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asap super B complex 30ml 30ml

4.6 of 537 reviews

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4 instalments of $20.48

Or 4 instalments of $20.48 with LEARN MORE

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The iconic asap super b complex is famous for its ability to boost skin radiance. Infused with high concentrations of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to help reduce and prevent dehydration while boosting collagen production and minimising redness and inflammation, combined with other powerful active ingredients that will leave your skin glowing.

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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asap super B complex 30ml

asap super B complex 30ml

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asap super B complex 30ml Reviews

4.6 of 537 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

New daily staple


I trialled this serum in the luminous set and fell instantly in love - just waited for a good sale before purchasing the full size as it’s not cheap! I use this first thing on clean skin in the morning, it’s so versatile you can wear it under anything, or mix it with the vitamin c to get the benefit of both. This is the perfect daily serum, my skin feels so smooth, hydrated and evenly toned, it makes me glow. Quick, get in now while it’s in sale!!! It’s a must-have.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for me


I’ve tried all four of serums from asap platinum collection. Only retinol is above average.
With this B serum, nothing stands out. I’m also not fan of gel like texture.
  1. New daily staple


    I trialled this serum in the luminous set and fell instantly in love - just waited for a good sale before purchasing the full size as it’s not cheap! I use this first thing on clean skin in the morning, it’s so versatile you can wear it under anything, or mix it with the vitamin c to get the benefit of both. This is the perfect daily serum, my skin feels so smooth, hydrated and evenly toned, it ma...
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  2. Best B Serum!


    I have oily acne skin. This serum is very suitable for me. I mix other serums in the morning and evening every day. It can make acne mark fade, and the skin is not so greasy.
  3. New nighttime routine


    This serum has improved my overall skin appearance and made my skin texture smoother and more radiant, it has really transformed my dry, dull skin. I have been using it with skin ceuticals retexturing serum and they work wonderfully together. My new go to nighttime routine.
  4. Alright


    verified purchaser
    A go-to product that is within price range. Wait till it dries before adding another serum as it doesn't soak into the skin straight away
  5. Got as a sample and fell in love - had to buy the full size!


    This product makes the surface of my skin feel like a dream - my skin feels so smooth and even. I love the consistency of the product and the way it applies.
  6. All Time Fav Serum


    I have repurchased this serum a number of times. I love it for helping with my skin barrier, moisture and pigmentation. Will continue to use this forever!
  7. Believe the hype!


    After hearing about this product mentioned several times on the Beauty IQ podcast AND a friend who uses this in her salon, I took the plunge into the world of Vitamin B & I’m never going back.
    Have been using in the AM with the ASAP Vitamin C serum & ‘my skin can see clearly now the red has gone!’
    The concoction of Vit B & Vit C together is the cocktail I never knew my skin needed!
  8. Beautiful on the skin


    verified purchaser
    This has become a part of my daily regime now, not sticky, use on my face neck and chest twice a day - love the softness of my skin and it actually glows now, even had compliments how nice my skin is looking
  9. Great results.


    I've been using this product for a month now and it's been great. Ideally I started using it to help with collagen production and but have noticed largely how well it's been able to help retain moisture to my skin without making it oily. I've even noticed my skin tone has started to even out over my face, correcting discoloration and redness from old acne scars. This product makes my skin feel so ...
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  10. Great product


    I love this product. It pairs well with the ASAP C Serum and the A Serum. (I mix) It makes my skin feel hydrated and fresh and I use it in my AM and PM routine
  11. I use this everyday now


    Again thank you for the recommendation Joanna! i will be repurchasing this product, it is an easy everyday product that i know will be doing good for my skin.
  12. Love


    I bought this after hearing Jo rave about it on the podcast. I feel like it does what it says. I am always tempted to put more on than necessary because it feels so good
  13. great for aging skin


    Great B complex with a combo of hyralonic acid and vitamin C my skin feels great. Strongly recommended.
  14. Great product


