How to *Not* Turn At-Home Brow Tinting Into a Disaster

Baebrow eyebrow tintBaebrow eyebrow tint

I tell you what, I didn't realise how much I loved getting beauty treatments until I couldn't.

I'm not someone who goes and gets their hair blow dried once a week or anything, but a monthly mani-pedi and a lash lift every eight weeks really keeps me going.

In March, we saw everyone go nuts for DIY beauty as salons closed their doors, and while the rest of the country has access to beauty services again, we Victorians are back on the DIY bandwagon.

That said, even if you live outside of Victoria, you might've discovered you can save a few bucks by mastering some of your fave beauty treatments at home.

So, let's chat about DIY brow tinting (a.k.a one of the only things I've attempted on myself during lockdown).

But first, check out our YouTube tutorial on exactly how to tint you eyebrows at home, even if you're a beginner!

At-Home Brow Tinting 101.

To make sure we covered off all of the important stuff, I asked owner of The Beauty Company, Jenna Lambert, to answer some FAQs on at-home brow tinting.

1. What are the biggest mistakes people make with at-home brow tinting?

"I think the biggest mistakes people make when attempting their brows at home is the colour choice and the shape they actually apply the tint in."

2. Should we shape our brows before or after doing the tint?

"If we are doing a home DIY job then I would say shape before tinting, however, if you're having your brows tinted in-salon, we would usually wax/shape after tinting to really define the shape a little more."

3. What can you do if you try an at-home brow tint and it's too dark for you?

"I think we have all been guilty of leaving tint on too long or making it too dark. The best way to lighten or lift the tint is by giving the brows a little scrub with some shampoo or a foaming cleanser."

4. How do we avoid a tinting mishap?

"I would also recommend having some Vaseline on hand for anyone who doesn't have much experience tinting their own brows. This is applied just outside the shape of the brow and acts as a barrier for the tint to prevent you from accidentally creating thicker brows than necessary."

5. Now, what about lash tinting at home? Is that best left to the professionals?

"This is a tough one! I've heard of many people only ever doing them themselves and then I've also heard some real botch jobs! The eyes are such a sensitive area and so much can go wrong. I would say leave it to the professionals."

What Is the Best At-Home Eyebrow Tint?

Let's not pretend we're professionals here - we need something that's quick and easy and requires minimal skill. Enter: Baebrow.

What sets Baebrow Instant Eyebrow Tint apart from other at-home brow tints is that it doesn't require any mixing to activate the tint, and it's got a doe-foot applicator which makes it pretty hard to mess up. If you've ever tried to mix your own tint and apply it with a cotton tip, you'll know brow tinting isn't always a seamless process.

Previously, I've tried Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint (you can watch a demo of that in my Instagram highlights here) which lasts a couple of days and is also super easy to use. But if you want something a little longer-lasting, Baebrow Instant Eyebrow Tint lasts for around a week, and develops in 10 minutes.

It also adds a bit of gloss and depth to your brows, without turning them scarily dark (a fear or experience we've all had when getting our brows done professionally, I'm sure).

How to Choose the Right Brow Tint Shade.

Alrighty, we've got three shades to choose from, ladies and gentlemen. And I should add, because this formula is gentle, it can be used on already tattooed or microbladed brows too.

First up, we've got black. This shade will suit you if you’ve got very dark brown or black hair, whether it’s warm or cool in tone. If you don’t have very very dark hair, and you're not trying to get very dark brows, steer clear.

Next is dark brown, my shade. This one leans on the cooler side and is best suited to blonde, light brown or mid-brown hair. You can adjust the intensity of your results by leaving the product on from five minutes for a more subtle result.

Lastly, we have graphite, an ashy, cool-toned shade that can be used by pretty much everyone, except if you have super light (almost non-existent) brows.

The great thing about Baebrow is you can also buy duos that contain two shade variants so you can customise the finish of your brows.

For example, if you have super light brows, the Baebrow Instant Eyebrow Tint - Duo Graphite / Dark Brown would be suited to you.

The Verdict on At-Home Eyebrow Tinting...

At-home brow tinting is hard to mess up with something like Baebrow - just slather some Vaseline around the border of your brows with a concealer brush, don't leave the tint on for too long, and embody your brow lady for a moment in time. You'll be fine.

Remember friends, it's not permanent, so even if you do have a mishap, it's only temporary.

Unlike cutting yourself a fringe. Don't cut yourself a fringe. Please.

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