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4.5 of 123 reviews

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The asap deluxe facial cloth is a smooth, soft and durable cleansing cloth, gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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  • 50+

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  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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asap deluxe facial cloth

asap deluxe facial cloth

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4.5 of 123 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

the perfect face cloth


Great cloth soft and gentle, now my bathroom staple. Doesn't leave my skin being agitated at all

Most Helpful Criticism

Not Bad, Not Amazing


I've been using this about a week to replace my old tired Skin Nerd cloth. It's a different style of cloth to what I'm used to texture wise, my previous cloth was towel like material and this is thicker and smoother.

Likes: Feels nice and gentle on my skin. It's strange but I really enjoy using this on my face in the morning due to the way it feels on my skn. Before I bought this I read a review where the reviewer described the feel as like raw chicken. When I first open the package I knew exactly what she BUT now that I've used it a couple of times it's much softer and doesn't have that texture any more. It dries hard which I like as it makes it harder for bacteria to grow. The resealable pouch is good too as I travel a lot.

Dislikes: It does an ok job at cleaning my face but it's not as good as my previous cloth. It's good for lifting heavy makeup off or a nice fresh cleanse in the morning but I find I still need a toner or cleanser to get the last bits of residue off. I use the Medik8 crystal 10 which is bright orange and I find it doesn't even get rid of all the residue from that the morning after. I didn't have this problem with my Skin Nerd cloth. As for the "exfoliating" side, maybe this would work if you have very sensitive skin but it definitely doesn't suffice as an exfoliater for my skin.

Bottom line, as an affordable cloth it does an ok job. I'll keep using it as I like the feel but I'm not sure I would re-buy.
  1. Soft, remarkable cloth


    I find the soft and unusual texture of the cloth to be perfect for removing my makeup and also use it to remove cleanser. After rinsing or cleaning the cloth I fold it while damp as it drys quite hard. I want to buy another one!
  2. the perfect face cloth


    Great cloth soft and gentle, now my bathroom staple. Doesn't leave my skin being agitated at all
  3. Clean cloth


    Enjoy using this facecloth in addition to my cleanser for thoroughly cleansed skin
  4. Great skin cloth


    verified purchaser
    A really cool cloth helps remove makeup and cleanser. Dries up hard after use and is antibacterial.
  5. Deluxe face wash


    verified purchaser
    I bought 2 of this wash cloth as I previously were using sponge and thought this would be more hygienic. It is lovely material, feels nice and soft on my face. Air dry well :)
  6. Not Bad, Not Amazing


    verified purchaser
    I've been using this about a week to replace my old tired Skin Nerd cloth. It's a different style of cloth to what I'm used to texture wise, my previous cloth was towel like material and this is thicker and smoother.

    Likes: Feels nice and gentle on my skin. It's strange but I really enjoy using this on my face in the morning due to the way it feels on my skn. Before I bought this I re...
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  7. Love the cloth!


    verified purchaser
    Love this cloth for cleaning face, and it is great for travel.
    The only regret is that this face cleaning cloth is very hard after drying, and it is not easy to fold.
  8. Lovely


    A really love using a flannel and this one is great, it feels nice on the skin and really does help clean the skin and remove the makeup
  9. I really like it!


    verified purchaser
    I've used this cloth now for a couple of months, and the more I use it, the more I like it. It does have an unusual surface on one side, like a soft rubbery feel, and the reverse side very lightly exfoliating. I use the shiny side to remove makeup with cleanser, then a second cleanse using the rougher side to ensure all dead cells are removed and my skin feels super soft and clean each time. I've ...
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  10. Great product!


    verified purchaser
    Works very well at removing all makeup and easily removes scrubs and face masks! Dries quickly and easy to clean
  11. I really like this!