    I use this daily and love it, my skin feels brighter
  15. Highly recommended


    I can’t live without this product! Such a powerful little product that isn’t harsh on skin.
  16. Alright, lovely scent


    I received this as a decent sized sample and whilst it both felt great on my skin and had a lovely scent, I don’t intend to buy it. I didn’t really notice that I was more “radiant” after use and I feel that other products I’m using is providing better results that I can see when I wake up in the morning. Long term use may of course change this, but at $100 I’m not really inclined to try it on a “w...
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    The ASAP super B complex is my favourite serum.
    It’s brightens, and leaves my skin with a glow.
    It’s light weight.
    I have personally recommended this product to family and friends.
    I use this in conjunction with ASAP R and DNA as Recommended by Joanna, and I LOVE them! My skin has never felt so good.
  18. So far so good


    I’d been eyeing off this product for awhile so when adore had a 20% of asap I decided to give it a go. So far I’m really liking it. I think it’s made my skin clearer and it appears really fresh in the morning after I’ve used it the evening before. I don’t use it every day as I alternate between serums but I’m glad I’ve introduced this into my routine.
  19. Fantastic product. Makes you glow


    Fantastic product. Makes you glow. Has definitely reduced any inflammation and acne in my skin
  20. Seems okay so far


    I bought this after hearing Jo talking about it on the podcast. It’s a better price point that other B serums I’ve used previously so thought I’d give it a go.

    So far it seems pretty good - not life changing though. I think it’s good for the price.
  21. Super hydrating


    I love this serum! I have acne-prone skin, and hydration for me is so so important so that I don't over produce oil. This serum is light a big drink of water for my skin, and the added niacinamide is an added bonus. It has lasted me ages, so I can justify the price point. I'll definitely repurchase.
  22. Super B


    This super b complex helps with aging and giving hydration to dry skin! good for sensitive skin!
  23. Definitely yes


    This product has lived up to the hype. It layers well with other products (although slightly thicker than I expected). My skin can be sensitive but has not reacted to this product.
  24. Amazing!


    This serum makes my skin feel soft, plump and hydrated looking! A little bit goes a long way! Worth the price
  25. Awesome!


    This was my second vitB serum to try. My first was Aspect. Loved them both but ive stuck with Asap for 2 reasons.. 1. Price (cheaper than Aspect) 2. This one contains more of the different forms of vit B.
    Love the pump pack design that disperses the correct amount needed! I always feel i want to do 2 pumps looking at the amount that comes out but 1 pump is enough to do the whole face and ne...
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  26. Brightening serum


    I received a sample of this product and enjoyed how brightened and clear it made my skin feel. I would like to purchase but am unsure considering the high price point.
  27. Nice serum


    I hadn't previously used a B serum only C so wasn't sure what to expect. I find it goes on nicely and works well with my other asap products.
  28. Delightful


    I love this! I've used it in the mornings after my cleanser and I genuinely think it's working wonders for my congested skin with the niacinamide and the glycolic/lactic acid. There is a purge at the beginning, I won't lie, but I'm just soldiering on and I think it's actually making a difference. It's amazing how far 1 pump will go, so there's no wastage - I'm keen to see how many months use I can...
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  29. Stick with it!


    I tried this product about a year ago and it broke me out (which is unusual for me) so I ended up giving it to a friend however after continually hearing about how good it was from friends and from the beauty IQ podcast I decided to give it another go and so glad I did. It again broke me out with a few small pimples here and there however I think it may have been my skin purging as I kept using it...
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  30. Amazing serum


    I used this in the asap pack and was so in love I bought it in a full size. Highly recommend.
  31. Amazing serum


    I’ve been using this for over 6 months and it has made considerable improvements to my skin.
    It pretty much is like a real life filter for the skin. Use it everyday. I will definitely be repurchasing when I run out, which I oddly haven’t!
  32. Beautiful B serum


