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Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water 100ml

4.5 of 486 reviews


4 instalments of $8.74

Or 4 instalments of $8.74 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $8.74

Or 4 instalments of $8.74 with LEARN MORE

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Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water is a non-comedogenic, vegan gradual self tan with no nasties. Suitable even for oily and blemish-prone skin types, this is a hard-working formula that prevents ageing, and evens the skin tone. Vitamin C works to prevent the visible signs of ageing, and helps protect your skin from environmental aggressors.

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water

Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water

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Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water Reviews

4.5 of 486 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it


This gives me such a lovely, natural glow and actually makes my skin texture feel and look better. It really removes the need for makeup. I was recently looking at myself during ISO and wondering why I looked so blah. I remembered I had stopped using this because I wasn’t leaving the house. Popped some on to perk me up and voila, looking better already. If I haven’t used it for a while I put it on in the morning and the night to build more colour.

Most Helpful Criticism

Didn't notice much difference


I wanted to love this, but to be honest I didn't notice much difference. I would apply three nights in a row, and all it did was stain my pillowcase. Smelled nice though.
  1. Love it


    verified purchaser
    This gives me such a lovely, natural glow and actually makes my skin texture feel and look better. It really removes the need for makeup. I was recently looking at myself during ISO and wondering why I looked so blah. I remembered I had stopped using this because I wasn’t leaving the house. Popped some on to perk me up and voila, looking better already. If I haven’t used it for a while I put it o...
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  2. great idea


    this is really good, gives me a bit of extra colour and you only need a super small amount
  3. Does the job!


    verified purchaser
    This product is super light weight & doesn't clog my pores at all. Goes on nicely (I like to apply it with a makeup brush) and feels so nice on the skin.
  4. Cleared my skin


    I don't like to put my face in the sun or put normal fake tan on my face so this is the perfect product for me! It gives a natural glow and actually helped me clear up my skin over the year!
  5. Eco face tan


    verified purchaser
    I am enjoying this little bit of extra glow in the Melbourne winter. You need to use a lot and very frequently to notice it working. Goes onto the face easily like a toner and the initial smell is good. Once it starts building up you really notice the fake tan smell on your face.

    M Crowe

    verified purchaser
    What an amazing product! Especially in winter when my skin is so pale, this is a must have! Such a subtle tan but it makes such a difference!
  7. Love it


    verified purchaser
    I've been using this for over a year now and absolutely love it. I was skeptical about it at first, thinking that it might make my skin breakout or cause irritation (I have sensitive skin) but it really doesn't. For someone who doesn't like wearing makeup, I use every 3 nights or so and just gives my skin a really lovely colour/glow, especially in the winter months.
  8. Great product!


    I bought this product after i noticed a friends skin looking particularly amazing one day, she told me she wasn't wearing makeup, only Eco Tan Face Water. I went home and ordered it straight away! I love this face tan, its simple to use and the results are amazing. I use it on my face and neck after cleansing at night and i wake up with even-toned glowy skin! Love!
  9. Great face tan


    This is a fantastic gradual face tanner. Really nice natural looking colour. Doesn't clog pores, leaves skin feeling lovely. Definitely needs a few days in a row to develop a stronger colour. Make sure you apply on your neck as well! Will stain hands so use something to apply it like an old foundation brush.
  10. So Impressed


    verified purchaser
    I am so impressed with the product. I have to be so careful when choosing products, as often things like fake tan will make my skin breakout. I felt like this actually helped keep my skin clear! My body is a medium olive tone and I use this in winter to match my face and chest to my body. I use 3 nights in a row for optimum colour. If you are short on nights before an event, it can be applied in t...
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  11. Great


    I tan in the sun but usually have a pale face so this is amazing for evening out my skin tone. It’s also nice with a little on the neck and shoulders!
  12. GOAT


    I love this product! It is simple to apply, a little goes a long way and gives a really beautiful/natural colour. I find I get the best colour after two consecutive nights of light application. After that, I use it every other night. I feel very confident in my own skin without make-up when using this face tanner.

