How Does This Mascara Compare To A Lash Lift?

If there was such thing as being 'made' for a job, I'd say my lashes were made to test drive mascaras. Not because I have good lashes, but because they'll poke holes in every marketing claim a mascara can make and flip them on their head.

My lashes are dead straight, long and sparse; a combination that doesn't usually equal cooperation with many mascara formulas. Any formula that promises to lift, curl or volumise ends up looking clumpy, spidery or heavy. And yet, I'm still convinced every time that they'll turn out fluttery, curled and defined. Usually, I'm bitterly disappointed - but a bargain mascara has left me rather impressed.

Is This Mascara Actually Like A Lash Lift?

As I always say when it comes to at-home beauty treatments like dermarolling and LED, it's never going to be quite the same as what can you have in-clinic or salon. I've been having lash lifts for about 5 years, and I can tell you, my straight, sparse lashes ain't gonna curl themselves with a mascara.

To really do a proper analysis of Maybelline's Falsies Lash Lift Mascara, I tested it under three conditions: natural lashes, natural lashes with a curler, and lashes after a lift. Needless to say, the latter produced the best result.

On my naked lashes, it didn't immediately wow me (but we've established by now that they are uncooperative at the best of times). With my lash curler introduced, I was much more sold on the formula. And when I added a fresh lash lift to the equation, it officially got my tick of approval.

On lashes that already have a bit of curl to them, I'd say you could achieve a lash lift-like result, but if you're like me, pair it with a curler or professional lift for the best results. You can expect length, separation and fullness.

How-Does-This-Mascara-Compare-To-A-Lash-Lift Maybelline-Falsies-Lash-Lift-Mascara 0062How-Does-This-Mascara-Compare-To-A-Lash-Lift Maybelline-Falsies-Lash-Lift-Mascara 0062

What You Need To Know About Falsies Lash Lift Mascara:

  • It's a volumising and lifting mascara designed to give lashes the appearance of a lift

  • Falsies Lash Lift has a double-curved brush which grabs, coats & lifts every lash 

  • It has a fibre-infused formula which adds volume & thickness to sparse lashes

  • It doesn't become clumpy or flaky (and I'm yet to experience panda eyes)

  • The formula is suitable for contact lens wearers & mildly sensitive eyes

  • It's not waterproof, and comes off easily with an eye makeup remover

How-Does-This-Mascara-Compare-To-A-Lash-Lift Maybelline-Falsies-Lash-Lift-Mascara 0087How-Does-This-Mascara-Compare-To-A-Lash-Lift Maybelline-Falsies-Lash-Lift-Mascara 0087

Absolutely amazed by this product


The only mascara that has ever manage to fulfil my needs! My eyelashes are very stubborn, no mascara has ever managed to curl them and lift them. I tried a benefit mascara which is twice the price and has done no job. Once I tried this mascara, it has changed my life completely! I do not need to do lash lift or wear false eyelashes!

A miracle!


I have been trying out so many different mascaras lately just hoping I would find what this one does! It it voluminous, lengthening, separating, doesn't flake or smudge, and most of all is actually LASH LIFTING! One of my eyes has decently nice curled eyelashes while the other's sticks straight down, which is so annoying when doing my lashes, usually I ended up only curling the straight side. With...
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Honestly I was really impressed with this!


I’m a Maybelline junkie so every new mascara I always try! Pros: super easy to get beautiful volume! I love a false lash look. Super dark too! It’s comparable to my high end Benefit mascara. The only thing I would say is it’s hard to get off! You really have to scrub it with makeup remover. Otherwise it’s a great mascara! It’s going to be a staple in my makeup bag alongside my Lash Blast volume ma...
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