Episode 8: How To Structure A Skincare Routine

Happy Monday, Beauties! We're back for another episode of Beauty IQ Uncensored, brought to you by Adore Beauty.

What’s on this episode? We’re glad you asked...


Hannah started the week off a little rough, with a completely blocked ear and a trip to the doctor to get her earwax cleared out. We also discuss how NOT to clean your waxy AirPods.

How to structure a skincare routine:

Hannah got a good question this week: "I just always feel a bit confused about the right skincare routine. What products do you need in your 30s, what order to apply them in & what to spend you money on?" 

So, Joanna tells us exactly how to structure a skincare routine. And if you're looking for a foolproof routine, we recommend this skincare kit to our friends & family

Shop the asap platinum collection here.

The product we didn't know we needed:

Joanna's product: Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water

Hannah’s product: Hot Tools 24k Gold Curl Bar 25mm


Hosts: Joanna Fleming & Hannah Furst 

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How To Structure a Fool Proof Skincare Routine & More - Beauty IQ Uncensored Episode 8 Transcript


Welcome everybody to Beauty IQ the podcast.


I'm your host, Joanna Fleming.


And I am your co host, Hannah Furst. So what is on today's episode?


Ok, so today we are talking about ear wax because you've had a recent experience that you'd like to share, very kindly. And we don't have any guests today because the guest is me. And I'm talking about how to structure a skin care routine


A lot of people have asked about this


yeah lots of people. So yeah, that's what I'm talking about. And then obviously our products we didn't know we needed it.


Hannah started the week off a little rough. She had a blocked ear, and I did say to her that maybe she needed to go to the doctor and have it checked


I tried to get it out myself


We do not advise


Yeah, you push it in further.


Yes, so Hannah tell us what happened.


So I think that I produce a little bit more ear wax than most people




Oh, well maybe we just produce a normal amount of wax...


I feel like I produce more than normal people.


Yeah, me too. And basically, every few years, it gets completely blocked. I probably have to get it cleared out every two or three years


I've never had mine cleared out, but I really want to.


So the last time I had to get it cleared out, I was in Thailand and because of the humidity it ended up getting super infected. And as you know, I like to travel places where there's like, no...


no healthcare


No healthcare. So I had to get a boat to the main island and I went to like, one of those clinics in Ko Pha Ngan and had to go on antibiotics and they flushed out my ear. It was just an awful experience, so I would not recommend getting it to that point. So what happened in the last few weeks is... slowly, it's just been building up and building up, and then all of a sudden, I stopped being able to hear out of my right ear. Well, I was trying to clear it out myself.


I thought that you just might have had an ear infection.


No...So I was trying to clear it out, and basically I've been doing a little bit more research on it. What can happen is, if you're using cotton buds, you can push the wax further in. And once it...


haven't you seen those ads with ear stuff? And the buds are like pushing it? Haven't you seen those?


Yeah well, No. And that's basically what happened. And so I've pushed the ear wax right into my ear and it's fully blocked. And so I couldn't hear anything. So this week I was like, Jo I actually can't record the podcast because I can't hear anything out of my ear.




Anyway, So I finally went to the doctor and they had a look in my ear and it was completely blocked. She actually said that I had a small ear canal


which is such a compliment. Who doesn't want to hear they have  small ear canals?


Yeah, really sexy. That's what you want. And, so basically she... So if you've never had a blocked ear before, this is what happens- So you go to the doctor, they have a look in, they check that it's fully blocked and I guess not infected. Then you go to the nurse and the nurse then flushes it out with this like, syringe. It puts quite a lot of pressure on your ear.


Is it just a saline... in the syringe


Yes, I think so. But the only thing that you need to do, if you go to the doctor with a blocked ear, you have to use that Waxsol stuff for three nights before


and you were already using that weren't you?


So I have.. because I've already had it done before. I had been using it for three nights, but only my right ear. And then they looked in my left ear and they're like 'um, your left is almost blocked too'


No wonder she's... Whenever you say anything to her she's like 'What?' She could never hear anything.


Well, the left ear was also partially blocked. So they tried.


Ok. That explains a lot.


Yes. So they tried to get the left one, but they couldn't because it wasn't soft enough. So..yeah so just make sure that if you're going to go to the doctor to get your ears flushed out, you need to...