    I'm so glad I decided to try this. The cloth is gentle on my skin (which is easily irritated) and does a wonderful job of removing all my makeup. I use the rough side as the package suggests for a light exfoliation. Using this is now a must during my night time routine. I haven't travelled with it yet- but so glad it comes in a handy resealable pouch so I can take it with me when I do. A big thumb...
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  12. Feels like a wet piece of raw chicken


    The title says it all. I bought this product because I like to wipe my face with a wet washcloth before I apply my skincare products at night and I loved the idea of the washcloth having its own ziplock bag for sanitary reasons and because it was also cheap. The cloth is really fun to turn from dry to wet but the cloth is so weirdly smooth that when rubbing it against my face, it really doesn’t fe...
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  13. Cool washcloth


    It's a really cool washcloth. It absorbs the water and removes everything from your face. When you finish the cloth drys hard and doesn't absorb bacteria.
  14. Cleans so well!


    This cleans the skin so well after cleansing. Amazing quality and lasts quite a long time! Worth the money
  15. Holy Grail of washcloths


    I seem to have difficultly in getting all my mascara and eye products off with cleanser and cotton pads... I thought I was doing a good job, but when I pressed a hot ASAP facial cloth over my eyelids in the shower... More Mascara came off into the cloth, a couple more presses and finally the cloth was clean. I bought three of these so I can always have a clean one at the ready while others are in ...
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  16. Works well


    Lovely soft cloth that feels great on my skin. Removes makeup without a cleanser which is fantastic if I’m feeling lazy. Lightly exfoliates & works well on my normal to dry skin.
  17. gives cleansers a great boost!


    I really like using this, especially at night. It provides light exfoliation which is perfect on an everyday basis for me.
  18. Perfect for travel


    I take this camping and it leaves my skin feeling so clean - yes, even while camping! It doesn't take too long to dry and comes in a zip bag for storing.
  19. Great for travel


    Love this cloth to travel with as it's quick drying. Simply squeeze out excess water and it's almost ready to pack in your toiletries bag! Do keep in mind it gives a very gentle cleanse - it's soft and silky texture takes the day away but you might need something stronger to exfoliate.
  20. Fabulous!


    Love this cloth for cleaning face, the antibacterial element is great from a hygeine perspective. Simple and effective.
  21. love this


    I suffer from dry skin and this wipe keeps my skin very hydrated! Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing!
  22. I guess it works?


    I tried using it a few times and never really noticed it doing a lot. It feels nice against the skin but it doesn't feel like it really does anything in particular.
  23. not a fan


    i feel this doesn't help my skin at all, it tend to absorb all my cleanser and doesnt clean my skin aswell
  24. great cloth


    This cloth is a winner, it doesn't try out my skin! I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky!
  25. Love it, super soft and easy to rinse


    I love the size, not too big and super easy to rinse. I hate the large thick clothes where you need both hands to rinse. This is super soft, feels like a car shammy but surprisingly does the job so well. Would repurchase but they last forever
  26. SOFT


    Soft cloth that really helps remove my makeup after the day ends and also exfoliates as well. However it does seem to soak up some of the product.
  27. does a good job


    cleans well, I mainly use it after a clay mask
  28. Awesome quality and really nice on the skin


    Helps to gently clean the skin and I use it to remove makeup aswell. I really like it and it’s great quality
  29. fresh and clean


    This face cloth is good to use, as part of a skincare routine. It feels nice on the face and leaves the face feeling fresh and clean.
  30. Perfectly clean


    I love this Cloth and how clean your face is after use. Removes all traces of makeup and build up effectively and easily. I bought two so when one is being washed I have another ready to go!
  31. So lovely and soft


    Beautiful soft cloth that really helps remove make up and cleanse my skin. Very gentle and feels nice on the ski
  32. great facial cloth


    this cloth seems to clean my skin and makes it feel good after
  33. Don’t like


    Doesn’t do anything for my skin. Feels very awkward to use and soaks up all my product
  34. A great fresh clean face every time


    I love using this cloth for my routine with ASAP range cleansers. It does a thorough clean every time and my face feels fresh and ready for a good moisturiser. I love how cheap it is for what it does.
  35. Pleasant surprise


    I was very sceptical but I really do love the cleaning cloth. I used it with my ASAP cleanser and ASAP scrub. I feel it removes everything.
  36. Great cleansing cloth


    Love this - I use it with the ASAP Daily Facial Cleanser after removing makeup with Bioderma Micellar Water, and the cloth still manages to remove more makeup.
    It has a great texture - I use the exfoliating side while cleansing, and the smooth side to rinse.
  37. good


    I love this cloth it is so soft and smooth on my skin perfect for sensitive skin.
  38. Innovative product


    I’ve bought this cloth twice. I really like it as I travel a lot and I like that it dries quickly, it takes a bit to get used to how the cloth works on the skin in that it’s similar to a chammy, but then I really liked it. It leaves your skin feeling polished. I wasn’t able to hand wash it to get it looking clean but another reviewer recommended putting it thru the washing machine for good results...
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  39. Not bad?


