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asap daily exfoliating facial scrub 200ml 200ml

4.6 of 646 reviews

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4 instalments of $10.73

Or 4 instalments of $10.73 with LEARN MORE

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asap daily exfoliating facial scrub is a dual-action exfoliator that is gentle enough for everyday use, that uses Glycolic Acid and Biodegradable Microbead to smooth and clear skin.

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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asap daily exfoliating facial scrub 200ml Reviews

4.6 of 646 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Gentle & effective


Love this exfoliator! I use it about 1-2x a week at night and moisturize well after and my skin feels so soft the next morning. It's like an acceptable apricot scrub

Most Helpful Criticism

Nothing spectacular


I had high hopes for this product, unfortunately it just didn’t deliver.
I’ve been using this facial scrub for month now and I haven’t seen any dramatic improvements in skin tone or texture. I’m mid 30s and regretting the years without sunscreen in my youth. Moreover, oily problematic skin is not what I expected at this age! Frequent breakouts and large pores are very frustrating and this product didn’t help with those issues either. I definitely need something more targeted.
  1. Good


    Good exfoliating product but I wouldn't recommend using it everyday for dry, sensitive skin. Use it 2-3 times a week and it works better.
  2. Very Gentle Exfoliator


    Definitely usable daily very gentle formula, I would prefer a more harsh one if your only used every few days.
  3. Gentle & effective


    verified purchaser
    Love this exfoliator! I use it about 1-2x a week at night and moisturize well after and my skin feels so soft the next morning. It's like an acceptable apricot scrub
  4. A good mix of physical and aha exfoliant


    I have finished a 15ml sample and really like it. I know a lot of people hate on physical exfoliants but this is pretty small granules and doesn't feel scratchy at all. The combination of the aha and physical exfoliant made my skin feel super smooth. Good clean and not drying. Win all round for me.
  5. Our favourite scrub


    We have been using ASAP for about a year now. We both love it as a daily use scrub!


    I just bought my 3rd bottle. Thorough cleansing without feeling like my face has dried out, even with moisturising afterwards, which is what I get from most other intensive cleansers. Most others I've lead to breakouts for me. Couldn't recommend this highly enough.
  7. I love this!


    This is really good - I’ve only been using it for a few days now and yet already I have noticed a big difference in my skin texture and blackheads on my nose. I also get experience a little bit of razor rash and ingrown hairs which this has also really helped with. I have normal skin and it’s certainly not too intense to use each morning.
  8. My absolute holy grail!


    I have noticed a serious difference in my skin since using this cleanser. I have acne prone skin and this cleanser leaves it feeling refreshed without stripping my skin. I have tried nearly every cleanser on the market and this is the best by far. I’ve been using this cleanser for nearly 12 months and noticed a difference after the first few weeks. Definitely recommend!!
  9. Good gentle exfoliator


    This product really lives up to its name - it's nice and gentle, so great for exfoliating with daily. I use it in the shower in the evenings and has really helped to keep my oily skin clean. A bottle has lasted me and my girlfriend (we share!) around 2-3 months and is a great pricepoint.
  10. Pigmentations best friend


    I tend to use this at night or if I know I’m not going out .. it can be used as a morning routine as long as you wear a sun protection after. I mix this with a little gentle cleaning gel (my blue & green).. AHA for newbies can freak you out as your skin may dry out a bit (good for my TZONE). Be assured it is awesome !!! You only need a pea size and don’t scrub! That’s the mistake I made when I fir...
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  11. Scrub that gives amazing results


    This scrub leaves my skin feeling smooth and deeply cleansed as promised. Whilst being quite a harsh exfoliant it does not dry out my face and I am able to use it everyday to help to clear my blackheads.
  12. Great exfoliant


    SUPER smoothing. Preps the skin wonderfully for other treatments. Really great, high quality project that isn't over priced.
  13. Nice


    I like this. I don’t find it too abrasive but I use it kind of sparingly. I personally prefer chemical exfoliants so I don’t reach for it all that much.
  14. does what it says


    does wht it says - not harsh enough though and more of just a cleanser
  15. Awesome exfoliator


    This exfoliator is awesome as it has physical and chemical exfoliation. It's not a super harsh exfoliator but it definitely does remove everything and make my skin super smooth. The beads are tiny so it does some physical exfoliation but not to the point where it damages your skin. Would recommend if you need an exfoliator that wont break your skin.
  16. Love love love!!!