Do you have to lay down?


No, you sit up. You just hold like, a thing under your chin


Oh. You know what I was pissed off about guys? She didn't even take a photo of all the gunk that came out of her ear.


honestly I couldn't. It was too embarrassing. Like honestly, that's my limit.


Hannah, you know I love this stuff. It's the one thing you could have done for me.


Actually, what she said to me was, she was like, 'Do you want to have that?' Most people want to see what came out of the ear and I was like, 'Yeah'. So quite a lot of like wax had come out of the right ear. It's kind of floating around in the water.




Pretty gross. Yeah so, but the thing that I wanted to say was that she, the nurse, recommended she said, it’s actually because of... because it's been happening more regularly for me what she recommended was an ear suction place. So you can... Yeah so there's these places...


Love the sound of that


Yeah so they've gotten... and what they can do is they can actually look inside your ear and suction out all of the wax because she said, what happens is we're going in blind, so we're just like pushing water in there and we're not getting it all out. So the nurse recommended this place where they suction out all your ear wax. So go to your doctor and have it... If you struggle with ear wax


I've watched videos of that before.


Have you? I haven't


Yeah I've always loved to watch these videos on Facebook of like, really gross stuff


like pimple popper?


Yeah, like that's not even gross enough for me. I want to see someone get like, a bird eating spider out of their ear


You've got some weird fetishes


Yeah, I know.


I think next time I'm going to do is actually go to the ear suction place. Apparently, they... it's much more effective at getting all the wax out of your ear.


That's good to know.


The other thing that we've both talked about... We were at our desks the other day, and I'm like, 'Do you get like, heaps of wax built up on your air pods?'


Yeah I think it's cause we've both got really waxy ears. And we both have Air pods cause we're bougie bitches. And we can't clean our Air pods. Biggest first world problem you could possibly have.


I know. So, Joanna and I talked about this a lot, about the fact that we have waxy Air pods so the other thing about Air pods is that they're pushing the wax further into your ears. So that might be another thing I used to use, like wireless headphones


Yeah, they're probably better.


They're probably better. But I just love the Air pods




So the way to clean the Air pods is with a toothbrush.


Can't you just put like... like what if you just get an ear bud and put some micellar water on the end..




Like, without turning the Air pod upside down.


No, don't do that. I don't think Apple would recommend using micellar water


No, but not  like, not drench it just a tiny bit to make it moist


Um, Joanna I think you should stick to skin care advice, not technical advice. Please go to your Apple shop to ask for correct advice on how to clean your Apple Air pods.


Don't blame me if you ruin your Air pods.


I actually think, I looked on the website and it was...you use a toothbrush.


Is that what they said?


Oh I don't know. I think we're getting into bad territory now.


I don't think Apple would say that.


I think we should not give medical advice and also not give advice on your tech.


We apologise


Yes. If you... If you struggle with wax, just remember that if you get a fully blocked ear, make sure you use the Waxsol and then go to the doctor and get it flushed out. But an alternative...


I think that was medical advice.




We just said we weren't going to...


But you do need to get a doctor. But the other option that I've just found out that I'm going to do is get it suctioned out. I'm really excited for my next block ear.


and you're going to film it or I'm going to come.


You'll have to come to film it. We'll just be like, 'I've got my friend, can she come in, she's just filming. We do a podcast'.


She wants to watch this later at home


I had a friend message me. She's been listening to the podcast and she had a question which was 'I just always feel a bit confused about the right skin care routine. What products do you need in your thirties, what order to apply them in and what to spend your money on?' I guess I thought routines was such a basic topic, but really, it's probably the most important topic


Yeah I said to Hannah 'Can we do routine?' She was like 'No, boring'.


I just get saying 'No, no, no, not doing it'. But actually I think it's really...


I hear you guys. I'm here to help.


Yeah I feel like you're more in touch with the consumers than I am.


I am.