    Beautiful and nourishing serum full of your skin's B vitamin needs. Glides on nicely, absorbs quickly and leaves me skin feeling soft and supple
  33. Improved skin texture


    I use this ASAP Vitamin B serum day and night. It comes in a nice, pump bottle meaning you use every last drop and it maintains the integrity of the ingredients of the serum. I generally have normal skin but do get done pimples occasionally and found this serum to help with soothing my skin and improved skin texture and made it look and feel healthy. I also have hyperpigmentation and this keeps it...
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  34. Fantastic


    My skin is glowing and hydrated with less inflammation after using this day and night. My skin has improved so much in terms of hydration, inflammation, breakouts, dullness and the feel.
  35. Made my face radiant!


    I may be heavily influenced by the podcast. Hearing Jo rave on about this episode after episode I tried it and my face is loving it. I am more radiant and clear. I actually look forward to using this product.

    I wasn't using a vitamin B before, but can definitely see why she loves this!
  36. Holy grail


    An amazing serum with a beautiful light weight texture, lovely smell and provides my skin with an amazing glow. Wake up with skin looking refreshed and hydrated. Love!
  37. By far the best serum I have used!!


    I had BIG expectations for this product as so many people have said it is amazing and boy I wasn't disappointed!!!! I have oily skin and after the first use I have noticed a massive difference in the amount of oil on my face. I looked dewy and radiant for the first time in my life and not a glazed donut (as Hannah would say). Due to having oily skin I wouldn't normally put a serum on in the mornin...
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  38. All Time Fave Serum


    I didnt realsie why I loved this serum so much, and then I realsied it was the combo of vitamin b AND hyralonic acid! Makes my skin feel so fabulous and clear. Just buying my 2nd tube.
  39. works!

    Great night serum

    Skin is very radiant but its too heavy to wear during the day for my combination skin type so i use it as a night serum :)
  40. Very very happy


    I can not believe the effect this has had on my skin. I have relatively normal skin with a few spots and breakouts from time to time. I've been using the vitamin B serum day and night with my vitamin C serum in the morning and hydrating serum at night. The serum itself gives off a verrrry slight tingle when I put it on (makes me feel like its working) and blends over easily. It's honestly helped ...
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  41. 'Good'


    I received this as a sample and as someone that loves serums I was excited to try this out. To begin with I loved the smell and the consistency of the product, which I found easy to apply. It certainly 'did the job' however I am not going to rush out and buy it immediately, I may in the future but for now my current serums work for me,
  42. My Favourite!


    Note: I'm pregnant, and only started using this after I got pregnant.

    I purchased this as part of Joanna's collab pack with ASAP, and initially didn't have high hopes for it (I was more excited about the Radiance serum with AHA/BHA). However, I've been so pleasantly surprised by this! Previously I was using an AHA one night and then a niacinamide/HA combo the next, but I love how this...
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  43. Love it


    Made my skin super soft and smooth. Absorbs well into skin. I would buy it again
  44. Great serum!


    I have bought this serum a couple of times and really like it. It definitely keeps my skin hydrated, plump and calm. I have acne prone skin and recently ran out of this serum......and seem to be having more breakouts since ive stopped using it. Not sure if this is coincidental but its the only change to my routine. I thikk this serum is actually well priced for the benefits. I also love aspects B1...
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  45. Just lovely


    This is one of the first “actives” Ives purchased and it really is lovely. I have sensitive skin and I’ve had no issues with it at all.
  46. Super hydrating


    This product delivers what it has promised. I found it super hydrating but slightly thicker than I was expecting (I had expected a very light weight serum). It goes on well and layers well. Would definitely buy again.
  47. Everyone needs


    This is by far still the best product I have ever used, it’s perfect for any skin type
  48. Love it


    Super calming, my skin feels hydrated after using and have noticed a reduction in my pigmentation when I use everyday
  49. Not bad


    Nice texture, soaks in well, and you can wear it under makeup. I didn't see major results but I think I'm comparing it to Aspects B serum which is my fav. I think this one is a great starter serum if you're new to active products.
  50. Noticed a difference after using


    Got this as a sample with a previous purchase and have been liberally using it twice a day since. I've definitely noticed a reduction in oiliness, congestion and pore size in my T zone (I have combination skin) and as advertised the B serum doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all.