    Absolutely love it!!! To date the best facial cleanser ever!
  17. Great exfoliating scrub


    Really amazing way to gently remove dead skin off your face. It’s really lovely and definitely removes just the right amount without it being too abrasive. Worth a shot if you can!
  18. Gentle Exfoliator


    This scrub is nice and gentle on your skin, enough so to use the product daily yet still works to super effectively.
  19. Not your typical "scrub"


    I received a sample of this product in a recent order and was pleasantly surprised! I usually tend to stay away from physical scrubs, but this one is so fine and gentle, yet still effective in clearing away dead skin cells. I tend to use it before popping on a hydrating sheet mask, and even my partner who hates washing his face doesn't mind using it! I will definitely be purchasing a full size whe...
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  20. gentle and effective


    love this so much, has helped my skin
  21. Life changing


    This is scrub is life changing! After being scared of scrubs due to my sensitive and dry skin, I was cautious to try this when I got it in the ASAP rejuvenate pack. Well I am so glad I did because it has changed my life! I get congestion around my nose and chin area and this product really keeps this at bay! My skin feels soooo soft after I use it and any product I use after sinks right in and my ...
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  22. Smooth & Cleansing


    Received a sample. Tried it and fell in love so I bought a full size. I love how this cleanses my skin and leaves it feeling sparkly clean and oh so smooth. I use it 3 times a week to thoroughly cleanse. Followed by a serum and my fav moisturiser. I especially like using it at the first sign of a blemish/acne. Wake up feeling brighter, clean and glowing.
  23. Weekly exfoliator.. nice and clean!


    I use this as a weekly exfoliator, alternating with the asap cleansers. Leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh.
  24. Very active - if that's what suits your skin then go for it!

    J H

    I was hoping it would be a good 1-2/ week product for me but sadly not. I will be gifting this to a friend who has tougher acne prone skin and loves it. Just not for me. Not good on my sensitive, dermatitis prone skin. After one use in the PM I could feel how active it was, and my hot spots flared up overnight. Was a bit flakey the next morning, and needed a few days back to basics to recover. Eee...
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  25. Great exfoliant


    The scrub makes my face feel really smooth. I have a lot of dry skin and problems with ingrown hairs no matter what I use, but this product has finally made a difference!

    It is a little bit irritating because my skin isn't used to the high concentration of glycolic acid but I'm using it around every 2-3 days and it's fine now.
  26. the BEST!


    I got a sample of this from my facialist, and I am obsessed!!! It gives a nice scrub without being too harsh and stripping! I have super dry skin and this has in fact helped it quite a bit! I used the sample every day and I didn't find it excessive! I am about to purchase the larger size because I enjoyed it SO much! Best scrub I have ever used!
  27. Gentle, but effective


    This is such a nice exfoliator, although it's mainly a chemical exfoliant, the texture of it offers some physical exfoliation too. What I like about this most is how gentle it is on my sensitive skin.
  28. Really Like it


    This scrub is so nice. It's not to rough or harsh. Ive only used it twice and so far so good
  29. Great facial scrub


    One of the best scrubs I’ve used. I use it 2-3 times a week, strong enough to exfoliate but gentle enough not to irritate my sensitive skin. 5 stars
  30. Love this face wash!


    I really love this face wash. I started with a small sample and upgraded to the full size soon thereafter.

    I use it once a day and it feels my skin feeling light and fresh. It works very well to reduce any grittiness on my nose from blackheads and really smooths out any uneven areas.

    I like the smell and the feel on the skin is lovely - not too harsh as so many scrubs can...
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  31. Physical and chemical exfoliant dream

    Rose O

    This product absolutely delivered - straight away. I have quite bumpy skin on my cheeks and this smoothed the area out immediately. I recommend using a really hydrating serum or moisturiser after as it can be quite drying. Also wouldn't use it every day - every second day works for me.
  32. New favourite


    I absolutely adore this exfoliating cleanser, my skin feels super clean and fresh after using it, will definitely buy again when I run out!
  33. Good


    Probably too drying for dry skin types to use everyday, it's a very sparse and fine scrub so good that it won't be overpowering or too abrasive. Helped to maintain clear pores.
  34. Great scrub


    Great scrub that can double as a mask if you leave it on for 5 (my beautician recommended this)
  35. Disappointed


    I've used ASAP products for many years and while I wanted to love this, I was disappointed. It markets itself as a daily exfoliating scrub but it's way too harsh to use daily. I don't have sensitive skin but I find this facial scrub really dehydrating. For the price point and the brand, I'd expect better! Back to Skinstitut...
  36. Fantastic scrub!


