I’m Turning 26: These Are The Skincare Changes I’m Making

I know 26 is still very young in the big scheme of life, but I can’t help feeling like I was 19 last week and how the hell did I get here?! All of a sudden I’m a year closer to 30 *deep breathing*.

When we reach our thirties, the structures that form youthful skin begin to change. Our collagen and elastin production slows, meaning we can lose firmness and develop visible lines and wrinkles, our body doesn’t produce as much natural hyaluronic acid (cue dehydration), plus our cell turnover also slows.

Anyway, enough of the scary stuff – what am I actually doing to combat those impending changes to my skin?

First And Foremost, Sunscreen

I cannot stress this enough: you will regret not wearing sunscreen. Please trust me on this. A tan might look nice now, but later it’ll look like leathery, sun-spotted skin (I’m not even going to mention the melanoma factor).

While I already use sunscreen, I’m going to make an effort to apply it down my neck and chest daily (which I always forget about).

What I’m using: Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF50+

– Offers SPF50 protection against damaging UVA & UVB rays

– It has a matte, non-greasy finish, goes on tinted & blends out clear

– Absorbs quickly & easily with no overpowering sunscreen smell

– Boosts hydration & sits well under makeup

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Prevent The Damage

Boy, this one’s an investment but according to all sources – it’s definitely worth it. Instead of adding this into my routine when I’m 40, I’m going to start now – prevention is key, right? FYI, this serum smells like deli meat.

What I’m using: SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum

– It’s a high potency treatment featuring concentrated Vitamins C & E

– Protects against photoaging with a gentle yet effective antioxidant formula

– Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & pigmentation

– Brightens dull, lacklustre skin while stimulating collagen production

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Amp Up The Actives

I’ve been putting this off for a while – along with Botox. But it’s time to amp up my Vitamin A to a stronger formulation. It’s the ultimate anti-ageing ingredient, and should be in everyone’s routines over the age of 30 (in my honest opinion).

What I’m using: Medik8 Retinol 6TR Advanced 0.6% Serum

– Helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles & uneven skin tone

– Improves skin texture for a smoother, more radiant complexion

– Speeds up the natural exfoliation process, leaving skin soft & hydrated

– Helps to regulate oil production & combat congestion

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Focus On The Eyes

It’s usually the first area we start to notice our age catching up with us (that, and when makeup starts settling in our forehead lines). So I’m making a commitment to using my eye cream every single night without fail.

What I’m using: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

– Works to support & nourish your skin while it repairs itself overnight

– Improves circulation, reducing inflammation & puffiness

– Works to improve firmness & elasticity around the delicate eye area

– Leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft, hydrated and plump

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