    Just remember to wash your hands after use, include your ears, neck, a...
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  13. Slightly obsessed


    I love this product! It has such a nice natural colour and I happily go without any foundation at all when I've applied. I have really dry, sensitive skin and have never had any irritation from this product, in fact it's so hydrating and lovely. I apply as per Joanna's tip on the podcast; moisturise, wait 1 min, apply face tan water to cotton pad and swipe all over face. You can also reapply after...
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  14. Excellent face tanner


    Great product, have been using it for a couple of years now. I do find I need to use it pretty much everyday to maintain any tan, but it's so easy to use and lasts for ages, even with daily use.
    I have found it best to apply directly with my hands and just wash them straight away.
  15. Really good face tan


    Excellent face tanner! Didn't break me out and very lightweight on the skin.
  16. Love it


    Gives me a lovely and healthy glow! Love it and a little goes a long way! Highly recommend
  17. Great value for money

    Takes away that winter paleness

    Really easy to apply and feels refreshing on your face. Would recommend to a friend. Applied it every 2-3 times a week. Great value for money as you only need a small amount per application.
  18. Great for skin prone to breakouts


    After my skin finally recovered from a horribly persistent hormonal breakout I was terrified of applying fake tan to my face for fear it would cause me to breakout again. After months of reluctance I finally purchases the Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water and I am obsessed. It's gentle, does not cause congestion or breakouts, and gives you a perfectly even glowing tan that looks natural. It is a must...
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  19. Beauty staple


    Everyone who tans needs this product in their life. It does not clog your pores or bring on pimples and blemishes to acne prone skin. Has even helped clear my skin up whilst giving me confidence to not have to wear makeup everyday.
  20. Great subtle tan


    I love this tan water. It sinks in really easily like a toner, and doesn't smell like fake tan like some other face tanners I have used. I have found I need to use it everyday to be able to see a difference in the colour of my skin.
  21. subtle glow


    A friend recommended this product to me. Its light and leaves you with a subtle sun kissed look. Great product to have!
  22. Grwat 4 acne prone skin


    I've heard this is a good dupe for some other more expensive face tans.
    I've gor acne prone skin so super weary of products. But this is great and i think even helped my acne!
    I use it like I'd use a toner. Its the consistency of water. I think really easy to use. Tan lasts for a few days.
  23. Buildable natural look


    This isn’t a fake tanner, which is why some people get disappointed. But it is a lovely toner that builds a subtle sun kissed look. I use mine twice a day with a cotton pad (tried using my fingers but it stained my nails orange).
  24. Beautiful product!


    I use this in preparation for an event and has always worked out lovely for me. I do find its something to layer so one use gives very minimal results. If i need a tanning boost i apply it, wait for it to dry and then apply it again in the one night and turns out beautiful. Only criticism is it washes off in 1 or 2 washes so not long lasting
  25. Glowing goddess


    This face tan water is a staple in my skin routine! I found that using fake tan products to my face made me break, but using this on my face every day makes my skin glow as well as giving it a bronzed colour. Perfect to use instead of makeup for evening out skin tone!
  26. Natural look colour


    In the past I have worn fake tan on my face, but wanted something that was more natural and good for my skin. The colour is lighter than a strong fake tan, so you do have to layer it up to get a good colour but I love that it looks more natural
  27. Inconsistent


    First time I used this right after I purchased it, it worked just fine. Gave my face a nice natural looking tan and glow. However it does wash off as soon as you wash your face. But every time I’ve used it since (about 4 times) it hasn’t done anything at all :(
  28. Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water


    I’ve been wanting to try this product for a couple years and finally decided to give in. This is by far the best beauty product I’ve ever owned! It gives me such a natural glow and it’s so easy to use. I use it right before I go to bed and I never have any break outs. I recommend this product to everyone I know!
  29. A little disappointed


    The product is lovely to apply and doesn’t leave that horrible tan smell. However the product appeared quiet patchy the next day and visibly noticeable as a face tan.
  30. Deffs an ESSENTIAL


    This product is part of my everyday routine. Especially if your a girl like me there wears little make up. This product gives me that tan and glow and I literally go to work with this on and my serums & moisturiser! If you like not wearing make up but want to tan up your face to look more fresh than this product is a no brainer !
  31. LOVE!


    smells good, you can build it up and also helps if you have blemish prone skin to cover up impurities without having to wear a full face of makeup. absolute must. P.S use with invisible tan!!
  32. Great face tan!


