All The Reasons LED Light Therapy Belongs In Your Skincare Routine

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen me rave on about the benefits of LED light therapy. Long story short, I was converted after a nasty fall left me with a giant bruise on my butt (I seriously mean the worst bruise you've ever seen), and I managed to fade that bruise in under 2 weeks with my Lightstim.

But apart from fading bruises, LED light therapy has many other benefits. This form of light therapy works to convert therapeutic wavelengths of light into energy-carrying molecules that drive cells to function at their best. If that sounds like a bunch of science jargon, just keep reading.


What Does Each Colour Do?

Different wavelengths (or colours) of light, are designed to treat different skin concerns - some devices will have one variation, while others (like in-clinic models) will feature multiple. LED (light emitting diode) treatment is completely safe for all skin types and conditions, and doesn’t involve any form of UV light.

RED: Red LED is traditionally the most popular, addressing fine lines and wrinkles, collagen production, inflammation concerns as well as sun damage. I use a red LED to treat/calm my rosacea.

BLUE: The blue light is designed to target acne-causing bacteria and the overproduction of oil, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties.

YELLOW: Yellow helps to improve radiance in general, but can also encourage healing and repair, collagen induction and improve the overall healthy function of the skin.

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Which LED Device Is Right For Me?

If we could all afford to have weekly LED sessions at our preferred skin clinic and we actually had the time, I'm sure we all would - but that's just not the reality for most of us. The good news is, there are at-home LED devices.

Don't be fooled, this device isn't just for treating ageing concerns. With only a red LED function, this device is excellent for anyone with ageing or inflammation concerns, or anyone who wants to look "rejuvenated". I have used it on bruises as I mentioned, and also use it to speed up the healing of blemishes and to calm down rosacea flare-ups. This hand-held device has a 30 minute cycle which can be repeated if desired.


This device packs a bit of everything into one. Cryotherapy, thermotherapy, Korean skincare, sonic pulsations, and of course LED (in three shades). With a 90 second cycle, you can give yourself almost a complete in-salon experience. It's my Sunday night luxury. I also like to control the LED lights and cool setting manually via the FOREO app when my rosacea is playing up.

FOREO Espada

This blue light device combines the powers of LED with T-Sonic pulsations to treat and heal acne-prone skin. With the same technology used by dermatologists, the blue light attacks acne-causing bacteria, while the pulsations help the blue LED light to penetrate deeper into the skin to help promote healing. The 30-second treatment with a built-in timer allows you to spot treat without topical ingedients.

FOREO Espada