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ASAP Deluxe Facial Cloth


The asap deluxe facial cloth is a smooth, soft and durable cleansing cloth, gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.  

This high performance cleansing cloth removes make-up and impurities when used in conjunction with asap daily facial cleanser and asap daily exfoliating facial scrub.

Hygienically machine-washable. Ideal for travel – dries quickly and hardens, but regains its silky soft texture when wet. The asap deluxe facial cloths bacteria-resistant fabric means it is more hygienic than standard facecloths.

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Reviews (13)
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So convenient and quick! - 28-02-2018 by

I was initially after a Muslin cloth but came across this instead so I got it. Its so bizarre but so awesome! I usually use so nant cotton cleaning pads to remove makeup so this is perfect- and it works much better. Only drawback is I definitely feel the need to wash after every use...guess I'll just need to get another!

Sooo soft! - 08-02-2018 by

This cloth is such a strange texture, but works so well at removing make up. I've always struggled at being able to remove my mascara properly, but this cloth literally just wipes it all off. It feels like rubber, but it's not and it dries hard which is so strange, but it works so much better than a flannel cloth. Definitely recommend!

Feels great! - 20-12-2017 by

I really like this cloth. Very soft and feels great on the skin. It dries relatively quickly and super affordable!

Excellent for travel - 07-12-2017 by

This cloth is great. After use you can simply wash under a tap with warm running soapy water and let it dry naturally. Within a couple hours it's useable again. I also love the little case it comes in, makes it so easy to pack for travel purposes.

One for each day! - 29-11-2017 by

I’m in love! Tried this last night and immediately got online and ordered more. The softness is to die for! It felt like I was taking makeup off with marshmallows - it is THAT soft and luxurious. It is a generous size, so you can easily use it for a multitude of things. Cleansing, makeup removal, mask removal, warm cloth to the face: the possibilities are endless. Such a bargain price too.

Would recommend - 27-09-2017 by

I found it to be quite useful in removing my makeup . Isn't harsh on the skin . Easy to clean as well.

Not really what I expected. - 23-08-2017 by

This cloth does an ok job but I don't like the way it feels on my face using the smooth side and I don't want to always be using the textured side. I used it only twice or thrice as I was not that comfortable with that. Probably, I have never used such kind of product before so it will take a while for me to get used to it. I reckon it would help females to take off their makeup or masks with the cleansers. Its colour is also white so you may have be careful because it may get stained while removing your makeup or mask. I enjoyed the asap cleansing gel all by itself, massaging with my fingertips.

Can't live without it! - 25-07-2017 by

Super soft, take it anywhere (i.e. on holidays), gentle on the skin... there's a lot to love about this cleansing cloth! Just when you think your cleanser has taken care of all your daily grime you use this cloth and it always finds more. I always have a spare one in the cupboard, it's a staple for me.

Fantastic! - 18-07-2017 by

I've been using this in conjunction with my asap cleanser, which leaves my skin feeling extremely clean. I've been applying my cleanser first, then soak the cloth with warm water, give a quick rinse and then apply the cloth all over. The fibres are really soft and won't feel harsh on the skin - would be suitable for sensitive skin types. After use, I give it a quick rinse under warm water, then leave it to dry on my towel rack. They are so easy to throw into the washing machine and takes no time to dry. It really helps to remove any excess dirt missed by your cleanser.

Great - when clean shaven - 05-07-2017 by

This cloth when combined with the asap cleanser is absolutely amazing at making a small amount of product go a long way. I also feel it helps me to ensure I get an even cleanse over my entire face.

For guys like me, after 3 days of facial hair growth however, it really doesn't work nicely. It gets caught up and does not feel nice at all.

Even with this in mind, its always great to have around for days when i am clean shaven as it works really well then!

Feels lovely - 19-12-2013 by

So nice and soft and does help to remove any leftover make up etc on the face. Though I found my make up would stain the cloth and I can't remove it, and fluff and stuff seems to have stuck to the cloth and I cannot remove it even after washing it.

Excellent final step in face cleanse - 06-10-2013 by

Great texture, size, quality at great price

Perfect ASAP pal - 12-07-2013 by

I used one of these years ago with the exfoliating cleanser but lost it in a house move... Having just recently rediscovered ASAP products, I figured I'd grab one of these on my last purchase... Am so glad! Makes my face feel extra-clean after cleansing. After using this I do a quick splash of warm water and I'm done :-)

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