    I really enjoy using this face tan.I am super pale and have sensitive skin so I didn;t tan my face until I tried this product. It works really well and the tan is subtle but enough. It also doesn't break me out.
  33. Great product


    Really love this product, simple to use, feels nice on my skin and leaves a nice natural looking tan
  34. Obsessed


    Definitely the best face tan I’ve ever tried, it goes on so naturally as it applies clear and then gradually develops, but it truly looks like a natural tan rather than a product on your skin. Need to try the body version now!
  35. So natural looking!


    I'm not a fake tanner and am naturally fair skinned, so wasn't sure what to expect here. I just wanted something to take away a little of the stark paleness my face gets in winter (but without looking orange/fake) - And this product definitely does that! It seems to adjust to your skin tone too, so it genuinely looks like YOUR skin but.. Glowy-er? Skin feels great after application too, acts as a ...
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  36. It's ok! don't give up after 1 use.


    I ordered this product a couple of weeks ago, my skin broke out after the first use. After couple of days, I tried it again and my face was a lot better but still a couple of tiny pimples popped up on my cheeks and forehead. The colour was nice and definitely gives a natural tan finish. I would suggest to not apply it with your hands unless you're ok with Dorito fingers the next day (I did wash my...
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  37. Amazing for sensitive skin!


    This is such a good face tan. It always turns out so even and natural looking. I find my skin reacts to a lot of other face tans I’ve used in the past but not this one. It is so good for sensitive acne prone skin. It doesn’t feel like you have anything on your face either. Would 100% recommend!!
  38. Very healthy glow


    Onto my second bottle of this, it's perfect.
    Little goes a long way, never ever goes patchy, doesn't need any special application tool, buildable darkness.
    I put this on at night, (as its a tad sticky and fragrant) and I just put it on my face and neck, in the morning I wake up with the healthiest glow and way more even skin tone. I like that I can just put one layer and it's enough to...
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  39. Makes me look healthy when I wake up!


    I am SO pale and this gives me the perfect amount of colour when I wake up in the morning. Also makes you feel much better on those make up free days. It is very subtle and doesn't look fake or orange at all, so if you want something to give you a really bronzed look on your face this certainly isn't it.
  40. Nice but not as I was expecting


    TBH I didn't notice much difference or at least as much as I was expecting. I did a couple double applications before I got the glow I was wanting. In saying that it smells nice and is easy to use so I would consider getting it again.
  41. Game changer


    This product is incredible, I am a super pale but don’t really like wearing makeup so this gives me a beautiful glow without any makeup. It’s easy to apply and sinks right in, no sticky mess !
  42. A game changer !


    Love this product so much! It’s easy to use, lightweight. Works perfectly into your weekly routine.
  43. loooove this


    this product is so easy to use. a very subtle and even tan, complimented by a lovely rosey smell. i intially used a lower quality cotton pad to apply this and got fibres stuck all over my face which was very tickly and irritating and i couldn't itch it for fear of ruining the tan. i will use a better cotton pad next time but over all lovely product!
  44. Best face tan on the market right now


    I use fake tan on the regular and think there is a real need for this kind of product. It doesn't clog my skin (for a change) or bring out my pigmentation, and gives a nice light natural colour. I just think it's a bit too expensive and I wish it was darker. It does last quite a long time and you can build up the colour, but you just have to use it everyday. Until something better (and cheaper) co...
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  45. Love it!


