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asap daily exfoliating facial scrub 200ml 200ml

4.7 of 393 reviews

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4 instalments of $9.56


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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asap daily exfoliating facial scrub 200ml

asap daily exfoliating facial scrub 200ml

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4.7 of 393 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great exoliator!


I've been using this for a week now and absolutely love the texture! I have oily skin and this doesn't seem to dry it out but provides a really nice deep clean.

The value for money is amazing, such a big bottle! I would recommend this product.

Most Helpful Criticism



I love this brand. Great quality products at great prices. Good basic scrub nothing outstanding
  1. Great exoliator!


    I've been using this for a week now and absolutely love the texture! I have oily skin and this doesn't seem to dry it out but provides a really nice deep clean.

    The value for money is amazing, such a big bottle! I would recommend this product.
  2. Finally!


    After 35 years I’ve finally found a product to make my skin feel bright and clean. I have combination skin that’s prone to blocked pores and grossness along my jaw line. My skin is also very sensitive and this is gentle enough not to upset it. I’m so glad I’ve finally found this product. A little goes a long way too.
  3. Not harsh, great for gentle exfoliation


    Great for skin that only needs a gentle exfoliation. I find it brilliant in summer, when my skin is less dry, but will look for a coarser one for winter months, as it doesn't do as great for me then.
  4. Fantastic


    Such a great exfoliant, has helped to make my skin glow. Feels “grainy” enough - I like exfoliators that feel like they’re physically doing something, but gentle enough to use everyday.
  5. Good scrub


    I use this product daily following the ASAP Gentle Cleanser and i find this product to be great at exfoliating my combination/dry skin type. Skin feels soft and smooth after use.
  6. not a fan


    very harsh for my sensitive skin, i feel my skin get very dry from using this product so i wouldn't recommend for sensitive skin
  7. Awesome


    this product really makes my oily and acne prone skin feels super soft and radiant after use, i use it of a night and wake up with super clear skin
  8. Part of my new regime.


    I'm heading into later 50's. Fair skin. In the sun I might redden but then tan. Mild skin damage now from the days of being a sun worshiper. I've never had acne but do get some breakouts. These days mostly around chin area. Blonde/ brunette hair starting on the greying process. I find every product I like tends to get discontinued. After some experimenting I have found a new regime, This product I use once daily to clear away the grime. Doesn't t seem harsh and leaves my skin feeling cleansed. Only need a small amount.
  9. So good


    Love this exfoliating scrub leaves my skin so soft and smooth, but doesn't feel raw or dry afterwards.
  10. Makes my skin soo smooth


    One of my fave scrubs, leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft. I would use this probably only 2 times a week as very stronge scrub but makes my skin feel so fresh.
  11. Love it


    Perfect for sensitive skin - not too harsh for your x 3 a week exfoliate! Skin feel amazing !!
  12. The best product I have used


    this scrub is the best it cleans my face so well and my face just shines I absolutely love it and I will never use any other product again.
  13. Decent Exfoliator


    I have dry skin and it's hard to find products that don't exacerbate the dryness. Only been using this product for a couple of weeks and so far I'm very happy with it. My only issue is the packaging. Makes it hard to dispense in small amounts and you don't need a lot.
  14. Can definitely recommend


    Great exfoliation for all skin types, I have sensitive skin and works wonders
  15. Great


    I’ve received a few deluxe samples of this exfoliator and I really like it. Makes you feel clean and fresh without over stripping the skin. Skin looks healthy after using it and there is no irritation
  16. Super gentle, super great


    I wasn’t sure if you were meant to use an exfoliator everyday but this product has changed my cleansing routine’s game. Using after the face wash is great to get all the days makeup off and to really feel clean. Maybe it’s a little too gentle to get the whole soft skin feeling.
  17. great daily scrub


    I love this product, and have repurchased. It exfoliates nicely, without being harsh. I enjoy the smell and texture, and feel like it clears my skin well
  18. Gentle daily exfoliator


    Have only just started using this but so far quite happy. It is very gentle, I would probably prefer an exfoliator that felt like it was doing more but it seems to be good for daily use.
  19. Good


    I love this brand. Great quality products at great prices. Good basic scrub nothing outstanding
  20. Good gentle scrub


    I’ve been looking for a facial scrub and started using a sample size. I mainly focused scrubbing my nose area and after a few days my nose became very smooth and have less blackheads. I’ve just bought a full size! Thanks Adore Beauty for recommending good products!
  21. Makes your skin super soft and clean


    Absolutely love this scrub, it's not too harsh and it rinses off easy. 100% recommend.
  22. Excellent daily cleanser


    For an exfoliating cleanser this product is really gentle. It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh and I’ve had no irritation and I’ve been using it for months. I tend to suffer irritation from other exfoliating products so I’m really happy with this.
  23. excellent


    I love using this product! I use it 3-4 times a week and since I started using it I have definitely seen a huge difference in my face, it is a lot smoother now, there are less blackheads and my skin looks younger! I would definitely recommend this product!
  24. Love this so much!