    Such a deep clean and removes makeup so easily. As others have said I wouldn’t use it daily - it can be drying and a little goes a long way. But for someone with oily skin like me I love it and will definitely purchase again.
  37. My favourite face scrub

    Evie Wonder

    I use this scrub 1 - 3 times a week on my sensitive skin (not daily, this would be overkill). It has improved texture and removed the imperfections on my nose (bye bye blackheads)! Highly recommend and it lasts me ages.
  38. leaves you feeling fresh and clean


    I have sensitive/ redness prone skin and even though this product is for daily use i tend to use it about once a week or when i am experiencing breakouts. I always love the feeling after this scrub, my skin is always left feeling fresh and clean and like it has had a good scrub. The beads don't hurt your face when you scrub either and this size bottle has lasted me forever.
  39. Great exfoliator


    I don’t use mine daily as I use the orange cleanser every day but this one is great to use every few days for a good scrub! It is a great exfoliator without irritating my skin. After I use this my skin feels extra smooth.
  40. Love


    Although it states you can use this product every day, I tend to use it every second-third day. This exfoliator feel really nice, works well and it does not strip or irritate my sensitive skin. After use, I have a really smooth, refined and brightened complexion. My make-up glides on after use.

    I tend to get a build-up around my nose and this product is a quick fix to exfoliate dead s...
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  41. a little harsh


    i found this one to be a bit harsh on my skin. but when i use it once a week my skin is okay. it helps to make your skin soft and nice.
  42. Good exfoliator


    for an everyday exfoliator this product is really good and not harsh on the skin, i have dry skin and this doesn't strip or irritate my skin, i use it every second day though, it does leave my skin feeling soft and i've noticed the small bumps on my skin are less. however i wouldn't use it everyday just my preference.
  43. Best glycolic cleanser


    This cleanser is the best one I've ever used with glycolic in it - it doesn't take long to get your skin used to the acid content, which is balanced out well with the scrub to leave your skin deeply exfoliated and cleansed without damage. I love it so much!
  44. Clean & Smooth


    I received this as a sample with an order and I was a bit concerned about having an exfoliater that can be used daily but after a week of trying this I noticed that it didn't strip my skin at all and left it incredibly smooth and clean so that my skin soaked up all of my products really nicely. I definitely noticed it helped with evening out my skin tone a lot. I can't wait to buy the big bottle o...
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  45. LOVE IT


    This is my favourite facial scrub by far! It leaves your skin feeling very smooth and super clean. It great value for money as it’s a big container and you only need a small amount of product. I use this every night in the shower
  46. Best exfoliatior!!


    Once again, ASAP skincare comes through!! So beautiful and gentle, makes my skin feel so fresh without drying out. Highly recommend using this in combination with the ASAP Gentle Cleanser a few times a week.
  47. It works


    Loved this product. I loved feeling the little granules on my skin. Skin feels so smooth after use and blackheads are disappearing.
  48. This is my holy grail!


    The best face scrub ever! Completely eliminates blackheads.
  49. Renew your full skin and give it a good glow!


    This exfoliating scrub does exactly what it promises. Gives your skin a good scrub and cleanses the dead cells that weighs you down. However, the ingredients used is quite harsh on my skin (I have oily/combo skin) although it says daily use, I only use this once every other week.
  50. Does work


    Received as a sample - easy to carry - does what it claims to do - without leaving my skin feeling harsh.
  51. Best Exfoliating


    This ASAP daily exfoliating scrub is just fantastic, my friend recommended it to me and it has worked wonders. I use it every few days in may daily face routine and I love it!! 100% recommend.
  52. Love it


    Love this product, cleans my face and make up off my face very well. I would buy again, i love the brand in general.
  53. Squeaky clean, yet drying!


    I have a love hate relationship with this product! It cleaned my face so so well, but it also dried me out quite a lot. I don't believe it suits me for a daily cleanser, it's more abrasive for my skin than I thought it would be, I've never thought of my skin as sensitive but this product has changed that. I want to keep using it for the deep cleanse I feel I'm getting, but definitely not every da...
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  54. Essential for acne


    I used this product on my acne 1.5 years ago and forgot how good it was! I never had acne as a teenager, but in my 20's have quite bad breakouts. This is your first step to clearing up painful breakouts.
  55. Great addition to skincare routine


    I received this as a full-size free sample (score!) and I really like it. It's a gentle scrub and I use it every few days to increase cell turnover. I'll re-purchase when my current one runs out.
  56. Gentle and effective


    This is a nice, gentle scrub. It leaves my skin looking bright. A little goes a long way!
  57. Effective


    For a long time I have been struggling with enlarged pores, redness and bumpy skin. This cleanser immediately helped smooth out my skin, getting rid of the horrible texture. It doesn't dry out my skin, instead, it feels like my face is clean and pores are unclogged from all the makeup.
  58. Too drying