I'm just like, 'What do I want to know?'. So this is, I think a really good topic, to talk about skincare routine. I think that if you have specific concerns like pigmentation or acne, we have already covered that off or we will be covering that off later and the podcast. So really, we're going to focus on a really basic standard anti ageing routine, that if you're in your late twenties or early thirties or older, and haven't got onto an anti ageing skincare routine. This hopefully will be really helpful to you. So, why don't you start with the basics


So I want to start off talking about how to structure a routine because I often get questions about where the... 'I've bought this new product and I don't know where to put it in my routine and when do I apply it?' So the lens that I like to apply, and the analogy that I use is that your cleanser and your sunscreen are the bookends to your routine. So if you don't have either of these two essential products, everything else in the middle can't be as effective. So those two products of the most important things in your routine. Because if you're not cleansing a skin properly, those serums you're applying afterwards can't be as effective. And if you're not using a sunscreen, you're then exposing your skin to more damage. So those two were the most important things to start with, and then you can start to build out your routine in the middle. So my advice for building out the routine in the middle is to become a bit more familiar with ingredients and products that are targeted to your skin concerns. Forget what influences are talking about. Forget what I'm using. We don't have the same skin type. Do your own research if you can, and go back to Episode one if you need to, there's a lot of chatter about ingredients in there that will help you to kind of narrow down the products that are suitable for you and the concerns that you want to target with your routine.


And so, in this episode, I think we really want to focus on- Let's talk about anti ageing and the standard anti-ageing, without going crazy. Like this person doesn't want a 10 step routine. They don't want to use five different serums, and they don't want to rotate everything. So what would you recommend as like a really basic anti ageing routine in between their cleanser and their SPF.


I don't recommend a ten step routine. I don't think that's necessary for anyone. I think that's what people get scared off by when starting on skin care. You really don't need to complicate it that much. You just need a few key things that are really targeted


just really quickly, don't you think also, if they... say they introduce a couple of the products that you're going to talk about now. I, from my experience, and from people that I know, they basically get... they introduce a couple of really effective products then they're like 'oh I want to learn more about this now'




And then they start to do their own research afterwards. And then that's when the whole interest starts to ignite


Exactly. You've got to show them that they can get results. Yes, because they're probably used to using supermarket or chemist skin care and they're not seeing those amazing results that you can get from active ingredients. So I think once they're seeing those results, they're much more open to going 'Oh my God, what do I need next'. So I think starting off small and then going from there.


Very good advice.


So when it comes to products to use in an anti ageing skin care routine if you're starting off- I would always say vitamin C in the morning with your sunscreen, and then at night you would be probably rotating a retinol and a B serum or a HA serum and then have a good night cream as well and obviously an eye cream, so that's not too many products. As long as you've got your cleanser and your sunscreen in there as well. That should kind of get you pretty good results


and our guest on episode two he said, he's a scientist, and he said that he called it CSA- Vitamin C, Vitamin A and SPF. He actually made a really good point, which is, if you want to look 40 at 50 start using this at 30. Was that what he said?


Yeah, I think so.


Something along those lines.


Something like that. You can look like J.Lo


Yeah, just, look like J.lo. Like go back to Episode two, he had a really, the way that he described it really- it'll sell you. And then if you don't get any other products, you start on those three SPF vitamin C Vitamin A. And see what happens. The world will be your oyster.


And I know that people listening to this are probably like, 'So what do I buy then?' So the kit that I recommend to a lot of people and I just recommended it to one of my really good friends and she's been using it for quite a few weeks now is the asap platinum collection. That's got all of their serums and their night cream and a moisturiser, and there's a limited edition pack that has the eye serum as well. So she had been using that for a week. She sent me a before and after, and she was like, 'Oh my God, look how radiant I am. Look at my under eyes'. Like she couldn't believe it, but she'd never used good quality skin care before. So you also recommended that to your sister


I did. So I....we actually, we've never spoken about this before was the platinum collection. We genuinely have both recommended this to friends and family. So my sister, she wanted to. She's like, 'I'm ready, I'm ready for better skin care'. And so I said, I think you should get this pack because she- basically the pack comes with a little sheet that says, AM PM, an alternate nights and it's so clear, it doesn't talk about ingredients, and it's really, really clear.


It's fool proof.


Totally. You cannot stuff this up people. And, also it's really high quality skin care. Asap is one of Joanna's favourite brands. I also love the brand. The only thing that you'll need is a cleanser and also an SPF. But basically everything that you need is in that kit with a instruction manual. So I would recommend that to anyone that's just like 'I don't care. I don't know just whatever', and that's a really good one. But I think a couple of other products, if you just wanted to get individual products. I think the vitamin C that we always recommend is C E Ferulic.