    The best exfoliating face wash I’ve used. Perfect for that pick me up without drying my face out and making it feel dry. I only use this once or twice a week and it’s the perfect exfoliator for me!
  25. Awesome!


    This is fantastic! ASAP is a wonderful brand and always works for me. I love this product and use it every week. A must have!
  26. So good


    This scrub leaves your skin feeling so soft. I used to use it daily but have gone down to every second day as I’m also using an aha cleanser.
  27. daily facial scrub!


    this daily facial scrub is okay! good amount of product for the price!
  28. Best exfoliator but I don’t use it daily


    I love using this every 2-3 days, not daily, to exfoliate my skin as it can be a little too drying. I have sensitive skin so I avoid the sides of my nose and any areas that get irritated easily. It leaves my skin feeling baby soft and smooth and because it works so well, I only need to use a very small amount to get results.
  29. Removes all traces of dead skin


    I have combination skin and for years, could not use foundation as I would get all flakey around the nose area. After finding a good toner and exfoliator, I can now use foundation.

    I recently swapped my toner and old exfoliator wth this asap one. I only use every second day and it has done wonders to my skin. I can wear foundation with confidence (no more flakes!) and I don't need to use a toner anymore (I use this exfoliator in conjunction with the asap daily cleasner).
  30. Asap exfoliating daily scrubs


    This is my daily scrubs for face..i used it once a day .so nice..i can feel my face smooth and fresh everytime i used it..been using this product almost 2 years now .
  31. Great Scrub


    This makes my skin so smooth, glowy, healthy looking and soft and takes off the dead skin and bumps off my skin. Totally recommended!
  32. Good


    This product helps with my complexion and really helps clean the gunk out of my oily skin.
  33. Smooth n clean


    The texture looks kinda yuck but it's brilliant and my face feels amazing and smooth afterwards
  34. Great scrub, a little on the tougher side


    I received this scrub as a sample, and use it 2-3 times a week. It’s texture is on the rougher side so those with sensitive skin might not like the feel of it. I personally love how clean and clear it makes my skin feel. Wouldn’t use it daily though as it is quite rough
  35. Life Changing


    This combined with the gel face wash has literally changed my whole life! I used to be so down about my skin because nothing that I could ever do would make my acne better, until a friend recommended me this brand!
    I use the gel wash in the morning and the scrub every night as it is not too harsh or not too weak! To finish it off, I use the ASAP moisturiser and this works perfectly for me!
    I can't believe how fast I started to notice changes in my skin.My skin is completely different now and I am soooo thankful for these products! I couldn't leave the house without makeup before and now i literally never wear makeup unless I have to go somewhere special because i'm that confident about my skin! I'll never stop re-ordering these products!
  36. good


    nice product as use maybe every second day but not daily, i fel like my skin was being stripped when used twice a day but prevent pimple coming back in places, highly recommend


    this scrub is honestly amazing! it cleans my skin so well and removes all my makeup. i feel it cleans my skin so well and gets all the gross stuff out
  38. FAVE


    Love this scrub. Gentle enough to be used everyday.
    A little goes a long way. Effective in clearing complexion and leaves skin super soft!
  39. Feels good on skin


    I bought this along with 3 other ASAP products to try and get my boyfriend into skincare. He likes that it's not too rough and makes his skin feel soft after using it.
  40. Amazing


    I absolutely love the daily exfoliating facial scrub. My face always feels beautifully soft after i use it witch allows the rest of my asap skin care products to easily glide over my face
  41. Good


    This makes my skin so smooth, glowy, healthy looking and soft and takes off the dead skin and bumps off my skin. Totally recommended!
  42. Baby soft skin


    Skin type: combo oily/very sensitive

    This is the best scrub leaving your skin so clean and soft. It is okay to use on sensitive skin but not everyday maybe twice a week only. Have been using the ASAP range for years now and it is has been the most reliable long term.
  43. Sensitive skin


    I have sensitive skin - I used this every day as that’s what it says however after about 1 month my chin started to get a bit dry ( normally it’s a bit oily ) if you have sensitive skin only use this once maybe twice a week .
  44. My Favourite ASAP Product ever!

