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Bobbi Brown Corrector

4.4 of 57 reviews


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4 instalments of $11.50


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A wakeup call for tired eyes. Corrector is pink- or peach-based to neutralise under-eye darkness and is designed to be used before Creamy Concealer 

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Bobbi Brown Corrector

Bobbi Brown Corrector

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4.4 of 57 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

The best corrector


I wish I could find a product better than this but its super hydrating and perfect for under concealer. but it may crease if you use too much

Most Helpful Criticism



I find this corrector a bit too thick and it can look a bit cakey. not great for the skin under the eyes either as it's a very sensitive area
  1. The best corrector


    I wish I could find a product better than this but its super hydrating and perfect for under concealer. but it may crease if you use too much
  2. Great overall


    I have been using this product for about 3 years now. I suffer from dark circles so this definitely works for that. It does well for most of the day, but towards the end of it, I do find that it gets a tad dry. Not a big deal for me, as I tend to get home and wash it off before it gets really bad. As I said, this product is great at covering my dark circles, so I am OK with the fact that it gets a bit flaky.
  3. A fail-safe


    Definitely on the thicker side but works amazingly for me as I have a lot of dark veins around my eyes.
  4. thick


    I find this corrector a bit too thick and it can look a bit cakey. not great for the skin under the eyes either as it's a very sensitive area
  5. Good


    This is really thick so I would recommend using it under foundation, as I found it quite hard to blend.
  6. Awesome


    cover blemishes, redness and dark circles well without the cakey looks
  7. Average


    Wouldn't repurchase, it's quite a thick formula that creases easily. it looks very good under concealer though and conceals darkness well
  8. Great for covering under eye bags


    I really like this concealer to cover all blemishes, however find it best under my eyes to cover dark circles. It’s moist and Creamy texture works well under the eyes without drying the skin and filling in creases/wrinkles. The colour range allows you to match the right shade to your skin. Tip: you can swap the colour at any Bobbi brown counter if colour isn’t perfect!
  9. Great colour & coverage


    Was recommended this product from a makeup artist friend and it has not disappointed. Use it underneath the Bobbi Brown concealer for that extra coverage. I have quite dark circles under the eyes and find the combo provides great colour and coverage.
  10. very creamy texture, I love it.


    I bought this as it was recommend to be used with BB concealer. I try not to apply too much as it goes into the eye wrikles sometimes and make me look very tired and aged. I used a little bit to cover the under eye bags the apply the concealer. then BB foundation to give the flawless finish on your skin.
  11. alright product


    great for covering dark circles however its hard to blend out and very very thick, good shade range however
  12. Great


    very thick but does cover dark circles and blemishes well
  13. Perfect for covering dark circles


    Perfect for covering up dark circles! Does the job really well, love how the colour you like is the only one you get (previously used colour correctors which came with a second colour I wouldn't use or a palette). This lasts ages and can pair it with any other concealer on top.
  14. love it


    evens out skin tone seamlessly, does not cling to any dry patches or settle into fine lines. would recommend for dry skin
  15. This can hide your circles, pigmentation spots and basically you're darkest kept secrets ;)


    Anyone who has dark spots or pigmentation knows the struggles of those areas seeking through your foundation so the best cover up is using a colour corrector to counteract and I love the bobbi brown one it is my tried and true product i always re-purchase
  16. Peachy


    I think this is a brilliant corrector! The peachy pink tones are great for cancelling out dark tones under my eyes and I always look much fresher afterwards.
  17. I liked the serum one


    So disappointed they discontinued the serum one as I loved the packaging and convenience but this is the next best thing.

    Concealer alone will rarely cover dark circles: this is so creamy and really does the job if you let it set first.

    Definitely would re purchase!
  18. YES


    Must have for purple under eyes! This makes me look so much healthier and awake. The salmon colour completely removes my purple bags, it’s incredible!
  19. Great colour corrector!