    Will definitely consider repurchasing after I try Vitamin B serums from other brands to compare.
  51. perfect


    I love this product! It feels nice and is very hydrating to the skin! Works beautiful with ASAP Ultimate Hydration moisturiser .
  52. B is for beautiful


    I mix a pump of this with the C and love it, instantly my face feels and looks smoother and brighter, I am half way through my second bottle.
  53. Hydrating


    Was recommended this product by a friend and love using this before locking it in with moisturiser in the morning. Super hydrating and no issues from my skin. I'm new to asap skincare but loving their products so far!
  54. My Go-To Serum


    Recently switched over to the ASAP brand for my skincare. This is my favourite product in the range. I use it night and day and have definitely seen the difference in hydration in my skin. Feels great underneath moisturiser.
  55. Great product for rosacea and acne prone skin


    I purchased this product after my dermatologist recommended it for my dehydrated skin. I have rosacea and have started getting breakouts since turning 30, which I have been told is due to changes in the hormones. I love this product and it has improved my skin a lot by hydrating it, and is not causing any breakouts although my skin is very sensitive. I highly recommend this product and can't wait ...
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  56. Obsessed!


    I love this serum so much, it’s my ride or die. My skin is brighter and more hydrated. My skin also feels more balanced and my skin tone looks more even
  57. Great product


    After trialling a sample of this product, I decided to buy it. I have combination skin, which is also sensitive, and this serum does not irritate my skin or leave it red. Looking forward to seeing results from long term use.
  58. Good serum


    I don't love serums because they are so thin and can feel like they aren't doing anything but comparing this to other I have used there is a big difference. It sinks into skin well and I can apply moisturiser a few mins after without products balling or mixing together. I purchased on recommendation from my beauty therapist to reduce redness and this mixed with their moisturiser her helped immense...
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  59. Best serum for sensitive acne prone skin


    This product is amazing if you suffer from acne prone skin but are sensitive as well!! Doesn’t irritate my skin and keeps it well hydrated as well!! Have bought 3 times already!!
  60. Leaves your skin feeling so smooth!


    I got this asap b as a part of the platinum pack and I’m in love!! Amazing texture and spreads onto your skin so easily, leaving it so smooth and fresh. I particularly love this when combined with the vitamin c in the morning. Will definitely be repurchasing!
  61. Love it!


    Absoutlely love this serum! I have acne prone skin and sensitive and feels so lovely on sinks right in and haven't had any irratations from it! Defnitley the best vitamin b serum I have used my skin in glowing! Cant belive how quick I have seem results you won't regret buying this!
  62. Great product


    Received this as a sample. Love it!
    Smooth consistancy, absorbs well. Makes my skin feel lovely. I feel my skin may have changed for the better after using this sample. I will definitely be buying this product next.
  63. Lovvvve


    I received a sample as part of my April goodie bag, and have used it the last 4 nights - the difference is amazing. I haven’t used B serums ever...actually i have only used an organic moisturiser/cleanser/oil, and at 37 i am really noticing dullness and a dramatic increase in fine (and not so fine) lines. This has brightened and evened my skin tone in just a few days, and i can even see a change t...
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  64. Love love love!


    This is my first time using asap and my first time using a vitamin B serum and my skin absolutely loves it! My face is always looking so clear, radiant, fresh and dewy. I love putting my skincare on now.


