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asap platinum collection


This is the holy grail of skincare packs, the luxe skincare set that everyone needs. Say hello to the asap platinum collection. 

This exclusive collection contains the hero range of asap's premium anti-ageing and skin rejuvenating formulas. These innovative formulas are the perfect way to experience a complete anti-ageing regime. The asap platinum collection boasts supercharged products with formulas specifically made for results. This luxe pack is a fantastic introduction to the premium products in the asap range. The Platinum Collection pack would also be the ultimate gift for anyone that desires beautiful, radiant skin.


What products are included in the asap platinum collection?


  • super a+ serum 15ml: a revolutionary overnight treatment that promotes skin renewal and collagen production. Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage whilst improving overall skin texture.
  • super b complex 15ml: a potent anti-ageing serum containing a high concentration of Niacinamide, AHA and Hyaluronic Acid. The ultimate skin thirst quencher.
  • super c serum 15 ml: This powerhouse serum boasts the power of three super-charged antioxidants including L-Ascorbic Acid, Pycnogenol and Idebenone. This serum helps to protect against free radical damage whilst assisting in the strengthening of the skin.
  • radiance serum 15ml: The ultimate skin retexturizer and brightener with a powerful blend of AHA and BHA.
  • ultimate hydration 30ml:  a super-rich nourishing cream containing Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid for optimum results.
  • anti-ageing night cream 30ml: packed full of antioxidants and AHA to promote a healthier looking, brighter, smoother skin. This intensive night treatment is lightweight and easily absorbed.



How do you use the asap platinum collection?

Your morning skincare routine will include:


  1. asap super B complex
  2. asap super B complex
  3. asap ultimate hydration


The super B complex and super C serum can be combined on the back of your hand prior to application and are safe to use in the under eye area.


Your evening skincare routine will alternate:


Night 1: 

  • asap super B complex (optional)
  • asap super A+ serum
  • asap anti-ageing night cream


Night 2:

  • asap radiance serum
  • asap super B complex (optional)
  • asap anti-ageing night cream


The asap platinum collection is valued at $268

ASAP recommends the use of ASAP Moisturising Daily Defence SPF50 as part of your daily skincare routine. For additional anti-ageing benefits, use asap's range of active serums from asap's platinum collection.


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Best skin care ever - 18-06-2018 by

ASAP are simply the best skincare around. Have tried so many brands. I was introduced to ASAP by my local beauty salon.... best introduction ever

Worth it - 15-06-2018 by

I purchased this for my mum three months ago with the special inclusion of a DNA promotional cream. We both love it. As I am prone to breakouts, I only use B and R serums, so we are currently sharing products. People have been commenting on my skin and I have seen an improvement in the pigmentation from when was diagnosed with PCOS and had terrible acne.

Worth the money! - 18-05-2018 by

This collection is amazing. It’s the first time i’ve actually noticed an improvement in my skin (not just staying the same). Love all the products!

Worth the money! - 18-05-2018 by

This collection is amazing. It’s the first time i’ve actually noticed an improvement in my skin (not just staying the same). Love all the products!

I love ASAP - 08-05-2018 by

I think this is my 5th purchase of the platinum collection. I was looking for preventative anti aging face creams as I headed into my 30s..... and I have not been disappointed. Very fine lines have disappeared and I love the feeling of the creams on my skin - not too thick, oily or tacky. I’m a convert and won’t use anything else now!

AMAZING!! - 08-05-2018 by

I LOVE these products. I have been demanding everyone I know try ASAP because I can't get over how great my skin looks. I also gave this to my mum on her 60th and she cannot rave enough about it! We both LOVE LOVE LOVE ASAP.

The Best of the Best - 16-04-2018 by

My skin is dry, old and wrinkly (great eh) but these products made it look the best it possibly can. It's a fantastic way to try the best of the ASAP range. They actually do what they say. After a month of using these I was amazed at the improvement in my skin in every way. Smooth and soft , no dry patches, no red patches and far less wrinkles! I'm in my late 50's and I have tried a great many products and yet I keep coming back to these as they work the best for me.