    When I came across this product I thought it sounded too good to be true. Its amazing, you wouldnt think that by only spreading the "water" over your face that you would wake up the next day with a gorgeous and even tan. But its true
  46. Beautiful glow


    First time I’ve used a face tan water and so glad I chose this one! Works a treat to cover acne etc and smells so good! Love my skin glowing after using this ! And lasts for ages
  47. Best overnight glow


    Love this product!
    I use over 2 nights for a golden glow. It even out my skin tone, hydrates and leaves my skin smooth without needing to use moisturiser after applying. Only downfall is how hard it is to get out of the jar and onto your face; I just shake the product into my palm, rub my hands towards and spread it over my face and neck. It doesn’t clog pores like fake tan does.

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  48. Great but the packaging could be better


    This does exactly what it says it will do. It builds a really nice glow on the face without causing any breakouts or irritation which I was a little worried it would do to my acne prone complexion. It also doesn't steak and fades out evenly if you skip using it for a few days in a row. My only gripe is the packaging: the top of the cap fell off the first time I used it and the dropper is a bit fru...
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  49. Light natural buildable


    This is a really light, easy way to apply a gradual face tan. It does take approx 2 applications to notice it as it can be quite subtle. It has never caused any irritation or any breakouts. Will continue to repurchase.
  50. Natural glow


    I love this product! I originally used it on a cotton pad like I would a toner but found I was barely getting any on my face so I shake it straight into my hands (make sure you wash thoroughly after!!) and rub on my face. Even one application makes such a difference, adds such a natural looking glow and makes my skin tone look beautifully even and hides my hyperpigmentation. I have an olive tone t...
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  51. Waste of Money


    I bought this face tan for the summer months to keep a nice golden tan on my face without using harsh tan. I had seen so many adds and positive reviews on the face tan water so I decided to give it a try. I watched many tutorials on how to apply it and how it works. I followed instructions and applied it to my face. After two days my skin started peeling as it would have from sunburn. I hadn't bee...
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  52. So natural!


    I really love this product, not only is it organic and cruelty free but it actually works. It leaves such a beautiful and natural glowy look, it is super lightweight and never causes me to break out.
  53. Healthy glow


    I’ve been trying to avoid sun damage but love having a natural glow and this replicates that, nobody knows any different!
  54. great for acne prone skin


    - never breaks me out
    - really natural tan on the face without being orange

    I would recommend using a few hours before bed and then washing it off prior to skincare but you definitely can sleep in it.
  55. Natural tan


    Best face tan I've ever used! Doesnt break me out or take ages to develop. Nice natural lookng tan that evens out your skin tone and adds some colour. remember to wash your hands after otherwise leaves you with orange hands and the only other thing is unfortunately doesnt last that long on face as you wash it often, however bottle is a good size and it lasts a while.
  56. Natural looking even tan

    Julia Hothersall

    I have decided to finally try this product as all my friends have been using it for a while and highly recommended it. I absolutely love this product. I don’t normally use any tanning products but this tan water is so gentle on skin and easy to apply, leave very even colour and it looks very natural. What I love the most that you can vary the intensity of the colour by how much product you apply. ...
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  57. Eco Tan face water


    Within two applications my face had a glowy, natural tanned complexion thanks to this product. I do use the skinstitut glycolic cleanser and acids in my skincare routine so i do need to re apply this product every few days as it fades quicker due to my routine. Overall it doesn't break me out at all and a little goes a long way with this product and i'll definitely purchase again!
  58. Great natural tan

    Laura R

    This tan water is amazing! easy to apply with a cotton pad (so hands dont get dirty) - very even colour and doesnt smell funky like other fake tans. Nice colour that can be made darker or lighter depending on how much you apply. I love to wear this to work, so i dont have to apply foundation
  59. Face tan water review


    Such a good concept and works well, would buy again
  60. Game changer!


    This product is fantastic and colour is extremely natural
  61. Favourite face tan!


    This is a beautiful organic product! I put this on before bed almost every night and it gives me a nice subtle glowy tan on my face. However make sure to shake well before use and dont use too much or it'll make your face orange! Perfect for sensitive skin
  62. A lovely base colour


    I love this product. You do need to use it a few nights in a row however, once colour is achieved it’s a gorgeous base for your make up especially when wearing mineral powder.
  63. Great stuff!