    Jen Parker

    I have been using ASAP skin care products exclusively for over ten years now. I am an ASAP devotee for both my facial skin and make up and also my bodycare and facials including Micro and Sono which I am religious about monthly. I started using ASAP when they first launched after hearing about them from my Cosmetologist at the time. I have never looked back! Now in my mid fifties, I am constantly complimented on my skin, both face and body. The one product I swear by is the Daily Exfoliator. It's such a beautiful, faithful product to use. It refines and cleanses my skin, clears congestion, illuminates it and makes it smooth and glowy. I just mix a little every morning in my Daily Facial cleanser and work gently in circular motions for a minute or two and rinse off. I follow up with ASAP B and C and of course, Daily Moisturiser before applying make up if I am wearing it. Simple and still very affordable.. I think I will still be using ASAP in another ten years time!
  45. Works well for breakouts control


    It helps me to keep breakouts under control. I have combination skin with some dry areas and it can dry my skin too much if used it daily. I have reduced frequency to twice a weeks and that suits me.
  46. Not to be disappointed


    I LOVE the exfoliating scrub. It’s course but gentle enough to use daily it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean
  47. Scrub of the Year!


    My sister and I have different skin types and tones, but we definitely agree that this scrub is one we both can’t live without.
    It buffs away anything on the skins surface that isn’t needed, leaving the skin looking clean and crisp.
    Often all that’s needed after is moisturiser, we don’t even need make up because our skin looks so good!
  48. Love love love!


    Where have you been all my adult life?! Thorough yet gentle enough to use almost everyday. An absolute staple to my routine. Just love it!
  49. Nice scrub for everyday


    I love using a good scrub to help remove makeup from my dry skin. This scrub I can use almost every day without my skin drying out or becoming flakey.
  50. Have used this for years


    This has been one of my standard ASAP purchases for years! Aside from an Elle Bache scrub (no longer in production) that I used when I was in my late teens/early twenties, I’ve never found a scrub that leaves my skin feeling so soft, fresh and rejuvenated without being tight/dry shortly afterwards. I find the grain in this scrub to be a great consistency, not to coarse, and I love that it contains active ingredients. Can’t imagine ever purchasing any other exfoliating scrub!
  51. Great


    Throughout my life I have always had troublesome skin, including monthly breakouts. This product seems to keep that in check so I will keep using it. I haven't used a better exfoliant - it's fantastic!
  52. Not good for normal and dry skin guys


    So i had purchased this product as my usual gel cleanser was out of stock and this had gotten the most reviews and good feedback. However, it dried up my entire face literally within 4 days of using it. It has made it so sensitive, I can’t even use my concentrated serums. My skin has become so thin and dry, I can’t even move my eye lids lol. Please don’t use it if you have a normal skin or dry skin. Only oily people can use this like serious oily people. I gave it 2 stars cause it actually works, cleans but only helpful for oily skin. Embrace your natural oils guys :)
  53. love ASAP products


    I've alternated a couple times between the Dermalogica daily microfoliant and this one - but I think I'll stick with the ASAP from now on. Aus made is a winner to me, and it's much cheaper than the Dermalogica for a better result. The microbeads are environmentally friendly too which is a big plus. Leaves my skin lovely and smooth.


    This is a great exfoliater, I only need to use it twice a week.
    I have noticed my skin is looking a lot more clearer and softer.
  55. My confidence is back !


    As someone who is troubled with problem skin, I lived for years with such self doubt and was always cruel to my skin for not acting as it should. This scrub has cleared my skin.. I am free !!!!
  56. LOVE


    This exfoliator is beautiful! After the first use, my skin was dewy and looked so clean! I get compliments on my skin after using this, and even my Fiance noticed a difference!
  57. Favourite scrub


    I received a sample of this with a previous order and have since ordered the full size. I love it and used it daily during warmer weather and have cut it back to 2-3 times a week as it gets cooler.
  58. Great


    I like it! I use this sometimes but see myself reaching for my skinstitut scrub way more. Definitely still good!
  59. Found my HG exfoliator


    Loveeee the way my skin feels after using this. The bottle is huge and the expirey date is 24 months I think ? So this is going to last forever.
  60. great scrub


    This is a wonderful and gently scrub! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my face very hydrated! This product is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! Would recommend to anyone!
  61. love it!