    These are good but I don’t think they’re anything amazing. I like them and use them but I could live without them.
  40. So smooth


    I really like this cloth it certainly is like a shammy! I wanted something with a bit more grit like towelling but to be honest this is so nice to use and is smooth on your skin. I use it every night in the bath to get my make up off and then do a cleanse or mask. Use it again to take the product off. Very easy to use and clean. Not that I've cleaned it yet but I would just throw in the wash.
  41. Great product


    This cloth is so soft, but very effective. Removes makeup (I don’t wear a lot of make up) with or without cleanser & exfoliates too! Very happy.
  42. Perfect facecloth


    This is so nice to use after taking make up with a balm cleanser, gets everything off without being as hard on the facial skin as a normal face washer, definitely worth it!
  43. Favourite Product


    This is my favourite product in my skin care routine. I'm loving the new design with the rougher side and one smoother side. I love washing my face every morning and night with this cloth.
  44. Amazing


    Don’t know how I washed my face without having this before! My skin has never felt better!
  45. Great


    Such a great cleansing cloth!! My skin feels super clean every time I use it. It always gets off the makeup I can’t see, so I never miss a spot!
  46. effective makeup removal


    This facial cloth glides on the skin is a great alternative to one use makeup wipes. It removes the makeup so efficiently and works wonders
  47. Great cloth!


    I've really liked this face cloth. I've been using it to remove face masks (which i find difficult). It's really nice soft somewhat squishy material.
    When it dries, it dries hard! It's odd but good. The back side of it has small circles which is referred to as the exfoliant side.
    I'm not sure exactly how exfoliating the back is as it still has a soft texture but I have found the cloth ...
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  48. Beautiful and soft


    Beautiful soft cloth that really helps remove make up and cleanse my skin. Very gentle and feels nice on the ski
  49. Love it


    This cloth is lovely & soft - it glides over my skin. Together with my cleanser it leaves my skin clean & fresh.
  50. star


    It’s star piece of my morning and night skincare.
    It’s so soft and very friendly with skin.
    You can use it for makeup remover or you can use it as towel, like me.
  51. good makeup remover


    i pair this with my asap face wash and it makes taking off my makeup a breeze, i did like this a lot, just chuck it in the wash when it gets dirty and its good as new.
  52. Great


    These cloths are amazing! I love that they effectively remove cleanser, makeup etc and dry quickly. Easy to wash.
  53. Awesome


    It's bit fragile but easy to clean. It's not harsh on your skin.
  54. great but soft


    when i purchased this cloth i did think it was going to be more of an exfoliant. it does say one side is for exfoliating and the other is for cleansing. so one side has little circles and the other side is smooth. i purchased this as my beautician said i should be using a face cloth every time i wash my face instead of my hands. The material almost reminds me of a yoga mat. I will say i've been us...
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  55. A must have!


    So smooth & soft, no need to splash your face as the cloth does all the work. Love it
  56. Fabulous


    Smooth texture and does a great deep clean after removing my makeup.
  57. Pleasantly surprised


    I didn't know what to expect from this cloth but I have been pleasantly surprised. I have very sensitive breakout prone skin and have found that this really helps to get the dried skin or leftover makeup off at the end of the day. I was surprised by what wiped off after I had cleansed by face as I usually do. The texture is a bit strange - a bit like foam when wet and very hard when it dries. Grea...
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  58. Great for travel, super smooth alternative to muslin


    I do like this cloth as a smooth alternative to muslin when I don't want a rough texture alongside exfoliating. It's quick drying so it's perfect for travelling however I wouldn't use it as my only cloth as I do prefer the muslin for end-of-day use. Depending on what I'm washing off this one sometimes doesn't feel like 'enough' so end up double cleansing on these occasions.
  59. Deep clean