    Tried it as a sample and i felt that this was too drying on my skin. Although i have oily to combination skinbut i felt it was harsh on my skin. Wouldnt be buying the full size.
  59. Great


    I really like this cleanser.
    I used it every second or third day, alternating with the gentle cleanser. It doesn’t feel like it strips my skin of anything but leaves it feeling beautifully soft.
    I just have to be mindful of making sure I don’t press too hard with my hands So it stays ‘gentle’ haha.
    Given the frequency I use it, it feels like it lasts forever so certainly wonder...
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  60. Such a good exfoliating product


    This is such a good exfoliating product, great for sensitive skin.
  61. Old flame


    I have had this cleanser for 7 years now and although we’ve had a few breaks I always come crawling back.
    It keeps congestion at bay and never fails to leave my skin squeaky clean
  62. Love it


    I just repurchased this it's my favourite exfoliater I've tried so far, makes the skin nice and smooth afterwards. Bit concerned coz its not sealed though and when I bought the smaller size it was sealed
  63. Amazing daily exfoliator

    Amazing daily exfoliator

    I was looking for a new daily exfoliator after my last one was discontinued. I found this on the website and after reading the reviews decided to give it a go. My skin is normal but loves a good daily exfoliation, nothing too harsh or abrasive. This product is just that, great feeling of skin being clean afterwards but no feeling of anything being stripped from the skin or skin being too "tight" a...
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  64. Great for a thorough clean


    I only cleanse with water in the morning so a good clean with this at night is just what my skin needs. Nice exfoliant consistency that is gentle on the skin. This is my first purchase after about 4 bottles of the gentle cleaning gel and I will definitely purchase again.
  65. Gentle and effective!


    I have super sensitive skin and this smooths my skin without even the slightest irritation! Definitely not something I'd use daily, but my skin loves this maybe twice a week. It does seem to make my combination skin get oily on the T-Zone however so I'd use before bed and not in the morning.
  66. Gentle and effective


    I love how this scrub is gentle on my skin but leaves it feeling so soft and smooth!
  67. Great for daily use


    I like how this exfoliator is gentle enough for daily use, however as my skin isn't overly sensitive, I prefer an exfoliator that has coarser grains, given that my skin can tolerate it.
  68. Fantastic


    I started breaking out with hormonal acne, bought this after researching the products and its helped dramatically. I am such a fan!
  69. Good clean


    I found this exfoliate gave my skin a good clean but the beads can be really harsh over active breakouts. I have sensitive skin so I don't know how often I would reach for this but I see how people could really like it.
  70. A gentle daily scrub


    I use this as a daily exfoliant because its so nice and gentle on my skin. It leaves my skin looking refreshed and bright!
  71. I wouldnt recomend using this daily!


    I really loved the sample I received of this product so purchased it. I would only recommend using it 2-3 times a week even though it is a 'daily' scrub. I have oily skim but found it very drying where my skin flaked and feel as though this happened as I was using it everyday. Skin feels amazing afterwards.
  72. Won’t dissapoint


    This is my second favourite product, next to the ASAP cleanser. I’ve experienced adult acne which was challenging but this product really saved me. I use this every second other night or twice a week. It helps to remove dead skin cells and impurities to reveal youthful skin. Sometimes I will pop it on in the shower and leave on for 5 minutes like a mask. Works a treat.
  73. Won’t dissapoint


    This is my second favourite product, next to the ASAP cleanser. I’ve experienced adult acne which was challenging but this product really saved me. I use this every second other night or twice a week. It helps to remove dead skin cells and impurities to reveal youthful skin. Sometimes I will pop it on in the shower and leave on for 5 minutes like a mask. Works a treat.
  74. Average


    I got a small sample of this and I found it to be quite average. It’s very gentle on the skin which is nice, but I didn’t notice any difference at all.
  75. Nothing spectacular


    I had high hopes for this product, unfortunately it just didn’t deliver.
    I’ve been using this facial scrub for month now and I haven’t seen any dramatic improvements in skin tone or texture. I’m mid 30s and regretting the years without sunscreen in my youth. Moreover, oily problematic skin is not what I expected at this age! Frequent breakouts and large pores are very frustrating and this p...
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  76. Excellent scrub


    This scrub is pretty simple and but does what it says. Excellent that it has AHA, it isn't harsh and doesn't irritate my skin. COuld be better with stronger beads/exfoliant, but I guess that's why the AHA is mixed in

    Love that it's Australian made.
  77. Great exfoliant


    I love the mix of a physical and chemical exfoliant. It doesn't leave my skin leaving too stripped or dry but leaves my face feeling fresh and brighter
  78. Satisfying scrub


    This scrub is fine in texture, which is great for achieving even exfoliation. Feels amazing during and after use, would definitely recommend.
  79. Good exfoliator for sensitive skin


    I have very sensitive skin and was recommended this product by my dermatologist as the beads aren't too harsh on the skin. Have been using it on my problem areas (chin) and it has been really good for me, and doesn't cause any breakouts/redness.
  80. Amazing gentle everyday exfoliator!