    Overall this is a great colour corrector for darkness around the eyes! It blends seamlessly into the skin, allowing concealer to blend evenly over top! Highly recommend if you have dark under eye circles and find that the concealers you use don't cover them and/or turn grey due to the colour of the dark circles.
  20. Best product for under eye darkness


    I've been using the Bobbi Brown Corrector in 'peach' and 'light peach' for years and was so happy to find it on Adore Beauty. This product is super creamy, you only need a little to dab on the dark area under your eyes to immediately brighten! Can be worn without foundation over the top, sometimes I use just this corrector and powder. Lasts for a long time too as you only use so little.
  21. One of the better correctorsq


    It's hard to find a corrector that doesn't dry or cake up your under eye area but the Bobbi Brown one does a good job at avoiding that and correcting your under eye area.

    It's best applied with your ring finger to ensure the product warms up before applying to the areas needing correction.

    I top with liquid foundation and set with a translucent powder.

    It has done wonders in down playing the darkness underneath my eyes, I apply much less concealer when using this product.
  22. Creamy formula


    Love this peachy toned colour corrector for dark under eyes. It cancels out blue circles effectly. The formula is really nice and creamy so it doesn't clingy to dry skin under the eyes.
  23. Makeup Bag Must Have


    This concealer is amazing for colour correcting under the eyes. I love the peachy tone in for concealing dark spots. Love this product, I've got all my girlfriends onto it.
  24. Would take on a desert island


    Love love love this product, I use it every day and wouldn't use anything else, I can highly recommend, it looks fantastic.
  25. Favourite


    My favourite corrector!! It covers the dark circles under my eyes like a dream
  26. fantastic!


    This corrector is amazing. It corrects my purple under-eye shadows quickly and easily, and doesn't crease into lines. I have never got on with concealer, but LOVE this!
  27. Covers bags


    On the one hand I love how this really does cover bags - i’m Very fair and I struggle to find products which are able to disguise my purpled bags without looking unnatural. For me porcelain peach works well, though I normally buy more pink based colours foundation wise. However i’ve Had to take off two stars despite its ability to colour correct, because for me at least it also creases badly, especially when I add concealer or foundation on top, so I can’t go right up to the lash line.
  28. Quite good!


    Good for correcting under eye darkness paired with concealer! Eyes look more awake, a little thick but fine if you warm it up with fingers!
  29. Light Bisque


    The shade finder tool does an okay job at finding your match! Im around an NC20, and light bisque works well for under my eyes. The formula is smooth and creamy and you only need to buff in a little bit to get decent coverage
  30. One of a kind


    This is a great product, and many on the market are yet to compare to this classic. The peach tone corrector is a perfect base under concealer to neutralise and do some leg work. Highly recommend.


    I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I love it as a corrector. I wouldn’t use it by itself unless I looked well rested, but it does a great job at neutralising my under eye circles.
  32. Love it


    Best corrector ever. Really wish they’d kept the serum one as well but this is still nice.

    Huge difference in neutralising dark circles. You can’t get full coverage without a corrector and concealer so this will definitely be a repurchase.
  33. Amazing


    Love love love this product, I use it every day and wouldn't use anything else, I can highly recommend, it looks fantastic.
  34. good


    This is a great product, once you get the hang of it. Needs to be warmed on your fingers, and only a tiny bit is needed.
  35. Works really well


    I have dark circles under my eyes and this is a fantastic corrector that does well to conceal the appearance of my dark circles. It feels light too which is great on my sensitive skin
  36. Staple

    Kylie Q

    This corrector in bisque is a staple in my everyday makeup routine. Can’t live without this!
  37. Amazing peachy tone - Bisque


    This concealer is amazing for colour correcting under the eyes. I love the peachy tone in for concealing dark spots. Love this product.
  38. This is how colour-correction should be done