    It's quite a powerful exfoliating scrub which is great to use once or twice a week to have a break from my other daily exfoliating scrub product. definitely recommend if you are looking for a new product to add to your skincare collection :)
  62. Great exfoliating scrub, not for daily use though


    I first tried this scrub when I received a sample of it with a previous order. I instantly loved it. I use after cleansing in the shower and my skin feels super soft and clean afterwards. I have more sensitive skin so I only use this twice a week but if your skin isn't as sensitive it could be fine for daily use. Prior to this scrub I was using the Skinstitut Glycolic scrub. I like the consistency of this one much better. Will definitely repurchase.
  63. Great!


    Great, felt like my skin was very clean and smooth after using
  64. Asap daily exfoliater


    I used to buy just a cheap hardy scrub and since iv brought this i wont go back to anything else, it is amazing, soft on ur face but so good getting everything off your face leaving it clean and fresh, will buy it again.
  65. best scrub i have ever used


    This scrub is incredible. It is fairly gentle but still gets the job done. After i use it my face looks so shiny and smooth, it literally looks polished. Would definitely recommend.
  66. Perfect for oily skin


    Where have you been my whole life?! Easily the best scrub I've used to date. It's been about 5 months now of daily use and I am still seeing the results. My skin has never been clearer, oil under control, and feeling so silky soft.
  67. Not so good


    This scrub little granules totally annoys ... doesn’t do much of the work ... used for more than a week my skin feels stripped ... it strips the moisture... I wouldn’t recommend for a combo skin ...
  68. Hands down best daily cleanser!!


    This cleanser is the perfect mix of active ingredients and grit - you feel the difference straight away, while the AHA’s etc do their work over time.
    I have dry, sensitive skins that is susceptible to hormonal breakouts around my chin and forehead.
    My skin feels super smooth and thoroughly cleansed immediately after using, and always appears toned and more radiant than before I’d washed.
    I continue to buy and use this product after many years, although occasionally mix it up with a stronger anti-aging product every few nights.
  69. Amazing!


    I have combination skin and suffer from allot of break outs! Using this every other day has helped control these, and leave my skin feeling AMAZING :)
  70. Great for sensitive skin


    My skin has always been super sensitive. I found this wonderful product and it’s really made a difference. You only need a small amount and it leaves my skin smooth and clear
  71. Perfect scrub


    I have skin that’s sensitive and gets oily. Other scrubs are way too detergenty drying out my skin, and have exfoliant particles that are usually far too abrasive. This scrub is powerful enough to remove oil without drying, and has exfoliant particles that don’t feel like shards of diamond cutting into your flesh so you can use it everyday and not have your face fall off.
  72. Nice and Gentle


    I purchased this based on the reviews, which I rarely do because I always have bad luck.
    I love this exfoliator! It’s so beautifully gentle, I use it every second day after my usual cleanser and my skin hasn’t been this clean & clear in a long time.
  73. I always return to asap daily exfoliating facial scrub


    I've occasionally switched my exfoliating scrub but regret within the first few tries, because they just don't do the job! The asap daily exfoliating facial scrub is firmly positioned on my shower shelf and I use it daily with great results. It's so gentle yet effective.
  74. Great for daily use


    I’ve just started using this and it’s a really good exfoliating scrub. Works as you would expect it too and doesn’t seem to dry my skin. My skin feels so much better now. It’s a good price too compared to other products I’ve used.
  75. decent scrub


    makes your face feel very soft and refreshed.
  76. Gentle, good price point for a huge bottle


    I use this physical exfoliant every 5 days or so. I regularly use gentle chemical exfoliants and also some other actives which help my skin to turn over regularly but as a daily sunscreen user and almost daily foundation wearer I just find these layers tend to make the skin around my nose and chin a bit stubborn and a gentle scrub every few days with this leaves me feeling fresh with no pesky flakey bits.
  77. Great cleanser


    Really refreshing and very cleansing. Only use once or twice a week to avoid drying the skin out.
  78. Great exfoliant


    Received a sample of this. Will be buying the full size! Has a really satisfying grainy texture but gentle on the skin. Leaves my skin feeling very clean and refreshed. Perfect for everyday use.
  79. great product


    this is a wonderful physical exfoliant!! My skin is extremely oily and I love how well this product removes all the build up off my skin. I would recommend to anyone that has clogged up pores and is looking for a good cleanse!
  80. Great