    Essential for a deep clean after removing heavy makeup
  60. Great price, but not the best facial cloth I have used


    This cloth is well priced, and does work fairly well. It has a strange texture, almost like chamois and I actually found I preferred the muslin cloths over this as they feel like they are doing a better job of cleaning thoroughly.
  61. Smooth on skin


    Smooth texture and perfect for my sensitive skin, picks up all my make up and great for panda eyes.
  62. Best facial cloth I have used


    Feels soft, washes up perfectly, holds its shape & performs as it should. Highly recommend
  63. A vital part of my daily routine


    I use the asap deluxe facial cloth to remove my makeup at the end of each day. I rub my Dermalogica precleanse over my face, then wet the cloth to soften it, then wipe away the day’s makeup with it. I have sensitive skin and find makeup remover wipes quite harsh. This cloth is so soft and smooth, and wipes my makeup off without any hard rubbing.
  64. A must-have


    I use this every night when washing off my day... I only wear mineral powder foundation, and take off the bulk of it with micellar water, then wash with my Medik8 cleanser and gently wipe off with this cloth... it's amazing, even if you think you've got all your make-up off, this clever cloth still finds more! I love it and can't live without one, have now purchased this many times. I thoroughly r...
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  65. Deluxe!


    Soft enough for any skin type, this cloth loosens dead skin cells, toxins, makeup, and anything you want to get rid of. I use one daily so I'd recommend investing in a week's worth.
  66. Great for travelling


    This is my go to cloth for travelling. Its quick dry nature means you can pack it back into your toiletries bag in no time! It’s also silky smooth and delightful for washing your face with.
  67. The softest way to clean your face


    I have been using this cloth for over a year now and love it. It is so soft on your face and doesn’t irritate. I replace about every three months
  68. Game changer


    I believe this cloth has improved my skin appearance along with the other products in the ASAP range. It is gentle and dries like a chamois cloth for a car. It is not abrasive and is super effective in getting rid of the gritty stuff after cleansing and removing make up. A total game changer in the normal routine - would definitely recommend!
  69. Nice


    It's a face cloth and it works just like one. I really like how soft it is on my face and it works well with wiping away most cleansers if you're like me and like as little water on your face as possible.
  70. So Good


    i bought this out of curiosity and i'm glad i did. so soft on your skin, and dries so quick
  71. Nice gentle facecloth


    This cloth is very gentle on my skin. I do not put cleanser on it to cleanse my face. Instead, I use it to wipe off cleanser/ mask. I think it works very well that way. The material is not very fancy and it feels very similar to that cloth that I use to wipe my car window. However, I'm still very surprised that it actually feels very good on my skin. I don’t have sensitive skin and it does not cau...
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  72. Okay


    I had been using the dermalogica sponge cloth for years and loved it but it became hard to find stockists and adore beauty stopped stocking it so I tried out the asap deluxe facial cloth which is almost identical except it’s a bit thicker. I would always squeeze out any excess water and drape it over the top of the shower screen to dry but It didn’t take long before it started to smell a bit mould...
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  73. Soft and gentle


    This cloth gets rid of all the dirt on your face and gives it a complete clean. It feels nice and the skin. Super soft and gentle. Would recommend for the perfect clean.
  74. Nothing amazing


    This cloth wasn’t what I was expecting. It was ok but not amazing. I have to be careful not to press too hard otherwise it irritates my sensitive skin
  75. It’s ok. Nothing to hype about.


    As far as face cloths go, it’s ok. I don’t feel like it’s anything that special. It’s a weird rubbery feeling like a car shamois haha. It’s great for removing eye makeup BUT it is white & is stained very easily from makeup...which is a turn off. Mine is now a grey colour. Still effective but not pretty.
  76. Great for panda eyes


    This cloth is very soft. It's quite a weird rubbery texture, however it does glide over the face nicely as long as the pressure is kept light. It perfectly gets rid of all traces of eyeliner and mascara, even waterproof mascara. It's fantastic for removing all traces of face masks and zinc based sunscreen.