    I LOVE this serum. It is great as my first step of my nightly routine after cleansing. Also great to mix in with my retinol or other actives to apply evenly. My skin is so much better from using this.. plumper, hydrated, calmer and pores are reduced.
  66. An easy all-in-one B serum


    This is a great all-round serum as it combines several key ingredients in one! It soaks into my skin nicely leaving it feeling really hydrated and also mixes well with the asap vitamin c serum.
  67. Glowing skin


    Received a sample in a GOODIEBAG and loved it. This ASAP B complex leaves my skin clearer, shiny & smooth. I use it every day.
  68. Amazing


    This product saved my skin. A few years back I was in a desperate search for a product that will help my acne. Using this serum with the asap cleanser my skin has improved an insane amount. My skin has cleared up completely and I no longer get breakouts. I recommend this product to all my friends as I use it religiously.
  69. Like it so far


    I’m a big fan of niacinamide and this is exceptional. I received it as a sample and think the full bottle would be worth the price.
  70. Hydrating.


    My ever first serum that I purchased. I loved it so much.
    But after awhile my skin started to breakout. It has glycolic acid in it and later I ha e discovered my skin is not a fond of glycolic acid. It’s a great serum, but there is way better ones on the market.
  71. Not for me


    I have dry skin and have been using the Ultra MD Vit B serum regularly. I wanted to try this one with the AHAs to reduce my use of an extra serum AHA serum I had been using from Ultraceuticals that I recently finished. My skin is used to and tolerates actives well. I'm also currently using the Skinceuticals 0.5% Retinol every second evening. I have dry skin normally but not overly sensitive. Howev...
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  72. Nice texture, easy application


    This together with vitamins A and C products are my regulars for a number of years. The product have nice texture and doesn’t create any skin irritation. The skin feels nice after the application. I haven’t noticed any huge improvements but neither I noticed an improvement after using really expensive brands. Perhaps if I stopped I would. If you are after vitamin B I recommend this brand. The ap...
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  73. Skin broke out


    I received a sample of the B Complex serum with my recent purchase. I started using it once a night and the slowly in the morning and evening.
    Unfortunately, my skin didn't react well. My cheeks and jawline broke out after 4 days of using the serum. Such a shame since I had high hopes for it.
  74. Lovely serum


    Love this serum! I have combination skin, this really really helped my dehydration! I think I also have less congestion since using this. Tried a different hydrating serum and it didn't even come close to this, it's expensive but each bottle has lasted me a long time and I think it's so worth it.
  75. Lightweight and hydrating


    This serum is perfect for my combination skin. I find my skin just drinks it up as it is so lightweight and it has really helped with my skin clarity, especially my forehead, where I used to get tiny bumps. This product does a great job of preventing them, and keeping my skin looking really healthy.
  76. Favourite B serum


    I purchased this as an alternate to Aspect B17, as that one was too sticky and caused piling. This one is also slightly sticky (maybe my skin doesn't absorb Vit.B very well), but it definitely sunk in better and doesn't pill with my other products - also feels very nourishing!
  77. A+ for this super B


    I have tried a number of vitamin B serums over the years, and found it tricky to find one that sat nicely on my skin and delivered results. Then I came across this product and I am in love! It sinks wonderfully into my dull, dehydrated skin and mixes perfectly with my Aspect C serum in the mornings. I see a noticeable difference to the overall brightness of my skin when I stop using this (if I run...
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  78. A beautiful overall serum


    I've used this serum for approx 3 weeks and my overall skin clarity and brightness has improved. Still getting the occasional breakout and haven't noticed any real change to my redness, but generally my skin is looking improved. Will continue to use and likely repurchase.
  79. Great introductory serum!