    I was a bit hesitant to use a physical exfoliant everyday on my dry (and sometimes sensitive) skin however this product is amazing. The formula is fine and non-abrasive and leaves my skin glowing. Perfect addition to my morning routine and before applying makeup. I prefer to use this in the morning and a chemical exfoliant every second night.
  81. weekly


    The microbeads and chemical exfoliation are great, but wouldn't recommend for everyday use. It would be far too stripping. I prefer using weekly to get rid of build up of skin cells
  82. Great


    Great scrub! Really makes the skin feel deeply cleaned and exfoliated. Skin looks plump after using it and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin
  83. BEST!


    This scrub you only need a little bit to go a long way and it really feels as if its decongesting your face! The smell is even really nice and it works amazing at making your skin nice and clean as well as smooth!
  84. My go to


    I’ve used many cleaners and I still can’t compare anything to this! It’s my go to. Wonderful product and priced very well. I don’t think I will ever stop buying this product.
  85. Still amazing!


    This is still my favourite face cleanser! I've just gone back to it after using my Alpha H one for a while, and this has just made such a difference to the texture of my skin, it's now so much softer and smoother, less dry patches. I definitely recommend this for those who haven't tried it! You won't be disappointed!
  86. Gentle & Effective


    I purchased this product as my facialist highly reccomended.

    I have very sensitive skin and find this product to be very gentle and not irritating at all!

    My skin always feels a lot smoother and decongested after using! Would recommend!
  87. Fantastic


    I am mid 40's with fair skin. I love this cleanser and use it daily, leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. Sometimes I have tried to find cheaper cleansers that I can like as much, but always come back to this. On the plus side it does last quite awhile. A really quality brand.
  88. Left with thin and dry skin


    I trialled this face wash for 3 months, and have continued with it only because of how much you get in the bottle. I unfortunately have not had a great experience with it, and today when getting a facial, the beauty technician indicated that the skin around my mouth was thinning. She indicated that she had used ASAP products in the past, and this was a common occurrence for many women. As such I will be discontinuing use despite having heaps left (a big plus considering the cost).
  89. Feels great on my skin


    I have purchased this a couple times over the years, I love the granules it feels like it gives a really deep exfoliating. Leaves my skin feeling lovely and smooth.
  90. Excellent gentle product for super smooth skin.


    I love this product. I’m in my late thirties with reasonably oily skin but trying to actively fight the signs of aging.

    I use this product as part of my morning routine after I’ve cleansed. A little goes a long way. It’s gentle enough to use daily yet gritty enough to smooth away dead skin cells. I’m a retinol user and find this in combination with alternate day retinol use keeps my skin super smooth and clear
  91. Great scrub


    Have been using this for years. The texture of the scrub is granular enough to do a good job but isn't harsh. I use it around twice per week.
  92. clean


    Its a good scrub. Gentle on the skin and leave the skin feeling clean and refreshing. But its not advisable using it daily personally for me because small bumps start appearing on the face.
  93. Gentle and effective


    I love this. I received a sample of this and have been using it every other day on my oily/dry combo skin. I find my skin looks renewed after use and over time, and will purchase more once my sample runs out. A little goes a long way, and this product fits well into my skincare routine. I would rate it 5 stars if it were a little more gentle on my dry areas. It's a 5 star for my oily and congested areas tho!
  94. Amazing


    I really adore this scrub! It's amazing. Makes my skin baby soft, clears up my congestion really well and really helps clear up my breakouts. Using just the ASAP cleanser alone with my existing scrub, I didn't see a great improvement but as soon as I started using this scrub every evening after cleansing my skin has cleared up alot and looks so much brighter.
  95. Best exfoliater ever


    Love this scrub. It's so gentle on the skin but so effective. Leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Have tried many different brands over the years and this is by far my favourite. Definitely recommend
  96. Super wonderful


    I love this product. Gentle and effective. I used it with a gentle face circular brush and it makes my skin so smooth and clear. Thank you asap
  97. Nice smell


    A little goes a long way and it has a lovely subtle scent
  98. One of the best


    This is one of the best scrubs I’ve ever used! Doesn’t irritate and leaves skin clean soft and supple
  99. Great scrub


    Great scrub for normal to oily skin but not used daily. Leaves skin fresh and clean
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