    It's 100% does what it says it does. It's incredibly light weight and goes on the skin easily, drying fast. If I want to go even darker, I'll put on two layers with a few minutes in between for it to dry in my skin. When I do a home tan I don't tan on my face but use a few layers of this instead. Great product for going on holidays. I went to Bali and didn't wear foundation at all, just Eco Tan an...
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  64. Glowy skin


    Love this face tan water! Gives me a beautiful glow and has a nice natural scent! I would say it needs at least a tea spoon on the first day and another on the second day to achieve the nice glowy look
  65. A miracle product


    This product is a must for all year round. Not only does it give the most natural and even face tan, without the harsh smell, but it also improves your skin! This is absolutely a product I cannot live without and have been using it for over 2 years now
  66. Amazing for my skin


    This is one of the only tanning products I've used on my acne-prone skin that doesn't congest my skin or make it break out! It also sits well with all my other face products, so I am definitely a convert!
  67. Extra boost for make-up free days


    I was gifted this product and only started using it as I had no hyaluronic acid and saw this contained it. I use my hands to apply it before bed and wake up with a layer of tan on my face the next day. Occasionally, it's been a bit patchy if I don't make sure to really smooth it evenly over every area (watch out especially for the eyebrows and nose areas). It's definitely doing kind things to m...
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  68. a must have


    this is a must have face tan product, it works so well and did not irritate my skin, gives a nice glow
  69. pretty good


    i liked this, gave me a nice even glow to my face, it is not very dark
  70. A must have!


    This is an essential in my skincare/tanning regimen. It transforms my complexion to a healthy natural sun kissed look. Absolutely love it!!
  71. Speechless!


    This exceeded my expectations! This didn't break me out or congest my skin at all... I have really sensitive skin so I was a little skeptical at first but WOW. I have been using this for a few weeks now and have not felt the need to wear foundation. It looks so natural and glowy.
  72. Life changing


    I use this every 2nd day and it is amazing! Even if I'm breaking out I'll put it on before bed and it helps so much!
  73. OK


    I find this hard to use, if I put it on a cotton pad and swipe it across my face, I find it doesn't add any colour to my skin. If I apply it directly with my hands (hard because it is literally water) I find it does add colour but it isn't even and becomes really patchy. Only good thing is it doesn't break me out
  74. A must have


    I have been using this product for a couple of years now and I can't live without it. I have pale skin and it gives me a beautiful glow without looking like fake tan. Apply at night and wake up with an even glow in the morning. It's great to wear without makeup for the gym. Or you can apply make up over the top. It's up to you. Would highly recommend for anyone with pale skin. Just make sure you ...
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  75. A must have


    I have been using this product for a couple of years now and I can't live without it. I have pale skin and it gives me a beautiful glow without looking like fake tan. Apply at night and wake up with an even glow in the morning. It's great to wear without makeup for the gym. Or you can apply make up over the top. It's up to you. Would highly recommend for anyone with pale skin. Just make sure you ...
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  76. If you're olive maybe not...

    The Skincare Rookie

    I bought this product and it really took me about 3-4 layers a day to notice any difference and it wasn't super visible on my skin type. The product smells nice and is vegan etc. but not fast enough results. Also the bottle is really annoying to get product out.
  77. Great Product!


    I like the feel of Eco tan. I think tan luxe gives a better longer lasting tan though. You need to use this product daily to really notice a difference. It has a light weight feel and smells great.
  78. Very subtle, but lovely


    I have naturally fair skin and wear sunscreen on my face every day- this keeps my skin very happy, but super pale. I apply the Face Tan Water each night after cleansing and before serum and moisteriser. The Face Tan Water would be perfect for people with fair skin tones who are after a subtle glow. When I want extra colour, I use Eco Tan's Cacao Tanning Mousse on my body and a little on my face. <...
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  79. Subtle colour


    The perfect product for when you want a little colour on your face without breaking out from using self tan on your face. I like this because I don’t wear make up everyday so it makes my skin look more even and glowy. I do find though that it does take a few layers to make a noticeable difference on my skin.