Yep. I really like Dermalogica BioLumin-C as well.


I actually Aspect Extreme C.


Oh, do you?


Yes I do, I mix that with my new pigmentation products for all my sun damage


Actually- something that I want to mention if you do buy the platinum pack is to mix the asap C with the B serum. Because that's something that people are like 'oh the C serum, it's just pilling on my skin'. You need to mix it with the B. That is my trick.


I always mix my B and my C.


Yeah. Good. Oh, proud of you.


Yeah, always. I... It's called cocktailing. Serum cocktailing.


oh my goodness. It's a new Hannah. Who is this girl? Get her out of the room.


didn't you see my Instagram story on Friday night? it was like 10 p.m. And I was like... it was like, I had a new instructions- my new skin care routine that Aspect have given me for my sun damage and it was like cocktailing on a Friday. I was mixing the serums together. So yes, now we've talked about you can mix the serums together, talk us through layering


OK, so when you are layering products, and I get a lot of questions about this too, use the framework of applying it lightest to heaviest. This goes across your whole routine. So what I mean by that is you apply your water based serums and things first than any oil products and then your creams. So a trick for me though, is that I actually mix my facial oil with my moisturiser because I don't like the feeling of dry oils on my skin. So I like to mix them, mix it in my hands and then apply it. And then you don't get that oily finished that you can get from using a facial oil.


I find facial oils pill on my skin


Yeah, same. But I don't have any issues with it when I mix it in with my moisturiser


I am going to try that. I have this really nice facial oil sitting at home that just never gets used.


I love a facial oil, but I have to mix it with moisturiser. It's usually Phytostat 9. And then when it comes to sunscreen that is always the last step in your skin care routine before you will apply makeup.


So this morning, I actually ran into a little bit of a routine issue where I... don't usually use a tinted moisturiser. But today for some reason I decided to and I put on my I put on my last serum then I put on the tinted moisturiser and was like, 'Oh, wait, should I put...?' and then I was confused. And so I just didn't put SPF on and then I'm in the car and the suns on my face. 23 degrees today, suns on my face.


Naughty. What were you thinking?


I actually freaked out because now, if I don't have SPF on and the sun hits my right eye in the car, I'm like 'nooo!' And I... you know the visor on your car I have to move it like every time I turn a corner I move it and turned back, move it, so that the sun does not hit my face. I become crazy.


Yeah, I don't want any sun. I feel like getting into skin care and SPF makes you crazy.


It does.


But in a good way. So in that situation, your sunscreen should have come prior to your tinted moisturiser because the tinted moisturiser has a pigment in it like a foundation does. So you should put your SPF phone before that.


When do you apply your eye cream?


So this is... it's a topic of contention because...


and I also want to say I didn't know this until a few months ago. You actually shouldn't put your active serums around your eye unless they're specifically formulated for the eye area.


And I'm naughty and probably do take them a bit too close. But it does depend on the formula of your eye creams, So if you're using a cream, gel or a serum. You know, you kind of applied in the order of how you would play your other products. So if I'm using a really light weight eye serum, I would probably apply that at the same time that I do my other serums, like at the end before I put on moisturiser. But if I'm using a cream based product, I would apply that after I've done my moisturiser. So that wraps up our chat about structuring and layering. But if you do you have any other questions, you can always hit us up @AdoreBeauty on insta.


and also you may not know this, but the Adore Beauty customer service team is always there if you're actually confused about what serum should I get for my skin


They're actually really highly trained in skin care, so if you've got like, 'I really need a routine , I don't know what to use', One of those questions, you can just shoot us an email and they literally give you a routine so yeah...


live chat on the site.


So this weeks products we didn't know we needed


Can I say that we both choose, random products every single week. There's like, never a theme anymore


Yeah, I think we started with a theme and we were like 'f**k it'let's just talk about shit we use. So you talk about tan a lot, so I wanted to talk about my favourite face tan because we have differing products that we use. So my favourite is the Eco Tan face water. It's almost like a toner like it 's literally water, but it's a gradual tanner. So I put my moisturiser down and then I apply that over the top with a cotton pad


over the top of moisturiser?