Glowing - 29-03-2018 by

Since using ASAP products on my skin, particularly the A+ , C and Radiance serum, my skin is absolutely glowing. I love the way I can feel the products working, I actually look forward to my nightly cleansing routine, and serums;- I make sure that I never miss this!
My friends have mentioned that I look glowing, and I really do not want to share my secret! But its out there ladies - After 35 years of searching for my ideal skin care - I have finally found it and I'm so happy. My sun spots have vanished, my pores reduced, and any blackheads gone, thank you vitamin A+ serum.
I now rarely have facials, so I've even saved money at the beauticians!
Recommended to me by New Life Clinic WA @sanjay_nadkarni

Transformed my skin! - 19-03-2018 by

The whole ASAP range is amazing. I started off just purchasing the radiance serum and daily cleanser and was so impressed that now I have practically the whole range - it really is that good!

I’m 32, with combination skin, prone to hormonal break outs on my chin which has left me with some pimple scarring and a bit of sun damage from years spent being pretty ambivalent about sunscreen. But geez, this has improved ten fold since starting with ASAP - the products have totally changed my skin!

I use the daily exfoliating cleanser every morning, followed by a mixture of B snd C serums. The C can be a bit powdery on its own but the addition of the B creates an amazing consistency. My skin now feels so great in the morning that I only need the smallest amount of the moisturiser on top. A full size moisturiser has lasted 3 months and counting!

At night I wash my make up off with the cleanser and alternate nights - either the radiance serum or the A+ which is so hydrating. I mix the B serum with both too. I only need a tiny amount of the night cream, sometimes none at all because the serums are so good. My skin has never looked better, and I get far less break outs than ever before. It’s a miracle!

I’ve just run out of eye cream (Dermalogica Age Reversal) and have purchased the ASAP advanced eye complex. Can’t wait for it to arrive and see how it compares!

Do yourself a favour and try these products. I will never go back to anything else now.

<3 - 06-03-2018 by

Loving this so far! Its only been a few days since my pack arrived but i love how you can feel the ingredients actually working on your skin, I did get some peeling though but I think that is normal as the products are so active and it states in the instruction that itl take a few days for your skin to get used to them

And I love the design of the bottles so easy to use and the packaging it came in is so cute

I use this with my ASAP daily facial cleanser and Exfoliater.. thanks ASAP xx

Amazing - 19-02-2018 by

These products are the best I have every used, would highly recommend it to everyone.

Fantastic! - 14-02-2018 by

So I NEVER write reviews but when it comes to this I felt very compelled to do so.
So the obvious is the great packaging of the products but it's the products themselves that blew me away.
I have used numerous retinol and AHA/BHA products but have never really suited my skin. This to me is the first real gender neutral product that feels gender neutral. Not too heavy nor too light.
The products go on so well and absorb quickly. Most of all a little goes a long way so using extra is just wasteful.
After the first time using the step 1 evening routine I was amazed to see my skin glowing the next morning. I have never seen results from any product I have used before.
When I received it Adore also included a travel size daily cleanser which I instantly loved and have purchased that already as well as the soothing gel. These are just great as well.
Now the latest I am using is the daily exfoliating scrub-this is like no other scrub as it in no way feels abrasive and skin feels smooth with the first use.
Then to top it all off I had contacted ASAP to tell them how happy I was and the reply was beyond what I expected. George from their Marketing/customer service deserves a huge shout out as he is AMAZING!
Anyway I will stop gushing now. Thank you ASAP and Adore Beauty.