    I can't escape my genetics - hyperpigmentation is an issue on my deeper skin tone, particularly under the eyes. Trying to opaque that with concealer is extremely difficult and I spent a long time searching for an appropriate colour-corrector...only to end up with a slew of bright orange sticks and pots, which just created a new issue because the bright orange was too hard to cover up, mixed with my foundation/concealer and just looked a little nuts! Bobbi Brown correctors are unique, they've taken colour correcting and, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, their shades are like foundation and concealer products, designed to be matched to your skin tone. It's definitely worth getting matched in store before purchasing online. I'm Dark Bisque - it perfectly neutralises the darkness so that it appears seamless with the normally pigmented skin next to it. They're designed to be used under foundation or concealer but I often just stroll out with just the corrector under my eyes since it's such a good match. As with all colour correction, it's important to keep this product only on the area of darkness - don't stray outside the lines or you'll end up with an inappropriate orange or pink hue to your skin that will throw off your next layer. If there were half stars, I would take half off for the fact that this product creases and moves around a fair bit under the eyes. I recommend either setting it lightly with powder and being careful as you layer concealer over the top so you don't get cakey; or, mix it with some eyeshadow primer before applying under the eyes. Eye shadow primers are more tacky than face primers and will serve to hold that corrector in place and give a better base to hold your concealer. It's an odd trick but it totally works! Suitable for anyone with hyper-pigmentation that can't be opaqued with concealer, particularly for dark circles under the eyes and around the mouth.
  39. Porcelain Bisque perfect match for Pale, Fair skin


    I use this product in their lightest shade and I pair it with Bobbi Brown CC cream in the pale shade. These two I have to say have been a dream come true. I finally found my daily routine and a corrector that actually blended well with my pale skin.
  40. Staple Product


    This product is awesome if you have dry skin and dark under eye circles.

    It doesn't go cakey (I use a sponge to apply) and covers under eye darkness beautifully. You can even use this on its own, it's not obvious that you're wearing makeup and makes such a difference to under eye circles. Longevity is fantastic, lasts all day which is hard to find when you have dry skin.

    I started using this 6 years ago, its a staple in my makeup bag and would make my Top 5 all-time fave products.
  41. Great for dark circles


    I have very dark circles under my eyes and sometimes concealer alone doesn't cut it. On days where I want extra coverage I apply this (always with my finger) before putting on concealer. It layers well under all concealers I've used and dramatically steps up the coverage. I'll also wear a touch of this under my eyes on days where I don't want to wear any makeup to colour correct and brighten.
  42. Ride or die


    This is a staple in my every day routine. Having super dark circles I need to use this corrector to correct and diminish the colour. I pat this on with a brush followed by my foundation and/or concealer and it makes such a difference to the darkness under my eyes. If you have dark circles you need this corrector!
  43. Peach Bisque - Winner


    This is the best product that I have found for cancelling out blue tones under my eyes. It does not crease and lasts well all day. A true all-star product.
  44. Not perfect but the best I've found


    I have really dark, hereditary under-eye circles and pale skin. My skin is also really sensitive and a lot of products make the skin around my eyes peel or dry up.
    The Bobbi Brown Corrector is the best product I've found, but it's not perfect..
    - Peach/Bisque are great colours for cutting through the purple-blue tone
    - Creamy texture good for my dry/sensitive eye skin
    - A little goes a long way
    - Creases despite setting powder/light application
    - Doesn't sit well underneath other products
    - In extreme hot/cold weather texture emphasises lines in my skin

    Despite the cons, this is the best undereye concealer I've found after more than 10 years of trial and error. Nothing I've tried comes close to BB's level of covering dark circles -- but I hope as technology improves, something with better staying/setting power comes along soon.
  45. Great product


    Great product I use the bisque shade to cover my dark circles and pigmentation under my eyes
  46. Great under eye corrector


    This corrector has a very creamy formula that won’t have you pulling at the sensitive thin skin under your eyes.
    I’m age 43 and have a fair to medium complexion, with oily to combination skin. I use this corr cutie under the eyes I. Shade light bisque and find that it perfectly neutralises any dark shadows.
    A little pricey but a little goes a long way. You only need to pay on a dot or two under each eye for great coverage.
  47. Hides tired eyes