    Love this product, use it every night. It’s not too harsh on skin just enough to give a thorough cleanse.
  81. So gentle!


    Such a gentle yet thorough exfoliant! I only really use this product once a week as I use the daily facial cleanser (also from ASAP) and it does a really good job of gently exfoliating my skin daily, but I do feel like I need a good scrub weekly just to get rid of any congestion especially in my t-zone. This one doesn't irritate my skin at all and makes it feel soo soft and smooth after use.
  82. Awesome product


    Absolutely love it face feels so clean. Fast delivery
  83. Why has the price gone up??


    Very disappointed to see the price rise of asap? Why is this?
  84. Gentle yet effective


    I love how this exfoliator is really gentle but still really effective. Skin feels super soft and clean after using this. It is also super affordable. Would 100% recommend.
  85. Great exfoliator


    This is a great exfoliator that feels gentle yet like you’re removing dead skin cells and congestion.
    Doesnt make skin feel dry or flakey either. Definitely recommend!
  86. So so good


    I first used this product when I received it as a sample. I loved it and purchased the full sized bottle when I was out. I usually hate exfoliaters but I really like this one. It doesn't leave your skin feeling like you've stripped it off with sandpaper.
  87. Leave skin smoother


    This grainy formula leave my skin smooth but ensure you aren't scrubbing to hard as it can be a little 'scratchy'. I would definitely recommend this product but not for use everyday, probably every second day at the most. There is no notable smell, it's goes really well with the gentle cleansing gel, mix them together and then apply to your face.
  88. Good product


    It's a good exfoliant but I find for my skin it's not enough the beads are very light
  89. Good everyday scrub

    Lorelei Lee

    It's a gentle enough scrub to use everyday. I used this a while ago and although I've been trying out all different exfoliaters, this is one of the best physical scrubs as it is not too coarse.
  90. Does what is says


    I got this as part of the cleansing trio ASAP pack. It's very effective, however I transitioned into using it on my body as I found it too harsh on my sensitive skin.
    It's granulated and deeply exfoliates. Would recommend if you like a scrub on the face!
  91. Daily staple


    I am now on my fourth bottle of this cleanser and it is my absolute favourite. It is now cemented in my daily skincare routine! I have reasonably oily skin and find this cleanser works great for that. The daily exfoliation is great for keeping my skin smooth without aggregating it. Would highly recommend!
  92. I like it


    I like this product. Leaves my skin feeling smooth after and it isn't too harsh on the skin. It does contain little beads as well as AHA. It's not amazing but it does its job
  93. Does what it says


    This scrub is pretty basic really but does what it says. It isn't harsh and doesn't irritate my skin.
    Australian made too so that's a bonus!
  94. No stripped pores


    Unlike other exfoliants I’ve used in the past that have stripped my pores and damaged the pores. With a good asap skincare routine recommended by my dermatologist I was able to repair my skin!
  95. I love it!


    I got this in my last order and I am in love. I have been using for just over a week and already noticing my skin is softer and clearer, especially on my cheeks and chin where I am prone to getting blackheads. The consistency of the product is nice and gritty, but it doesn't feel damaging on the skin. Great value for money.
  96. Value for money


    This scrub is perfect for everyday use. I use it every night and it helps to buff away dead skin and penetrate the skin with AHA. A little side note: I had not used active ingredients in quite some time and as a result, my skin had a little reaction and broke out a little... never fear.. stick it out because it is totally worth it!
  97. Effective scrub


    I use this product with the asap gentle cleanser. I use it once a week to exfoliate my T-zone. My skin looks visibly brighter after I use it, but it is a bit too strong for me to use daily.
  98. amazing


    even though it is a daily exfoliating scrub I only use this 3-4 times a week which works perfectly for me. I love this product, not too harsh but definitely exfoliates the skin
  99. Nice


    I received this as a sample and I was surprised to see how fine the beads are and brightens the skin instantly. Feels nice on the skin too.
  100. Really Love!


    Love this product! I have acne prone skin and uneven skin tone so I am always after a gentle exfoliating daily scrub- this scrub leaves the skin feeling smooth and clean and so far I am loving using it- will purchase again!
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