    As the first serum I have ever purchased sap has set the bar high. I wanted to buy something to target hydration and this product certainly delivered.
    PROS: Smooth consistency, plump hydrated skin, no-smell
    CONS: I expected this product to even skin tone and didn't see this result - can't win them all, plastic packaging
  80. Love the results but not the texture


    My skin is definitely brighter and clearer since using this serum - I use it most nights. You need at least two pumps for your face and neck.
    The serum is like a gel and it’s a little sticky after applying. I’m not a huge fan of the texture but the results are worth it! I’ve bought it twice, I haven’t found anything that gives better results.
  81. Love the results but not the texture


    My skin is definitely brighter and clearer since using this serum - I use it most nights. You need at least two pumps for your face and neck.
    The serum is like a gel and it’s a little sticky after applying. I’m not a huge fan of the texture but the results are worth it! I’ve bought it twice, I haven’t found anything that gives better results.
  82. Perfect


    This really is an all rounder serum, it's so hydrating and beautiful silk gel, lovely light scent. My skin soaks this up and has improved the tone texture and breakouts.
  83. Super serum


    This serum smells amazingly fresh. It goes on and absorbs so nicely and sits well under makeup. This has definitely helped with my breakouts. It's expensive for my budget, but I find it's definitely worth it, and a little goes a long way. Also helped with my uneven skin tone. It's safe to apply right up to your eyes, so if you don't want to splurge for the eye cream, you can still use this for you...
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  84. Amazing serum!


    I have repurchased this serum many times now and it's only once I didn't have it for a while that I really noticed much it contribute to my skin clarity. After only using it a couple of days now I now realise that no other product gives me that glorious, dewy glow to my skin. A must have.
  85. Very impressed


    I have been using this serum for a few months now and could immediately see the effects after just a week. It has totally cleared up my skin and is super hydrating without feeling tacky on my face. I will definitely be repurchasing :)
  86. Hydrates my skin

    Erin C

    I’ve got combination skin and it had been dry with spending so much time working from home under the heater. I use the serum each night and it’s hydrated my skin - no more flaky bits!
  87. amazing!

    claudia 12345

    i love this product! so far so good! i purchased it for my concerns with my congested skin and hormonal acne. it makes me feel nice and hydrated after putting it on. laters really well with other serums and products too. My skin in general is looking nice and healthy after a week
    with this product
  88. Great serum!


    This is my second purchase of the super B serum. I use it every morning. It works really well with my sensitive skin. I also think it helps to reduce break outs :)

    Can be quite sticky but absorbs into the skin quickly. A little goes a long way!
  89. Perfect Serum


    I have very sensitive dry skin, and had this recommend to me, i use it daily after my shower and it always leaves mt skin feeling amazing, with no issues.
  90. All round skin booster


    This product is great for an all round skin booster.it firms and diminishes the signs of ageing. Leaves you with radiant skin
  91. Dramatic results


    I LOVE this - I’d say this serum has delivered some of the fastest and most noticible results in my routine. Now on my third bottle and is an essential for me. Clear, soft, dewy and healthy looking skin.
  92. The best of the best


    Honestly, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars for a good serum and when I first started using this serum the first week I could see results. It brightened my face and my skin has never looked this good. I’ve stopped wearing make up because the results of the asap brand are amazing
  93. One of my favourites!


    I use this morning and night religiously! It is one of my favourite products. Highly recommend!!
  94. Great texture


    I really love this Vitamin B - this is the 3rd time I have purchased it. It has a great texture with no strong smells. I use this serum first as I find it layers really nicely under my others.
  95. Big Big Fan


    I started using this B serum in the Platinum Skincare pack and I loved it so much I had to come back for the supersize! It goes on like a dream and absorbs super quickly. I feels really calming on my skin and has noticeably calmed the redness I was getting around my nose.
  96. Cleared skin


    My skin was breaking out and had clogged pores .
    So I got this and the radiance serum .
    After just 1 week of using serum B my skin is already clearing up ! Highly reccomend
  97. Surprisingly long lasting

    Eliza Jane

    I have repurchased this serum twice I think now. My skin loves this serum, it drinks it up. It is very expensive but lasts me 3 months (with morning and evening application).
  98. Hydrating


    Lasts a long time, great to use before moisturiser
  99. Skin-Transforming


    I finally got my hands on this super B serum after all the positive reviews from Joanna. And honestly, NO REGRETS! This is hands down, my FAVOURITE serum of all time!
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