Nailing The Cream-Based Makeup Trend Is This Easy

We've come along way since 2014. A time when cakey, theatre-like makeup was everyone's jam, heavily stenciled eyebrows were a thing, and baking wasn't just a cooking term.

It's 2019, and we've well and truly moved into an era of makeup that actually looks like skin - in fact, the more natural-looking, the better. But that doesn't necessarily mean super minimal makeup, it just means the type of makeup has changed.

Why Have Creams Become So Popular?

I think it's our obsession with glowing, radiant-looking skin that has us all on the endless search for the perfect combination of products. And I think Aussie makeup artists are actually at the forefront of this trend - dewy base, undetectable (but definitely there) highlighter, blush that looks like you've just been for a light jog - it's all in the product.

Previously, we've all reached for powder blushes, bronzers and contour palettes, but if it's that seemingly unattainable glow you're after, you might want to experiment with a cream formula.

Unlike powders, cream formulas can be manipulated a little bit more, warmed up with your fingertips and melted in to the skin for a more natural-looking finish. I also find creams to be much more buildable without going over the top, as they're easily blended out.

And if you're concerned about looking shiny, don't worry, here's more information about "precision powdering" to help navigate that.

Your Guide To Nailing The Cream-Based Makeup Trend 002Your Guide To Nailing The Cream-Based Makeup Trend 002

What Products Should I Start With?

You don't have to transition all at once, trying cream formulas can be a gradual process - I'd probably recommend starting off with a cream highlighter and building your cream obsession from there.

This blendable and buildable cream highlighter is perfect for creating a natural-looking dewy glow. It's a certified organic formula, and actually nourishes the skin with fatty acids and antioxidants while giving your complexion a dose of radiance. It's available in three shades, including Spice, Gold and Rose.

This ultra-smooth cream blush has a second skin texture for a seamless finish on the skin and incredible staying power. It has a natural, soft-focus effect and is available in 12 shades to suit all skin tones. It's easily applied with fingertips, brushes or a blending sponge.

BITE Beauty Multistick applies like a powder, and wears like a cream. With 35% powder in each bullet, this silicone-free formula creates a soft-focus finish with added hydrating properties. It delivers weightless, creamy colour that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks. I like the shade Honeywheat for contouring.