I find it goes on evenly, so if I don't put moisturiser on and just put it straight onto my skin I find it gets a bit patchy and like, kind of doesn't look quite right the next day. I put moisturiser down first and then I swipe it on with a cotton pad.


Is that after all your serums though?


I don't really... on the nights that I...I don't use it that regularly, I just do my moisturiser and then I do my tan.


What would you recommend, though... So I've been thinking of starting to use a gradual tanner every day, and I have the Eco Tan one, can you put serums on over it?


I don't think it would be as effective because I'm thinking like when you use a instant tan like a two hour like Loving Tans 2Hr, after your first shower, you don't moisturise because it affects the development of the tan so that's why I don't do it. I don't apply anything over the top because I figure, like- How's it going to develop if it's got all these other active ingredients over the top of it? So that's why I do it the way I do. And then I just come back like an hour later and apply a little bit more. And then I got a bed and then I wake up looking a bit glowy. I've got it on today. I'm not wearing any foundation.


It's probably too pale for me.


I'm really pale. You aren't as pale.




I didn't use to be, but I don't go in the sun anymore so... But it's enough for me to notice that it's a little bit deeper than my natural skin tone.


I actually know when you've got fake tan on because you've got a bit of a... you look alive.




you don't look like a ghost. Someone actually told me the other night like, 'How old is Joanna' And I was like, 'she's 26'. She's like 'Oh my God, she looks so young'. Anyway, it was about the fact that you would look translucent.


Okay, So I look like a vampire.


Yeah, yeah you do.


That's okay, I'll take that. Anyway now for your product


So for the product that I didn't know I needed- I have been talking about hair care a lot lately.


You have. You're trashing the haircare.


I know, and I'm usually like look, I don't find hair care that sexy. The reason is that I've been so lazy with my hair because it's so unmanageable. And so I found some products that really help me make it look nice. So I had a curling wand that I never used. It just went in the drawer because it was too hard to use. I burnt myself all the time. I once burnt my face and had to go to work with a big scab on my cheek. So I'm a little bit wary of curling irons. So I have discovered... it is called Hot Tools the Curl Bar. And it is on a 90 degree angle...how do you...


It's kind of  hard to explain.


It's really hard to explain. So there must be things that we can describe on a 90 degree angle.


I can't think of any.


I was about to say like one of those weird rulers. But, rulers are straight. You know what I mean?


Oh yeah. No I know the rulers you mean. Like the architects use.


Like the architects use. God, this is really hard to explain what it looks like. Anyway, it's on a 90 degree angle so that you. It’s really ergonomic. And it also has a button. So you can... it counts down from five.


Yeah, so it times each curl that you do


Yeah, and then it vibrates. So if you are really challenged in the curling department. Curling challenged, I would highly recommend... I actually had bought online at Adore Beauty, I had actually bought another curling wand, and I actually returned it and got this one after I tried it because it was so much easier to use.




yeah, and it look... like some people don't like using heat tools that go up that hot. And in that case, you know, there's the Dyson Airwrap, and there's some other things that you can use but for me, my hairs short. I cut it so frequently that it doesn't bother me that


I find the curl bar really easy to use as well. And I don't generally struggle with using my wand because I've used it for such a long time. But it is super easy.


Yeah so if you want to curl your hair but you're finding... you find it really difficult to use a regular curling wand, I would highly recommend this one. I actually don't section my hair with it. I literally just do the top section. And I run like a thick, a wide toothed comb through it. Amazing.


You know who would be good for? Because you don't have to lift your shoulder in your elbow like you do the normal. So would be good for people that have like, shoulder injury, limited rotation and like, yeah, I don't know.


And also getting around the back.


Yeah. Yes.


I'm really impressed with you in this product you didn't know you needed. You made no sexually charged comments at all. Did you get some last night?


I just felt like I needed to be a bit more professional


bit professional this time?


Nobody told me to. But I just felt maybe I should just... Yeah...


I actually was expecting you to make a comment about the curl bar


that was your product.


'it's long and thin and... it's really like, satisfying'


it's warm...That's enough. That's enough.


Thanks everyone for joining us today.


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