Love it - 25-07-2017 by

Awesome products . Highly recommend. Great company to deal with . Thank you

OMG BRILLIANT - 14-07-2017 by

This is seriously the BEST skin care i have ever used!!! Every product leaves your skin glowing and feeling like you have just had the most amazing facial. You MUST try asap skin care. A small amount goes a long way. I am now converted and will not use anything else on my skin. I LOVE LOVE LOVE asap products!!

Absolutely brillant set - 13-07-2017 by

My girlfriend and partner asked if I had been to the beauty salon and I have only used the morning products as I got them today, well worth the splurge

Investment for your Skin - 27-10-2016 by

I saw results only after a week of use. I followed the directions on the pack which is initially confusing but the improvements on my skin was worth the trouble. I can only describe it as luminous (finally) and soft . There is a bit of stinging on the first few days but it wears off. Best skin since I was in my 20s. I'm now into 50s. It has even softened the frown lines between my brows. Very highly recommended.

Fantastic product - 08-08-2016 by

Initially I thought this product was expensive, however after using it for two weeks, my ageing skin is glowing and feels great. I would recommend this product, its worth every cent.

Worth Every Single Cent - 31-10-2015 by

I've actually never written a review before but the ASAP collection deserves all the credit!!

I have fairly good skin but these products taken my skin to another level. My skin is crystal clear and GLOWS! I love these products so much. The pack lasts me around two months but I use them a lot! People always comment on my skin when I'm using the ASAP range! I don't think anyone could be disappointed when using these products!!

AHHHHHHMMMAZZZZING products. Defiantly worth purchasing!! - 29-08-2015 by

I am in love with this collection. My skin is glowing, tighter and soooooo soft to touch. I've noticed a huge improvement in the quality of my skin. Make up looks great after using products.

I would recommend this to anyone!!!

My Skin Glows - 22-07-2015 by

I'm a self confessed skin care addict. I love to try new products all the time, but I always come back to ASAP. This is such a great way to try some of ASAP's best products.

Amazing value for money!

Best Skin Care Ever! - 22-12-2014 by

I have only used the super C serum so far, but have found it amazing. First skin care product that has really worked on my dry, acne prone and pigmented skin. Going without foundation for the first time in my life! Cant wait to try out the rest of the products. Only tip I would give is that you dont need to use every day, which is also a bonus.

Love this product - 12-11-2014 by

I love this product it makes my skin feel soft and new it has excitably the right amount for a three months supply if used as directed and the pump packs helps you not use to much

Transformed my skin.... - 27-10-2014 by

I first started using ASAP products after using a sample of the gentle cleansing gel (which is fantastic), then I started using the Night Cream (another amazing product) so I finally splurged and purchased the platinum pack, I went too hard to first at first and had some peeling and irritation, then I emailed ASAP for some advice and switched to their recommended program and holy wow! My skin is now AH-Mazing, I can seriously go without foundation for the first time ever in my life! This after using the collection for just on 4 weeks.

I can personally tolerate the A+ serum only about every 3-4 days, but my skin is pretty sensitive!

This is the routine they suggested...
Gentle Cleansing Gel
Daily exfoliating facial scrub – use 2-3 times a week
Super C serum mixed with Super B Complex
Advanced Eye Complex
Asap ultimate hydration - apply only if extra moisture is required

Moisturising Daily Defence SPF30

PM – Night 1 (alternate with Night 2)
Daily Facial Cleanser
Radiance Serum
Super B Complex
Anti-ageing night cream

PM – Night 2
Daily Facial Cleanser
Super B Complex
Super A+ Serum
Anti-ageing night cream

Highly recommend! - 07-10-2014 by

Highly recommend this pack, pricey but so worth it, skin feels so amazing after using these serums and they all work in conjunction with one another. Only been using these for about a week and I can already see a difference and I'm excited to see what will happen after a few months. Will definitely be repurchasing!

love it :) - 15-09-2014 by

the best skin care creams that i have used in a long time , my skin is more bright and smooth.

Love it ..... - 26-08-2014 by

Great starter pack all the products ....

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