  81. Natural tan glow


    I use this almost every day of the week. I wear eco tan throughout the week and find using this is my nigh time routine just helps the flow continue. plus the added skin care properties!
  82. Worth it


    Yesssss FINALLY. I have oily and extremely acne prone skin and this face tanner didn't break me out. It gives a light and natural glow which is perfect because you cant mess it up. I've tried quite a few face tanners in the past which always left me with blackheads or pimples but this ones great!
  83. Better than makeup


    So glad i tried this! Hasn’t made me break out at all - which is a rare find for me. Gives a great colour, not orange, and subtle yet still a noticeable difference. I love that I haven’t worn foundation or concealer since using this product.
  84. Great for sensitive acne prone skin


    I've never used tanning products before and am not able to put much product on my face as I have incredibly sensitive, acne-prone skin with a hormonal cystic acne problem that I am always battling. After using this, I noticed a subtle tanned glow after 1 application and can confirm the coming days that it did not break me out or make my skin react badly! Very happy and will continue to use this!
  85. No makeup needed


    The perfect product for when you want a bronzed look without having to wear makeup. I do find though that it does take a few layers to make a noticeable difference on my skin.
  86. Staple in my routine


    I’m onto my third bottle of eco tan face water. I like my tan a bit darker so I use it twice a day. I have sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate which is an absolute dream. I start with this - serums and everything else go on top. Super easy, great results!
  87. Glowy shine


    First fake tan I’ve ever used! Love it! Gives me a nice and glowy shine! Love that it doesn’t make my skin break out and doesn’t have fragrance! Will purchase again
  88. not very dark


    this isn't super dark, however it is a good coverage and didn't irritate my skin.
  89. Best face tanning product


    This is the best face tanner! If your pale it doesn't give too much pigment, but you can build your coverage to the level of tan you like. It has a toner consistentcy, so it doesn't clog pores at all and it doesn't have any funny smell unlike some other tanners. Have definitely noticed my skin appears clearer since using this product. Love it, this is my 3rd bottle.
  90. Natural glow!


    I was given this as a gift and was skeptical but absolutely love it. It’s so easy to use and develops overnight for glowing, sun kissed skin that last a few days. I’ve found that I use it all year round and a bottle lasts a long time. Such a great product and fantastic value for money!
  91. works well


    gives a nice glow to your face, isn't sticky and has a nice natural smell.
  92. liked not loved


    I liked this but didn't love it. I feel that you get the same result by just using the residue on the mit after tanning your body.
  93. The best


    This has never broke me out and is so gradual and glowy. Best tanner ever. On my third bottle!
  94. Amazing face tan


    This product is amazing. It is just enough to keep your face looking tan with a healthy glow. I also find this product clears my skin up if I have any breakouts or redness. There is no offensive fake tan smell whatsoever and the consistency feels nice and refreshing on the skin.
  95. My favourite face tan!

    Bella J

    Love love love this! I use this on my face so that the colour matches my body in summer when I am not wanting to put my face in the sun. It works a charm and can be mixed with moisturiser before bed. It takes a couple of times applying it to notice the difference but it gradually comes to match my face. I have medium skin.
  96. Everyday Tanner


    I love this Face Tan.
    So much so, I’ve got a bottle in my bathroom, on my dresser and in my car ~ just for ease of use and to keep my tan alive!
    I’ve also started splashing on my hands and rubbing on my arms & legs for a Subtle tan. It works!
    It’s my Everyday Tanner!
  97. Nice product


    Congests my skin a little if I use it for more than 3 days, but my skin is a bit like that with a lot of products that claim to not cause breakouts.

    Lovely colour, tones the skin nicely.. but loses a star because the packaging is very annoying. Quite difficult to get product out, but worth the effort.
  98. AWESOME!!

    Laura w

    I love this face tan. It evens out skin tone and is very buildable! Plus it hides any imperfections on your face and doesn't give you any break outs! If you’re wanting a healthy glow this suits even really light and fair skin.
  99. beautiful gradual tan


    this face tan water makes my face gradually very tan and looks stunning! it doesn't make my face break out at all! Definitely recommend!
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