You Won’t Believe How Easy These Magnetic Lashes Are To Apply

Magnetic false lashes are something I never thought I’d be trying. For one, I’m super sceptical of gimmicky concepts that take off on social media, and secondly, the thought of a magnetic field pulling out my eyelashes scared the hell out me. And yet, here we are.

BUT, before we get any further, I need to clarify that these are not the magnetic lashes you’ve seen in your Instagram explore feed on Korean beauty accounts – you know, the ones that clamp your natural lashes between two magnets? In fact, this technology is so advanced, you probably won’t believe that it works (I definitely didn’t when I first heard about it).

Mirenesse’s Magnomatic Day + Night Lash Kit_close up of eye with false lashes_1080x771Mirenesse’s Magnomatic Day + Night Lash Kit_close up of eye with false lashes_1080x771

Tell Me More:

The difference with Mirenesse Magnomatic Day + Night Lash Kit - Natural Audrey is that the main magnetic component is the liquid liner. Yep, the liner is magnetic. I’ll give you a moment to process the fact that we’re living in the future.

  • The magnetic eyeliner holds the lashes securely on the eyes all day & night

  • The lashes are made from synthetic silk fibres & can be used up to 30 times

  • It involves no messy glue or clamping of the lashes between magnets

  • Each kit comes with two pairs of lashes, a liner & cleansing oil

  • They’re almost foolproof to use, and make applying false lashes simple

  • There are three different lash kits: dramatic, natural & volume

  • The formula is latex-free, vegan-friendly & cruelty-free

Mirenesse’s Magnomatic Day + Night Lash Kit_hands holding small bottle of black liquid liner_1080x771Mirenesse’s Magnomatic Day + Night Lash Kit_hands holding small bottle of black liquid liner_1080x771

How To Use:

1. Place lashes onto the eye to measure for fit. Trim carefully if necessary, ensuring not to cut off the outer magnets. 

2. Shake the liquid liner bottle and apply a thick line to a clean lash line. Allow the liner to set for 1-3 mins or until slightly tacky. 

3. Starting at the outer corner of the eye, line up the lash strip with the magnetic liner and press into position. If you need to reposition the lashes, you may need to reapply liner first. 

4. Apply mascara to your natural lashes as your last step to blend in if needed. To remove, simply gently pull the lashes away from your eye. 

Note: The liner is a bit stubborn when it comes to removal, so you’ll need to use the included cleansing oil to remove the liner from your eye, but don’t use it directly on the lashes, peel them off first.

My Verdict:

I really wasn’t expecting this process to be as seamless as it is. I don’t struggle a whole lot with applying regular falsies, but eliminating the glue makes life much easier, especially because I always pair falsies with liner anyway.

Even for makeup newbies, these lashes are pretty easy to use. They really do click onto the liner and stay put. Plus, each kit comes with one more natural pair, and one glam pair so you can customise your look – the Audrey kit is my fave.

The liner is hard to shift without the oil cleanser, so make sure you’ve got that on hand. All in all, I think I’ve been sold on magnetic lashes!

Mirenesse’s Magnomatic Day + Night Lash KitMirenesse’s Magnomatic Day + Night Lash Kit

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