    Unfortunately, I find it soaks up far too much of my cleanser for me to use all...
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  77. Ok cloth, nothing too special


    This cloth was ok but wasn’t anything too special. I was expecting something a bit more luxurious that would be smoother on my skin.
  78. Overall does an okay job.


    Really interesting texture! I was expecting something like a muslin cloth so it was really peculiar at first. It definitely gets make up and dirt off. Just don't press too hard! The first time I used it I did and it irritated my skin.
  79. Does the job - but didn’t love it!


    Soft silky cloth when wet that dries hard. Does take off makeup in conjunction with face wash, but found that it gets very dirty and really needs to be washed after every use. You really need to buy a few of these so you have one when the others are in the wash.
  80. The best!


    Like a small chamois for your face! Beautiful and soft - much better than a face washer. Dries really fast so won't go mouldy. Dries hard and then goes soft again once water added.
  81. Great for removing makeup


    This is an amazing cloth for taking off makeup, even my heavy duty Double Wear foundation. It leave my face clean and feeling soft and gently exfoliated. Highly recommend!
  82. It works!!


    So beautiful and soft. I couldn’t believe the dirt I could see coming off my skin with this. Gentle but it really does help.
  83. Lovely face cloth


    A lovely, soft face cloth for removing makeup, washing your face, or even applying toner. It dries quickly and hardens, which is fantastic as it gets rid of any left over moisture and stops it from potentially going mouldy.
  84. Great product


    This is a great product! Removes my makeup and leaves my skin smooth and clean. Really love it !!
  85. I love it


    I read the reviews before I purchased this fabulous facial cloth, and it has lived up to its reputation! It removes make up like a dream, is super easy to wash out, dries hard but softens once wet. Highly recommend this product!
  86. Nicked my mum's one...


    My mum has this cloth and I've found it perfect for removing masks or stubborn makeup. Weird texture, but I dig it! Would repurchase as I've discolored mum's one a bit - think I owe her a new one!
  87. Its good but not great


    This cloth is good for helping remove make up residue however it stains easily and rinsing it out after each use will not be enough, it requires full washing every time in my experience which is a bit of a pain. Also tip be careful not to press too hard as it drags on the skin otherwise - ouch! But good to see all those traces of make up removed and for removing face masks its great!
  88. Excellent!


    Very good at getting rid of those little bumps on the backs of your arms or legs that exfoliating just doesn't seem to fix. I will definitely repurchase.
  89. LOVE


    This is the weirdest texture ever. It's almost like a really thin, smooth neoprene. It's hard when it's dry and then softens to this beautifully soft and smooth cloth when wet. Really good at removing makeup -- particularly stubborn smudges that mascara leaves behind after you have already washed your face. And you don't really have to rub your face much with it at all!
  90. SOFT cloth ever


    This is definately the most soft cloth i have ever had. i just wish a little it wasnt to rubbery but it definately has this incredible soft texture
  91. Super soft!


    Love this face cloth! I was after something really gentle but effective in taking off my makeup and this is it. It has a rubbery consistency which was a bit surprising but it feels amazing on your face. The zip lock bag it comes in is also super handy. Would definitely recommend!
  92. wow


    never thought I'd have such a high opinion on a face cloth but here we are! I love how silky it feels, was so unexpected when I first touched it - and I love how it dries hard! It makes taking off clay face masks so easy!
  93. Amazing


    This cloth is SO SOFT!!!! It literally feels like your wiping your face with a piece of heaven. But it’s also super effective as well! I’m not even joking, it removes all my makeup and dirt without even rubbing hard. And then you just rinse it under water and it is clean straight away! My make up doesn’t even stain it! Super cool.
  94. So soft & durable


    This product is super soft on the skin but also super strong. Does a great job of removing cleansers and face masks. Thinking about buying a second!!
  95. Not what I was expecting


    I was expecting more of a fabric cloth but this is like a rubber feel I can't explain it. But it cleans my face feel and is great for travel becuase it dries really fast
  96. Amazing face cloth


    I love this face cloth. It's actually so cool.
    The cloth holds the water so you can use it to wash off cleansers and mask. It also drys hard so that the cloth doesn't allow bacteria.
    I'd recommend this to everyone that needs a great face cloth.
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