Revlon Nutri Colour Creme

Revlon’s Nutri Colour Creams (often referred to as ‘Colour Balls’) are fabulous when you’ve had your hair coloured and want to keep it looking freshly ‘done’ between salon visits.

Essentially, Nutri Colour Creams are conditioner with professional hair colour mixed in. You use them once every week or so along with your regular shampoo, and they infuse fresh colour in your locks to keep the colour looking vibrant at all times.
Revlon has just released the popular Nutri

Colour Cream range in a 100ml tube, which is super handy because a) you can travel with it;b) you get 3-4 goes out of the tube, and c) it’s an affordable way to try it out.

I haven’t had my hair coloured in ages because I’m trying to ascertain what my natural colour actually is these days. I tried out the Nutri Colour Cream in 411 Dark Brown, and was so delighted to see the results after just one use. My hair looked shiny and fresh – like I’d just had a salon colour – it smelt amazing and was soft and silky to touch.

The colour lasts surprisingly well and fades naturally with a few washes; you then just use the NutriColour Cream again when you want another fresh burst of colour.