    I have a fair complexion with combination skin. I bought this product to hide tired eyes and I find the product lives up to its expectations. I use this product before I apply foundation and then use concealer over the top if I am going for a full make up look. I will purchase this product again.
  48. Definitely helps to cover up, but still needs a concealer


    I have very fair skin with blue dark circles under my eyes and I definitely find that this product makes a difference. You can immediately see how just a little covers the circles quite well, though I still use concealer as well. The lady at the Bobbi Brown counter recommended to use it with their concealer, but I don't like that one at all as it is way to thick and cakey for me, but the corrector works well with other more liquid concealers.
  49. Corects but too cakey


    I'm on the fence with this product. I have very fair skin with obvious purple areas in the inner corner under the eyes. This does a really good job at correcting however as is the case with most correctors, I still need to apply concealer over the top. The combo of correcter and Bobbi Brown concealer ends up leading to quite a cakey finish under the eyes, creasing and leaving me looking older and worse than before I started. I would not repurchase this product.
  50. Great product


    If you have dark circles under your eyes this is the corrector you need! it is a little oily but other than that the colours are perfect and would defiantly recommend you check it out
  51. My favourite makeup product of all time!


    This is one of the only products I have repurchased many many times. It is amazing! I have dark under eye circles, which I have spent years trying to cover. When I first tried this I didn't like it. It creased and didn't stay in place. When I realised that 'less is more' with this product, I fell in love. I have tried about 6 or 7 other under eye correctors and nothing compares with this. The lady at the bobbi brown counter recommended using it underneath their 'creamy concealer', but I far prefer using it on its own with the Laura Mercier under eye setting powder, for a natural, everyday look. Buy it, you won't regret it!
  52. Doesn't really do anything


    I ordered this in light bisque for my fair complexion. I don't have very dark under eyes but wanted something to help brighten them up. First of this has a very waxy/emollient consistency and needs to be warmed up in the fingers a little bit. It is very tacky and does not work well with mineral foundations and dryer setting concealers. My eyes looked cakey after an hour or so. It does brighten a little bit, little to no coverage (but again this is a corrector and not a concealer) If you are a concealer and foundation user than I would skip this. After I applied my foundation I could not really see the difference to be honest. Didn't hate it but didn't love it either.
  53. Best corrector


    I always use this to correct my under eye circles. They're not that bad but this just makes any darkness disappear. I use this then a foundation on top and I don't even need a concealer after that.
    But more importantly, I was looking for something to conceal my sunspots, and no concealer was strong enough. The Bobbi Brown sales assistant suggesting using this, and it worked!
    Again, I use this, then foundation, then concealer. My sunspots are very dark so if I just use foundation then concealer you can still see it but the corrector neutralises the colour and makes it disappear. Brilliant!
    I love the creamy formula, it applies well, stays all day and doesn't crease or crack.
    The packaging is cute, and seems sturdy, but my hinge broke after awhile. But I will definitely repurchase because I absolutely need to have this at all times!
  54. The best corrector!


    I have very dark under eye circles and this is the best corrector I have found. It doesn't cover them entirely on it's own, but I get a great result using them along with the Bobbi Brown concealer. It is the only corrector that doesn't go 'cakey' in my under eye area.
  55. Great under eye corrector!


    I've been using this for a few months now and I still really enjoy it. So long as I don't apply it over my foundation it blends in really well and doesn't make my wrinkles stand out.. It is a bit expensive but a little goes a long way. I pat it under my eyes and apply concealer over the top and wella no more dark circles! x
  56. Where have u been all of my life?


    I DO NOT write reviews ever! But I LOVE this product. I don't have the darkest eye bags but they are definitely there. This corrector goes above and beyond in regards to coverage and longevity. Pricey for such a small product but SO glad I took the leap and bought it.
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