The Concealer That's Been Made For Hiding Dark Circles

Late nights, kids, lack of sleep, a global pandemic, genetics… There are a whole host of reasons why we get dark circles.

You know the ones. Those shadows under your eyes that no matter how many layers of concealer or creams you try, never seem to disappear completely. 

Make space in your beauty bag. We’ve found the best concealer for dark under eyes and the best concealer for dark spots... and well, yes, it’s the same high achieving one: Bobbi Brown's Intensive Skin Serum Concealer.

Their Intensive Skin Serum Foundation is also a fan favourite, but today it’s all about the concealer.

It’s more than a makeup product, combining benefits usually limited to your skincare regimen. It treats, corrects and conceals at the same time. And all before breakfast.

Why It's One Of Our Favourite Under-Eye Concealers:

It’s a great concealer for anywhere on your face, but this really is an area (ha!) that it stands out.

“The formula treats your under eye as it lightens, brightens and evens out the skin tone wherever is needed for a fresher, brighter and more rejuvenated look,” explains National Education Manager at Bobbi Brown, Fiona Pereira.

The weightless formula, which as the name suggests is much more akin to a serum than the thick, paint-like concealers you might have lurking at the bottom of your makeup bag, makes it perfect for the delicate skin under your eyes to help counteract some of the major causes of dark circles, including aging and excess pigmentation.

The lightweight formula makes it the best under eye concealer that doesn’t crease - and given the texture, it’s surprisingly pigmented with buildable coverage.

What Are The Key Ingredients?

  • Cordyceps Mushroom Extract helps re-energise the skin which prevents loss of collagen.  

  • Bamboo Grass & Vitamin C help brighten and add radiance to the area

  • Indian Tree Root & Coffee Seed Extract help plump skin, soften fine lines and nourish the under eye area, instantly and over time with continued use.

The active ingredients are all about re-energising tired-looking skin, as well as equipping it with the added help to support the natural repair process.

“It significantly boosts skin's moisture levels for a plumper, smoother, more refreshed look,” says Fiona.

How Do I Find The Right Shade Of Concealer?

There are currently 17 shades to pick from, catering to a range of warm and cool tones. Use our Findation tool to work out which is your perfect match - no testers required!

The Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer is designed to complement your foundation shade, so Fiona recommends picking up the same shade or going one lighter for extra brightening. 

While the concealer offers some correction, if you have very dark under eye circles or just favour extra coverage, try layering the concealer over a separate corrector.

Here’s the basics of colour correcting. Dark circles throwing off green? Balance with a reddish or peach-toned concealer like the Bobbi Brown Corrector. If you’ve got more purple and blue tones, opt for a yellower concealer. Red or pink can be counteracted with a concealer with a greenish base.

The Best Way To Apply Concealer:

You’ll get the best results out of this concealer by taking a little bit of time to prep skin.

According to Fiona, the best way to apply is:

  • Moisturise your under-eye area with your favourite eye cream.

  • Allow the cream to dry into your skin.

  • Using the doe foot applicator, apply a thin layer of the concealer. Lightly swipe or dot across the entire under eye area, going right up to the lash line.

  • Gently pat with fingers to blend. (You could also use a brush if you prefer, but fingers work fine here too.)

A little goes a long way - only apply it to areas where you need it. Too much and it will end up doing the opposite of what you want, adding weight rather than brightening and lifting under your eyes.

If you find your concealer creasing throughout the day, pay extra attention to the first step. Moisturising the area and taking care to blend your concealer in properly will help reduce the likelihood of it happening.

It's A Great For Mature Skin Too...

Finding the best under eye concealer for over 50, when your skin has a few different needs, can feel like an added quest.. 

The Intensive Skin Serum Concealer gets an honourable mention for one of the best under eye concealer for wrinkles, too.

Ensure the eye area is moisturised and consider using a concealer blending brush rather than patting with fingers to blend for a more crease-free finish,” says Fiona.

The key? Remember less is more. Start light and build coverage for your desired results.

For the final word, over to Kelly - a customer who rated it so highly, she felt compelled to leave a review. 

“It goes on very smooth and doesn’t crease, lasting all day. It makes my dark circles appear less noticeable, is good for natural makeup and leaves behind a hydrated finish.”