Our Editor Tried the New 'Magnetic Mascara' Everyone's Talking About...

benefit magnetic mascarabenefit magnetic mascara

A wise woman in the beauty industry once told me mascaras are like bananas.

Some people like them ripe. Others purposefully wait until they're on the way out to make banana bread. Same goes with mascaras, and no matter your preference, there's a very short window in which a mascara is everything you want it to be.

Not too runny. Not too gluggy. Not too wet, but not dry and flaky. Then, there's the people who don't even like bananas. It's complicated.

Back to mascaras. I have a love-hate relationship with this beloved beauty product (I prefer to get regular lash lifts and tints), but when I do reach for a mascara, I'm picky. It has to make my lashes look long, defined, glossy and super black.

This is exactly what I got when I tried Benefit's new magnetic mascara for the first time. So good is this mascara, precisely 12 people asked me about it on Instagram when I posted this photo.

benefit magnetic mascara reviewbenefit magnetic mascara review

Intrigued? Keep scrolling to find out why you're seeing this fancy new mascara everywhere on your feed.

What is the Benefit Magnetic Mascara?

Benefit They're Real Magnet Mascara is the newest mascara launch from the brand known for making cult mascaras.

They've got They're Real! for length, Roller Lash for curl, BadGal Bang if you're after volume, and now, They're Real! Magnet for extreme length. Basically, this is the mascara for people who want dramatic length, lift and separation (that's me!).

OK cool, but what actually makes this magnetic mascara... magnetic?

Two things: The mineral-enriched formula combined with the wand's magnetic core and zig-zag bristles help to extend the mascara beyond the tips of your natural lashes for that 'are those lash extensions?!' effect.

The brand also reckons their Benefit They're Real! Magnet Mascara can lengthen lashes by 40 per cent and last up to 36 hours, no flaking or smudging.

Impressive stats, but does it deliver?

My Benefit They're Real! Magnet Mascara Review.

Let's start with the cons because in my opinion, there's only one. Smudging.

I've tried Benefit They're Real Magnet Mascara a bunch of times and on the days I wore it out and about (on public transport, travelling between meetings, on a dancefloor etc.), I found it transferred from my top lashes to the inner corners of the bottom lashes.

Nothing a swipe of eye primer and translucent powder over the eyelid can't fix, but not ideal if you need your mascara to stay put without extra help.

Now, onto the many things I love about this mascara.

As far as mascara wands go, this one might be my favourite, ever. It's sturdy so you can really push the product through the lashes from the roots, and the comb-like bristles define and separate each lash.

benefit magnetic mascarabenefit magnetic mascara

The colour of this mascara is also a deliciously glossy, inky shade of black that makes your lashes look next level. One coat gives me hectic length, but you can add multiple coats for an even more extreme false lash look.

The formula is really easy to remove with an oil cleanser or eye makeup remover, and it doesn't irritate my eyes either.

But really, it's the results that sold me on this product. Here's my Benefit magnetic mascara before and after photo comparing my lashes with and without just one coat. I know.

benefit magnetic mascarabenefit magnetic mascara

Long story short... want super long, fluttery lashes? This mascara can give them to you.

But of course, a mascara that works for me might not work for you. Here's what other people are saying about it on Adore Beauty...

New favourite.


I have been using the “better than sex” mascara for a while and did not expect to like this one as much (or even more). It gives great length and volume with just one layer of product. Loving it!

Really shines after 2 coats.


This mascara is my new go-to - it has all the length and volume I loved with the original They're Real, but sooo much easier to remove. One coat adds some nice subtle length and definition, but 2-3 coats makes my lashes really stand out! Unfortunately with my oily skin, it smudges towards the end of the day.

Great length and volume.


I've been trialling this for a few weeks (work perks) and I have to say, it's impressed me. Great length, separation and volume, satisfyingly black. I've never been a huge fan of the original They're Real (it looks great but I find it impossible to remove) whereas this version washes off easily, but doesn't move before then. Will be repurchasing.
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