily. I can feel my skin recovering. Nice consistency, absorbs into skin well. My skin feels hydrated and healthy. This product has done wonders for my skin. Easy to use and apply, it does the job and smells amazing. I have a sensitive skin and I have no issues using this product. The scent is very light and soothing, not artificial. My combination skin love this pressed serum which is easily absorbed without any stickiness and I wake up with soft hydrated skin I can use this day and night. Just what I needed.

Super Hydrated - 18-07-2017 by

My skin type is quite normal, and sometimes I get an oily t zone by the end of the day. This winter has been quite extreme and it has taken a toll on my skin. It has left my skin feeling dry, flaky and sore in areas. As soon as I introduced Super B into my skin routine I've noticed a massive difference in the texture and radiance of my skin. I apply this serum every morning and night after cleansing. It absorbs instantly into the skin and doesn't leave an oily residue. It takes no time in the morning to apply and leaves my skin to feel hydrated all day. My skin is looking better than ever! 100% would recommend.

Lips soft enough to kiss - 16-07-2017 by

As an older guy, I started to use Super B for the first time and I am really pleased with the way my skin has improved. I use it every morning and just before bed of a night. My partner has even commented, saying my lips are so soft and even nicer to kiss......;-)

nice product for blemish skin - 31-05-2017 by

I have got blemish sensitive skin. This product works for me,dose not cause any pimples or irratate skin. It is bit sticky but after apply facial cream it would not be a problem

Super b complex - 14-02-2017 by

I put this and super c complex on before applying my asap moisturising daily defence and my make up just glides on , saw a big emprovment in my skin in a couple off days love this product would never use anything else 5 stars

Fabulous Skin Restorer - 13-12-2016 by

My skin was dull, flaky and tired after recent surgery. I have noticed a huge difference pairing this serum under my moisturiser at night. Also helps make-up glide-on more smoothly when used under moisturiser and prior to make-up application. Would absolutely recommend.

Beautiful Product for Night - 27-08-2016 by

I love using this before using my moisturiser at night. Makes my skin feel more calm and it actually feels like it has active ingredients penetrating my skin. I tried wearing it under makeup and I didn't like how my makeup sat on top. I'm going to use as a serum only at night. Very happy with my purchase.

My go-to product - 14-06-2016 by

This product has absolutely changed my skin! I use in the morning before apploying moisturiser/makeup and in the evening after cleansing. My skin absolutely drinks this up and gives me an amazing glow after. Over 3 months it's contributed to my skin transforming from congested to flawless, to the point where this is the first time in 6 years I've been comfortable enough to leave the house with no makeup!

Hydrating + skin-refining - 10-07-2014 by

If you are prone to the winter flakies, you NEED this. It’s a gel-textured serum that you can use morning and night, and it gives my skin this great double-whammy of hydration plus skin-refining. It’s the best thing I’ve found to put a glow back into dull, dehydrated winter skin.

One of the great things about it is that it seems to work really well for all skin types - I know a couple of the other girls in the office love it just as much as I do, and our skin types range from oily, to acne-prone, to dry.

An absolute must for dehydrated skin - 30-06-2014 by

I had this recommended to my by one of the Adorebeauty staff and as it's made in Australia and the reviews are very good, I bought a bottle.

I noticed a difference in my skin almost immediately! My skin looked radiant and firmer looked better than it has for ages.

2 pumps is all you need and it goes on beautifully and my skin soaks it up quickly leaving no residue at all. If your skin is less firm due to dehydration-then give this little bottle of magic a go as it bring your skin back for firm radiance in no time

A wonderful calming, clearing, and smoothing serum!! - 23-09-2013 by

I have become fascinated with vitamin B serums ever since reading many articles describing their benefits. At first I tried the Olay Regenerist serum which has been shown to be as affective as many very expensive branded serums... however it broke me out :(

After trying the ASAP sheer tint moisturiser and becoming impressed with the results, and loving the fact that ASAP is Australian owned and made, great value for money, and derives their results using mainly natural actives, I had to try this and I must say I am VERY IMPRESSED!

I'm usually acne prone but since using this (with a few drops of rosehip oil) at night, my skin has become clear, hydrated, more even and taut. I noticed a difference in 3 days and am excited knowing that it usually takes a few week before noticing a dramatic difference when using a serum.

This product is great, I would highly recommend if your skin is dry and you have anti-aging concerns. Oh and one more thing, this serum does have a fragrance but it is pleasant and this still did't break me out even though it did. Amazing stuff, love ASAP <3

Love it! - 24-04-2013 by

I've been using this serum for about a month now and my skin is looking great. It's easy to apply and my skin soaks it up. I follow it with Ultimate Hydration at night and my skin is looking and feeling soft and smooth. Having just turned 40, I'm very conscious of what products I use and have been very impressed with the whole ASAP range so far. I would definitely recommend this serum and am interested in trying the other ASAP serums too.

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